Handmaid Hanna

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All characters are eighteen or more and all rights reserved to the author.


At least that’s the name we gave her in high school, but not until very late in our senior year and only among a few of us.

Prior to March of my senior year, I doubt very many people in our large class even knew Hanna Hancock. I did, as I shared a few AP classes with her and even was assigned her as a lab partner once. To me, Hanna was nice, smart, and an otherwise normal nerd like many of us. I wouldn’t have considered her a friend, but I at least knew her by name.

Hanna was a plain looking girl, not overly well dressed or beautifully groomed. She had, as long as I’d known her, just focused on school work and cared little for her appearance. She wasn’t badly dressed for the early seventies; like most of us, she wore bellbottom jeans and tee shirts. She just didn’t spend money or go out of her way to keep up with fashion the way many of the other girls did.

Hanna was also no beauty. Her nose was a little big for her face. She was tall, at five nine, but very thin. She had few curves to her body and nearly no tits. The acne that had bothered her in our sophomore and junior years was gone now, fortunately leaving no noticeable damage. She wore her long brown hair either straight down to the middle of her back or tied into a ponytail. Hanna never appeared to have any makeup on.

So I was more than a little surprised when one of my good friends pulled me aside one day to discuss Hanna. We were standing at our lockers before the last class of the day. I always grabbed the books I would need for homework at this time so I could exit the school without needing to come back to my locker. My advanced Trig class was about as far away from my locker as you could get in our huge high school, and if I could leave school right from Trig I was that much closer to the parking lot for my car.

“You won’t believe what I did at lunch today,” Chad beamed.

“What? Ate four pieces of pizza?” I quipped, a little annoyed at the stupidity of his question.

“Not hardly! This is going to blow your mind!”

“Seriously…I doubt it.”

“One of the girls in our class gave me and a bunch of other senior guys handjobs for a dollar each out underneath the visitor side of the bleachers.”

“What?” I asked, both shocked and intrigued.

Chad was no great physical specimen, and I was sure he was still a virgin, like me. He was a bit chubby and not the handsomest dude. I thought I was better looking than Chad, and the good looking girls in our class wouldn’t have looked twice at me. Not that I was ugly or anything, but I just wasn’t an outgoing person. I’d never been too athletic; at six three I was gawky and thin and never managed to excel at sports.

“Yeah. You’re not going to believe this.”

“I already don’t,” I said.

“You know Will, right?”


“Well, after Spanish today he told me to skip lunch and follow him.”

“You skipped lunch? This must be good.”

“Funny, jerk. Listen, or I won’t take you with me tomorrow.”

“Okay…okay…don’t get your panties in a bunch.”

“He led me out of the school and across the road to the football field. When I ask him what we were doing he said I’m going to owe him for this. I asked why and he asked me if I had a dollar bill. I said I did, and he said good. I followed him across the field and around the side of the visitor’s bleachers.”

“What the hell for?”

“Listen, Rob…you know that girl Hanna Hancock?”

“Sure…she’s in some of my AP classes.”

“Well, she’s sitting on a concrete footing of the bleachers giving guys handjobs, one after the other.”


“It’s true. We waited in a line and one by one she beat the guys off after they give her a dollar.”

“Are you shitting me?”

“I’m not! The bitch jacked me off right on the ground like everyone else.”

“No way!”

“Yeah! You want to see for yourself tomorrow?”

“You serious?”

“As a heart attack.”

“Holy fuck.”

“You got that right.”

“You pulling my leg?”

“No way, man…you’re not going to believe it. She’s great at it, too.”

“Holy shit, Hanna Hancock, really?”

“Really…I’d never have believed it either.”

“I’m finding it hard to believe now.”

“It’s true. She only does seniors and they have to be brought along by someone she’s done before so they know the rules.”

“What fuckin’ rules?”

“Only seniors, like I said. You have to give her a dollar first, and to keep it quiet you’re only allowed to bring one friend next time, and never again.”

“Good god!”

“You can be my friend tomorrow, if you want.”

“Holy shit. I don’t know.”

“You have money?”

“Yeah…I have a dollar.”

“Oh, and she does all the guys with their backs to the line of other dudes, ’cause she knows guys can be a little intimidated to be watched.”

“Geez. How long has this been going on?”

