Green Figs for My Honey

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We started the last day of our holiday with a fight on the beach.

It was all Animal’s fault, really it was. He hated the navy blue one-piece Gucci swimsuit I bought in Mykonos the day before.

“Not sexy, babe. Buy a chastity belt and be done with it!”

I rolled over in the sand, took off my sunglasses and glared at him. “Covering up can be very sexy. This is elegant, classy.”

Not that I’d expect you to understand, my pout said. Animal’s a beer and baseball man. Lots of fun in bed, but he definitely doesn’t get Gucci. I smoothed my hand up my side and fingered the single metal ring that held the swimsuit up on one shoulder. One flick of the ring and I’d be topless. I thought he’d like that. I smiled at him invitingly.

He ground his hips into the sand. I guessed he had a hard-on, but wasn’t telling me. “How can I get to you in a thing like that?”

And that was the crux of it, really. Animal loves to fuck me in the surf. Out in the deep water, where the wave currents pull and tug at our bodies as I cling with legs and arms around him around, his beautiful long cock deep inside me. He’s a strong swimmer . He can tread water and grind me on his cock til I’m screaming for mercy, and shoot loads into me and never lose the pace of treading water. Me, I get all sleepy when I come. He just shoots and stays hard and shoots again. Like I said, really good in bed.

“How can I get to you, he repeated,” pulling at my hips and rolling me towards him. He parted my legs and inspected the crotch of my swimsuit like a scientist examining a new life form. He ran one exploratory finger down the centre of my crotch and back up to a spot just over my clit. He traced a circle in the fabric several times, and paused to watch me shiver with pleasure. Then he slid one finger under the Lycra and slicked backwards and forwards between my pussy lips. “You see? Not enough room for my cock.”

“I’ll make it fit, I promise. And the suit will stretch when it’s wet.”

“It’s wet now, babe,” he said huskily, “Or hadn’t you noticed.”

I reached towards him. As I expected, he was nearly bursting his swim trunks. He pulled my head down. “All for you, babe.”

“Not here, Animal. There’s people around.” They were a small speck on the far side of the cove, a middle-aged couple, but they were coming our way. And there was the white cruiser out in the bay. It had been moored at the mouth of the bay all week. Once I thought I caught a flash of reflected sun from binoculars.

“People? What people? They’re miles away. What’s gotten into you today, babe. Not me, for sure! Maybe that’s what’s wrong with you. A mouse couldn’t get his cock in you, you’re so uptight!” And he proceeded to loosen me with skilful fingers.

Which was how they almost caught me with my mouth full of Animal’s velvety smooth cock. When I opened my eyes to check on their progress across the sand, they were only 20 yards away, standing there, overdressed and beetroot red holding out an expensive pair of binoculars.

“We found these on the beach. We wondered if they were yours.”

Hastily I pulled a beach towel over Animal and sat up. The man took a few steps towards us, arm extended, holding out the binoculars as if they were contaminated. Midwest, conservative and definitely not the sex-on-the-beach type. He was trying not to look, but his eyes kept flitting from the beach towel covering Animal, to my wet mouth. He knew where that mouth had just been and it was driving him crazy. Animal yawned and rolled on his back, creating an impressive tent out of the beach towel. He’s such an exhibitionist.

I felt myself reddening under the man’s stare. “Thanks, but they’re not ours. You better ask at the hotel.”

The couple picked their way past us towards the staircase on the rock cliff, eyes carefully focused on the middle distance. The man seemed to be dragging his feet a bit, I thought.

“Come ALONG Marshall,” I heard the wife say.

“Come ALONG, babe. Get busy.” Animal pulled a mocking face and threw off the towel.

The couple were half way up the steps, toiling in the heat. I was completely out of mood by then.

“Not now. I want a swim.”

Animal drew back his hard cock and let it go with a slap against my thigh. He played with himself for a minute, then scowled and tucked it back into his swimming trunks. It jerked like it really didn’t want to be there. ” None of this would have happened if you’d worn a bikini like normal.”

Something in his tone stung me. I rounded on him. “In case you’ve forgotten, YOU lost the bottom half for me yesterday!”

