Groupie’s Nite Out

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Another night, another show. Rex had played this song many times, fingering the bass notes on his Fender Precision, fast and furious, dancing around his side of the stage, mugging at the front rows of the audience and playing off the other guys in the band. From the stage, most places look pretty much the same: piles of speakers and bright lights to the sides of the stage and more bright lights in front.

This university pub was no different. Looking down to the front of the stage, a bunch of guys with their fists in the air (or on another guy’s mouth) and the occasional visions of female flesh, proudly displaying there hardened nipples in tight tops. Many of these eyed Rex’s thick cock, trapped in the leg of his skin-tight pants.

Surprisingly, Rex was picky. His experience was that the girls in the front row were often self-involved and, ultimately, not satisfying in bed. Rex looked for something special, a girl with a special look in her eye, a girl who would take the time to pleasure him in the way he loved best, to have his cock sucked slowly, building up to a long orgasm, spewing his sperm into the girl’s soft, wet mouth. That girl would also enjoy Rex’s talents – his love for sucking her pussy and fucking her slowly for hours with his big, hard cock. Such girls were not found in front of the stage, but further back, beyond the lights, waiting to show themselves to a guy that could capture their interest.

As the song came to an end, Rex could hear cheering and yelling from a large group toward the back of the room. Looking past the lights, he could make out team uniforms and hoisted mugs of beer. It was a mixed bunch of guys and girls, a team of some sort. Apparently, they were celebrating a victory. As usual, they had no interest in the band , teams seldom did.

Finally, the last song was played and Rex was finished for the evening. He left the stage, put his bass away, changed his clothes in the shabby dressing room and made his way out into the still-partying crowd to get a soft drink. Heading toward the bar, he passed the rowdy team. The girls caught his attention. In their short plaid skirts, their long legs and trim asses invited closer inspection.

Then he noticed that he, too, was being inspected. Above a particularly long pair of legs was a tight pair of green shorts wedged up between bulging pussy lips. Above that, a trim waist and a bulging pair of tits straining a green and white satin jersey. Those tits were quite a bit larger than usual for an athletic girl. Rex’s cock began to sit up and take notice. But, above that was the piece-de resistance, a face with high cheekbones, beautiful almond-shaped blue eyes, all framed by multi-coloured blonde hair. He was trapped by those eyes, looking at him, and by the tip of her tongue poking between her white teeth, framed by a slight smile. She glanced down at his cock, swelling down the leg of his tight jeans. She looked back up at his eyes, then flushed and looked away, turning toward her team mates. His cock felt turgid. He wanted her, but how to meet her?

Rex turned toward the bar and caught the bartender’s attention.

“Can I have a Coke, please?”

The bartender quickly poured a glass from the soda fountain, twirled the glass with a flourish and slid it across the counter. No payment was requested, since the band members got free soda (but had to pay for beer). Rex turned around and spotted the blonde athlete looking at him speculatively. She didn’t have a mug in her hand, so he turned to the bartender and asked for another Coke. When it appeared on the bar, Rex waved a hand at it and smiled inquiringly to the girl. She smiled and walked over toward him.

His heart pounded as he watched her breasts gently bounce and the space between her thighs appeared and disappeared. Remembering to look up at her face, he was rewarded by her smile and, once again, her eyes mesmerized him. He had never seen that shade of blue, especially not in oval eyes that reminded him of a far eastern land.

She said, “Is that for me?”

He wasn’t sure she meant the glass of Coke, because her eyes kept straying to his cock, now bulging alarmingly down his leg.

“Yes”, he said, “It’s all yours.”

She grinned and sipped the coke. “Thanks, I was thirsty.”

“Are you from here, or somewhere else?”, he asked, inanely.

“Not from here”, she said.

Skipping a couple of steps in the conversation, she said, “We’re staying at the Holiday Inn. I’m rooming with three other girls. We’re sharing beds. The team can’t afford to put us up separately or even two to a room.”

Rex’s thoughts of visiting her hotel room evaporated and he wondered how they might get some privacy. His hotel room was upstairs above the bar, but kurtköy escort it was very much on the seedy side and he wasn’t sure how adventuresome she might be. Little did he know!

