Granny Babette’s Church

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“Granny Babette, I swear, this porno magazine isn’t mine,” Lucien Augustin said, and the big and tall young Haitian man looked at the tall, curvy older Black woman with a rather sheepish grin. Lucien Augustin, a first-year student at Algonquin College, had been attending the same predominantly Black church in Vanier, Ontario, his whole life. He was well acquainted with Granny Babette, the church deaconess and local disciplinarian. This was not going to end well.

Lucien Augustin volunteered to help the deacons and deaconesses clean the church ahead of the Sunday service. He’d come that Saturday afternoon with the goal of cleaning the church basement. Of course, after all the other volunteer cleaners left, Lucien decided to chill a bit as he cleaned the last spot. The brother just never expected to get busted with a porno magazine in the rec room, the last place which he was supposed to be cleaning on the night in question…

“Hmm, interesting, Lucien, oh my, you seem to like Black female domination,” Granny Babette noted, as she flipped through the Black Femdom XXX Magazine, before tossing aside. She looked at Lucien, who looked like he was just about ready to bolt. Like a deer caught in headlights, Lucien couldn’t make himself get up and run, though. After busting Lucien with this dirty magazine, Granny Babette summoned him to the Office of the Deacons, and sat the brother down to have an honest chat.

Granny Babette looked at Lucien, wondering why she didn’t see it sooner. Lucien Augustin, the son of hard-working Haitian immigrants, a college student and church-goer, was definitely not what he seemed. The brother was into some truly freaky stuff, underneath his mundane demeanor. Lucien was nothing like Granny Babette’s sometime lover Bruno Martin, the ex-thug whom she was currently rehabilitating through her unorthodox methods. Still, Lucien needed to be corrected, and Granny Babette was the right woman for the job.

“I was just curious,” Lucien said flatly, and Granny şişli escort Babette looked at him and licked her full lips, a gesture which registered with a certain part of his manly anatomy. Tonight, Granny Babette wore a long-sleeved Black T-shirt, and tight Black jeans which were at least one size too small, and Black sneakers. The sixty-year-old Black female church leader looked hot, and she wasn’t even trying. That big ole ass looks good in them jeans, Lucien thought.

“There’s some seriously twisted shit in that magazine, Black women spanking Black men, Black women fucking Black men with sex toys, Black women flogging Black men with whips, does that stuff turn you on, Lucien?” Granny Babette asked bluntly, and Lucien nodded, then crossed his legs. The brother was trying in vain to conceal his erection, and Granny Babette noticed it right away. Lucien’s discomfort was sheer nectar to Granny Babette, that’s for damn sure.

“Alright, ma’am, sometimes I think about that stuff, and it gets me hard, Black women dominating Black men, it arouses me and I don’t even know why I like it,” Lucien admitted, and he looked flustered, even embarrassed for a moment. Granny Babette looked at Lucien thoughtfully. The brother was nineteen years old, and was therefore young, dumb and full of cum. The possibilities of that last part thrilled Granny Babette to no end, and she wanted some of Lucien’s sugar…

“Don’t be embarrassed, Lucien, it’s perfectly natural for you to like Black female domination, you’re a young Black man, and you’ve been around Black female authority your entire life,” Granny Babette stated, and she looked him up and down then smiled. Lucien nodded at Granny Babette, wondering how he was going to get out of this one without any unpleasantness. I sure as hell hope this freaky old bitch doesn’t snitch to my folks, Lucien thought with increasing alarm.

Lucien’s parents, Marguerite and Joel Augustin were long-time members of the Black church of Vanier, Ontario, and should mecidiyeköy escort Granny Babette tell them that he brought a porno magazine in church, he’d catch hell. Nervously, Lucien shifted in his seat and uncrossed his legs. Granny Babette looked at Lucien’s crotch, which was still bulging. The horny old bat grinned lustfully at the young brother, even as her conniving mind began to scheme…

“Granny Babette, what will it take for you not to tell my parents what I did? I’ll do anything,” Lucien Augustin said pleadingly, and Granny Babette smiled and nodded understandingly, then laid her hand on the brother’s lap. Lucien flinched, for Granny Babette’s hand was dangerously close to his bulge. Lucien looked into Granny Babette’s dark eyes, and slowly but surely, understanding dawned on him.

“Well, Lucien, I want to forget this transgression but I can’t, not just yet, I must punish you,” Granny Babette said seductively, and then she laid her hand on Lucien’s crotch even as she pressed her lips against his. Lucien was surprised by Granny Babette’s kiss, but he definitely did not resist. Lust warred with worry in his mind and body, and lust won out. The brother embraced the freaky older woman with a passion that surprised them both.

“Hmm, I like your idea of punishment,” Lucien said, a little while later. The brother grinned, and Granny Babette suddenly slapped him hard across the face. Lucien blinked in surprise, and Granny Babette grinned. Unzipping Lucien’s pants, Granny Babette grabbed his dick, which was long, thick and dark, and began stroking it. Lucien held his breath as the freaky, bossy older Black woman leaned over, and then took him into her mouth. Just like that, Granny Babette began sucking Lucien’s dick, and the brother definitely did not resist…

“Lucien, I am dominating you, you need to shut up and do as I say,” Granny Babette paused to say, and she shoved a finger up Lucien’s ass for emphasis. The brother nodded swiftly, and Granny Babette resumed şişli escort bayan sucking his dick. She didn’t pull her finger out of his ass, though, instead she added a second one. Lucien felt funny as Granny Babette fucked his ass with two fingers while sucking his dick. It got him really hard for some reason. Granny Babette was definitely freakier than anyone at church gave her credit for.

“Yes ma’am, I am yours to command,” Lucien said, and Granny Babette winked at him while sucking his dick. When Lucien finally came, Granny Babette sucked him good and proper, draining him of every last drop of his precious cum. The Haitian brother sighed happily, astonished by how freaky Granny Babette was, and how great her sexual skills were. This lady is definitely one of a kind, Lucien thought with a lustful smirk.

“Pull down your trousers, bend over and spread your cheeks,” Granny Babette said out of the blue, and Lucien looked at her, blinking in surprise. Stunned by the church lady’s words, Lucien nevertheless did as he was told. Granny Babette admired Lucien’s ass and slid a finger back into his bum. Tight holes are more fun to fuck, Granny Babette thought as she reached for some Aveeno cream.

“This feels a little weird,” Lucien whined as Granny Babette quit fingering his asshole and then replaced her fingers with a dildo. Granny Babette playfully smacked Lucien’s ass and worked the dildo deeper inside of him. No matter how often the sixty-year-old Black woman got to play with a brother’s ass, Granny Babette could never get enough of it. Lucien moaned as Granny Babette tugged on his dick while fucking his ass with the dildo, and the sounds he made while being dominated and pleasured were sweet music to her ears…

“Now, Lucien, I want you to go home, and think about what you’ve done, and if I ever catch you disrespecting the church again with your pornos, I will wreck your ass,” Granny Babette said, as Lucien Augustin readjusted his clothes. The young Haitian man looked at the tall, bossy older Black woman, and nodded sagely. Without another word, Lucien headed into the church parking lot, got into his car and began the long trek back to Orleans, Ontario. Not his standard Saturday night, to be sure, but he liked it…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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