Grandma Put It on Me Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

To those not familiar with the story you, will have to follow the series. But this will be chapter two, since asked for by the fans.

It has only been a couple days now, since my Mom and I moved into my Grandparents. My Grandma done sucked my cock, while she thought I was asleep. And I’ve done fucked her in the kitchen. Crazy, but not a bad move so far.

“So Timmy boy!” My Grandma said in a cheerful mood.

“Good morning Grams,” I tell her giving her a hug. I was standing in the kitchen, getting me a cup of coffee. I felt her massive tits press against my chest.

“Morning baby,” she says squeezing me back. “So I just watched a interesting video,” she giggled. She was wearing a different pair of Betty Boop boxers, and a wife beater. Her massive nipples was clearly showing through the thin material.

“Did you now?” I asked her, as I set down at the kitchen table.

“Yeah it was of my grandson. Standing in my bedroom, playing with his pecker. Not to mention looking at my photos,” she teased.

She literally just let me fuck her the day before, at the very table I was setting at. I knew that she wasn’t mad. I was a just a tad bit embarrassed she saw that. I forgot all about the camera that was in her bedroom. What I didn’t forget was all the naked photos of herself, the sex swing, and the wall of dildos. “You seen that?” I asked her dumbfounded.

“You know that I would have seen that! You kept looking from my picture to the camera. Honestly turned me on,” she says as she sets next to me. She put her hand on my right leg and squeezed it.

“Did it now?” I tease her. enjoying the touch of her hand caressing my thigh. She moves it over and rubs, it across my half mass cock. Then back to my thigh again.

“Not only me, but you’re Grandpa too,” she laughed.

“What? He seen that?” I asked horrified that my Grandpa seen me.

“Oh he loved it,” she giggled again. This time squeezing my dick through my ball shorts. “The fact that you’re grandmother’s nakedness turned you on turned him on,” she said now back to rubbing my leg.

Footsteps started to come down the steps, please dont be Grandpa. I Seen green toes nails then nice tan legs. It was my Mom, thank God. “Good Morning guys,” said my Mom in a cheerful mood. “Sleep good?” She asked. About to pour herself a cup of coffee, wearing nothing but a blue T-shirt and blue panties. I knew they were blue, because when she bent up to get a cup I caught a glimpse. Yeah I check my Mom out from time to time.

“Good morning!” My Grandma and I sing in tune. My grandma’s hand now gone from my leg, and sipping her own coffee. But I felt her toes rubbing mine, underneath the table.

“What do you all want to do today?” Mom asked. Setting down at the opposite side of the table.

“Well I got to tend to my garden some time today,” my Grandma replied to my Mom. “Tim will you feed the chickens, and gather the eggs? May need you to clean the coop as well,” she added.

“Sure thing Grandma,” I tell her. My Mom and my Grandma both, can get me to do about anything.

“Thank you baby,” she says rubbing her foot on my leg now.

“Well I guess I’m going to go into town and do some grocery shopping,” my Mom says and gets up from the table. As she goes up the stairs I catch another glimpse up the t-shirt.

“I’ll meet you out back in a little bit,” Grandma tells me. “I’m going to go take a shower,” she added. Everyone just leaving me there, in the kitchen alone. As my Grandma walked up the stairs, I watched her wide huge ass jiggle.

I wanted to try and avoid my Grandpa that day. Not only did I fuck my Grandma yesterday, he watched me on tape jack off to a picture of my Grandma. All of it was wrong, and I know this. I wasn’t only embarrassed, but was scared at what he would say.

I head downstairs past the Kentucky Wildcat flag, to where my basket of clothes was setting. Change my ball shorts, no boxers was going to free ball. Was hot today why not? And threw on a Black wife beater. “You down there Tim?” Yelled My Mom from the top of the stairs.

“Yes Mom,” I yell back and walk to bottom of the steps. As I looked up the steps, there stood my Mom. In a

pink dress that went to her knees. From the position I was standing I was, looking straight up her dress. My Mom wasn’t wearing any panties, under that dress. And I could see she recently shaved her smooth pussy. Nice I thought in my head. Mom’s free balling today too. What’s going on with this family?

“Your Grandpa is going to the store with me. Mind your Grandmother,” she said like I was a damn kid or something.

“You know I will,” I said to her annoyed. I was debating going on and feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs. But the quick thought of what happened yesterday, when my Grandpa and Mom was gone came to mind. I wonder if My Grandma was still in the shower? Should go up there, and try to fuck her again while everyone was gone.

