Group Fun in the Dunes

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The weekend before the group’s summer trip to the big house on the coast in Brittany, Nicholas had gathered all the invitees to his and Annie’s house to discuss the details. This was essentially to work out what food, drink and kit to bring along, but Nicholas also wanted to test the water for a more interesting idea he had for entertainment.

To help describe this gathering of longstanding friends in the most simplistic manner, here is a guide:

Nicholas and Annie (early 50s)

Alpha male Nicholas thinks he’s the leader of the pack. In truth, he’s not even the leader in his own house, but what Nicholas says occasionally goes. That’s not to say his wife, Annie, is meek and mild – far from it – a successful journalist and media person, she just likes her charming hubby being all ‘manly’ around her to lull him into a false sense of security.

Bob and Jenny (early 50s)

A creative pair, Bob and Jenny are a horny couple who enjoy a healthy sex life, often aided by a variety of sex toys and occasionally, watching pornography. Bob often locks horns with Nicholas, especially in sports (both are athletic and competitive), but always remains a firm friend.

John (early 50s) and Angel (early 40s)

This couple met when John was living a hedonistic life during the late-90s in the Philippines. Known only to Nicholas (John’s closest friend), Angel was a lap-dancer in a high-class strip joint when they met. It’s little wonder John often has a smile on his face.

Dan and Donna (late 40s)

Dan is a complex man, often moody, sometimes hilarious. The kind of guy who prefers watching porn to actual sex with his yoga teacher wife. Donna is pretty serious too, though after a drink or two she loosens up, often hinting at a steamy past, way before Dan.

Steve and Marcella (early 50s)

Laid-back Steve comes out second-best in most arguments with his feisty, possessive Italian wife Marcella, but never complains as she usually patches things up later in the bedroom. Marcella plays the innocent but conversely enjoys talking openly about sex, eager to learn what her friends get up to.

Rich (mid-50s) and Mandy (late-30s)

Mandy is the youngest of the group, a beautiful, creative, though reserved woman. She’s much more than the ‘trophy wife’ her good-looking antique dealer husband Rich regards her as. Rich, for his part, was a fully-paid-up lothario, his colourful sexual history in contrast now to this loving, monogamous partnership.

As the wine flowed and the friends relaxed, Nicholas eventually offered his suggestion for a game the following week.

“Look guys, you’ll have to trust me on this, but how about we have a bit of naughty fun together when we’re away next week? Liven things up a little. What do you think?”

“Sure”, said Bob, filling the awkward silence, “what did you have in mind? An evening of Strip Poker?”

This raised a laugh and Annie for one said she’d be up for that. This was no surprise as Annie didn’t have any qualms about stripping off in front of her buddies, usually sunbathing topless with them on holidays abroad.

“I can’t play Poker!” said Jenny, a little merry from the wine.

“Great! You’ll be naked in five minutes” said Steve, earning himself a not-so-playful thump on the arm from Marcella, but leaving an image of a nude Jenny in the minds of the men.

Nicholas seized this moment to say, “What I was thinking was a bit of dressing up and role-play one day, maybe a tiny bit sexy and fun, it’s up to you how far you take it, but I can’t tell you the full details until next weekend!”

“Oh Christ. Not fancy dress Nick, please no!” pleaded Rich.

“Go on Rich, you love dressing up, or so I’ve heard!” offered Dan.

Nicholas replied: “Well, kind of. You will all be dressed the same, in a toga! Couldn’t be simpler. Bring your own outfit along and don’t be too prudish.”

They pressed him for more detail but he resisted, only adding that it would be serious fun and hopefully a little bit ‘saucy’. Annie denied all knowledge of her husband’s plans but as always, was fully supportive.

Later, back home in bed, Bob and Jenny searched online for ‘Sex Party Toga Costume’ and immediately ordered two outfits. The female version was made out of silk, was knee-length and tied on one shoulder and at the waist by a golden chord. Jenny knew it would present her cleavage in a good way. Searching for the togas inevitably led to watching a college party video on PornHub, after which they enjoyed a quick, intense fuck, helped by Bob’s lubed Cock Ring, a current favourite toy. As Bob’s vibrating cock was deep inside Jenny, he imagined instead that Annie was below him and she was the one moaning in pleasure as Jenny now was. Jenny felt that Bob’s dick was harder than normal and knew he was turned on by the thought of the weekend away. She wasn’t complaining.