“Not sure. Will doesn’t rightly know either, Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort but he thinks for a couple weeks. There must have been twenty guys in line and she barely got Chad and me done before we had to rush back for the bell.”

“Chad, if you’re bullshitting me I’ll kick your ass.”

“No way, Rob. You’re going to have Handmaid Hanna beat your meat tomorrow. You’ll see.”

“Handmaid Hanna?”

“That’s the polite name the guys are calling her. Other guys call her things like Handjob Hanna and Hands Hanna.”

“I can’t believe Hanna is doing this. I’m going to see her in Trig class in like two minutes.”

“Yeah, I got to run to class now, too. See you outside lunch tomorrow. Get there fast so we can get a good spot in line.”


I got to Trig and Hanna was already in her normal seat. I had to walk by her to get to mine and she smiled at me. It kind of gave me the creeps and I wasn’t sure I wanted to follow through on going with Chad tomorrow. The thought on Hanna’s hands stroking all those guys’ dicks seemed gross. I sat two rows back and one row over from her. I found myself watching her more than the teacher that day. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her hands.

Third period the next day was Physics, and in that class I sat right behind Hanna. She smiled at me again as I entered the class, forcing me to say hi to her. Again, I had to concentrate on the teacher to keep up with the lesson as my eyes kept drifting to Hanna’s hands. It was like I expected to see sperm dripping on the floor.

I rushed to lunch to meet Chad, despite my churning gut and my deep reluctance. I wasn’t sure about this, but my little head seemed determined to overrule my big head in this manner. The idea of a girl actually, finally, touching my dick was too much for me not to be excited. I found Chad standing outside the lunch room talking to Will and John.

“Here he is,” Chad said when I approached. “Let’s go.”

“Hurry up,” Will added.

The four of us rushed out the back entrance of the school and across to the football field. We probably looked like a bunch of guys going to smoke pot as we rushed around the bleachers. Three guys I barely knew were already in line and Hanna was just taking a seat on the concrete footing like Chad had said. She noticed us approaching and looked right at me. She smiled as the first guy stepped up and handed her a dollar. Chad was right, we couldn’t see much with the guys back to us. Hanna got right to opening the guys fly and pulling out his cock through the slot in his briefs.

‘Oh wow, this is really happening,’ I told myself. My legs felt weak while I patiently waited my turn. Six more guys, most of whom I didn’t even know, were already behind me. Being taller than any of the others, I could easily see Hanna’s face as she concentrated on the task at hand. The first guy’s body was already trembling in a funny sort of dance. Seconds later, he groaned loudly and I saw white droplets of his sperm hitting the gravel. When he stopped moaning and shaking, he quickly zipped himself up and moved off. As the next guy moved forward, I got a better glimpse of Hanna. She had what looked like a doctor’s rubber glove on her right hand, a jar of Vaseline next to her, and she extracted some with her gloved hand.

The second guy came even quicker than the first; again I watched some of his cum hit the stones. The third guy lasted a little longer, but from the way things were going, Hanna was getting each guy off in under a minute on average. I was so fascinated by the whole thing, it wasn’t till I heard John groaning loudly that I realized she was doing him. Will came next; he lasted a little longer than John, but not much. Chad was next and now I was at the front of the line waiting. I was so nervous my mouth was dry and my palms felt sweaty.

Chad shot his load in under a minute and it was my turn. I felt like running away, but that was impossible with all these guys watching. I stepped up to Hanna quickly, as if I was in a rush. Hanna hadn’t spoken to any of the other guys. She just took their money and began undoing their pants. With me she looked up and smiled.

“Hi, Rob,” she said.

“Hi, Hanna,” I replied, but it was more of a choked effort.

“I was wondering if I’d see you out here.”

“Chad told me.”

“I noticed. Glad you could make it,” she said, taking my dollar and dropping it into a paper bag with all the others.

I was mesmerized as she proceeded to undo my fly and open my pants. I’d worn boxers since sophomore year when I started to grow a lot; Hanna noticed and smiled up at me as she easily extracted my dick through the opening. You’d think I would be sporting a raging hardon with the thought of the first girl ever to touch my dick, or for that matter even see it for at least ten years. My mother and possibly my older sister were the last women to see my dick, but that was a long time ago.

“Oh, geez,” I heard Hanna say.


“You’re the biggest soft one yet.”