Meanwhile, her scent was getting to him, part gentle perfume, all girl. A rush of lust filled him and he felt his cock get hot and thick, pushing down the leg of his tight trousers. Looking at her team shirt, he spotted her nipples popping up the green and white satin. Looking up, her eyes were on his and she smiled. He’d never before felt this sexual connection and he thrilled at where it might lead.

She asked where he was staying. When he told her, she said she had always wondered what the rooms were like. She’d heard rumours about how bar bands lived. He couldn’t believe his luck. He asked her if she’d like to check it out. She agreed and introduced herself as Tabitha. He responded, saying his name, scarcely believing his luck.

They finished their Cokes and left the bar. Winks, laughter and grins from a couple of the girls of the team followed them out the door, although he got the distinct feeling that the guys on the men’s team were less enthused. Climbing the stairs to the rooms, Rex looked back to see if she was following him. She smiled up at him. He got the idea she was staring at his ass. Behind her, the drummer was climbing the stairs, staring at the slim, muscular ass and legs twitching above him. He grinned up at Rex and showed him two thumbs up.

Unlocking the door to his room, Rex led Tabitha inside and shut the door. The glow of the neon sign outside flooded through the window and lit the room. Fortunately, the room was fairly neat and well kept, not the worst of the dives he stayed in. The maid had been in during the afternoon and Rex hadn’t pulled the sheets down for his customary afternoon nap, sleeping on the top of the bed in the warm weather. He bent to turn on the bedside lamp and then turned to find her sitting on the corner of the bed with her hands between her knees, looking a bit tentative.

Standing in front of her, he reached out and gently stroked her shining gold hair that framed those high cheekbones and intriguing lips. The beautiful blue eyes looked up at him. Looking into them, he was caught. This girl was different. He plunged his fingers into her hair and stroked it back, away from her face. She smiled. Her hands came up from between her knees and stroked up the front of his jeans, over the bulge hanging down his left leg. Her hands stopped at his hips and pulled him gently toward her, her legs parting to allow him closer to her. She pressed him hard against her face and tits, her hot breath slowly working through his jeans to further inflame his crotch. She pulled back and started to undo his jeans. He stroked her hair and let her pull his jeans open and push them down over his ass and down to his knees.

His cock, released from prison, sprang up and slapped her chin. The fat mauve tip was wet with clear fluid, a testament to the effect she was having on him. Laughing, she looked up at him, then slowly extended her tongue and captured a drop of fluid. Pulling her head back, the drop stretched, becoming a strand of clear honey. She slurped up the fluid on her tongue, then went back for more. Again, she captured a drop and stretched it, licking his precum like it was the finest nectar in the world. Then she ducked her head down, turned slightly sideways and pressed her tongue up the length of his cock, right up the side. A drop of precum burst from the tip and started to roll down the head, but her tongue was there ahead of it, slurping it up.

With every hot, wet swipe of Tabitha’s tongue on his flesh, Rex’s cock nerves danced. He panted and groaned with lust, rolling his head back and hanging onto her hair. Suddenly, his cock was engulfed in the hot liquid embrace of her mouth descending over it. At once, he wanted to cum and yet hold his cum forever. Before he knew it, most of his cock was in her mouth. Her tongue lashed the tube along the bottom of his prick.

Never before had a woman taken so much of his cock in her mouth! His cock was bigger than most and was the subject of ribbing by some of his band-mates. Nonetheless, no woman had ever taken it all down. This girl, Tabitha, was only a couple of inches away from taking all of it.

Her head rose and her lips, pursed tightly around his cock, climbing the shaft, drawing his skin up. When only the head remained in her mouth, her tongue rolled around it and teased the flesh below the hole. He felt like filling her mouth with sperm, but held off. If this was just the beginning…

She twirled her tongue around his cock, then dropped her head again. He was in heaven. Then Tabitha did something he’d dreamed of aydıntepe escort experiencing – she slowly forced his prick into her mouth and throat, sucking all the way. He felt the smooth, slippery incredibly tight channel of her throat surround his cockhead and work its way down his shaft. His cockhead was stroked and tightly compressed by her throat. He groaned and arched his hips into her face, on the verge of cumming — and then her head rose and her lips popped free of his cock.

