Granny Needs Sex, Too

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This story is purely fictional

I recently had an affair with my grandmother. She lived in a distant city and was visiting my family for about a week when it happened. It was nice to see her again and listen while she told stories about the family during the years I was growing up. Grandfather had died a few years earlier so Mom and Dad often invited her to visit us and stay a few days.

During this particular visit, Mom and Dad had to attend a special social obligation one evening. Mom asked me to stay with grandmother that evening to keep her company. I agreed, but I preferred hanging out with my college friends.

I was in my room working on the computer during the early part of the evening. Guess I wasn’t very good company for grandmother, but I didn’t really mean to ignore her. I decided I should go in the living room to be a little social.

I greeted her, “Hi Granny. What are you watching on TV?”

“Not much of anything. It’s rather boring tonight. What have you been doing?”

“I was doing some of my school work on the computer. Can I get anything for you?”

“Yes, I feel kinda lonely tonight and miss your grandfather. I would like a drink I think your dad keeps some booze in the house, so if you can find it, I would like a good stiff drink.”

That rather surprised me that she wanted a drink. I said in an apologetic voice, “Sorry I haven’t been much company for you tonight, but let me get some drinks right away. Then I’ll sit down with you to have a good visit.”

As I walked out of the room, she started flipping the TV channels. It was evident she was bored.

I made the drinks and walked back into the room. She said, “Thanks,” as I handed the glass to her. She was sitting on the couch facing the TV, so it was appropriate for me to sit beside her to watch.

She turned off the TV for us to talk. I noticed she was wearing a robe which had parted over her legs. Her shapely legs were exposed all the way up to the hem of her nighty which barely covered her crotch. I had seen her wear mini dresses in the past years and knew she had a porno izle nice pair of legs for an old gal. Now with her long shapely legs showing, she looked rather sexy.

She consumed her drink rather fast and handed the empty glass to me. “That was good, how about another one?”

I disappeared again into the kitchen and couldn’t decide how strong to make the drinks. I didn’t want to get her drunk, but I remembered she did want a strong drink in the beginning. She seemed a little depressed this night so I decided to make fresh drinks with a good quantity of booze.

When I was again sitting on the couch with her and sipping our drinks, I was beginning to feel a little tipsy. I knew she must be feeling the same way, too. She started talking about grandfather and how wonderful their life was together. I let her talk while I listened. She made some comments about their sex life was very good and satisfying.

She glanced at me to ask, “Are you going steady with a girl?”

“No one special at this time,” I quickly responded.

“Too bad you aren’t getting any loving. Hey! My drink is empty. How about another one,” she loudly exclaimed.

“OK, I’ll get it right now,” I said as I jumped up, took the glass from her outstretched hand and went in the kitchen.

As I walked into the kitchen, I realized I was feeling a little drunk. What should I do? Make more strong drinks or some light ones. I decided we might as well get drunk together. . I made the next drink similar to the others and went back into the living room.

Then I saw her standing up waiting for me. She said, “I want to dance.”

I quickly set the glasses down, grabbed hold of her and started prancing around the room even though there was no music. She laughed and said, “This is great, no music, but I’m having fun.”

I knew she was drunk as we sort of tumbled back onto the couch. I handed a drink to her as I picked up mine.

We made some jokes about the dancing we just did as we sipped our drinks.

I mentioned, “I think we’re getting drunk.”

“Good,” she mumbled and amatör porno then laughed. “I’m having fun tonight.”

She continued to reminisce, “Did I tell you that your grandfather and I had sex in every room in our house?”

That surprised me and I didn’t know what to say so I just kept quiet.

“Yes, we did it in the front room, in the kitchen, in the bathtub, out in the garage with the garage door open one time. What do you think about that?” she proudly exclaimed.

“I guess you had a good time doing it.”

She sadly said, “But now your grandfather is gone and I miss him so much.”

By now her robe had become untied and was wide open at the front. Her flimsy nighty showed her ample breasts and it barely covered her crotch.

I said, “We’ve had good time tonight and probably too much to drink Do you think it’s time to go to bed?”

“No way, not now,” she emphatically said in a slurred voice.

She glanced over to look at my face and with some hesitance said in a slurring voice, “What are you looking at?”

I didn’t realize she would notice me looking at her tits and bare legs. All I could say was, “Granny, you’re practically naked and you look very sexy.”

She slowly responded with, “Thanks for the compliment. No one has told me that since your grandfather died. Does it turn you on a little?”

I responded, “Granny, I’m not supposed to be turned on by you.”

She reached over and squeezed my erection through my pants.

She spoke in a voice as if she caught me off guard, “I feel your cock and it’s hard. Could you have the hots for me?”

“Granny, shame on me for thinking that way.”

“Don’t feel that way.” She then pulled the nighty straps off her shoulders to expose her breasts. Then she pulled my head to her breasts so that my face nuzzled the nearest breast. It was a natural thing for me to take the nipple in my mouth. Her hand started massaging my cock through my pants.

I took my mouth from her nipple long enough to say, “Granny, we’re drunk and should not be doing this.”

“You anal porno worry too much. Why don’t you be quiet and make me sexy.”

I was now too turned on to stop. My hand went to her crotch and when I let my fingers slip inside her pussy lips, I felt wetness.

She pushed my head down and I got the idea she wanted me to lick her pussy. She moved her butt closer to the edge of the couch as I moved to the floor to get my head at her crotch. She spread her legs and pulled them up to give me plenty of room. When my tongue touched her clit, she sexually flinched and groaned. I licked up and down her slit stopping long enough to suck on her clit each time I went by it. I put two fingers in her pussy and started finger fucking her. She began to groan and breath hard and I thought she was about to have an orgasm.

Suddenly she stopped and forcefully said, “Put that big thing in me.”

I was on my knees and moved up close to put my cock in her. She had already reached for my cock to aim it so all I had to do was push. She was so juicy that I plunged all the way in causing her to give a loud gasp of enjoyment.

I was so hot I knew I couldn’t last very long. That didn’t seem to be a problem because she started her orgasm after I had made a couple strokes. I assume she could feel my cock jerk inside her each time a spurt of cum shot into the deep recesses of her pussy. Her body became very rigid and her body surged and rippled with sexual bliss.

We stayed in this position for a long time with our hearts beating fast and I think we both felt reluctant for me to pull out.

I was worried about making a mess on my parents couch when I pulled out. Then grandmother said, “Raise up enough for me to take this nighty off over my head.”

I gave her the necessary space. She removed her nighty and then put it in a position to catch my cum as it gushed out of her pussy.

She softly said, “OK, slowly pull out.”

As I pulled out she reached forward to take my slippery and flaccid cock in her hand, then said, “I think you are well satisfied.”

“I know I am and I know you had a fantastic orgasm, too.”

“Yes, it was wonderful again to be sexy for someone, even if it was for my grandson.”

“Granny, you are a very sexy lady. You need to find a man your age.”

“Yes, but at my age, it’s not easy.”

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