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One morning the doorbell rings and as you open the door, a man in a black suit, black driver’s hat, gloves and shiny shoes stands waiting patiently. “Are you Mrs. Doe? Estelle Doe?” As you answer you are, he hands you a black velvet envelop, tied with a silver silk string, bows and walks away. Surprised you look at the envelope and in wonder you close the door thoughtlessly, walking into the kitchen.In the bright morning sun, you open the envelope and find a sheath of paper, black, thick like parchment, the text hand written in silver letters:

“Sweet Estelle,

expect a limousine tonight at 8 p.m. It will take you to a location where a surprise is waiting for you.


P.S. High heels, black stockings and a little black dress would be the right attire.”

You look at the letter several times, turn it around and read it over and over again. ‘A location where a surprise is waiting.. A limo? Hmm, maybe I should get dressed.. Quickly you hop into the shower and then go into your bedroom to choose the right dress and shoes. Opening your drawer with lingerie, you decide on a black string, heavily laced with little pink flowers and a matching bra. As you finish your make up and apply some perfume, the doorbell rings. You look at the clock: 8 p.m. sharp.

With a flutter in your stomach you walk down to the door and open it, the same man that delivered the envelope is waiting again, bowing and inviting you to the limo where the door is left open. Quickly you grab your purse and click towards the limo on your high heels. The driver walks just in front of you and offers you his arm to help you inside. As you find a comfortable spot on the luscious leather couch, the door closes and a soft hum betrays the engine’s started. Slowly the car drives away and as you look around, you see a small bar with a glass and an open bottle of champagne. A small card is left underneath the glass and curiously you open it.

“Sweet Estelle,

please enjoy the trip. It won’t be long before you arrive. A toast to the surprise. Enjoy the champagne


You pour yourself a glass and start sipping as soft music is played in the back ground. The smooth ride of the car makes you loose all direction and soon you give up trying to determine where you are. When your glass is half empty, suddenly the car slows down, coming almost to a halt and drives up a small slope before leveling off and stopping. The door is opened and a faint light falls through the door. “Mrs. Doe, you have arrived at your destination. Please, just go through the door.” As you get out of the car, your skirt sliding up, showing your gorgeous thighs, you see a long dark corridor with a rectangular shape at the end, unable to see what is behind it. You slowly start walking towards it when you find out after a few steps the car is moving and driving away. You turn and hesitate, then decide to go on.

As you near the door, your cheeks blush and you shiver, your stomach fluttering with nerves and tension. As you come closer, a faint light is seen, the minimalist interior of a large hall is shown. As you peek in, your hand resting on the frame of the door, you see a dark marble pedestal, lighted with just a single spot. Something black lays on top of it, but the shape is too distorted to see what it is. Hesitantly you step inside, seeing marble pillars to the side, a few small steps leading down in what looks vaguely like an arena. As you come closer to the pedestal, you recognize the black shape as a blindfold, silk with velvet ties, thick and padded. Again a little card is there and as you open it, you recognize the hand writing is silver.

“Sweet Estelle,

you have come this far, I dare you to take the next step. Put on the blindfold and let happen what will happen. I assure you, you are in safe ‘hands’


You stare at the card for a moment or two, then lay it back on the pedestal. Your fingers caress the soft fabric of the blindfold, the bands entangling in them as you hesitantly pick it up in your hands. With trembling fingers you lay the pads over your eyes and bring the bands to the back of your head. Fumbling them around, you manage to tie them in the second try, your breathing fast as the tension inside you rises. A click sounds and the spot is turned off, the heat of it on your skin suddenly disappearing.

A rustle is heard, coming from all sides. Soft feet moving slowly and carefully closer, the soft whisper of bodies through the air, the scent of men suddenly titillating your nostrils. A hand is placed on your right upper arm, warm and gentle, covered by a glove, soft as silk. After an initial shock, you relax as the hand doesn’t move, just lays there idle. As you catch your breath, a second hand is placed on you, this time on your left forearm. Then one touches your shoulder, one on your hip, one on your thigh, then the other side until you can’t decide how many gloved hands are touching your skin. As fingers the last of us izle surround every inch of your sides, you are tilted backwards, lifted and held floating in the air.