“Really. Let see what we can make of this.”

I looked down as Hanna nonchalantly lubed her glove again and took my cock in her right hand. Her left hand disappeared into the slot of my boxers, only to appear seconds later with my balls in hand.

“It’s nice to find someone with boxers. Easy for me to get at these,” she said smiling up at me. “Usually all I can do is rub the guy’s balls through the cotton of his briefs.”

I was extremely nervous, but somehow my dick had other thoughts once Hanna’s hands were on me. It liked the feeling of someone other than me touching it. It only took a few strokes on Hanna’s hand on my cock to start the swelling. She ran her fingers under the head of my cock and it lengthened in mere seconds. Her left hand seemed to know just how to massage my nuts for the best effect, too.

“Oh geez,” I groaned as softly as I could.

“Like what I’m doing to your dick, Rob?”

“Yes,” I wheezed. I wanted to stop the talking, as it felt incredible and I hadn’t heard her talking to the others guys. It was making me a little nervous that she picked me to talk to.

“Wow…you have such a nice big dick. Have you measured it hard?”

I lied and said no.

“Geez, it must be at least nine inches I’d guess,” she suggested.

“Okay,” I gasped, as the effort of her hands increased.

I’d noticed some of the guys watching Hanna’s hands on them and some looking up at the bottom of the bleachers. I chose to watch. The visual effect, in conjunction with the exquisite contact of her hands, was getting to me much too rapidly. Her nails were scratching deliciously across the underside of my ball sac as her hand worked its magic on my cock. My dick felt bigger than it ever had. The head was like a giant plum, and just as purple. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer as I felt the familiar rumbling in my balls. My own administrations were never this good and I felt like I’d blast ten yards.

“Let me see you cum, Rob,” Hanna whispered.

“Oh god,” I moaned as softly as I could under the circumstances.

The thunder in my balls became a lightning bolt as I watched Hanna’s right hand blur up and down my shaft to the head and back. I could feel my legs trembling much as the other guys before me. Seconds later big jets of my cum shot out across the small stones. I watched white jets of jizz ejaculate from my flared cockhead and coat the stones as they landed. She milked my cock until nothing remained.

My legs wanted to give out. I stood, still trembling, as the last spasms of my orgasm waned in my body. The whole experience had been abolutely surreal. I felt like a weight was lifted off my cock and balls.

Hanna was already wiping her gloved hand off after letting go of my dick, which was rapidly softening against my boxers. I realized where I was and quickly stuffed my still-dripping cock and nuts back in my boxers and zipped up. I turned like the others and just hurried away. It felt like Hanna had worked on me for at least ten or twenty minutes, but I checked my watch to find it was only less than two.

Chad was waiting for me on the field. He fell into stride with me as we hurried back to school.

“Well? What do you think?” he asked.


“She a maestro, isn’t she?”

“Unbelievable,” I said, still feeling the length of my cock and its wetness in my pants.

“Who are you going to invite for tomorrow?” Chad asked.

“Gee, I don’t know. I haven’t given it any thought, but Steve comes to mind. I think he’d love it.”

“He probably would. Just be sure to explain the rules to him and to stay silent about it”

“No problem.”

“Well, see ya later, Rob.”

“Thanks, Chad. That was awesome!”

“You’re welcome.”

I was on cloud nine for the rest of the day until my last class, Trig. Hanna would be sitting there as usual when I entered the class. I don’t know why, but it suddenly felt very awkward to see her now. There is something about a girl having your cock in her hand to make a guy somewhat embarrassed in front of her. I hurried to class hoping to beat her there. Unfortunately, it wasn’t likely given the stop at my locker and the long walk I had between periods.

Sure enough, Hanna beat me to Trig and smiled knowingly at me as I entered. My face must have flushed bright red as I nodded back. I could feel sweat raising on my brow in the few seconds it took me to get to my seat. I quickly scanned the room at the other people to see if any of them were staring at me, but none were. That was a relief. Maybe this could remain a secret if the guys all kept their big mouths shut.

Before seventh period, I did remember to pass a note to Steve, where we usually saw each other in the hallway, that he should call me after school. Steve was my best friend and we had one class together in the morning. Sometimes I gave him rides home if his junky car was on the fritz. He lived pretty near me, as did Hanna.