Rich and Mandy were more practical in discussing their outfits and what exactly Nick could have been thinking. Naturally, Mandy would make each one, she was after all very capable of knocking up the togas. Richard, for avrupa yakası escort his part, had not stopped thinking about how the others (the men and probably the women too) would ogle his sexy wife in her figure-hugging creation.

Marcella was also ruminating about the toga idea in bed. What was Nicholas thinking? “He’s a naughty man” she thought and felt a warmth between her legs at the notion of a little frisky fun in the sun. But what fun and with whom? Was that Nick’s plan, to swap partners? She had often sought solace in her private dreams about being taken from behind by Nicholas and alternating with first husband Steve, then John and finally Bob sticking their cock in her willing mouth. With Steve breathing deeply in his sleep beside her, she let her fingers explore her now moist pussy.

Dan was both deeply worried and deeply turned on by what he thought Nicholas had in mind. Donna was simply intrigued. She once took part in an orgy when in her 20s, by far the youngest present and therefore the object of several men’s desires. She never told Dan of this party where she ended up making love to three men and two women over several hours. She still has longings to have sex with another woman but marriage to the nerdy Dan has curtailed any opportunities.

Nicholas had been planning all this primarily with the image of Marcella and Jenny in mind. Both women had big, beautiful breasts which would look exceptional squeezed into tight, risqué outfits. His wife Annie had a perfectly lovely body which belied her 50-something years, but large breasts where not a key feature. Her luscious pussy and ass, however, certainly were. Talking of ass, he had, for many years, also longed to have the beautiful Angel grinding on his lap. Maybe, just maybe, this would be the opportunity?

— — —

At the holiday cottage the first couple of days passed without any sign of Nicholas’s mystery game. There was flirting, plenty of alcohol, hangovers, much laughter, sunbathing and swimming in the sea.

The key point for Nicholas in booking this place was that it sat alone, approached by a private, single-track lane and surrounded by sand and small tree plantations. A footpath led down to the beach, usually empty apart from a handful of holiday-makers and locals.

So private was it that the women had set off one night armed with wine and beach towels, had lit a fire with dried drift wood, then everyone bar Marcella (who was fearful of the sea) stripped off and ran into the lapping waves. They loved the freedom and privacy and whooped with happiness. They didn’t notice that Bob, Dan, Nicholas, John, Steve and Rich were lined up on the ridge of dunes above, watching their wives strip off and run into the sea, their wonderfully middle-aged naked butts wobbling as they jumped the waves. Although pitch black, the men also got a decent view as the women returned back to Marcella, each greedily taking in the view of the varied breasts and pussies of the women.

The days drifted and there was no sight of togas – until the lunchtime of the Wednesday. It was hot as usual, the sun beating down on the house nestled in the dunes.

After lunch, Nicholas stood up, tapped a glass with a spoon to get everyone’s attention.

“Okay everyone, welcome to my game.” Nicholas loved being the centre of attraction and milked the moment.

“Get on with it!” called Bob.

Most of the gathering laughed but suddenly found themselves feeling rather nervous.

“Okay, okay” Nicholas continued. “You will all now go and freshen-up, get your toga’s on with the following stipulation – you will all be butt-naked beneath your costume. Am I clear? Butt. Naked.”

“OH SHIT!” exclaimed Mandy, louder than she had expected. She knew her outfit was virtually see-through and had banked on wearing a sexy pair of lacy pants at least (she rarely needed to wear a bra).

“Yep, naked beneath your toga, like the Romans would have been. We will gather here in 30 minutes and form two teams: the men in one group, the women in the other, for this is a battle of the sexes.”

“BRING IT ON!” shrieked Annie, ever game for competition.

“GET EM OFF!” replied Bob.

Nicholas continued, “When you return, the fun will begin.”

John and Angel, Bob and Jenny and Steve and Marcella were the first to return outside, cheering and applauding each other’s outfit. Angel had also bought a sexy toga, essentially a bikini top with strands of see-through, flowing material held at the waist. Jenny, especially, looked hot in her costume. The thin material held and separated Jenny’s rounded breasts in an alluring way. With little sag, despite her age, Jenny knew her tits were a feast for the men’s eyes, a thought which no doubt helped her nipples grow hard now.

Marcella’s outfit was longer but gave a generous view of her divine cleavage. Her’s was figure-hugging, maybe a size too small she thought, her olive—coloured skin contrasting beautifully with the crisp white of the material, which was edged in golden ribbon.

