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Fiona Hendrickson glanced at her next appointment. Marcus Chapman. Well, this should be the highlight of the day, she thought. He was her last appointment of the morning before her lunch break and the students had been a pretty depressing bunch so far. In an unexceptional school, Marcus stood out. His grades were uniformly excellent and his extra-curricular activities were varied and impressive. The eighteen year old student was destined to go far.

Definitely further than me, thought Fiona, slightly glumly. She remembered back to how she’d mocked her own high school guidance counselor’s suggested career paths as limited and lacking aspiration. She’d been convinced the world was her oyster. Then she’d got pregnant by her high school sweetheart in her first year of college. Fiona had been planning to break up with him, had in fact intended that to be the last time they slept together, but everything changed when her period stopped. Tony did the right thing and married her but that turned out to actually be the wrong thing for both of them. So here she was: 29, divorced, a single mother and… a high school guidance counselor herself. So much for childhood dreams.

Snap out of it, Fiona, she told herself. This isn’t about you, it is about a young man’s future.

Marcus knocked and enter the room. He was tall but not huge, perhaps a shade under six foot and relatively slender. As usual, he was dressed far more maturely than his classmates. The crisp white collar of his shirt contrasted pleasingly with the smooth brown skin of his face. Over one shoulder was a leather satchel. A manbag, I guess they call them these days, thought Fiona. Polished brogues completed the look. All in all, he looked more like a young professional than a high school student. For some reason he seemed slightly nervous though.

“Come in,” laughed Fiona, “I’m not going to bite! Have a seat.”

Marcus laughed and some of the tension left him. He sat down opposite her and she leaned forward across her desk.

“So,” she said brightly, “I bet you have a plan for your career.”

“Yep.” Although his body language was now relaxed, his eyes darted nervously off to one side.

“What are you thinking then? Law? Medicine?”

Marcus coughed. “Actually, I want to work for Blacked.”

“Hmm, I don’t think I know them. Are they a social action organisation? I can recommend some really excellent public policy programmes for you.”

“Oh, no, it’s nothing like that. The full name is, um,”

“Oh, right. Sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed anything just because of the name. So it is an IT company? I don’t know them, I’m afraid, but that would make an excellent career. Of course, the goldrush days of the industry are behind them but you can still make a very good living and there is so much flexibility. Were you thinking of taking a computer science degree or following a more entrepreneurial path?”

“It’s actually more of an entertainment company.”

“Huh.” Fiona frowned slightly. “Okay, well, there’s nothing wrong with that, although I should caution you that it can be a very insecure business. Fun for a young man but what about when you get to my age?”

“You’re not old, he laughed.

Fiona smiled. “All I meant is would you still be happy working your socks off trying to catch a break after a decade? When you had family responsibilities? But I can’t really advise you unless I know more about them, can I? Let me just just bring it up here,” she said, turning to her computer.

“No, that’s fine, really, Mrs Hendrickson,” Marcus said quickly. “I thought you deserved an honest answer but really I’m all set.”

“Don’t be silly, I’m here to help. I’m sure you’ve researched them thoroughly but a fresh perspective never hurt, right?” Fiona typed the company into the search bar of her browser and pressed enter. “That’s odd; it’s blocked. Damn firewall is seriously over-sensitive! Pardon my language,” she added with a conspiratorial wink. “Let me just bring it up on my phone.”

“No, no, don’t worry about it,” put in Marcus urgently as she pulled out her iPhone.

“Marcus, relax, it’s what I’m here for.”

Fiona tapped away at the screen of her phone for a bit until the site loaded up.

“Oh my,” she said.

A lean but muscular black man, totally naked, was penetrating an equally naked brunette from behind, his hands gripping her waist tightly,

Fiona scrolled down.

Another brunette gazed out of the screen, pale blue eyes, pale pink lips. Dangling in front of her face was a hugely erect black penis, the head bobbing by her chin.

Fiona scrolled down.

Yet another brunette, her long hair pouring over her shoulders. She was looking over her shoulder at the camera as she rode a black man cowgirl style. His thick penis was stretching her labia wide and his strong hands pulled her buttocks apart, exposing her tight little anus.

Fiona scrolled down.

A blonde this time, incredibly petite and voluptuous and waxed within an inch of her life. Another well hung black man, at least a foot Anadolu Yakası Yabancı Escort taller than her, stood by her side, leading her towards some carnal situation.