A soft rush of cooler air washes through the room as you feel yourself start to move. Enclosed by all these hands and fingers, without vision you feel encapsulated, struggling with the happening events, the tension and anticipation keeping you from relaxing. You feel a change in temperature and you stop moving. The room becomes silent and slowly you feel yourself lowered down and careful laid onto a soft bed. As your fingers start to search for the edge, you find out quickly it is very narrow. Laying still, not knowing how high you are, your stretch your legs and close them tightly.

The hands laying idly on your body now start to move. First just the fingertips of one hand start caressing your skin, then another hand follows, and another and another, all following the same rhythm, all following the same movements at exactly the same time. Slowly your body starts vibrating with the rhythm of the fingers, your breath getting slow and regular, in sync with the fingers.

Then one hand slides over your stomach in slow gentle circles. You squint for a second and the hand lays still. As you relax again, the hand starts moving, easing the fingers into your body, gently drawing small circles over your stomach. A second hand starts sliding, over your neck to your shoulders and back, and another slides up and down your calves, fingers only barely touching you skin. Soon all hands follow and your body is covered with crawling, circling and caressing hands. Your breasts are massaged, your legs and inner thighs, your stomach and neck, your face and your fingers.

Then a few hands stop, sliding underneath your body and slowly start lifting you up, other hands slide under your body and find the zipper of your dress, pulling it down as more hands take off your shoes. Hands move away and return on your skin as the dress is taken off your body, exposing your shoulders first, the cloth collecting at your breasts, before hands slide it over them and down to your waist. Immediately each inch of your skin is covered with fingers as the dress moves down your body, no place untouched for more than a second. Swiftly the dress is taken off your body and disappears, then your are turned in mid air, and placed back on the narrow bed on your stomach.

All hands cover your body again, swift and nimble hands unhook your bra and remove it from your body in seconds, your string slides off quickly and your stockings rolled off your legs expertly, leaving you naked on the table. After moving swiftly and soft, the hands settle down as on commando, going back to the soft, gentle caress of fingers, staying in their place. As fingers retreat and gloves are taken off, a warm thick fluid is drizzled on your skin, scooped up and rubbed in by bare hands, rubbing and kneading your skin and the muscles underneath. As the oil is worked into you, poured all over your body, nimble fingers massage it deep into your skin, the oil warming and soothing it, the soft smell of roses filling the room…

All this time there hasn’t been a sound other than the moving hands. As your body relaxes, the held-in moans now slowly start to glide from your mouth and into the room. The hands start slowing down even more after the oil is taken in by your skin and hands slide under your body again, lifting and turning you in mid air and placing you back. Again every inch of your skin is covered with hands and oil is drizzled all over you. Your breasts are cupped and kneaded, the oil rubbed into your skin and nipples, making them hard like pebbles. As the oil hits your thighs, your legs are lifted and spread wide, exposing your sex as hands slide up and down your legs, surrounding them with long fingers, easing the oil into your skin. Hands come close, but never touch you, carefully making sure the oil doesn’t touch your scenting cave.

As your body starts moving underneath the hands that cover it, your hips wriggling on the bed, trying to catch a finger or a hand against your sex, your chest pushed upwards as hands kneed and massage your breasts, fingers rolling your nipples around, a light is turned on suddenly and all hands stop. The warmth of the light hits your body as the hands start retreating one by one, trailing down your body before disappearing in thin air, soon leaving you alone, your body shivering and shaking, moving in desire.

