Gwen’s Release

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Gwen climbed the lush carpeted stairs to her bedroom with a smile spread across her lips. She was dizzy from her most recent encounter with a man she knew only from a distance, a man whose voice echoed in her mind when she closed her eyes at night. She knew he would never be hers but still she yearned for him in the dark. When she was alone in bed, her mind raced with thoughts of him. When she imagined their meetings, the mere way he spoke to her would drive her beyond rationalization, into the realms of primitive sexual desire. Because she knew she could never really have him, she relented to having him in her fantasies.

She reached the top of the landing and opened her bedroom door, her private sanctuary, where she could spend hours in a fantasy with her imaginary lover. There on her bed she pictured him waiting for her, dressed in tight jeans with his shirt and shoes off, his sculpted chest taunting her to touch. She couldn’t wait to oblige.

She slipped off her shoes and lay upon her bed on her back. Closing her eyes she heard him call her name, in that sexy English accent of his, and she began to stroke her nipples through her thin satin shirt, coaxing them erect in her nimble fingers. She slid her free hand Başakşehir escort bayan down her flat stomach imagining his hands touching her, caressing her down to her moist mound. Under the waist of her slacks her hand swept, pressing against her aching clitoris, over top of the red lace panties she secretly bought for him.

A deep throated moan escaped her lips and she parted her legs further. She began to unbutton her pants as she thought of him standing at the foot of her bed tugging at her pants, removing her panties, looking at her naked body with lust in his piercing eyes. She saw him grin at her and ease his mouth toward her delicate crevice.

Laying there fully nude on her bed she pinched and twisted her nipples enjoying the feel of her firm, full, breasts in her hands. Her mind imagined Mr. English reaching up from between her legs to caress her bosom.

In imitation of her lover, imagining his tongue, she licked her fingers and she parted her full, bare, pussy lips and began to glide her expert fingers across her slit, letting them graze her clit ever so slightly, teasing herself into full sexual excitement. She dipped her finger inside her entrance, feeling her Escort Bayrampaşa juice begin to trickle down to her ass.

With one finger fucking her slick hole she brought her other down from her nipple to stroke her swollen engorged clit. Pressing one finger on either side of her nub, she started to move her hand in slow circles. Her breathing caught, she let out another cry and forced herself to stop.

Reaching into her night stand she removed her 8 inch, flesh colored, vibrating, rubber dong and flicked it on with one hand. Setting it on low she let it trail down her ample breasts, moving it across each protruding nipple before making a slow teasing journey across her stomach to her pulsing clit.

Brushing it across her parted slit she moved it up and down, bringing it to her opening and dipping just the tip inside of her moist canal. Moaning with more frequency she began to thrust her hips, holding the rubber cock steadily in place with one hand while she drove her cunt to and way from it. Letting her hips and legs take care of the self fucking she was receiving.

Lost in the rage of the moment she climbed onto her knees and spread her legs. Holding her self upright Beşiktaş escort she grabbed a pillow, tuned it on its side and shoved it between her legs. She set the plastic cock on high, lay it horizontal in the edge of the deep red covered pillow, held it with one hand, and brought her pussy toward it.

Gwen began to thrust her hips along the length of the rubber cock. Feeling the ridges engraved on the surface of it rumble across her clit. She arched her back thrusting out her hard pink nipples. Using her hand to guide them into her mouth she sucked and bit first one, then the other. With a violent turn of her hand she thrust the toy cock deep inside her hungry wet pussy, taking the full length with ease she started to fuck herself, using her hand to drive the hard vibrating cock faster and faster in her slippery hole. She moaned repeatedly as she came closer and closer to climax. Her free hand moved to her clit and began to rub and stroke it in quick, sharp circles. The first tremor of her orgasm rocked through her jolting her already soaking wet pussy, gushing her juices down her legs and into the pillow beneath her. With each wave of climax Gwen moaned and thrust her hips harder till the spasms began to fade and Gwen was brought back to reality once again.!

She lay there, a warm calm feeling enveloping her entire body. A feeling of total contentment, slowly replacing the passionate throws of orgasm. Mr. English was once again returned to Gwen’s imagination where he would remain till summoned again and she was left alone to sleep

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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