Instead though, I set at the bar in my bedroom/man cave. And I twisted me up a fat blunt, straight rolled a pearl with my last cigar. “Damn Kıbrıs Escort I need some more gars,” I say to myself out loud. I text my Mom, and ask her to pick me up a few packs of Game Greens.

When I walk upstairs, my Grandma was already back in the kitchen. She now had on a pair of Micky mouse boxers and a black wife beater. What the hell My Grandma and I both was wearing black wife beaters. Except for hers, you could see her massive boobs, through the sides. When she moved in the right direction, you could see a nice nip slip. “Hey Grandma,” I say as I grab a Mountain Dew out the fridge.

“Hey Baby! You ready to help me feed the chickens?” she asked.

“I guess so. You want to smoke this first?” I asked her, holding up the blunt. At this time she was in the fridge, bending over to grab a pop. I wanted to squeeze that big old round ass of hers, but didn’t know how she’d react.

“Light it up,” she says and sets in the chair I fucked her in yesterday.

I did as she said, and I lit the blunt in the kitchen. Took three or four tokes, and passed it to her. This was only like the third time, I’ve smoked with my Grandma. I took my hand and rubbed her left leg. “Want me to suck your dick this morning? she asked handing me the blunt back.

“I mean if you want to Grandma. But should we keep doing this?” I asked her handing the blunt back.

She takes a couple more hits then stands up, and passes it back. “If you want to keep getting your pecker wet than yes,” she teased pulling her shirt off. She then got down on her knees, infront of me. That’s when I just set up, and pulled my shorts down to my ankles. My cock sprang to life and was standing towards the ceiling. “I thought about this cock all night,” she laughed.

“I thought about you all night too Grandma,” I tell her.

She then took my dick into her mouth, and deep throated it from jump. Slowly taking her mouth off it, to the tip of the head. Then slowly took the whole thing back in, and repeated this. After about three minutes of her slowly deep throating, she pulls my dick out of her mouth. You should have seen all the slobber, that covered my hard cock. Thats when she put those big ole tittie’s in my lap, and placed my dick between them. This was about to be the first time I titty fucked someone. And believe it or not, I always wanted to titty fuck my grandma. “You like Grandma’s tittys?” she asked me. Looking me straight in my eyes, as she slide my cock between her tits.

“Yea Grandma! I love your tities,” I moaned out.

“Try to cum on Grams tits,” she said. Now she starts working her tits fast as shit, smothering my cock with them. From the saliva of her sucking my dick, this didn’t feel half bad. And just knowing it was my own Grandma was about to make me cum. That’s when she stopped, and put my dick back in her mouth. It didn’t take long, and I felt like I was about to nut.

“Here it comes Grandma,” I tell her as she continues to suck. I hurry and pull my dick out of her mouth and start jacking it. The cum wasn’t coming for me. But there was my Grandma between my legs watching me. I grab her by the hair, and pull her towards me. Then I smack her in the forehead with my dick two or three times. Here comes my nut. “Here it is,” I moan. I aim towards my Grandma’s tits, and shoot two streams of cum onto her chest.

“That’s it baby,” she says trying to catch drops of cum with her tongue. She then lifted her tits to her face, and cleaned my mess up with her tongue.

About a half hour, forty five minutes pass by. And I head out to the chicken coop, to do my wanted chores. I gather up the eggs, and put them in a bucket to take back to the house. Use the pitch fork to remove the old hay, and I throw in new hay for them. I had to open up a new bag of crack corn, but I get em fed and watered. My Grandma, walks into the chicken coop as I’m about to head out. “Great work Tim,” she says.

“Did you finish your gardening?” I ask her.

“I sure did. I only had to water everything,” she added. She then wrapped her hands around me, and put her lips to mine. I felt her tongue, work its way into my mouth. So I started making out, back with her. I take my right hand and squeeze that enormous ass of hers. “You want it?” she asked. Of course I did.

“You want to go again?” I ask her back. She didn’t answer she just bends down, and whips my cock out of my shorts. She took my balls in her mouth, and sucked on them. While using her free hand to jerk me off to a full erection. She then licked my cock on the bottom, from my balls to the head. My Grandma sure loved to suck some dick. She finally puts me into her mouth, and starts giving me some amazing head. “Slow down,” I moan out. She didn’t though, and I couldn’t control myself. I shoot my load in the back of her throat there in the chicken coop. “Wow!” Was all I could say.

“You like that dont you,” she giggled as she got up. “You did a good job cleaning in here by the way,” she mentions then heads out the coop.