Physically, Steve was the opposite of me. He was short, at five six, and equally as thin. He was an even worse athlete than I was. I guess he wasn’t half bad in the looks department, though, as he’d gone on a couple dates with a girl from his church. It never developed, but he still held it over my head that he was a player where I wasn’t. In reality, we were both a couple of nerds with similar interests.

I waited for Hanna to leave class before I got up. The thought of talking to her now made my throat go dry. I hustled right to my car and drove home uneventfully. It’s crazy, I know, but somehow I felt like I escaped without getting caught after doing something wrong. I went right to my room, locked the door, put on some music and kicked back on my unmade bed. I’d been running late in the morning and failed to make it. There was a good chance I’d hear from my mother about that.

As I lay there waiting for Steve to call, my mind replayed the day’s events. My life seemed to have changed forever in the short time Hanna had fondled me. Had we had sex? Yes…no…that’s not sex. I wondered how she felt about it. I still couldn’t get over her seeming willingness to jack off all those guys. Yes, she was getting money for it, but did she really need the money that bad?

What I knew of Hanna was very limited. I remembered us discussing once that both our moms worked at the telephone company as operators. My mom was a long distance operator and hers I think was more local service or information. I believe her dad was injured in the Second World War and on disability, but that’s all I knew, other than that she lived only a few blocks away in a slightly worse section of town.

As my mind drifted back to what had happened under the bleachers as I watched Hanna’s hands play with me, my cock began to stir in my jeans. It was hot in my bedroom, so I pulled them off and lay just in my boxers and tee shirt. Air conditioning was still a luxury reserved for the rich or well connected, and we were neither. My Dad owned a typewriter store in town that did okay from what I gathered. With Mom’s Bell Telephone job, we were probably middle class, or close to it. We didn’t have many luxuries, but we didn’t want for too much, either.

When my thoughts came back to Hanna and her wonderful hands, my dick quickly made a tent within my boxers. It was starting to get painful enough that I contemplated pushing it out through the opening and playing with myself. Just as I reached for my dick my mother yelled from the foot of the stairs that Steve was on the phone. I quickly jumped off the bed and threw on some shorts. The most private phone in our house was the one in my parent’s bedroom; I yelled down to Mom that I would grab it there.

When I picked up the phone and said hello, Steve called out, “Hey there, what’s up that you’re passing me notes?”

“Wait a sec,” I said. I could hear noise in the kitchen where the only other house phone was. It took a few seconds until I heard my mother pick up the receiver. “I got it, Mom,” I said.

She said, “Okay,” and we both heard the click as she hung up.

“Why all the cloak and dagger?” Steve asked.

Safe now, I said, “You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you.” I loved telling a good story and this was going to be a doozy.

“What already?”

“Are you sitting down and in private?”

“Yes…I’m in my sister’s room. She’s not home yet. What is so goddamn secretive?”

“You know Hanna Hancock?”

“Yeah, she in my fifth year Spanish class. Why?”

“She jacking guy’s dicks off under the visitors bleachers on the football field,” I said with gusto.

“What? No fuckin’ way. You shitting me? How do you know?”

“I know because she jerked me off there today!” I silently screamed into the phone.

“You’re lying! No fuckin’ way!”

“Way,” I said.

“Holy shit! Why…why is she doing that?”

“For money, I guess. Each guy pays her a dollar.”

“A dollar? How many guys are there?”

“Not sure, but when I was there with Chad, John and Will, I think there were at least nine others.”

“No shit! Holy Cow! She jerked you off right under the bleachers with everyone watching?”

“Our backs are to the other guys; she does one guy at a time. I couldn’t see the other guys but I did see them unload their shit all over the rocks on the ground.”

“No fuckin’ way! Are you serious about this, or pulling my leg? If you are I’ll kill you.”

“Serious as a heart attack,” I said. “What to come with me tomorrow?”


“I can bring one senior friend with me now, since I’ve been initiated. There are rules you have to follow, though.”

“Holy shit. What kind of rules?”

“You have to have a dollar and give it to her first. You can’t talk to anyone else about this, either. For now, you’re only allowed to bring one senior friend who understands and agrees to follow the rules.”

“Wow. When do you do this?”

“We go there for lunch. So you basically skip lunch until you can steal time for food somewhere else.”

“Is that why you weren’t at lunch today?”


“What if there are too many guys?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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