Growth Lab 03: Moon Base Breakout

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At the Killian moon base, a new room had just been completed to test a new decommissioning process.  The base was positioned in between two well-known craters to make it easy to identify from orbit, and the construction was simplistic, a series of above-ground tunnels connected multiple half-sphere domes of varying size.  The largest of these domes housed the new decommissioning chamber. 

The room felt as spacious as an aircraft hangar with the domed ceiling rising eighty-two feet high.  From the center of the room extending up to the apex was a column, the bottom portion of which was transparent with the label “D.C.O.M. Tower One” etched into the side of it.  Electrical power tubes snaked out from the column to large square power transformers on the outer edge of the domed room. 

The lights were off, but the Sun had risen over the lunar horizon and lit up the room through the semi-transparent surface of the dome.  Being on the outermost edge of the base there was only one entrance to the room at the time.  A whirring sound buzzed as the pressure in the room equalized with the connecting hallway and the door opened releasing some gas and particles. 

A man quietly walked through the door, light glinting off his glasses followed by a woman, whose blonde hair swayed listlessly down to her hips, her boots clicking at an even pace along the metal floor, the sound of fabric rubbing against metal echoing throughout the dome as light glinted off the metal plating on her suit and the metallic fibers in the sleeves and leggings of her suit.  The two figures walked up to the center column where the man stood patiently looking about as the woman fiddles with a console next to a door inside the column.

“This system is larger than the other prototypes I’ve seen,” Benton remarked, adjusting his glasses as he craned his neck to inspect the intricate pieces making up the D.C.O.M. Tower. 

“Well, they never seem to be large enough,” Ultima remarked as she entered in the twelve-digit access code on the panel and with a cheerful trill, the system retracted the bottom half of the column into the floor, revealing two hospital beds inclined almost to standing position with several straps and restraints attached throughout. 

“This system routinely decoms level five generators, today will be a normal stress-test to achieve semi-permanent decom of Subject Twenty-One,” Ultima spoke into her wristband as the rest of the room hummed to life, lights brightening to fill in the remaining dark spaces in the room.  A system of radiators came down to just about twelve feet off the ground in the center column, one set focused on each of the two beds in the center. 

“This should be interesting,” Benton muttered to himself “anything to break up the boredom of being cooped up on this base, the only upside is the view,” he mused eyeing Ultima, whose back was to him. 

Her suit was a work of modern engineering, blue boots encircled her muscular calves, metallic like spandex encircled plush thighs which would take more than two hands to completely encircle.  A bikini-shaped metal piece encircled her crotch, ending at the taper in her waist which was almost obscured in the front by her two pendulous orbs of breast flesh, which were slightly more contained at present thanks to the metallic bracing provided by the upper half of the decom suit.

Ultima hummed methodically as she slowly moved from panel to panel to set up the decom test.  She moved slowly but gracefully despite her top-heavy form, posture erect, arms extending to manipulate the panels without brushing them with her metal-encased bosom. Looking from behind the two blue orbs encasing her bosom stuck out as least four inches on either side, and she seemed used at this point to the contortion of her arms required to type commands into the system.  Finishing her preparations, she twisted her upper torso around to look back at Benton, brushing her blonde hair back with her left hand and her lips pulling back into a slightly devilish smile.

“Are you ready to get started?” she said, her large eyes batting playfully at him.

“Ready when you are,” Benton replied attempting to sound as nonchalant as possible. 

“Great, first things first let’s get you strapped in, please sit back against this table” Ultima methodically began placing Benton’s appendages so that his arms were by his sides, his legs spread slightly apart.  Once positioned a metal bracer encircled his arms, ankles, wrists, and waist, leaving just enough wiggle room to be comfortable while not giving him enough to escape. 

“The test will begin once I’m strapped in,” Ultima began to position herself against the table in the same manner. 

“Why are you strapping in too?” Benton asked inquisitively. 

“Well, your history with growth energy has shown you to be quite … unstable, so as a precaution I will be linked to the Decom storage tanks so in case things get overloaded I can siphon off the excess.” Ultima nonchalantly raised an eyebrow swinger seks hikayeleri at Benton with a look that said, “I know you’ve been boning my commander on and off for the last four years.” Benton cast his look aside, if his hands were not tied, he probably would be fidgeting with his glasses or bow tie. 