I was super fucking horny still for some Lefkoşa Escort reason. I followed my Grandma, out of the chicken coop. I grab her by the waist from behind, and pull her towards me. She does this little spin move, and is now facing me. I start making out with her, now pressing her against the chicken coop. I take her tank top, and I slip it over her head. Making her huge sexy tits, fall and hit her fat belly. I squeeze her fat ass before, I proceeded to pull them boxers off her. “Oh my Tim,” was all she said.

I make my Grandma, turn around and touch the chicken coop in her backyard. She is standing there butt ass naked now, with her big round ass sticking out. I slide out of my shorts with the quickness, and position myself behind her. My left hand gripping her left ass cheek, my right gliding my hard cock into her pussy. I start pounding my dick into her doggy style. Her ass is so big, it caused a ripple effect as our skin smashed into each other. I smack her right ass cheek as hard as I could. Leaving a red hand print behind from the smack. Then I did the same to the left. Watching my cock slide in and out of my Grandma’s wet pussy. “You like that Grandma?” I asked her. As I continued to pump my cock in and out of her pussy. She has gotten off I can tell, from the whiteness all over my Dick.

“Oh fuck me like your little whore,” she moans out in pleasure. I smack her ass again even harder this time, leaving more hand prints. “Oh yeah fuck me baby!” she moans out.

“You my little whore Grandma?” I asked her. Now slowing down a little bit, so I dont nut yet.

“Yes I’m your whore Tim,” she cry’s out. “Fuck me baby,” she added in ecstasy.

“Tell me it’s my pussy Grandma!” I demanded. This dirty talk was getting her wetter.

“It’s your pussy baby! It’s your pussy!”. She yelled out. If someone was out on the road or in the house they could have heard her. “I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming,” she moaned out.

I continue to fuck her, long stroking her. I watched as her cum, slide down my shaft. Was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Slowly pulling my dick out to the head but not all the way. Then slowly pushing it all the way back in. I felt myself about to burst, so I pull my cock out of her. “Come here,” I demanded. She hurried turned around, as she knew what I wanted. She dropped her naked fat but sexy self down to her knees, and took my dick in her mouth. I take both my hands behind her head. And I start fucking my Grandma’s mouth. Making her take every inch of me, till she started to gag. Forcing her head with my hands to keep my dick in her mouth. “Here it is,” I say as I shoot another load deep down her throat. She swallowed every last drop again. I thought in my head, Im glad we moved here.

“Now that was hot,” my Grandma laughed pulling her boxers back on.

“Word’s cant explain,” I say as I get dressed. That was the first time I’ve had sex outdoors, and with my Grandma at that. I noticed my Grandma headed back to the house in a jog with her shirt in hand. Her enormous tits was bouncing every which way, so was her tummy. That fatness of hers, was turning me on again. “Damn I’m horny today,” I say out loud to no one. Then I hear two car doors slam. Snap my Mom and Grandpa is back home.

Still trying to avoid my Grandpa, I check the back basement door to the man cave. Fuck yes, it was unlocked and I could sneak in from the back. I open the door, and slowly close it behind me. After already busting two nuts this morning, I was ready to get high. Since Grandma let me smoke in the kitchen this morning, figured I could smoke down here. So I go to break up my weed. “Fuck!” I say out loud. I didnt have no cigar’s, to roll up with. I wonder if my Mom picked me up some. I didn’t want to go upstairs to check, cause I wanted to avoid Grandpa. Not only because he seen a video of me jacking off to Grandma’s picture. But because I done slept with my Grandma his wife twice, and she sucked my dick three times already. I wondered now if he knew that? Would my Grandma tell him?

I message my mom on Facebook Messenger, and ask her if she picked up my cigars. She replied that they was in the glove box of her car. I hurry and sneak up the basement door, that lead to the backyard. As I hurry around the house to the front, I could hear them in the house laughing. “Mom you need to put a shirt on in case Tim comes in,” I overheard my Mom tell my Grandma. Not knowing that I came on those big tits hours ago, in that very kitchen. I reach the car and get my gars out. Cool she got me five packs of Game greens, that will make ten blunts.

I make it back down to the basement, to where my weed laid at the bar. I split the cigar and roll up another Pearl. I look over at the photo of my naked Grandma, on the bar. Man she has the roundest sexiest nipples ever. “You down there Tim?” I heard my Mom ask as she started to walk down the steps.

I turn around from where I was setting at the bar, and seen my Mom in that pink dress. “I’m here,” I tell her.

“You drinking?” She asked me.

“No Magosa Escort im not drinking,” I laugh. “But was about to smoke, you want some?” I asked her.

“Sure why not,” she says. My Mom wasn’t much of a pot smoker. But from time to time, I could get her to smoke with me. She took the stool next to me, and set on down. “I’m sorry I made you quit your job and miss you’re graduation,” she says laying her hand on my leg.