It was true. He’d pinned me up against a big moss-covered rock at the mouth of the bay yesterday, hoicked off my bikini bottom and tossed it on a rock. Then he turned me over and began working my ass with his fingers, preparing me. This always drives us both crazy. I scrabbled on the slippery green sea moss with my fingers trying to keep hold. The waves slapped our thighs; our feet slipped on the glassy Escort Bayan Gaziantep surface. The head of his cock pressed against me insisting, pushing, stretching me. The waves, the sun, the swaying seagrass under the water, the bobbing cruiser: everything seemed to vibrate to the rhythm in me. I gasped, turned my head, registered somehow that the white cruiser was moored a bit too close for comfort, then shut my eyes as a wave of heat shook me and decided I didn’t care. Well, not enough to hold off an orgasm anyway. By the time we finished, a wave had swept my bikini bottoms away.

And now Animal was complaining because I wasn’t wearing a bikini.

I stood up. The Midwest couple were over the ridge now, well out of sight. “You think I’m uptight? How about this? See you at lunch- maybe!” I flipped the ring on the shoulder strap, stripped the swimming costume to my ankles and kicked it away. I paused just long enough to let Animal see what he was missing, then sprinted to the water’s edge and dived in. I knew I would have a head-start. Animal’s rubbish at running when he’s got a massive hard-on.

I struck out across the cool green transparency of the bay towards the cruiser. A small inflatable pontoon bobbed under its prow. It was the ideal place to rest and get my breath. Close up, the cruiser looked much larger; three levels and at least 75 foot long, I guessed. I grasped the rope handhold of the pontoon, and looked back. Halfway from the beach Animal stopped and began to tread water for a moment. I could tell from the way he tossed the water out of his hair and eyes that he was angry with me. I braced myself on my arms and swung up onto the pontoon. In a naked wrestle with Animal, I needed all the height advantage I could get. I couldn’t stand easily- the pontoon bobbed wildly, so I crouched and waited.

Animal circled the pontoon like a hungry shark scenting blood. “You want to be careful.”

“Why?” I held my breath. I was waiting for him to jump me.

“Leaving all that nice pussy on display like that. Someone’s going to eat you.” He put one hand on the pontoon. When Animal’s in a mood like this, the sex can get a bit rough and very noisy. I put my finger to my lips and pointed up at the cruiser.

“No-one at home.” The smile on his lips was almost wolfish. “No dingy. They’re our tripping somewhere. No-one to hear you scream, babe. And I’m gonna make you scream BIGTIME.” He also starts channelling James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart when he’s in that mood.

“The cheaper the crook, the gaudier the patter,” I said. But it was a half-hearted crack. I was so wet and aching for him that I was ready to beg.

“Maltese Falcon,” he said absently as he scrambled up on the pontoon, and grabbed for my hips. “Now get your pussy over here.” At least that’s what I think he said, because by then he had his head between my legs licking and sucking furiously, and his cock was kicking against my cheek.

“Fill me, damn you.” I jammed his fingers into my cunt.

I worked my tongue across his tip and pressed behind that little spot behind his balls- the spot that always drives him crazy. We made a lot of noise coming. Animal jerked wildly, and his cock flew out of my mouth spraying cum everywhere. It was then as I opened my eyes to regain control of the offending missile that I realised we were not alone.

Standing on the deck above us looking down over the narrow chrome rail was a man in a white suit. Everything about him said ‘owner’, from his casual stance and the heavy gold rings on his thick fingers, to the glass of red wine he balanced on the rail. I couldn’t see his face too well against the sun, just two dark slits for eyes and a mass of tightly curled black hair.

There is no etiquette book in the world that prepares you for being caught with a cock in your mouth. Maybe, as I’d been caught that way TWICE in one day, there ought to be, I thought. The dark haired man in the white suit didn’t seem outraged. Far from it. He leant down over the rail with interest and raised his glass to his lips.

Animal had my legs parted wide, working my clit between his lips, his fingers ploughing me steadily. The pontoon beneath me bobbed and rocked gently against the side of the cruiser. Leaning on the deck railing above me, the man in the white suit sipped his wine and savoured it in his mouth. His body looked solid and trunk-like from where I was lying. I was on display. I squirmed and tried to close my legs, but that only made Animal grip me tighter. He tormented me with his tongue, lifting my butt and plunging his fingers in deeper. I fought the rising wave of heat.

The man smiled down at me. Which was understandable; he was getting a nice view. What the hell do you think you are staring at, I wanted to say. I opened my mouth to protest, but no words came. We were fucking on his pontoon. The man put his finger to his lips. Then he turned and put down his glass of wine. I could see a strong Greek nose, full sensual lips and a sharp goatee beard. In profile, he reminded me of the satyr off last night’s ouzo bottle, even more so because I could see that we were having an effect on him, in a big way. Randy old goat. Much more and he’d split his trousers. He stepped away from the railing for a moment. When he returned, Satyr was holding the most luscious girl I’d ever seen by the hips. I swear she’d stepped out of one of those wall paintings we’d seen on Crete the week before. Her slender waist looked as though it could snap under the weight of her generous breasts. She had long black wavy hair, huge dark eyes rimmed with kohl. A skimpy white bikini showed off her olive skin.

