Haitian Love Stories

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“Don’t ever get old, handsome,” Marjorie Etienne said, smiling, at her passenger, Steven Arly, as she pulled into the driveway of his family house. Steven, who’d been attending the Seventh-Day Adventist Church of Brockton, Massachusetts, for most of his life, was one of those lovely young men whom Marjorie, recently widowed, knew was going to make a great husband for some lucky lady someday.

“You’re not old, madame, you’re a beautiful woman,” Steven told Marjorie, and as the stunned Haitian woman tried to process that, he flashed her a smile which must melt many a young lady’s heart. Marjorie returned Steven’s smile, and watched as he exited her car, and headed home. Nice butt on that young man, Marjorie thought, still smiling.

Marjorie had always been a sucker for a brother with a nice ass, and Steven had the nicest behind she’d seen on a man since Tyson Beckford, the famous former model. Sighing, Marjorie drove away. The West Side of Brockton was quiet and nice, and she liked it. She lived nearby, close to the Crescent Credit Union and the little Plaza near the Ocean State Job Lot.

Steven Arly headed straight to his room, which was fine since his family house was empty. His parents, Walter and Joanne Arly, proud Haitian immigrants, were visiting relatives in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, and would be gone for a week. They entrusted their son Steven, a second-year student at UMass-Boston, with taking care of the house.

After getting home, Steven took a shower, and went to his room. On his laptop, the tall, athletic and handsome young black man casually browsed the web. Bored, he started watching a porn video featuring Miss Townsend, a big-booty and rather beautiful, mature black lady who likes to get fucked by younger black men.

As Steven lay in bed, watching the video of Miss Townsend getting fucked on a desk by a well-endowed younger black man, he stroked his manhood. Closing his eyes, Steven visualized Miss Townsend’s big black ass grinding against his groin as he slammed his dick into her pussy. For some tuzla eve gelen escort reason, instead of picturing Miss Townsend the porn star, Steven began to visualize…Marjorie, the lady from church.

“What the fuck?” Steven blurted aloud, but it was too late, his hard dick had a mind of its own. The young black man came, and in his fantasy, he spewed hot manly cum all over Marjorie’s booty. Steven felt kind of guilty because, as a good Christian, he wasn’t supposed to lust after church ladies. Still, nobody knew, so what’s the harm?

Steven thought of Lauren Breyer, a young woman originally from the City of Plymouth, Massachusetts, whom he met in downtown Boston. Steven had a thing for the short, dark-haired, bronze-skinned young woman from the other side of New England. Unfortunately, Lauren kept mentioning some boyfriend whom Steven never saw her with, so that was that…

“If only Marjorie would give me the time of day,” Steven said to himself, sighing in an almost lustful manner. In church, which Steven and his friends attended regularly, he couldn’t but notice the tall, curvaceous, deliciously big-bottomed black woman who always dressed in black and seemed so damn sad. Surely a hot woman like Marjorie had someone in her life…

Marjorie Etienne, born in the environs of Jacmel, Haiti, on November 9, 1979, moved to Brockton, Massachusetts, in the summer of 1997. She studied Nursing at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, and began working at Massachusetts General Hospital. In 2000, Marjorie met her future husband, Paul Magloire, and the two of them fell in love and got hitched in 2003.

Marjorie and Paul had a good life, and then one day, he died in a tragic car accident. This happened on November 17, 2019. Marjorie’s life would never be the same. With her parents long gone and her husband dead, Marjorie found herself completely alone in the world. What reason does the poor woman have to go on?

After church that Saturday, Marjorie went home, and spent the evening watching tuzla otele gelen escort movies on Netflix, and drinking wine. She thought about her dearly departed husband Paul and the good life they once shared. Marjorie fervently hoped that her grief would go away, but she felt more lost and lonely than ever. Friends and distant relatives vanished after the funeral, and nobody bothered to check up on her anymore…

“I’m going to die an old maid,” Marjorie said to herself, as she lay on the couch. Without even thinking about it, Marjorie’s hand slipped between her thighs, and she began masturbating. As Marjorie fingered her pussy, she thought of her late husband Paul. For some reason, Paul’s image faded from Marjorie’s mind and was replaced by that of…Steven.

Smiling, Marjorie continued to finger her pussy while also rubbing her erect nipples. Closing her eyes, Marjorie thrust two fingers into her pussy, imagining herself being made love by none other than the handsome Steven Arly. He knelt before Marjorie, a handsome ebony god, ready to take her and make her his…

“Madame Marjorie, open up to me,” Steven said firmly, and Marjorie, smiling, did as she was told. Steven opened Marjorie’s thick dark thighs, and then inhaled the scent of her pussy. As Marjorie held her breath, Steven began eating her pussy. Sighing happily, Marjorie relaxed and enjoyed as Steven did his thing, eating her pussy voraciously. She hadn’t gotten some in a while…

“Do I taste good to you, handsome?” Marjorie asked Steven, who nodded and continued lapping away at her pussy. After giving Marjorie’s pussy a tongue bath, Steven began his approach into her. She reached for his manhood and stroked him. Without further ado, Steven pushed his hard dick into Marjorie’s pussy, and just like that, they were one.

“Hmm, give me that pussy,” Steven groaned, and he pushed Marjorie deeper onto the couch, raising her legs in the air as he rammed his dick into her pussy. Marjorie lay back, bucking her hips and welcoming Steven’s tuzla sınırsız escort hard dick inside of her. She’d really missed the feeling of a hard dick in her pussy, and Steven was helping her make up for lost time…

“Oh shit,” Marjorie cried out, and her voluptuous body, glistening with sweat, shuddered violently as she came. With her fingers jammed in her wet pussy, she’d triggered herself and reached the magic moment. Marjorie looked around, confused for a moment, unsure of where she was. I am such a slut, in my fantasies, Marjorie thought, smiling wickedly.

Lying in bed, after a night spent watching movies, Steven decided to check out what his buddies were up to on Facebook. Out of curiosity, Steven checked out the page of the Haitian Adventist Church of Brockton, Massachusetts. Looking at recently posted pictures of the women’s luncheon, Steven saw…her. Marjorie Etienne, looking gorgeous in a stylish dark gray pantsuit.

“Hey mamas,” Steven said to himself, smiling. Impulsively, he sent a friend request to Marjorie Etienne, after checking out her profile. Steven went to sleep shortly after. When he woke up the following Sunday morning, Steven saw that Marjorie had accepted his friend request. Grinning, he sent her a greeting.

“What do you know?” Marjorie said to herself, smiling, as she read the message from Steven. She’d been pleasantly surprised to receive a Facebook message from him. Truth be told, Marjorie hadn’t been on Facebook in quite some time. Steven thanked Marjorie for giving him a ride after church, and hoped to make it up to her.

“Let’s grab coffee at the Dunkin Donuts near the Bat Center,” Steven suggested, and then, with his heart pounding in his chest, the young man waited. Of course Marjorie isn’t going to say yes, she’s beautiful and experienced and I’m nobody, Steven thought. He couldn’t take it anymore and felt like logging off the computer and leaving…

“Sounds good to me, Steven, here’s my number,” Marjorie typed, and she sent him her digits, plus a smiley face. Steven grinned, screaming victoriously before punching Marjorie’s number into his phone. He was about to make breakfast but hunger was the furthest thing from his mind at the moment. After a brief hesitation, Steven sent Marjorie a text, confirming their, ahem, date. With a smile on his face, Steven went to take a shower…

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