Fiona scrolled down.

Another brunette – Jewish? Or maybe Middle Eastern? – lay on her stomach gripping an immense black penis. She held it with both hands but the base and the head were completely uncovered. She wore a classy lace top but was bottomless, her cute little butt pointing upwards.

Cute little butt? Where the hell did that come from? Fiona scrolled down.

Another blonde, kinda trash looking but fully clothed. Well, if bra, panties and garter belt counted as fully clothed. Her back was arched, thrusting out her tits, the look in her eyes the unmistakable gleam of a woman about to get fucked. On either side of her stood a big black man with a big black dick hanging between his thighs. Not yet hard, they were still bigger than any penis Fiona had seen in real life.

Fiona stopped scrolling. She felt heat flooding her body. Shock, embarrassment, anger and, underneath it all, an unmistakable hint of arousal. But mostly anger.

“What the hell is the meaning of this?” she shouted. Then she glanced guiltily at the door of her office; a guidance counsellor should never raise her voice.

“Sorry, Mrs Hendrickson, I told you not to look.” Marcus had actually raised his hands up in front of him as a shield. “I didn’t want you to see that but I wanted to be honest with you.”

Fiona’s eyes flicked down to her phone of their own accord. She was thirty next month and had had sex with precisely one man. Even when she’d split up with Tony, she’d never found the time to date what with childcare and work. Whereas this blonde girl couldn’t be more than twenty and was having sex with two men. Two very large men. At once. On camera. How many men had the little slut slept with? A dozen? At least. And ‘slept’ probably wasn’t the right word.

“So you want to be a porn star,” she said flatly, raising her eyes from the screen.

“That sounds so Nineties!” Marcus protested. “I want to be an adult entertainer.”

“Listen, what is going on here, mister?” It made her sound about sixty but sometimes sounding sixty was helpful in a school setting. “Is this a joke? Or just a silly fantasy? It’s such a waste of your natural talents!”

“Actually, I think it is a pretty good use of my natural talents,” Marcus said quietly.

Fiona wasn’t really been paying attention to his response, her mental cogs were too busy whirring. “So you seriously think this is a meaningful career?”

“It’s not a career, it’s capital!” Marcus laughed and some of the tension left the room. “What are my choices? I go to college and pick up a buttload of debt. Or I go into an industry and start as an intern and work myself to death for nothing. Or I launch a start-up and pick up a buttload of debt and work myself to death for nothing. Or… I work a couple of hours a week as an adult entertainer. I enjoy myself whilst I’m young. I save my money. Maybe I get my CPA at the same time. By the time I’m 25, I’ve got my own production company. I can diversify. Invest in real estate, maybe.”

Marcus paused and rubbed the back of his head ruefully. “I guess that’s where I should have started, right? I know I just ploughed straight in but I was so nervous and you started bombarding me with all those questions. I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, I’m just wanted to be honest, Mrs Hendrickson. I really respect you, oh god, that’s so cheesy, now I sound like a total dick.” As soon as he’d said this, he clapped his hand over his mouth, trying to shove the word back inside.

And that’s when Fiona knew that he was for real.

With 99% of the kids in this school it could only have been a dumb prank, an attempt to punk their ancient guidance counselor who couldn’t possible know what it was like to be young. She knew a couple of kids who could even have spun a line of bullshit as compelling as Marcus’s rationale. But Marcus was Marcus. Here was a guy who felt embarrassed about saying the word ‘dick’ summoning up the nerve to announce he wanted to make his living by having sex with women. White women, she quickly reminded herself.

“Don’t worry, Marcus, I’ve heard the word ‘dick’ before. Even seen a few,” she said archly holding up her phone.

“This isn’t going how I planned it,” he said, his head in his hands now.

“Oh? And how did you plan on telling your guidance counsellor that you wanted to be a pornstar?” Now that she knew he was on the level, she was having a little bit of fun at his expense.

Marcus sat in silence and she realised she was being cruel. It must have been hard for him to come in here. And his career plan sounded a hell of a lot more considered than most of the kids that came through her door. More considered than her’s, to be honest. Really, who was she to be judgemental? Well, if he could be mature and professional, so could she.

“Okay, I guess if I’m to give you some proper guidance I need Anadolu Yakası Yeni Escort to understand, er, your future employer in a bit more detail.” She looked back at her phone, not quite believing what she was looking at or why.