Finally I found my voice. Bad enough being on display for one pair of eyes, let alone two. I tugged at Animal’s hair and hissed, “Sit up, we’ve got company.”

“Holy shit!” Animal followed my glance to the deck above us. “Ho-oooly shi-iiit,” he repeated.

Satyr was sliding his fingers down the front of the girl’s bikini briefs. She leaned back against him. Her expression gave no hint of her thoughts. We watched his fingers under the Lycra, slicking up and down her pussy. This is mine, his smile seemed to say. He swung the girl round so she faced the railing, and bent her over.

Animal whistled through his teeth. “Now THAT’S the advantage of a bikini, babe.”

I pulled his arm. “We should go, Animal.” “And miss a show like this?”

“We already gave HIM one…” I straightened up, and made to dive off the pontoon.

Animal gripped my wrist. “And your point is? Loosen up. Nobody died. It’s a bit of fun.”

Satyr seemed to agree. He said something to Crete, who slung a white towel over her arm, and climbed down the ladder to the pontoon. She landed silently, like a cat, balancing herself with practiced ease. She squatted her smooth olive thighs in front of Animal, presenting him with towel, and a close-up of her white lycra pubis. Animal didn’t just stare, he gawped as she smiled at him. His eyes were on stems, just like in the cartoons.

“Hands off him, honey. He’s taken.” She mightn’t speak English, but I was damn sure she spoke fluent bitch.

Crete ignored me. She waved us to follow her. The cheeks of her perfect olive tush screamed “follow me” as she climbed.

Animal, much to my annoyance, was up the ladder after her like a rat up a drainpipe. She tossed a second towel down to me, a sort of wrap-around thing, very soft and fluffy. I hesitated. I was damned if I was going to leave him up there without me. I wrapped the towel round my breasts and secured it. Honestly, I was glad of it. Being naked when others are clothed feels like a huge disadvantage. When they are clothed and have a dirty great boat, it’s just heaping on the unfairness. For a moment the fluffy Egyptian cotton made me feel I’d evened things up a bit. Then I realised. The robe belonged to Satyr. And I’d just put it on.

Satyr was waiting for us with drinks. I barely noticed what was in my glass. The deck of the cruiser was vast, and dazzled our eyes with chrome and oiled teak and plump cushions. A pitcher of peach pink cocktails, little ‘mezethe’ dishes and a mound of ripe fruit waited in the sunken lounge pit. A Jacuzzi big enough to hold the Pittsburgh Steelers was set into a raised platform on the prow.

“Man, this is living.” Animal threw himself onto the cushions and swigged a mouthful of peach Santorini, and tossed a grape into his mouth. I noticed his arm was stretched out along the seat back in the direction of Crete. I gave him my best ‘behave yourself’ glare, and he raised his glass to me and looked away.

In the next half-hour we learnt that Satyr and Crete had unpronounceable names, that neither spoke much English, and that Vodka-based cocktails deliver a lethal left hook. Not that Satyr had much to say for himself. He reclined opposite me still sipping his glass of red, regarding me through half-closed eyes, and stroking his upper thigh.

Most Greek food is pretty standard. If I never ate another stuffed vine leaf, I wouldn’t cry buckets. But I never tasted food like we had that day on the cruiser. My cocktail was softly liquorice scented and the sweet almonds tasted of smoke. I licked the flakes of pink salt off my lips and let Satyr-man refill my glass. He smiled at me, reached for a thick pink fleshy tentacle of octopus and slid it between his lips.

A warm feeling was overtaking my limbs. I smiled back. He pushed his thumbs into a ripe fig and split it open for me. I leant over to take it, but he held on to it and made me suck the sweet, seedy flesh from between his fingers. My pussy throbbed. My head spun. I felt my towel wrap slip as I leaned forward, but I was too mellow with the heat and the gentle rocking of the cruiser to care.

He took out a gold cigarette case, selected a filter tipped joint and lit up. The smell of salt air and deck oil mingled with the sweet, sweaty oily scent of weed. After a minute, he leaned over and put the joint between my lips. I pretended to inhale, then passed it rapidly to Animal. He looked at me cynically. He knows pot makes me queasy.