Dan istanbul escort and Donna, perhaps predictably, wore the most authentic historical costumes and therefore the least sexy. With little flesh on show, they looked more like a dull, historical re-enactment society rather than participants in a possible Roman orgy. Donna regretted this instantly as she looked across to her competition.

Next out were Nicholas and Annie. They too had bought rather regal Roman togas, clearly more expensive than the others so far. Bob’s cock twitched involuntarily at the view of Annie’s breasts bouncing up and down playfully and freely beneath her toga as she descended the stairs. It struck him that this was ridiculous as she’d been topless all holiday but this somehow seemed new and thrilling. Nicholas had most of his torso uncovered. He thought this would be a turn-on for his gathered subjects, but in reality his fifty-something figure, although strong and well-built, left a little to be desired.

Finally, Rich and Mandy sheepishly appeared. Rich looked the part and even had a garland around him, his noble and handsome face fitting the role of a Roman senator. However, it was Mandy who drew the biggest cheer when everyone realised her mistake in making an outfit out of sheer, virtually see-through cotton. Her suntanned body was clearly visible: the shape of her small pointy tits, her little nipples standing taut, but most alluringly her pubic hair – cut in a neat, triangular shape – on view for all to see.

“YOU WIN AMANDA!” called Nicholas above the cheers, “What a sexy outfit!”

“Good, we’re all here, let’s make a start. Ladies to one side, men to the other. I will toss a Roman coin to see which team goes first. The rules are simple. We are all adults, we all know what ‘No’ means, we all have boundaries and we respect each other as friends. That said, we also all have secret desires and maybe lusts and what this game does is to allow you to explore those needs with another person, or two, or three, or four, hopefully away from your partner! It’s completely up to you how far you take this in the knowledge you are among friends, and what goes in the dunes, stays in the dunes!”

This brought anxious looks among the group.

“The first team will depart the house and head out into the boundaries of the grounds – don’t worry, it’s fenced-in all around. They can go individually, in pairs or as one group. Either way, they must hide to avoid capture by the second group. If anyone is caught they MUST submit to their captor. You will be a slave to him or her. You will do whatever your captor, or captors, wish of you: you are completely under their control. I think you understand my meaning…”

“The game lasts for one hour 30 minutes before the roles are reversed when the hunted become the hunters. Every team member who avoids capture is awarded time points and a prize at the end of the day. The team on the run has a 10-minute head-start. Understood? Naturally, if anyone is unwilling to play, say so now and that will be respected.”

No-one in the group uttered a word, but each individual had their own thoughts about what may, or may not happen. There was clearly a sexual tension among the friends. Wives held on to their husband’s hand reassuringly. Husbands gave their wives a little kiss so to say “are you okay with this?”

Nicholas flipped a coin to find it was the women who would be hunted in the first round. The women actually cheered at going first which made everyone laugh and cut through any anxiety.

At Nick’s whistle they fled the house in a confused group, chattering and giggling and bumping into each other as they hurriedly escaped the immediate surrounds of the house. Once out of view they quickly decided to split up and ran in different directions, some into the dunes for cover, the others into the three small clusters of trees to find a hiding place. Aside from the togas, they each wore trainers or sandals which helped their speedy escape.

The men too had started planning. Bob and Nicholas would hunt as a pair, the others as individuals. They agreed that if they spotted their own spouse, they should signal her position to the nearest man if possible. The full implications of this were only now sinking in, exciting as this seemed, but there was no turning back.

As the ten minute mark passed, Nicholas again blew his whistle and the men set off determinedly, apart from Dan, who hung slightly back. The area for hiding wasn’t actually that big – some of the dunes were not too deep and mostly open to view. Nicholas and Bob agreed that any of the women heading into the dunes may be spotted more easily, but another ten minutes went by before Bob thought he saw a movement to his right.

“Nick,” he whispered and gestured for him to go around the far side of the nearest dune. Bob crept up to the tip of the brow and peered down to see the attractive Marcella pitifully trying to blend in with some long grass. “Useless” he thought, almost as if she wanted to be found? Bob dramatically leapt over the top of the mecidiyeköy escort brow and bounded down the sandy slope in large, slow-motion steps. Marcella shrieked and fled across towards the opposite bank.