“It took guts to come in here and be open with me. And, to be honest, my response fell short of what you should have expected from me. I over-reacted.”

“Cool! I mean, that’s great. Here, Mrs Hendrickson,” said Marcus pulling his iPad out of his bag, “This will be easier. Don’t want to ruin your eyes.”

The problem with sometimes needing to act sixty was that then the kids treated you like you were sixty. Maybe Marcus was about to fetch her a blanket to keep the chill out too.

“You don’t need to worry about me going blind. In fact,” she said, a faint smile playing at her lips as she pointed at his tablet, “Maybe you are the one who might want to watch out for that.”

Marcus didn’t say anything but his silence spoke volumes. He’d clearly got her reference. But, undeterred, he loaded up the site and place his iPad flat on the desk between them.

Fiona frowned. “So I think we’ve established we can both see fine. But one of us will have to look at this upside down.” She thought for a second. “Let’s go and sit on the couch instead.”

The couch was on the other side of her office. It was there to support more intimate counselling; a box of tissues stood on the small table next to it and she’d needed to whip them out when comforting many female students. She very much doubted the school authorities had had this particular scenario in mind when they’d approved its purchase.

As she walked past the door to her office, Fiona reached out and flicked the lock closed. She did it almost without thinking.

“Okay,” she said, sitting down next to Marcus and smoothing her skirt. The couch wasn’t very big to begin with but Fiona soon realised she’d have to move closer so they could share the screen. She shuffled over until their thighs touched. Fiona was surprised to feel a hint of a blush creeping up her neck. “Why don’t you pick one of your favourites?”

“Um, sure,” he managed, clearly embarrassed. “This one’s okay, I guess.”

With a tap of his finger, the clip started playing. The girl was in a preppy skirt and blazer combo. The man in dress shirt and slacks with a pullover draped across his shoulders. It was all surprisingly classy.

“Who knew knitwear was so important in porn?” she laughed “Well, you’ve definitely got the look, Marcus.”

“You too, Mrs Henrickson,” he replied.

She did a mental inventory of what she was wearing. Yes, her professional business wear was surprisingly similar to what this little slut was wearing. No, Fiona, don’t be judgemental, she chided herself. There was no reason why these young women were sluts if the young men in the videos weren’t as well. And Marcus wanted to be one of those young men so she should keep an open mind. Still, it was hard not to be slightly resentful of this adolescent with her smooth skin, glossy hair and expensive clothes. Fiona stretched a hand up to play with her own brown curls which no longer seemed as springy and vibrant as they once had.

“I guess you’re right. I’m a bit old though.”

“I dunno. I think, in the adult entertainment business you’re a teen up to 25 and then you’re a MILF.”

“I’m definitely a MILF then,” she said, chuckling.

“Damn straight, Mrs Hendrickson!”

Wait, was he flirting with her? An awkward silence descended which Fiona rushed straight into.

“So, erm, you’re black. I guess that’s important, right?” Oh God, she sounded so stupid! She plunged on: “And all the girls are all white.”

“That’s kind of their thing?”

“And is that your thing?” Fiona asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Um, I guess I can appreciate the aesthetic,” replied Marcus, not entirely convincingly. “It’s, er, it’s a popular pairing.”

Fiona raised an eyebrow. “And is it a popular aesthetic pairing for you?”

“It, well, from a commercial point of view, I guess that, um…” He trailed off, his face slightly desperate as he looked at her.

She held eye contact.

“Now, Marcus, I thought you were going to be honest with me. I need to know if this is the right career path for you. After all, there must be dozens of pornographic websites. Sorry, I mean adult entertainment websites. Is this definitely the right one for you?”

Marcus swallowed.

“Okay, okay, I like white girls.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” Fiona said reassuringly, “Lots of people have a type.”

“Do you?”

Oh boy, this had got personal quickly! But that was part of the job; empathising, forming a bond through shared experience, creating a safe space for adult discussion. Then again, this wasn’t exactly a standard guidance session.

Fiona absently mindedly rubbed the empty space on her finger where her wedding ring used to sit. “No, not really. Anyone as long as they are cute,” she finished brightly. Wait, Anadolu Yakası Masaj Salonu did that make her sound like slut? Or worse, did it sound like a come on? Oh god.

Another awkward silence formed. Of course, the next issue Fiona had to address was even more awkward and was now unavoidable. The video had been playing away half forgotten on their laps but she glanced down to see the tiny brunette gamely trying to swallow the biggest penis she’d ever seen in her life.