She grinned at him, then lowered her gaze to his swollen, shiny cock. He looked at it, too. He had never seen it so big. It looked like somebody else’s cock, so long and fat had it grown. It was a deep purple, shiny with her saliva, the gnarled veins reflecting the light of the bedside lamp. Her saliva dripped down the shaft to his balls. Tabitha’s hand stroked up the shaft and a blob of clear fluid appeared at the tip and started to roll down the purple head. She moaned appreciatively and dove down to swipe at it with her tongue, drawing another strand up from his cock to the tip of her tongue. A couple of times she did this, slurping and sucking at the strand, then her head descended and once again his cock was lovingly cradled in her mouth, her tongue squirming against the sensitive flesh between his cockhead and the shaft.

He said, “If you keep going, I’m going to cum.”

“Where do you want to cum?”, she asked.

“In your mouth”.

She only smiled and groaned. Her head descended and his delicious torture continued, each bob of her head increasing the liquid pressure in his groin. His universe shrank until all he sensed was his cock and her hot, wet mouth, never resting in its quest for his sperm. The feelings concentrated in his cock were beyond his experience. He knew that this woman would slowly but surely gorge herself on his cock until his sperm erupted, and all he had to do was let it happen. His dream come true.

Her hands joined the quest. Her left hand closed around the shaft and began stroking in time with her mouth, while her right hand rose to cup and gently knead his balls. Every time her head went down, his cockhead pressed into the narrow, tight entrance to her throat, her tongue stroking its full length. Her pace quickened as she sensed the climax of the quest. He felt the pressures in his groin focus and become white hot, while the sensations in his prick became overwhelming.

With a loud groan, he pulled her hair toward his crotch when, unbelievably, her hand left his shaft, her head descended further than before and her lips went all the way down to the base of his cock. He felt his cockhead slip past the constricting ring at the entrance to her throat and then his cock was headed down her gullet, its smooth constriction tightly massaging his cockhead. Her teeth gently collided with his pubic bone and her tongue pressed against his balls, wriggling. It was too much. His groin heaved. He hunched over her head, hanging on for dear life. His sperm shot up inside his prick and out and spewed into her throat. She swallowed, torturing his cockhead with pleasure. Helplessly, his body spasmed, his groans rising to a crescendo. She was groaning, too, as his sperm pumped into her again and again. His insides turned themselves out in an effort to expel all of his essence into her sucking mouth and swallowing throat. Finally, his spasms relaxed.

Tabitha slowly backed her head away, her tongue caressing the length of his cock slowly emerging from her mouth. Her tongue toyed with the head, licking up the small drops of sperm that hadn’t gone straight down her throat. Rex struggled to remain standing, panting, his pants at his knees, his hands in Tabitha’s hair and his cock, the purple mushroom head still in her mouth, starting to deflate. Tabitha’s lips popped as they released the head and her hand came up to wipe strands and flecks of semen from her lips. She giggled and smiled up at him. Still panting, he smiled, lowered his head and kissed her hair. She was a beautiful gift. Now, it was time to unwrap the present.

He reached down and lifted her team jersey. Her arms raised up and the top passed over her hands. He tossed it aside on the bed. Her white sports bra cupped her tits, but not for long. She reached behind her back, as only a limber young girl can, and the cups of the bra came loose. Her arms dropped, her shoulders shrugged, and the bra was whisked away to join her jersey.

Her breasts were very teen like. Pale, their tops sprinkled with freckles, they were im-perfectly round,pear-shapped, with pink nipples crowning their tips, crinkling with lust. He cupped her tits, then gently squeezed her nipples between thumbs and forefingers, slowly increasing the pressure as he gently rolled tuzla içmeler escort the nipples. She groaned and her nipples swelled. He reached under her armpits, raised her to her feet. Her arms went around his back and his around hers, caressing the soft flesh and the strong muscles beneath. Their lips met. He tasted a hint of his cum on her breath, then he began to explore her mouth with his tongue. She gave as good as she got. Her slippery tongue chased his in and out of their mouths. When her tongue invaded his again, he captured it gently by sucking it between his lips, then tickled it with his own. Her eyes popped open and she grinned.

