Green Eyes Ch. 02

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Jane’s bedroom — Jane and Mark’s bedroom — was sparsely furnished, reminding me for a moment that the woman who had moments before swallowed my cum and then shoved her tongue in my mouth was married. The moment passed. Jane pushed me onto the bed where I sat, naked with a droopy dick, and looked at her.

She wore a wicked smile. Her green eyes were more wicked yet. Her blouse was crumbled, two buttons undone to reveal the curve of her breasts and a glimpse of black bra. Slowly she inched her beige skirt up, over stockinged knees, higher, over thighs and the lacy tops of her black stockings, higher, black panties. I sat transfixed and her eyes never left mine and her smile broadened. She hooked fingers in the elastic of the panties and panties were lowered and the skirt fell to hide what lay beneath. She carefully eased her knickers over her stockinged feet and threw them at me, where they hit my chest and fell into my lap. I looked at Jane’s black panties lying on my limp dick and picked them up.

“Put them on,” she said, the smile gone.


She laughed. “No, not really! But maybe later, if you’re good. You can sniff them though.”

The woman had me so in her control I had no idea what I was doing. Feeling like a pervert, I lifted the black panties to my nose and sniffed. The strong, musky smell of her juices filled my head along with the sharp tang of piss.

“Look at you!” she laughed. Then, “Come here.” I left the panties on the bed and stood to face her. “Touch my tits.” My hands went to her breasts. I felt the edge of her bra beneath my fingers, the soft flesh above. Her tits filled my hands and I delicately squeezed and pushed. Down below, my prick showed the first signs of life.

“Undo my blouse.” I did and now ran my hands over her cleavage, the feel of her skin like an electric charge. “Take off my bra.” I fumbled with the clasp and slid my hands under the cups. The indescribable feel of new breasts cold under your hands, new nipples hardening at your touch. She moaned. After a while she stepped back and performed that magic trick whereby a bra is removed while the blouse never leaves the girl, and dropped it to the floor. I saw her breasts for the first time, big, pale, aliağa escort with pink nipples, just a wonderful glimpse through her unbuttoned blouse.

Now she lifted her skirt again, so slowly, until the light brown curls of her pubes were revealed, and a hint of pink lips below. She sat on the very edge of the bed, one breast showing, her beige skirt hitched up to her waist and spread her stockinged legs. Despite its recent attentions, I found myself half-hard and my prick pointing right at her. One hand went to her pussy and with two fingers she spread herself. She was so pink. She looked at me with those lidded green eyes and with a half-smile said, “On your knees.”

I dropped immediately, but my objective was blocked by a black stockinged foot. “Take it off.” I lovingly rolled the stocking down her thigh, over her calf and off. I found myself holding her pretty foot, pink toenails, and she said, “Suck my toes.” I was caught off-guard again, and, not quite sure, I put her big toe in my mouth and sucked. “Yes. Use your tongue,” she instructed and I licked her toe and between her toes. She manoeuvred so that I was sucking two, and then three toes. They filled my mouth and she made not-so-gentle fucking motions. “Mmm,” she said, “It’s like you’re sucking a prick.” My startled eyes met hers mocking green. My prick was rock hard again. She eased her toes from my shocked mouth. “God, I’m so hot. Lick my cunt.”

Jane was perched on the edge of the bed. I now saw she had two fingers buried in her cunt. I crawled forward. She removed her fingers and wiped them on my lips where I greedily licked them. My hands went to her waist and my face to her pink lips. She smelled like heaven, hot and sweet and just slightly acid. I savoured the first lick, running my tongue the length of her and making her moan as I touched her clitoris. I licked deeper. She was wet and I lapped at her happily, occasionally teasing her clit. She was getting hotter and I suddenly found her hands on my head as she pulled me into her. I pushed my tongue as deep as it would go, fighting for breath and trying to fuck her with my tongue. My face was soaked and she rode it. She seemed close to cumming, but couldn’t çiğli escort get there despite my furious tonguing.