She felt heat rising on her cheeks and realised she had no choice but to just dive straight in.

“Okay, Marcus, there’s no way of sugar coating this. I’m kinda embarrassed to point this out but all the men on this website have very large penises. They must be one in a hundred.”

“Actually, studies suggest that only one man in a thousand has a penis nine inches or larger.”

Nine inches! How big had Tony been? She remembered he’d once said his was six and a half inches. She also remembered she’d looked at a ruler not long after that and thought that Tony might have been overly generous.

“But don’t worry about that. I’m not naive, Mrs Hendrickson,” Marcus continued as her brain struggled to catch-up, “I’ve done my research. I wouldn’t be thinking about this career unless I was qualified.”

Marcus was looking at her directly now, the increasingly explicit video on the iPad ignored by them both. Fiona felt like her mind was fog.

“Qualified as in…”

“Qualified as in my penis measures 9.2 inches long when it is erect. And 7.9 inches around.”

“That’s, er, very impressive. Er, I mean accurate. I mean…” she stammered. “I mean that sounds like you are definitely well qualified.” Her eyes made their way over to her desk where they focussed on the 12 inch ruler sticking up out of her pen pot.

“That’s what Blacked thought, they’ve invite me for interview.”

Great,” she said vaguely, still thinking about her eighteen year old student’s enormous penis and latching desperately onto any more normal point of reference, “That’s definitely something I can help you with.”

“Um, when I said interview, it’s more like a screen test.”

“Oh. Oh.”

They broke eye contact but that meant they were both back to looking at the iPad. It was a close up of the teen’s vagina being split apart, delicate pink lips stretched cruelly by the huge log of dark flesh spearing into her core. The camera pulled back to show the actress’s face, teeth bared and neck tendons rigid, as more and more of the immense battering ram breached her. Fiona felt a sympathetic twinge in her own crotch.

“I could actually do with some interview practice.”


“Yeah. Well, more than nervous, kind of terrified.”

“Yes, I imagine the idea of sex in front of someone else must be pretty scary. But I guess you could try and tune them out and concentrate on the girl.”

“That doesn’t make it any less scary!”

“Don’t be silly! Just do what you usually do.”

“That’s the thing, I don’t usually do anything. I’m a virgin.”

“Wow, a handsome guy like you,” Fiona said without thinking.

“You think I’m handsome?”

“Sorry, that was unprofessional, you’re a student,” said Fiona quickly. “I’m just surprised. From the stories I hear in this room, Stone High sometimes seems like a cathouse. Certainly a lot racier than when I was at school. And objectively, yes, you are handsome. A bit of a catch, in fact.” There she went again, sounding like she was sixty. “Anyway, I’d have thought some hot little thing would have set her sights on you.”

“I wish.”

Poor Marcus seemed so exposed at that moment, so vulnerable, that it triggered something deep inside Fiona, as a counselor and as woman. This man – this boy, really – needed her. If Fiona didn’t love her job then at least she could always say she’d done it to the best of her ability and helped her students as much as she possibly could. And Marcus deserved her help. More than any student she’d ever had, he had the potential to do great things.

“Well, you know, Marcus, interview practice is part of my job and it wouldn’t be very professional of me to let you walk out of here unprepared.”

“But Mrs Henrickson, I just said, it’s not that sort of interview,” Marcus said, sounding confused.

“Yes, Marcus,” she said, looking him dead in the eye. “I kind of got that, what with watching porn with you and you telling me about your nine inch cock.”

“Jeez, Mrs Henrickson!”

“Oh, sorry, Marcus,” Fiona said, putting her hand on his thigh. “I missed off that fraction of an inch, didn’t I? 9.2, I think you said, and – no sorry, I’ve forgotten how fat around it it was. But big, right? And you are going to go over to some place in LA for an interview-” she made quote marks “-with an adult entertainment company-” quote marks again “- called Blacked where you are going to slide that big, fat dick into the mouth of tiny little white girl with great big tits and a cute face and a sexy body. And that girl – that sexy little blonde girl – has sucked a lot of dicks, knows exactly what to do to make an adult entertainer-” her hands stayed down now, just rubbing his leg, she was too into it all to make sarcastic quote marks “-ejaculate all over her cute white face. And your dick, well, your dick isn’t really prepared for that. Now, can I in good conscience let you walk into a situation like that?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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