Great Meeting Ch. 04

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Again traffic was light and we were at Rob’s apartment quickly, which is exactly what I wanted. We got out of the car and again we passed many people Rob knew, which he greeted, I said “Hi” to most of them, as well.

Today the elevator was full, Rob and I needed to stand very close and that was fine with both of us, we smiled and got closer than necessary, I was getting hard. We got to his floor, as we neared his apartment the next door neighbor came out, said hell-o to Rob and smiled at me.

He unlocked the door, stepped back and said, “After you, sweetie.”

I was elated, stepped in and replied, “Thank you, dear.”

The door closed and we were in each other’s arm instantly, our lips met and our tongues began to dance. Suddenly both cocks were swelling and the passion in our kisses was something I had never experienced in my life.

After three or four minutes, we separated. I looked in his eyes, gave him a quick peck and said, “Rob, I had no idea kissing another man could be so exciting. When we kiss, my cock is rock hard, I am melting and want you to take me. Why is it that foreplay with you makes me so weak that I couldn’t resist you if I wanted?”

He leaned in and after giving me a sweet short peck said, “I’m flattered that I make you so aroused; kocaeli escort perhaps you are discovering that you truly are gay. You told me that you had blown guys before but nothing else. I think if you had kissed any of them, you may have experienced what you have with me.”

“Well, you could be right Rob although I’ve never been attracted to any of them that way. Whenever I fantasized about you it was always wanting to be with you, not just having sex. I’m attracted to you and want to be with and do things with you, lots of things in and out of the bed.”

“Well Ray, I must tell you that I think you are a very special person and I would like to see if we still feel the same way about each other after we spend more time together.”

We kissed some more and our hands started fondling each other’s cock. I wanted his cock badly; but, I also wanted my lips glued to his. Kissing him was so incredible I would have been happy just kissing him for hours.

We stopped and Rob suggested we should sit on the couch. He grabbed my hand, led me to the couch and jokingly said, “Sit, stay.”

I did as told and submissively said, “Yes, Master.”

He laughed, went to the kitchen and returned with two glasses and the wine bottle. After pouring our drinks he sat right beside kocaeli escort bayan me, gave me a quick peck and said, “What about your wife and son?”

Well, I had thought a lot over the years and almost non-stop since our encounter yesterday. I started, “Rob, my wife and I haven’t had sex together in over five years. I’ve truly lost interest in her or any woman and she has never approached me or even told me she loved me, since she got pregnant. Fact is, like many unhappy couples, we’re staying together because of our son. We’ve discussed trying a separation and seeing if our son can cope with it.”

Rob said, “OK, sorry to hear about your marriage problems, but glad to know your priorities are your son. Glad we got that out in the open. What did you tell your wife about tonight?

“I told her that you had sprained your ankle, I was giving you a ride home and would likely have a drink with you.”

“Ha, ha, your a thinker, Ray. Tuesday night’s I usually meet some friends of ours for a couple of drinks after work at Woody’s, a gay bar two blocks away. Would you like to join me?”

I was caught by surprise; but also thrilled that he wanted to introduce me to his friends and happily responded, “I really would like that Rob and I’m definitely interested in meeting izmit escort your friends. Do they know you and Mark are having problems?”

“Oh, yes. We told them as soon as it happened. In fact, they have told me I should be looking for a new boyfriend. I know they will like you, I’ll have to make sure none of them tries to hit on you.”

I leaned over, kissed him and suddenly we were at it again, like two horny teenagers. Rob put his hand on my cock, rubbed it a bit and unzipped my pants. He fished my bulging cock out of my pants, bent down and started sucking on me. I lifted his head back up to my lips, kissed him and said, “See, I told you, whenever we kiss I get rock hard and melt, you really do turn me on.”

“Well, why don’t we go have a couple of drinks, you can meet the gang and we’ll come back here and see what pop’s up?” he says jokingly.

“Rob, you know what’s going to pop up.” and I kissed him again, while rubbing his cock.

I wanted and needed Rob’s lovely cock and I know he wanted mine; but, I really wanted to meet his friends. This would be my first appearance in a gay bar and meeting others while being with an openly gay guy. This would also be my first ‘coming out’ in public and I was not only ready for it, I was eager for it. I was completely happy the way Rob and I appeared to hit it off so well. He truly is a great guy and I would be very proud to be seen with him, also hoping his friends wouldn’t think I wasn’t good enough for him.

To be continued …

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