Green for White Ch. 02

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Author’s note —

This is a work of pure fiction. There is no connection to any real people or places. Any resemblance to real life people, events, or someone else’s writings is coincidental. It is for entertainment only and is not to be reproduced without written consent.


It was the night after winning the grand prize at the first Green and White show she had ever been to. Hally Martin was still a little sore from the first night but she was determined to be the winner at tonight’s show. All last night, after the show and since she woke up, her puffy nipples stood at attention at the thought of the intense sex she had experienced the first night on the show. All that morning and all that day, she went with out a bra, enjoying the erotic sensation her nipples received as the material of her blouse brushed across the stiff tips.

At the show, Hally her four guy teammates, and the two teams from the previous nights were brought on stage halfway through the show. The first half of the show had involved some simple games, with small prizes to the winners. The second half of the show would be devoted exclusively to the three winning teams from the previous nights, competing for a top prize of $3,000.

Tonight’s the empress izle game was a little like the last except that the girls would be the ones in control.

The rules for tonight’s game were as follows:

1.The guys could not assist the girls in any way.

2.The girls had to give pull each of her teammate’s pants down and give him a blowjob

3.While giving their teammate a blowjob, the girls could not use their hands on the teammate’s cock

4.When the teammate came in her mouth, she was not to swallow the teammate’s cum but to spit it into a measuring vial so that the combined amount of all four teammates could measured.

5.After sucking off all the teammates, the contestant had to have her vial measured, then swallow the contents, followed by fucking each teammate by riding him until he came, but at the last second she was to get off so that the teammate’s cum sprayed her in the face.

As the contestants and teammates waited for the buzzer to start the clock, Hally formulated a plan to win.

As soon as the buzzer sounded, the other two girls went straight to their first teammate, yanked his pants down and began to suck his cock. Hally’s strategy was different. the endless night izle She knew that she would have to strip off her clothes for the second part of the contest, why not do it now. The next strategy was to yank down the pants of all four of her teammates, one right after the other, before even starting to suck the first teammate’s cock.

To get her teammates primed, she took a few minutes to rub her naked body against the now stiffing cocks of each teammate. By the time her mouth first touched her first teammate, the other girls had already gotten one of their teammates to cum, spit the cum in the vial, then be halfway to making the second teammate cum.

With focused determination, she sucked hard and fast on her first teammate, spitting his cum into her own vial, just as the other girls were spitting their second teammate’s cum into their vials. Hally didn’t even both to take notice of the other teams’ progress, staying focused on her second, third, and fourth teammates. Part of the way into sucking her third teammate, the announcer came over and started fingering her clit to see how well she could handle distractions. Just before her teammate sprayed her mouth full of cum, her pussy the english izle convulsed, causing her to pause for a moment until the peak of her climax passed.

By the time she was swallowing the combined cum contents of her vial, the other girls were just starting to suck their fourth teammate. Since she already had her clothes off, she was already at a time advantage over the other girls and, the announcer’s ploy to slow her down had backfired. Her climax had lubricated her cunt and the first teammate’s cock easily slid into her.

She now bounced on her first teammate’s cock like a woman possessed. The sliding and squeezing of his cock with her internal muscles, caused him to cum almost too quick for her to jump off his cock to have him give her a cum facial. As the other girls were getting a cum facial from their second teammate, Hally was reveling in the thought of having the last drop of her fourth teammate’s cum drip from her cheek, thus winning the contest.

Having just had their second teammate spray their faces with cum, they heard the ending buzzer and just sat on the floor in dejected amazement that Hally had beaten them.

As Hally was posing for winner pictures with her teammates, before wiping the dripping cum off her face, she smiled to the girlfriends who had cheered her on and videotaped the entire thing.

While her four teammates had been strangers prior to the first show, they were now frequent weekend visitors, along with Hally’s two girlfriends, for the all-weekend orgies at Hally’s apartment.

More appearances . . . possibly in the future

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