“That makes sense, you must be able to absorb quite a lot of energy then…” he trailed off glancing aside.

 “What, based on the size of my tits?” Ultima cut off Benton with another coy look as she swayed her hips from side to side against the table as Benton squirmed uncomfortably against the cool metal bed.

“Well, uh, look I wasn’t… that does not necessarily indicate… uh, there are plenty of other factors… eh-ehmm” he cleared his throat and was saved as the system began its process to automatically restrain Ultima.  Curved metal bars came up through the table encircling her wrists, then her torso, thighs, and finally her ankles. 

“Just relax, and this will be over before you know it, I’m sure we’ve both got places we’d rather be right now, but the commander gave this high priority. Start decom sequence!” Ultima’s voice echoed against the dome walls and was immediately drowned out as the towers inner mechanism fully powered up. 

“_Decom sequence initiating…. Storage tanks online… Radiators fully charged… Beginning Decom Step-up in three…two…one…_” An artificial feminine voice droned from overhead speakers.  Benton instinctively tensed up, contracting his stomach muscles, which already seemed more defined then normal through his thin cotton dress shirt. He noticed that he no longer had the wiggle room he once remembered in his wrist cuffs.

“Am I growing already?” he pondered.

“I said to relax, Benton, it hasn’t even started yet!” Ultima barked while glancing downward instinctively to her decom suit.  Nothing seemed out of the ordinary on her end, but one could never be too sure.  Benton’s face slowly softened as he blew out a deep breath, his suspenders relaxing against his pectorals, there was a reason why he hated decoms. 

“_Decom Level Ten starting_” the system droned and the radiators above Benton lit up, firing growth energy down at him.  The principle of the decom process was to open up the pores of the human body by saturating it with growth energy, once the pores are open the system can properly absorb the latent energy in the cells, starting slowly to siphon off energy, as the levels increase more energy is required to work deep enough into the tissue to fully siphon off energy. 

“Come on Benton take it like a man, I routinely have to undergo decoms up to Level two-hundred you know” Ultima eyes narrowed as she fixed on Benton, as if daring him to say something smart back. Being no stranger to decoms, Level ten was barely anything to Benton as well, it felt like being out in the sun getting a tan, if only his shirt wasn’t so tight.

“Stop it, Benton!” Ultima snapped as she saw the top button on Benton’s shirt straining against his neck muscles, his carotid artery bulging obscenely against the fabric.  Benton’s wrist cuffs were no longer at his wrists, but had ridden up his forearms slightly, his beige pants showed signs of tightening as well in the thighs and calves as the seams began to show through the thin fabric.

Benton gritted his teeth, which also felt larger, his lips pulled back to reveal larger than usual pearly whites, now more prominent, his bone structure adjusting to an onslaught of growth energy from within. 

“Please…urgghh. this is not something you can simply, urg STOP,” with every breath Benton took his pectoral muscles carved a more defined outline in his shirt, his flesh beginning to show through the gaps in his buttonholes which were getting thinner with each passing second.

“_Emergency… generator detected… Decom level fifty initiated_,” the system droned. “_Storage tanks at fifty percent, would you like to enlist auxiliary storage?”_ 

“Yes!” Ultima stated calmly, attempting to mask her surprise at the events unfolding in front of her.  “_He’s at the base for the past week with no incident, and now during the decom he decides to throw a fit?  Whatever, I can just absorb it all, after all I can absorb much more than Luna, and I won’t even lose control.”_ 

“Benton if you keep fighting this it’s just going to hurt more!” Ultima occupied herself with talking as the radiators above her turned on, blasting her with the excess energy being radiated off as Benton. 

“You see Benton… mmmf, it’s much easier” Ultima felt the waves increase in frequency, causing her body to shudder, the feeling beating down on her like she was drowning in an avalanche of small furry puppies, “if you just let it, ummmm, happennnn.” 

Thus far everything was happening according to plan, Ultima felt the warmth spread over her entire body, then center in her chest, her heart rate picking up pace to match the energy penetrating her bosom, she felt her nipples begin to harden against the plush fabric coating the inside of her armor. 