Marcella was no match for Bob. She is a tiny woman, a yoga fanatic with out-of-proportion breasts and powerful butt. Although he could catch her immediately, Bob held back and instead watched as she tried escaping up the steep sandy bank, her toga flailing as she did so, her butt looking wonderful as it pumped from side to side beneath the thin material.

But it was no use. Nicholas was ahead of her and formed a formidable barrier against the skyline so she turned only to run straight back into the waiting arms of Bob, who was marvelling at the sight of Marcella’s swinging breasts. Her toga was now so loose and twisted at the front it was virtually open to her waist, her deep cleavage and most of her large tits in full view.

Bob spun her round and held her arms fairly tightly so she now faced the slowly approaching, grinning Nicholas. She backed into Bob’s body as Nicholas approached, the soft curves of her buttocks and lower back pressing back against Bob’s thighs and stiffening cock. Bob couldn’t tell if she was genuinely afraid or play-acting. Either way, the feeling of her close to him and the view over her shoulders down her cleavage was turning him on regardless. As she struggled further to escape, one breast swung free from the toga.

“Who have we here Bob? What a tart. Looks like that little Italian whore belonging to the soldier Steven I think.” At this, Marcella playfully kicked out at Nicholas. On the second lunge Nicholas managed to grab her ankle and then reached down for the other, lifting her clear of the sand. Bob shifted his grip, hands now under her arms, wrapped below her soft chest as Nicholas triumphantly lifted her legs high in the air. This was as easy as lifting a child for the athletic Nicholas.

Neither of the men or Marcella had noticed that Dan was watching intently, peering quietly over the dune. He slowly rubbed over his cock as he took in the unfolding action below.

At this angle Marcella’s knee-length toga slowly slid down her short, toned thighs and bunched at her waist revealing the long slit of her dark pink, carefully shaved pussy. Marcella was momentarily relieved she had shaved before the trip – Steve never did like a hairy pussy when he went down on her. She struggled some more but with no great fervour, realising that Nicholas had a perfect view between her spread legs.

“Oh Marcella, what a beautiful cunt you have, opened so perfectly for me to explore. Do you mind if I taste the goods?”

The woman looked tiny held between the two men who lifted her effortlessly. Bob knew that Marcella could have called out for help at this point, after all she had only given Nicholas a view of her vagina and an escaped breast so far. He hadn’t touched her intimately at all. But the small woman ceased struggling, now exhausted and secretly thrilled. Marcella’s eye’s were huge and her heart pounding as Nicholas shifted his position slightly, pulling her body towards his face, then buried his mouth between her thighs, so her legs now dropped over his back.

After he had longingly tasted the Italian’s hot pussy (which sent a shock of electricity through Marcella), the men lowered her to the ground. Marcella’s eyes were blazing with what? Hatred? Passion? Lust?

Nicholas told Bob to taste Marcella for himself. They lowered her to the ground, her head facing upwards. Marcella was impressed she was in the Chakrasana Wheel yoga position, a realisation wasted on the lustful men. Bob dropped between her legs and helped her arch her back further by supporting her with his hands. Her head was on the sand, tilted backwards to face the kneeling Nicholas, who thrust forward his cock into her gaping mouth. Bob licked up and down and feasted on her soaking pussy.

Minutes later Bob and Nicholas moved her submissive body so she was again arched, this time over a small mound of harder sand so again, her head was tipped slightly backwards. Marcella looked directly above her to see that Bob’s swollen cock was bobbing free from his toga above her head. Nicholas took control: “So Marcella, lovely Marcella. You are our prisoner. We have to return you to your master but we have the right to punish you for running away. What’s it to be beautiful Marcella? We can smack your big bottom like the naughty girl you are, or will you tell us how you wish to be punished instead?”

Marcella was breathing heavily, secretly thrilled that she was open to view from the waist down to men other than her husband. She didn’t close her legs, she felt wanton, lustful. She was itching to finger herself, to pleasure her aching clitoris.

Looking at Nicholas she remembered her go-to fantasy and quietly but firmly said: “I want you down there [pointing down to her vagina] and I want Bob’s cock in my mouth”. As she mentioned Bob she looked up at his long, slim cock, the alluring shape outlined against the cloudless blue sky. Marcella gasped as Nicholas slipped his fat dick into her wet pussy without any hesitation as Bob knelt down close to Marcella’s head. Her open mouth searched for Bob’s hanging balls and took one in. She moved in time with the thrusting movements of Nicholas as he ground his stumpy cock, ball-deep inside her wet hole.

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