Footsteps are heard, coming closer in a teasingly slow pace. A finger touches you, trails down your chin to your neck, down over your chest and between your breasts. Halting for a moment as it circles your belly button, then down your pelvis and along your lips. Along the insides of your thighs and knees, then down your calves and ending at your toes. Still not a sound is hear, just the light breathing of the person the lying life of adults izle next to you. Judging by the fingers, it must be a man. Like all the other hands belonged to men. Not able to count, their touch is still burning on your skin and you remember and feel each of them on you still

A little click sounds and as two hands grab your ankles, the lower part of the bed folds open like jaws, your legs spread wide as both sides are pushed away. A body slides between your legs, your skin is touched by smooth, silky cloth when suddenly you feel hot breath on your sex. Your ankles are let go and the hands slide up your legs, fingertips just brushing your skin, higher and higher until they almost touch your lips. Your sex, slightly opened, glistens in the single light, your juices started collecting just behind your lips as desire caught you under the slithering cover of hands and skin. Fingers are placed next to your lips and they start opening you. Pulling on the delicate skin of your pelvis, your cunt is opened gently and slowly until you’re wide open. Then the warm tip of a tongue is pushed between your lips, sliding up and down very slowly, licking the first droplets of your nectar from you. Your hips push forward, the movement automated, out of control and you feel full lips press against your sex, leaving a long passionate kiss behind.

The tongue appears again, touching your sex, slowly licking up and down, over and along your sex, finding your clit as it travels upwards, wriggling over your ass as it slides all the way down. Minutes pass as you drown in pleasure, seemingly time stands still and these caresses will go on for ever. Slowly, as time progresses, the licking becomes more intense, deeper and faster. The tongue probes your sex, pushing in between your lips, rolling through your sex, licking and lapping the juices from your insides. The slithering continues over your lips and clit, along your stomach and through your belly button before going back down. Lips kiss your lips, leaving little pecks at first, then longer and tighter, more passionate kisses follow, exploring your sex and ass, tongue sliding out and over you continuously. Lips are folded around your clit and your button is sucked into a warm mouth. The vacuum makes your clit grow and get hard, the tongue slides and slithers over it as the vacuum is turned into a sucking action, almost pulling your clit from your sex at the height of the action.

With a loud pop and a slurpy sound, your clit is released, soon followed by the tongue plunged into your wet pussy. Deeper and deeper it slides inside you as it wriggles around like a snake, until your full lips are pushed hard against his face, a nose rubbing over your clit. Again and again the tongue is pushed hard between your lips, entering you deep as you are fucked, hands grab your hips and pull you into the face of the stranger. Hot gushes of breath are sliding over your body, upwards, caressing your chest and neck. The passion takes over and a feeling erupting from your core shakes your body, loud moans and shrieks start leaving your throat as you surrender to your orgasm and let it rip through your body. Trembling and shaking you fall back on the bed, after grabbing on to the head of the man eating your sex as your orgasm took control over your body. Your breath is fast, your chest is heaving as the licking continues, mouth sucked to your sex, drinking the flow of nectar oozing from your lips.

His body leaves the warm embrace of your legs, lips never leaving your skin as the mouth moves up your body. Kisses and licks are left everywhere, tongue and fingers sliding over your chest, grabbing your tits and squeezing, nipples hard and erect, pronounced by the tight grip. Kisses are placed all over your mounds, from the bottom to your neck, never touching your nipples. But your areolas are left wet with saliva, as the tongue and lips travel over them, carefully avoiding your hard buttons. Then the mouth lets go, the warm breath washing over your breasts as you feel his face hovering over your body. Then the tip of the tongue touches your nipple. Just a brush, wet and warm, making you shiver all over. Your nipple is touched, then licked gently, kissed and licked again before your other nipple undergoes the same treatment. Moving from nipple to nipple, the mouth and tongue play with your chest, leaving it covered with saliva, sucking your nipples in hard, teeth sinking in until you shriek out.

Hands sliding down your body as a nipple is sucked in longer, the tongue twirling around it and fluttering over it, a pumping action pulling on it hard. Fingers reach your sex and start pushing inside, two moving inside you and spreading, opening your sex to allow a third one in. As the sucking starts to become more rhythmic, the fingers follow, fingering you in the same pace, varying depth. From just a few inches in, moving fast, to deep thrusts the passage izle up to the last knuckles, slow and hard.You pull your knees to your chest, your feet dangling in the air as you offer your body to the unknown man, though signs of his identity start seeping through. The technique of his mouth and tongue, the choice of three fingers in your sex, a fourth rubbing your juices into your ass, the single moan that left his throat as you opened your legs wider, can only come from one man. But you can’t speak, your throat is dry with the constant moans, your teeth clenched as you fight to endure the pleasure. And before you can make yourself scream out his name, a new wave of unbearable lust washes over your body, claiming it as your second orgasm is released.