Puffs of air escaped from the suit as her body pushed the air out of the way in its quest to contain the energy at the expense of any breathing room in her suit.  She instinctively breathed in to give herself as much space as possible as her breasts began to pulsate, no vibrate, with energy filling them up.  Ultima closed her eyes and gritted her teeth attempting to concentrate on the energy pooling inside her NN-size knockers. 

Her restraints gave her just enough movement room to sway her hips unconsciously and rub her thighs together in a physical expression of her desire to contain the energy, the pleasure bubbling up within, beginning to intoxicate her mind.  Realizing she had been holding her breath for far too long she slowly pouted her lips to exhale before a premature *hiccup* escaped her mouth. 

“Oh crap” she thought to herself, “I can’t be filling up already?” This thought was put aside by the system droning on.

“_Commencing decom level eighty, Storage Tanks eighty-five percent full, rerouting main flow to auxiliary._” 

“Crap! No! Stop it Benton, this is _mmmm_, silly” Ultima mustered all her strength to not let the torrent of pressure in the suit constricting her breathing reveal itself in her voice. 

“I’ve contained larger messes than YOU before, I just need more… more… SPACE” her eyes shot wide open, a deranged smile forming on her lips that even gave Benton pause for a moment. 

“Am I shrinking?” Benton wondered as he felt the stressed seams on his shirt start to relax, his cleft chin receding back, and his wrists no longer white from the lack of blood circulation flowing through past the tight metal restraints.  His pants hems were destroyed, and three of his toes had freed themselves from his left shoe. 

“_She is quite tenacious but given how often she decoms it gives one the sense that there is an instability lurking behind her absurd levels of energy capacity, I just need to find her limit_” Benton mused, eyeing his glasses which now lay on the floor.

“Decom Level one hundred commencing, Storage Tanks Full, Rerouting all flows to auxiliary.” Feeling the final decom wave hitting him Benton eyed Ultima, who was quickly beginning to occupy more space between them.  Her boots split first at the heel then slowly split along the sole as her feet thrashed about still held at bay by the ankle cuffs. 

“Looks like your armor has sprung a leak” Benton remarked but Ultima appeared off in another world, staring excitedly down at the bodice of her armor which appeared to be almost vibrating rhythmically as the flesh within it searched for weak point to exploit.

“Yes, very good Benton, you see this suit is designed to keep me uh contained under normal decom conditions, hehe, well these conditions are clearly not normal” the windows on the nipple on her suit began to crack. 

“I thought only the Furihara’ s could overload this technology, you might have more in common with them then we thought” groaning metal led to a loud TWANG as first one than the other of Ultima’s ankle bracelets burst as her legs lengthened a foot, her now bare feet reaching the floor.  

“But Benton, this is where your fun ends,” obscene bulges began to appear in Ultima’s suit in every area that wasn’t rigid metal, her torso, her arms, and especially her thighs, began to bulge out, the synthetic metal fabric first thinning, then forming runs like pantyhose as her flesh poked out bit by bit before shredding completely. 

“I’m not just your average battery, and any energy you plan on putting out here I’ll be MORE than happy to take.” Ultima’s legs began to bend at the knee as her height steadily increased another foot and half, seemingly still focused on her meaty legs. 

Her lower half of the suit had been reduced to tattered remains of her legs still clinging around her thighs, her stomach formed a generous muffin top spilling over the top of her rigid metal bikini bottom of her suit while her bountiful glutes began to ooze out the bottom trying desperately to keep up with her thighs.

“People always focused on my…_hmmmm_…TITs, but damned if they noticed that I never skipped LEG DAY!” Ultima cackled and with a BOOM she extended her legs as far as her restraints would allow, causing the bed to rotate backward so that she was now fully parallel with the floor, tits facing the ceiling, legs growing another foot so that her feet stayed firmly on the floor dangling over the edge of the bed.

“Release my restraints!” Ultima roared.

“Warning, restraints cannot be released until the room has been cleared of energy…” the system droned on before being cut off abruptly by Ultima.

“Fine! I’ll do it myself!” Ultima bellowed.  Benton could no longer see Ultima’s face behind the two armor plated boobs pulsating in front of him but by the sound of her voice he could tell that she was slowly losing it. 

