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It’s a warm morning in early May about 3 weeks before my 29th birthday. The love of my life Alexa Lawton is sitting opposite me at the round black metallic-lattice table. Smoke from her cigarette is drifting in the air.

Its third floor balcony overlooks the waterfront that is the Potomac River, Alexandria Va. My lawyer girlfriend has been living in the unit for 4 years. I’ve been a resident here for two years. She didn’t have to ask me twice to move here.

A mild breeze is blowing from the east forcing us to weigh down our napkins.

Alexa is 5′ 6″ tall, 30 and very attractive. She has long auburn hair, green eyes, an upturned nose and thin lips.

I had never smoked a cigarette in my life, nor had I ever hounded my girlfriend to quit, although I used to wish she would quit. On a deep level I became curious about the habit. How does a cigarette taste? Is it really addictive? How do I look holding one between my fingers or taking a drag off one? I don’t mind the smell in the air or on her clothes.

The funny thing is that she had been an athlete during her college days. In my mind smoking and playing a sport do not go together.

I peeked at the two-tone TimeX expansion watch on my left hand. It registered 10 14.

“Do you have an appointment or something?”

“I’m expecting my sister Chelsea.”

“How far away does she live?”

I had talked about Chelsea on a couple of occasions. She and I hadn’t seen one another in quite a while so I was looking forward to her visit.

“She and Joann live in Richmond.”

“Are they married?”

“They got married just before I came to live with you.”

Minutes after that information my phone rang.

“Hi Chels,” I said in a cheerful voice.

“We’re right below your building.”

I replied, “I’ll be right down to mersin escort let you in.”

My sister and I are near twins, though 14 months apart in age. She’s older. We’re the same height, 5′ 3″ tall. We both have chestnut-brown hair, brown eyes, an upturned nose and a round face. Her lips are semi full while mine are thin.

I met my sister and her wife outside and we embraced before entering the building. For want of chairs on the balcony I had my guests sit in the livingroom.

“Sis you remember Alexa,” I said.

Alexa engaged my sister in a conversation. Joann and I joined the conversation.

I’m the only non smoker in the room. Chelsea had been visiting for barely 15 minutes when she drew a ciggy and flamed it with her Bic. The smoke from 3 cigarettes filled the room with a blue cloud.

I finally broke down. It was just a question of who would give me one. The only pack visible was the one next to my sister.

“Chels may I have one of those?”

“Help yourself.”

I drew a New Port from her pack on the coffee table and flamed it with her Bic. I took a deep drag and felt no effect what so ever. Roughly 5 minutes later I squashed the stub in the glass ashtray. Less than an inch of cigarette remained. My lipstick had left red on the filter.

I didn’t pick up a habit. I didn’t think about smoking, at least not for a short while.

At 3 o’clock Jo and Chels had said goodbye. Alexa and I followed them to their car sending them off with hugs.

Alexa took my hand like a girlfriend should and we strolled back toward the building entrance. At the door we kissed expressing intense feelings.

Not wanting to wait for the elevator, we bounded up the stairs to the third floor. We could not wait to be naked.

Alexa closed the bedroom door softly behind us then mersin escort bayan pulled me into a deep kiss. Her hands glided to my waist unbuttoning my jeans. Within a minute I pulled off the Mauve Jewell cascading ruffle tank top and my bra, an ivory 32 C Maidenform. Alexa cupped my boobs brushing them with her palms.

Within another minute I was out of my ankle jeans and panties. She pressed her fingers onto my clitoris. The organ soon became engorged under the hard rub.

“Feels sooooo good so gooood.” My voice was barely above a murmur.

I stretched out face up on the bed inviting my lover to kiss me. She came down to kiss my lips again then kissed her way to my boobs, her tongue brushing each nipple and its areola.

She crawled back further putting her tongue into my vulva.

She lifted her head only to replace her tongue with her fingers.

Muscles went into spasms. Juices flowed wetting the space between my labia. Breathing is quick and shallow. My legs are quivering from the muscle tension.

Alexa is very much aware of my impending orgasm and is pushing me to the brink. She knows that I have multiple orgasms and that I want multiple orgasms.

Suddenly the first of 4 leaves me exhausted and huffing.

Alexa would have 4 orgasms as well.

With still plenty of daylight remaining we went out to a beach on the bay. Some gulls glided over the water and sand, their cries piercing the air. Just a few beachgoers were walking or sitting. A mild breeze chilled the air. Fluffy white clouds partially covered the sky over Maryland.

We started a walk that would take us several yards. Along the way we observed people and scenery.

Suddenly I simply had to have a cigarette. I couldn’t mooch off Alexa although she would happily give me one. I had become hooked.

“We escort mersin need to stop at a store.”

“What for?”

“Cigarettes,” I replied.

“How long can you hold out?”

“How long can I hold out? It’s driving me up a wall.”

Alexa pulled the pack of Salem from her jeans pocket offering me one which I snatched with gratitude. She flamed it with her Bic and I took a deep drag satisfying my craving.

She lit one as well.

I scanned the shelves behind the cashier, a portly gray-haired fellow with an extra chin.

“Two packs of New Ports please, and a lighter,” I said.

Alexa purchased her Salems as I walked toward the exit. I stuffed one pack into my pocketbook and christened the other one then placed the second pack with the first one. The ciggy tastes so good. Smoke streamed from my nostrils and lips.

I will not become a chain smoker. I’ll keep my habit to just a pack a day. I rationalized purchasing two packs by telling myself that I may not have an opportunity to go to the store.

Monday morning at 8 sees me at the law office of Jacob and Weinstein, personal injury attorneys. I’ve been their legal secretary for almost 5 years.

I’m wearing a dark gray pencil skirt set with a white scoopneck. A Pelican color Calvin Klein Hailey crossbody pocketbook is slung over the back of my chair.

Sometimes this girl just likes to lose herself in her erotic daydreams. I had just come home from the office. Finding myself alone, I stripped naked in our bedroom and lay on our queensize bed. I do love masturbating. It feels so good.

Suddenly, though not unexpectedly, the bedroom door opened. I turned my head to see Alexa standing just inside the threshold.

“I can come back later.”

I asked, “why would you go away.”

“It’s been a long difficult day so I’m not in the mood. I just want to chil.”

I dressed quickly in jeans and a dark purple strappy cold-shoulder top. I took a seat in the kitchen and flamed a cigarette.

I asked, “you care to tell me about it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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