She let out a frustrated cry and pushed my back. Then she rolled herself onto her front, her lovely pale ass hanging over the edge of the bed, one leg bare, one stockinged. I didn’t need telling. I kissed the top of her thigh before resuming my work on her cunt. I could really please her now, licking her cunt hard, my nose buried in her arse. She smelled musky, but not unpleasant, and I found my tongue working slowly higher. At last my tongue hovered over her puckered brown hole and I teasingly licked around the edge. Her body tensed in anticipation.

I licked Jane’s arse. I made her wet with my tongue. I pointed my tongue and pushed against the seal. She gasped, she resisted, but little by little I squirmed my tongue into her ass until my mouth was against her arse and I was shoving my tongue as deep as I could. She was pushing back against my poor mouth and I became aware that her hand was on her pussy frigging madly. Like a madman I licked and fucked her arsehole, trying to eat the girl.

At last she cried, “God, I’ve got to fuck you!” and almost dragged me onto the bed and onto my back. She straddled me. Taking my prick in her hand she guided it to the mouth of her cunt. “Are you clean?” she asked. I nodded and before I could ask her, she sunk tightly onto me. She was so wet from my work that I slid all the way in and she held me there, her eyes closed. Leant slightly forward, her breasts fell from her open blouse. I looked from her tits to where my prick disappeared into her pink cunt. She raised herself until I was almost out and then fell down on me again. Again. And again and now she was fucking me hard. I held her thighs, one bare, and tried to meet her thrusts.

After some time she managed to roll us both over and I now found myself fucking her as she grasped my ass with her legs. Her blouse lay open and her breasts bounced in time to my fucking. Her eyes were half-closed and she let out small moans, somewhere between pleasure and frustration. I varied my strokes, trying to bring her relief. With long, hard, faster thrusts I felt she must be close. alsancak escort I was close and she felt it.

“Don’t cum in me. Come on my tits,” she told me.

The girl didn’t stop. One more thrust and I took the base of my cock in my fingers and pulled my shiny prick from her sopping cunt. I scooted up till I was knelt over her round breasts, her blouse spread below her. Her green eyes looked into mine, mocking and sexy, and I began to wank myself. With one hand she cupped my bollocks, massaging them. The other snaked between my legs and she began to finger herself. I wanked and looked into her hooded green eyes. My pace increased and I knew I was about to cum.

My back arched, stars filled my wide eyes, and I came. The first jet found the hollow of her neck. The second fell between her breasts and onto her right tit. My final spasm fell across her left breast and nipple. I came less this time, but still I’d managed to splatter her beautiful tits nicely. She lay there looking at me and I stared back in my post-cum daze.

“Lick it for me.”


“Lick your cum off my tits.”

“What?” I repeated stupidly.

“Show me what you’ll do for me. You won’t regret it.”

I looked at the creamy mess on her left tit, my cum pooled between her breasts and in the hollow of her neck. I looked into her green eyes. I tentatively lowered my face. I took a cautious lick across her left nipple. The salt taste of my cooling cum in my mouth, the strange gooiness. I licked again, harder, cleaning a line from her tit and swallowed. It wasn’t so bad. She rubbed herself faster. She was watching me intently while her fingers worked her cunt. I licked again and her left breast was clean and her fingers worked faster.

Between her tits my cum was pooled thicker and messier. I dived in, licking and slurping, sucking my cum from between her tits and smearing it around my mouth. I drank my cum from her between her breasts and her breath came fast. I cleaned her right breast, before licking my cum from the hollow of her neck with renewed passion. The last I saved and finding her lips kissed her mouth, sharing my cum with her. As our sticky tongues wrestled in her mouth her body pushed up against mine and she came. She broke our kiss and cried out, thrashing against me. She finally came down. Her breath was ragged, her lips were bruised. I collapsed on top of her, my chest against her sticky chest. Her breathing was heavy in my ear.

“Oh my god,” she gasped. “The things I’m going to do to you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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