I light up the blunt and say, “It’s fine Mom.” Which it really wasn’t bothering me anymore. Plus she said if I was to quit and come, she would help me out. I pass her the blunt, and glance at the naked picture of my Grandma setting next to Mom’s arm.

“Your Grandma’s a character huh?” Mom asked when she noticed I was looking at that photo. She didn’t try to turn it around, put it upside down or nothing. That picture just set there, and stared at us.

“That she is,” I giggled as I hit the blunt again. It was always relaxing when I smoked with my Mom.

“Proud to be a nymphomaniac,” my Mom giggled as she said this. “Believe it or not I took this picture,” she added reaching for the blunt. Did I just hear that correctly?

“Did you really?” I asked her. Still kind of shocked, that my Mom took a naked photo of her Mom my Grandma.

“Oh yeah,” she said as casual as hell. “That was the day that I let your Dad fuck her in the ass,” she added.

I was in the middle of taking a drink of Mountain Dew, when she said this and I spit my drink out. “You let Dad fuck Grandma?” I asked her shocked.

“Yeah I got a wild side too Tim,” she says. “That was the day your Grandma, Father, and I had a threesome. Was a very sexy memory,” she added.

My mind was racing now like crazy. Did she really just say she had a threesome with Dad and Grandma? I thought to myself. “You really had a threesome with them?” I asked still shocked but excited at the same time.

“Mommy’s kind of a nympho too Tim,” she giggles.

The room was getting kind of Smokey by the end of the blunt. And I was getting sexually aroused by what she just told me. My Mom a nymphomaniac, who would have thought. Grandma done proved to me, that she was. I felt her hand squeeze my leg. “Plus the thought of incest, is kind of a turn on for me. Have you ever thought of incest?” She asked me rubbing my thigh now. Was my own Mom coming on to me?

“I mean,” I mumble lost for words. “Never crossed my mind,” I lied to her. Knowing that I’ve always jacked off, to thoughts of fucking her. Not only that but I’ve fucked my own Grandma, that’s incest.

“You never thought of me in a sexual way? My Mom asked. She uncrossed her legs and I could see up her dress. That freshly shaved pussy was a foot away from me.

“Mom,” I say embarrassed now. Where the hell was this conversation going?

“What? You haven’t ever jerked off thinking about me?” she giggled and stood up. She then walked to the other side of the bar.

“What do you want me to say?” I asked her. Of course I’ve jacked off to thoughts of my own Mother. Who hasn’t in one point of time, in their life’s.

“The truth hun,” she replied. She now has two shot glasses lined up, pouring Jack Daniel’s into them. “Have you?” She asked again.

“To be honest with you I have alot,” I say embarrassed now. Did I really just tell my Mom, that I’ve jerked off to thoughts of her? Man it has been a weird few days.

“I figured that you have,” she giggled. “Here take a shot,” she added handing me a shot glass. I don’t really drink, I’m more of a smoker. But the way this conversation took a left turn, why the hell not.

My Mom walks over to my new bed, in my Grandpa’s man cave. Holding the Jack and her shot glass in her hands. Remind you its only around noon, and here we are taking shots. She did look gorgeous in that dress. She takes another shot and motions for me to join her. “Come here,” she says.

I get up and walk over, and set next to my Mom on the bed. “What’s up?” I ask her. Looking at her sexy legs, as I spoke.

“Can I tell you something?” She asked in a flirting manner. But before I could answer her. “I’m not wearing panties!’ she added.

“I know Mom,” I laughed. “You went to the store like that. I noticed when I was standing at the bottom of the steps earlier,” I tell her.

“Did you like the view?” she asked. My Mom then laid back on the bed, and spread her legs. As she did, her dress rode up her legs. I had a clear shot of her freshly shaven pussy. I could tell that she was wet. And I must say my Mommy had a pretty little pussy.

“I like the view even better now Mom,” I tell her as I stare at her pussy. My cock was throbbing in my shorts, I’m sure she could see my bulge.

I don’t know what the hell got into me. But I leaned forward, and I started to eat my own Moms pussy. Lapping my tongue over her clit, over and over. She tasted so good. “Oh Timmy,” she moans out. I then take two of my fingers, and slide them inside of her. “Thats it,” she cried out. It’s been a wild couple of days. First my Grandma, and now my Mom. I take her clit in-between my teeth, and I work my tongue faster than usual. Guiding my fingers deeper inside of her pussy. I could feel and taste her juices. Her body is jerking in every which way, uncontrollable. “Im going to cum Tim!” she moaned out too loud. But I continued to eat her out anyways.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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