Fingers are pushed deep inside you and kept there as your sex clenches down on them in your eruption, teeth are biting your nipple and grazing your skin as you shake on the bed, your legs falling open in your exhaustion when the orgasmic waves turn to ripples and then fade off. You are released, fingers sliding out, your nipple let go with a soft slurp, the warm breath caressing your skin fading away, the man still present, watching you as your body settles down and your eyes closed, your mind drifting in the afterglow. Your hardly notice you are picked up and brought to a different room, sounding hollow and empty. You are placed in what feels like a stone sofa, sculpted and smooth, warm, almost hugging your body as you lean back relaxed. Footsteps leave the room and suddenly water starts running, washing over your body warm and soothing.

Again a rustle is heard and moments later the overwhelming number of hands are back, rubbing and sliding over your skin, washing away your sweat and nectar, this time your sex is touched as well. Gentle fingers slide inside you, washing you clean of your sticky juices, your lips caressed careful and fingers even probing your ass gently, washing water over it. Suddenly the scent of lilacs fills what is apparently a bathroom and soft cream is drizzled on your body as the water stops flowing. Hands start moving the cream over your skin and soon a thick layer of fine foam covers you everywhere. Hands grab your tits and let them slide between fingers, slippery and smooth, the cream and bubbles acting as a lubricant.

Soft, strong fingers wash your hair and massage the skin of your scalp and all you can do is lean back and sigh, your body glistening with water and foam, hands entangling in a never ending circling movement over your body. All hands touch you everywhere, your face, your chest, your legs, your feet, all fingers slip shortly inside you, just probing you once before moving on and soon you are dripping again. As your sex is touched and the wetness felt, the hands suddenly retreat again and the water is turned on, leaving you alone as you are washed clean. The single footsteps return, splashing in the water on the tiled floor, the stranger coming closer and closer as you feel his look burn on your skin.

You feel his eyes glide over every inch of your body, lingering at the sight of your sex, your legs half opened, then gliding upwards and hovering at your tits. Closer and closer the man comes and you feel his breath slide upwards over your wet skin. His breath now touching your face, caressing your cheeks as you feel his face come closer. In anticipation you pout your lips, expecting a passionate kiss, but instead the lips only touch you very lightly then retreat again. They travel down, touching you barely, moving down your neck and shoulder, your arm and to your hand. The man retreats and snaps his fingers. Instantly a fan is heard and a warm, strong wind starts blowing over your body and another jet of warm air start blowing through your hair. The warmth perfectly set, drying you quickly without being too hot, the jet of air drying your hair, tilting and moving up and down, drying every strand in seconds. As you wrap your arms around yourself, your skin soft and dry, the fans are turned off and the figure returns. Hands slide under your body and you are lifted up again. As you slide your arms around his neck, balancing yourself a little, you feel soft lips kiss your neck as once again you are carried to another room.

As your body is laid onto a smooth sheet, a soft mattress underneath, you feel a pillow supporting your head, incense filling the room and soft classical music playing in the background. As your hand slide over the bed, they feel soft petals, roses you smell as you bring them to your nose. Naked and relax you settle your body down and wait. A body kneels on the bed, next to your body and strong hands are placed on your shoulders, pulling you to a sitting position. Then the tingle of a glass and a cold, sparkling fluid is offered to you as the glass is brought to you lips. Slowly you drink, the fizz of the champagne making you light-headed, the coarse feeling in your throat disappearing. The glass is taken away and you are laid back on the bed, hands sliding over your breasts down to your hips, pulling on them, slowly turning you over on your stomach. Hands slide over your neck, shoulders and back, cup your buttocks and spread them for a second. Fingertips brush the skin of your thighs and calves as they trace down your legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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