Animal lay back on the cushions, his head at grazing height for Crete’s pussy. He blew smoke along her thigh. The girl removed the joint from his lips, took a drag, then reached behind the seat and brought out a bottle of suntan oil. She poured a stream onto her palm and smeared it across Animal’s chest. The gold belt round her waist must have weighed a ton. Her breasts swayed above him as she bent over and applied oil to his shoulders. He was rock solid and breathing hard. She’d spilt some pomegranate juice on her breast. On purpose, I was willing to bet. Animal pulled her down by the shoulders and started to lick it off.

Satyr gave a throaty laugh and reclaimed the joint. Obviously not the jealous type. Which was more than could be said for me. Watching them was making me wet, and very, very territorial.

“Enough already, Animal. lay off her!”

“Quit bugging me, babe. You know I hate to be nagged. When in Rome, and all that…”

Crete took another drag. She raised herself on her haunches, straddled Animal’s face and started grinding her pubis into his five o’clock shadow.

“Mmm.” He grabbed her hips so hard his fingers made furrows. I hoped she had bruises.

“You complete bastard. You can get fucked,” I said getting up. Which was a poor choice of words really, under the circumstances. I turned my back on Animal and the girl, and walking over to the railing. The sun was dipping lower in the sky now, flushing the rocky shore with warm light. After a moment, Satyr padded across the decking with bare feet, and leaned on the railing beside me.

“Kolympó_.” He blew a little jet of smoke out between his lips, and motioned towards the platform on the deck.

He could have been saying ‘steer my ship’ or “suck my cock’ for all I knew.

He pointed again. “Tzakoúzi.”

Ahh… the jacuzzi. Well, why not. The slurpings and moanings from the pair behind me were getting louder. I eyed Satyr in his crisp white trousers, and thought momentarily about a revenge-fuck, but there was a chilling calculation about those narrow eyes that sent me cold. Instead, I dropped the towel on the deck, swung my legs into the jacuzzi, hit the ‘On’ switch, and did my best to drown the noise in a whirlpool of bubbles. Satyr brought me a tall glass of something cold with half an orchard hanging over the side. Then he perched on the edge of the tub with one foot in the water, puffing lazily and enjoying the show.

Animal joined me in the jacuzzi ten minutes later. He had a fresh joint clenched between his teeth, and his eyes were glassy. He had that sheepish let-me-make-it-up-to-you look on his face, which meant that he’d realised he that a ten hour trip home with me in a foul mood was going to be no picnic.

“Lose the long face, baby. It doesn’t suit you.”He pushed me against the side of the tub, and pinned me by the hips.

“You’ve got her cum on your face.”

“Lick it off.” He was already hard again, and trying to get his hand between my legs.

I forced my legs closed. “Fuck off, Animal.”

“Joking. You take things too serious, babe. Resistance is futile…” He prized my thighs apart and skewered me on his cock.

“Don’t you ever think of anything else?”

“You never complained before. Why don’t I just… whoa!”

I turned to see what had caught his attention. Crete was walking over to the jacuzzi. That alone was hardly worth a newsflash. What was commanding both our attentions was the gold strap-on penis she was now wearing beneath the gold belt.

“What do ya think of your new girlfriend now?” I hissed.

She smiled down at Animal, and climbed into the tub with us. I had a strong inclination to climb right out the opposite side. Animal held my shoulders, grinning.

“Maybe she’s one of those bi-girls. Maybe she fancies you. ‘Bout time you experimented a bit.”

“I’m not into that stuff. Let me go, Animal!”

I needn’t have worried on my own account. Crete made a beeline straight for Animal. She surfaced right behind him, and he made a gasp like he’d been stung. He coughed, and almost swallowed the joint.

I’d never seen a man get fucked before, and certainly not from a front-row seat, as it were. Not that I could see much of the action under the water. But I felt the effects all right. Animal was the meat in a two-girl sandwich, and Crete was hammering into him hard with the strap-on. He still had me pinned on his thick cock, squeezed between his ribs and the pool wall. Every thrust he got, I got too. He was in me so deep, it hurt my cervix. I coughed and groaned and came hard. It’s a fine line between pleasure and pain.

Animal kept invoking some personal deity he referred to as ‘sweet holy fucking mike’. Crete clawed his shoulders and drove her hips against him. Wild eyes, like that crazy Bond girl who got off on strangling men. Her face was all over beads of sweat and her black ringlets trailed limp and tangled over her breasts. Animal’s cock juddered and spurted hot cum inside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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