He stood back and slid off his pants, then hooked his thumbs into her shorts and slid them down those long, smooth legs. Her little cunt emerged, lightly covered with a small triangle of soft blonde curls. As he knelt to pull her shorts to her feet, he could see her pussy lips, swollen, pink and damp, peeking out at him. He could feel her heat. She lifted her feet and he tossed the shorts away, then he pressed gently on her hips to sit her on the bed again. Standing, he ran his fingers over her hard nipples,then further up to her shoulders and gently pushed her back until she was sprawled across the bed.

He paused in wonder. This long-limbed, pale-skinned beauty was lying there, blue eyes smiling up at him, blonde hair spread out in a fan, her breasts rising proud from her deep rib cage with those beautiful crinkly pink nipples winking at the ceiling. Her narrow waist and slim, rounded hips cupped her smooth, flat belly and neatly hidden navel. Below, her long legs was her pink swollen pussy lips that drew his mouth like a magnet.

He knelt to worship it. This was no time to get fancy, so he went straight for the heart of the matter. Slowly, as lightly as he could, Rex dragged the tip of his tongue from the bottom of her pussy, where the juices were leaking out, up along her swollen lips, still not fully opened, to their joining, just grazing the small clit hiding there. She jumped, gasped and her hips moved upwards.Her juices were leaking and he tasted her with his tongue.

He started at the bottom again, this time digging the tip of his tongue into her juices and pressing it up between her lips, parting the soft folds as he traveled up. Her hips squirmed and lifted off the bed, so he took the opportunity to cup his hands under her perfect ass, gently squeezing her ass cheeks. His tongue reached down and gently he plunged it into her anus. He twisted his tongue around it and she moaned, her breathing becoming ragged. So, he twirled his tongue again…and again. Her hips were grinding and her belly bulged with the tension building there.

Gently, he pressed his upper lip against the hood of her clit and pushed up, exposing the clit to the lashing of his tongue. He began to relentlessly circle her clit with his tongue. He didn’t let up. Her hips started to shake and her groans pitched higher and higher. To control her hips, he wrapped his arms up around them and gripped the tops of her thighs, never staying the assault of his tongue. Her juices flowed freely from her wet pussy, slipping down between her ass cheeks. Infrequently, he would swipe his tongue down over her lips and press his tounge into her hole. This got a delayed reaction, the intensity of the shaking and moaning increasing, her belly heaving with her panting. He felt the tension growing, tighter and tighter.

Finally, she drew a great breath, heaved her hips up and her orgasm broke over her. She wailed, her hips thrashed, her back arched higher and she fell over sideways. Tightly gripping her, he followed her pussy with his tongue, feeling her spasms. Her arms slapped the bed and she gasped and cried out. Looking up, he could see her beautiful face twisted as if in agony, teeth and eyes clenched tight. She shook and shook, then, slowly, the intensity dropped. He could feel the tension leaving her and, as it did, he relaxed and slowed his tongue, following her spirit down to a quiet place. Her back relaxed and her ass settled back onto the bed. Little flicks of his tongue on her clit drew little jerks of her hips.

But, he could feel that she was not empty, yet. Gripping her thighs in his arms, he sucked her clit into his mouth, gently captured it between his front teeth and lashed it rapidly with his tongue. Tabitha’s backed arched, her hips jerked and she screamed. She spasmed helplessly in the grip of another orgasm. This one was over faster and he let her down gently as he sensed it ebbing. Gently, he stroked her clit and her pussy lips with his tongue, then releasing her hips, he leaned back. She was gasping, slowly recovering. Her eyes opened, staring at the ceiling, then found his.

They both grinned. This was something special. She said, “That’s the first time I’ve ever cum from being sucked. I didn’t think it could happen for me. It was incredible, better than being fucked.”

His heart felt big in that moment. They had just begun.

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