Guitarbeque Ch. 03

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Note: If you haven’t already, read Guitarbeque Ch. 01 & 02, which are prequels to this story.

Guitarbeque is an event that is constantly evolving. The location changes, the performers change and the back-up band changes as well. Likewise, the women I’d become involved with through Guitarbeque also changed. Nikki had gone off to college, so I only saw her occasionally, and Patty and I spent less time together once Patrick stopped taking guitar lessons from Paul. With both of them, the passion had burned hot but the flame hadn’t lasted. I had enjoyed it while it did in both cases, and still enjoyed the occasional revisits, which were always highly satisfying. While I never sat in the audience at Guitarbeque wondering who might be interested in a bit of mutual pleasure, occasionally another opportunity would present itself. On this occasion, it was Sara.

Sara had been taking lessons from Paul with her dad for longer than I had. I remember when I started taking lessons, Paul had told me about her when she’d started taking lessons as a kid, coming in with skull knobs on her guitar and talking about the different metal bands she was into. When I finally saw her at my first Guitarbeque, she was a teen and didn’t project the image of a metalhead. As the years went on, she sang on a few of my songs at some Guitarbeques and, although we became acquainted, I wouldn’t say we became more than that.

During this particular Guitarbeque, Sara was singing for me and Paul once again shared the story of her skulls and metal idols even though she was wearing a blouse that actually had a pattern of candy all over it. She did point out, though, that I was wearing shoes with skulls on them, though I hadn’t put them on for her benefit or for Paul’s. I was surprised when, after she’d finished her song and the other songs she was singing, she came and sat with me in the audience. I liked to stick around after I’d played, not only to support the other students, but also to see how well they were all doing and how much better they were becoming thanks to Paul’s skill as a teacher.

I thanked her again for singing my song and we ended up chatting between songs. She told me that she’d had her dad take her guitar so that she could hang out then take the light rail home. I was doing pretty much the same. During one of the breaks between performances, we were talking about the venue, which was a new one, and what we liked about it over some of the other places we’d performed. I mentioned that I also happened to work nearby.

“Are you in a high rise?” she asked.

“Not one of the tallest ones downtown,” I replied, “but we’re up on the 25th floor.”

“The view must be amazing from up there,” she said.

“It is, actually,” I replied, “Would you be interested in seeing it?”

“Seriously?” she asked, “I would love that.”

I hadn’t made the offer with any nefarious intentions, even though Sara is a super cute Asian-American who was beyond the age of consent at this point. When things at Guitarbeque wound down, we headed out the door together and walked the few blocks to the building where I worked. I had my access card so we were soon on the 25th floor, where I led her to the windows with the best view.

“Wow, this is incredible,” she said, “I can’t believe you get to see this view every day.”

“It’s definitely cool,” I replied, “and I’m sure there are times that I take it for granted but there are also times I’m definitely in awe.”

“This may be a really weird question,” she said, “but does it ever make you feel kind of aroused?”

“Are you getting aroused from looking out the window?” I asked, not mocking her but genuinely surprised by the question, especially since it had never happened to me.

“I don’t know,” she replied, “I definitely feel something, like I’m getting totally amped up and kind of feeling butterflies, but not in my stomach if you know what I mean.”

The office was entirely empty at that time on a Sunday so I figured maybe I’d just see what I could do for her. I stepped up behind her and escort bayan cupped her perky breasts, feeling her hard nipples through her blouse and bra. She moaned and leaned back against me but most definitely did not appear to be put off by what I was doing. If anything, it seemed more like this was exactly what she needed. Well, maybe not exactly what she needed, but we eventually did get to that. She wore her hair short so, while I was fondling her tits, I started to kiss her neck and lightly lick her ear. This got her kind of grinding her ass back against me which was causing my cock to stiffen. I figured, if she was that worked up, fondling her tits was probably not going to do more than get her even more worked up. I dropped my hands down and started to open her jeans.

She still didn’t offer any resistance or objections so, once I had her jeans open, I slipped a hand inside and caressed her pussy through her panties. This caused some more moaning so I slipped my hand down into her panties, my fingertips passing through her bush then encountering her dripping slit. I couldn’t believe how wet her pussy was and, after sliding my finger up and down her slit a couple of times, I focused my stimulation on her clit. She was moaning softly and continuously while still grinding her ass against me. I don’t know if she could feel my stiff cock but it wasn’t long before she reached back between us and started to caress it through my jeans. I wanted to fuck her but I didn’t think that this was the right place for it so I figured I could get her off then we could decide where to continue.