“Hmmm, I could help with that,” Benton muttered as the metal restraints groaned to contain his rapid hulking transformation unimpeded now by the decom process.  His belt buckle snapped in two as a full twelve pack of abs burst through the lower buttons on his shirt followed close behind by his pecs. 

The laces on his dress shoes dug into the leather before splitting in half as Benton’s ankles gained inches and inches of circumference with each passing minute, bending the metal restraints with ease as his body was fast leaving the ‘absurd bodybuilder’ and fast approaching ‘Hulk’ status.  Only three restraints remained, the ones on his ‘now three times wider than normal’ wrists and the one over his still growing fifty-inch muscular torso.

“Stupid restraints need to go” Benton grunted to no one in particular. 

“Yes, Yes YESSS,” Ultima’s voice surprised Benton “I have to absorb MORE, I have to be FREEEEE” Benton watched as Ultima’s toes curled and her whole body began to gyrate not unlike a mother in the throes of childbirth.  On Ultima’s side her head began to tilt back as her torso finally began to get in on the growth game and her head was pushed beyond the edge of the bed.  Then she stopped, her hands attempting to get pulled out of the restraints by her torso growth but being stopped because of COURSE her hands were twice the normal size now. 

“OWWW” Ultima felt her arms getting stretched as they tried to keep up with her torso fighting a game that could not be won against the metal.  Not only this but her breast flesh had found its escape from the rigid bodice of her armor, spilling out the top and, following gravity, began to creep closer to her face. 

“RRGHHH” Ultima began gyrating again, rocking the table as her head thrashed up and down bouncing off the pillow of cleavage in front of her.  Out of options, Ultima pushed against the floor with all her might with her legs whose thighs now approached the circumference of tree trunks, the sound of groaning metal filled the room as the braces securing the bed to the floor deformed and snapped. 

Ultima arched her back as much as she could, head touching the floor cushioned by piles of her newly grown golden hair which she reached back and caressed with her arms finally being freed as the wrist restraints gave way with the rest of the floor support for the bed. 

What was left of the bed was only long enough to support her torso, the end of the table now sitting right where her butt began, with ass cheeks each about two feet in diameter, and extending only up to the base of her armor bust bodice.  The remaining torso restraint encircling her abdomen began to resemble a corset, constricting and accentuating her continually exaggerated hourglass figure.  Her waist was being contained at a measly two-foot diameter while her hips splayed out an aggressive seven feet wide and her chest, constricted only by the steadily failing armor piece, was still ONLY three and half feet wide.

“Fine Benton,” Ultima used her now free hands to push herself up to a sitting position on her knees, leaning back and sitting on her calves “We could have done this the easy way, now we’re going to do it the fun way!”

“Finally,” Benton smoothly replied, punctuating his sentence with the shredding of the crotch of his pants as his member rose to attention almost as a salute to Ultima, although it still looked relatively small, only four feet long on his twenty-one-foot frame.  Meanwhile Ultima, who was still on her knees, matched Benton in height.  Ultima raised an eyebrow eyeing Benton’s member dismissively while both her hands grasped at the remaining piece of her suit clinging to her burgeoning bust.

“Please Benton, I’ll give you props for overloading the decom, but as you can see my tanks” with a catastrophic groan she rose off her calves and tore her suit’s chest piece in half, flinging the pieces off to opposite sides of the dome. “Are barely full!”  She grinned devilishly, folding her hands in front of her and leaning forward pushing her bosom straight into Benton’s face in her own form of a reply salute.  Each tit was almost four feet in diameter by now, and heavy sloshing sound could be heard from deep within Ultima’s chest. 

“_She’s not bluffing_” Benton thought as he freed his hands from the wrist restraints and pushed himself off his bed, shattering the final waist restraint that held him in place. “_If I had to guess, she purposefully diverted growth to her lower body to survive the first waves, that’s why her breasts don’t look even close to blowing_” Benton mused as he folded his arms introspectively.

“Well clearly, I’ve barely gotten started either, since I still am able to elucidate my thoughts, I think it would be in your interest not to continue this further-oof!” Benton was caught off as Ultima brought one of her leg swiftly around sweeping his feet out from under him and kicking his bed to the far side of the room.  Falling backwards Benton instinctively put his hands out to catch his fall, but Ultima reached out and (purposefully?) grabbed ahold of Benton’s cock to keep him from hitting the floor.

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