Gymnastics Class Pt. 02

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It was a month later. I’d seen her a few more times, but there’s always been other parents around, and she never did more than smile politely. Still looked sexy as hell with her Midwestern casual mom look, and of course, I knew how amazing that body was underneath the sweats.

But this time, we were once again the only parents around. The others had dropped their kids off and gone to do errands, and once the kids went into their class, there we were, alone again.

“Did you return the thing you borrowed from me,” she asked casually. I hadn’t – you don’t exactly carry a bra around with you, especially if you don’t want your spouse to ask questions. I had it locked in the small safe in my office.

“I’m afraid I didn’t,” I said. “I wasn’t sure when I’d have the chance to return it to you.”

“That’s too bad. Those things are pretty expensive. But,” she said, moving closer and standing behind me, breathing practically into my ear, “I think I know a way you can make it up to me. Count to a hundred and then follow me.”

She walked into the same bathroom we’d used last time, and I realized I was rock hard as I counted to myself, görükle escort thankful that no other parents showed up.

When I opened the door, she’d removed the sweats, and I was stunned at what I saw. She had on what appeared to be a pvc bra that barely restrained her fantastic breasts, along with a similar pair of panties. The panties had garters built in, attached to stockings of the same material, and there was a zipper that was closed, but would clearly allow easy access.

“You like,” she asked, arching an eyebrow.

“God, yes,” I replied.

“Then take those off and sit,” she said, pointing first to my pants, and then to the toilet, its seat and cover down.

I was ready in a heartbeat, and as soon as I sat, she straddled me. I tried to kiss her, but she leaned to the side and pulled my head into her neck. “I don’t want to mess up my lipstick,” she said.

That was fine, and I started kissing her there. As I worked, I barely noticed that she’d taken my wrists and pulled them up, until she let go and I realized that she’d prepared some nylon and had me tied to a hook above the toilet. She then görükle escort bayan took my tie, undid it, and wrapped it around my head.

Tied or not, I was rock hard as her pantied rubbed against me, and up close, I could tell they were wetlook and not PVC, but they still felt amazing.

She ground on me for a bit, then pulled back, reached down, and slowly stroked me. Even if I couldn’t see it, I could visualize her hand, with its perfectly manicured pink nails, working at me, expert as before. She pulled away long before I could come.

“I didn’t want a repeat of last time,” she said. “You want me to get to come first, right?”

“Of course,” I gasped. Admittedly, I’d have agreed to anything at that point.

“Good,” she said, stepping onto the toilet, her stockinged feet pressed against my thighs as she pulled herself into a standing position, her crotch inches from my face. She grabbed onto a pipe at the ceiling for support, then I heard the sound of her panties being unzipped, and the smell of her arousal hit me.

“You know what to do,” she said, leaning forward so her pussy was right at my bursa escort mouth. Indeed I did, and I got to work licking. I definitely preferred not licking up my cum this time, and enjoyed her taste as I worked at her.

She kept my mouth busy for much longer than last time, and I swear, she must have had me eat her to four or five orgasms this time, although since she was keeping things quiet, I couldn’t be sure.

When she was satisfied, she stepped down, and before I even realized it, she’d lowered herself onto me. My cock was rock hard, but instead of riding me, she just sat, her weight preventing me from all but the mildest thrusting. She sat there like that for at least a minute, just rocking slightly, before slowly lifting herself off me, taking almost ten seconds to glide up my shaft.

I was so on the edge, my cock rigid and waiting, but she wasn’t giving it or any other part of me attention. I heard the rustling of clothes, then her voice again.

“Now, would you like to come?”

“God, yes,” I said.

She pulled away the blindfold, revealing that she’d put on her sweats again.

“Well, then next time, remember my bra, and maybe I’ll let you.”

She released my wrists, then turned and walked out the door, leaving me sitting there, naked and hard. Even as I scrambled to get dressed, I knew she’d be gone by the time I was out, and I also knew I wasn’t going to forget that bra.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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