Despite how hard my cock obviously was, she didn’t suggest that we stop so that we could get to fucking so I continued with my efforts to make her cum first. I could tell by her breathing rate and the soft moaning that she was building toward an orgasm and I wasn’t trying to draw out the pleasure. Even though the office was currently empty, there was still the off chance that somebody might show up. I was already thinking about the perfect spot to pick this up again once she’d cum that would be more private. She started tensing up as she was right on the verge of cumming, though she continued to massage my stiff cock. She went momentarily silent then let out a cry as the tension abruptly left her body and she started shaking. I continued to gently caress her clit as she was cumming and, whether that helped or not, her orgasm appeared to be highly pleasurable. Just as she was coming down, we heard a distant “ding!”

“What was that?” she asked, a little groggily.

“The elevator,” I replied as I slipped my hand out of her panties, “someone may be here. Let’s go this way.”

As I was licking her flavor off of my finger, I led her to a small conference room nearby that, not only still had a really nice view, it also had a lock on the door. Once inside, I quietly closed and locked the door behind us. When I turned toward her, she immediately wrapped her arms around my neck and brought her lips to mine. We were quickly making out as I reached around to caress her ass then I started to slide her jeans down so I could caress her ass through just her panties. I pulled her against my throbbing cock as we continued to make out but I was ready to progress things further. I broke off our kiss and hunkered down so that I could slide her jeans down and help her to step out of them. Again, she was with me and didn’t appear to have any objections to continuing.

“I wonder if there’s some kind of condition where heights make you horny,” she pondered.

“So you’re still horny,” I asked, “even with the smaller window?”

She turned to look out of it and let out a moan. It was a tall but narrow window so she braced her hands on the wall on each side of it. With her back now to me, I was still hunkered down and looking at her ass clad in just her panties. She was also still wearing the blouse with the candy pattern and her bra. I considered just removing her panties and fucking her but figured we’d both be done shortly after that given how wet her pussy tuzla genç escort was. I decided instead to lap up those juices while getting her off again. Moving over closer to her but remaining hunkered down, I slid her panties down, exposing her sweet ass. Once she’d stepped out of them, I set them aside then had her part her legs. After briefly caressing her bare ass, I turned and positioned myself under her so that I was facing her pussy, taking a moment to admire her well-groomed, jet-black bush.

I brought my face closer to her pussy and ran my tongue along her slit, which caused her to moan. Her pussy was still flooded with pungent juices so I was lapping them up as I brought my hands up to hold her bare ass. She was subtly rocking her hips toward my face but, when I glanced up, she was still staring out the window, though her mouth was open as the soft moaning continued. My cock was achingly hard but I wasn’t necessarily anxious to get to fucking her because I was really savoring the opportunity to be eating her pussy, which I’d never have thought was even a remote possibility as recently as an hour or so prior to this. I brought one hand down from her ass and slipped a finger into her snug, slippery pussy as I focused my tongue on her clit. Her breathing rate seemed to pick up though she managed to keep her moaning at a reasonable volume.

Since I was relishing this opportunity to eat her pussy, I was doing what I could to draw out the pleasure she was feeling while I indulged myself. I wasn’t trying to hold off her orgasm and not let her cum but was slowly building her toward what I hoped would be an even more intensely pleasurable orgasm than the first one. I could tell as her breathing rate continued to increase, her moaning got louder and longer and the subtle rocking of her hips became less subtle that she was getting close to cumming again so my focus gradually shifted to getting her to that next orgasm. I could feel her hot, wet pussy becoming even hotter and wetter and was getting even more eager to slip my throbbing cock into her but I was still enjoying the opportunity to eat her pussy so I still wasn’t trying to rush things.

Right before she started cumming, she tensed up and went briefly silent then gasped as her body started shaking. I continued to lick and suck her clit while sliding my finger in and out of her still snug but now even more slippery pussy. Her orgasm was clearly long and apparently highly pleasurable, both of which had been my goals. When she finally appeared to have finished cumming, she remained where she was, staring out the window as she was recovering. I figured it was about time for me to experience some pleasure so I slipped my finger out of her and moved out from under her, standing then reaching around to unbutton her blouse. She allowed me to remove that then her bra so that she was completely naked. My cock was nearly bursting from my jeans by that point so I opened my jeans and pushed them and my underwear down far enough to free it. Gripping the base, I guided it to her pussy from behind then easily slipped into her despite how snug she was due to all of the natural lubrication. We both moaned as I pushed my full length into her while holding her hips.

As I slowly started to fuck her, the pleasure was incredibly intense and I was hoping to be able to enjoy it at least for a little while. As such, I maintained a slow, steady pace but was giving her the full length of my cock each time I slipped it into her. Once I had a good rhythm going, I slid my hands up from her hips to fondle her tits. I was looking beyond her at the view that was affecting her so but it wasn’t really doing anything special for me; feeling her tits in my hands and her pussy gripping my cock was definitely much more of a turn-on. As we continued fucking, she was gradually pushing back harder as she picked up the pace. I was doing pretty good as far as hanging in there to enjoy the incredibly pleasurable experience of fucking her despite how incredible it did feel. I could definitely feel the stirring of tuzla kendi evi olan escort an orgasm and, while I’d managed to last long enough that I wasn’t going to feel like I came to quickly, I obviously would have much preferred to fuck her for a good deal longer.

Because she’d already cum twice, I was feeling comfortable with the fact that I expected to blow my load before I could get her to another orgasm. As such, I wasn’t thinking about baseball or anything like that to hold out longer, instead just going with the rhythm and enjoying the building levels of pleasure. I could feel my orgasm drawing closer but, before I quite got there, Sara let out a cry and started shaking. She stopped pushing backwards as she was cumming so I just stood there with my cock embedded inside her, still fondling her titties. Needless to say, I was pretty surprised by her cumming again but, for her to cum three times, I was feeling like this might not end up being just a one-time thing. This orgasm appeared to be as long and intensely pleasurable as the previous two so I was happy to have been able to make her cum three times by three different methods.

When she had apparently finished cumming, she straightened up while moving slightly forward so that my cock slipped out of her. She turned to face me, looking flushed and a little dazed, and it took a moment before she could speak.

“Do you think it’d be possible,” she asked, “to position ourselves so that I could suck your cock and look out the window at the same time?”

My first thought was that I could stand sideways to the window while she knelt but I wasn’t sure how much she’d be able to see past me even like that. Fortunately, since we were in a small conference room, there was a small table available. I moved it over by the window and lay down so that she could lean over me and suck my cock while looking past me and out the window. She worked my jeans and underwear down a little farther but didn’t removed them completely then gently gripped my cock and briefly pumped it. When she lowered her head and engulfed it in her mouth, I couldn’t help but moan because it felt so good. My orgasm was immediately building up again as she slid her lips up and down my cock while gently pumping the base. She was staring out the window but somehow seemed focused on pleasuring me at the same time. I briefly glanced out the window myself but found it much more arousing to watch my cock disappearing repeatedly into her mouth. Since she was perpendicular to me, facing the window, I could also look to the side and see her naked body. I couldn’t see her pussy or bush but I could see the curve of her ass and her tits in profile.

It didn’t take very long with her skilled cocksucking before I was on the verge of cumming. My cock became even harder and thicker as my orgasm was imminent but she was completely unfazed, even as I started to spew with a soft moan. She swallowed my load while continuing to suck me off, stopping only when I was completely spent. As she let my cock fall from her mouth and straightened up, it was as though she came out of a daze.

“That was fun,” she said with a smile as I was sitting up.

“That may be the understatement of the year,” I replied, “That was amazing.”

“Okay, you’re right,” she agreed, “Is your office usually pretty empty on the weekends?”

“Typically, yeah,” I said, “but I bet I could find someplace with a window and a lock on the door that we could use during the week, too, if you’re interested.”

“I’m absolutely interested,” she said, her eyes going wide, “as long as it doesn’t end up getting you in any kind of trouble.”

“It’d be worth it,” I replied, “but I’ll do some recon this week and keep you informed.”

I was confident that there were unused areas of our office space that I could easily sneak her into and there was no way I wasn’t going to take advantage of the effect of heights on her as long as she was totally into it, too. I figured if we kept her visits random rather than heading up there every weekend, there was less chance of getting caught. I also had her dress conservatively so that, if we encountered anyone, I could say that she was a student I was mentoring or a potential hire. Plus, fucking her after stripping off her conservative attire only heightened the level of pleasure.

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