Hank and Mabel’s Toy Story

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August Ames

“Am I the one you’re looking for?” The sexy black hooker asked.

Hank was waiting for Mabel, his wife of over twenty years; they had stopped at a convenience store on their way home from an outing.

“Could be,” answered Hank “My wife’s in the store; we can ask when she get’s out here.”

“O shit I’m sorry!” The cutie pie said as she was leaving.

“Don’t leave I want you to meet her, we’ve been talking about spicing things up; maybe you are, the one I’m looking for.”

“Honey I don’t want to get in no fight with nobody’s wife, you sure about this?”

“Here comes Mabel now, ask her yourself.”

“The coffee was stale Hank. Who’s your friend?” Mabel asked as she was getting in the truck.

“She wants to know, if she’s the one we’re looking for, and I told her maybe.”

“Looking for what, I don’t under stand?”

“She’s a hooker.”

“What’s a hooker?”

“A prostitute.”

“I’ve never met a real prostitute before,” Mabel stammered. “Oh, you’re thinking about our fantasy aren’t you?”

“It’s up to you Mable honey it’s your fantasy.”

“Will she do anything I want?”

“I don’t know, ask her yourself.”

Mabel and Hank had Mary sitting between them on their way home. Mary had agreed to party with the middle-aged couple for the evening. The agreement was to let Mable perform some of the sex acts on Mary that Hank had performed on her during their years together.

“So what ya’ll got planned for me,” asked Mary.

“Hank loves to get head and so do I for one thing,” Mabel said with a shaky voice.

It was obvious to Mary, that Hank and Mable were new at being naughty. Although Mary wasn’t highly educated she had enough street smarts to know that repeat customers were safer than one time Johns. She instinctively took control of the evening and started flirting with Mable, hoping to calm and excite her for the three-way party ahead.

“Have you been with a woman before?” Mary asked Mable.

“Hank an me fooled around some in our twenties but that was over twenty years ago.”

“I hope ya’ll enjoy me as good as the last time you fooled around.” Mary said as she slipped her hand between Mable’s legs and gave her a little squeeze.

“I know I will,” Hank responded.

Hank was surprised to find Mabel’s hand on Mary’s leg. Mabel was caressing Mary’s inner thigh, Hank put his hand on top of Mabel’s and gently moved it toward Mary’s pussy. The couple discovered a shaved and bare love nest.

The trio had arrived at Hank and Mable’s house. It was an old farm house that the couple had remodeled. Twenty acres went with the house as well as a barn.

“Let me show you around, while Hank makes drinks.”

Mabel took Mary for a tour of her house and Hank set up the living room for the evening activities; he had a tray of Margaritas on the coffee table, candles lit and in place and a porno in the V.C.R.

“I started the party without you,” Hank said as the girls returned.

“Well, get it out and show Mary what I get to play with every day.”

“Let’s all get naked and get this party started,” Mary said as she was stripping.

The trio was admiring each other’s bayan escort nude anatomy, Mary was delighted with Mable’s and Hank’s physiques; hard work and exercise had kept them in better than average shape. Hank and Mabel were also delighted with their little hooker.

“I can do anything I want Mary?” asked Mable.

“Anything that doesn’t hurt to bad,” responded Mary.

“Suck Hank’s dick.”

Mary took a swallow of her drink and positioned herself in front of Hank. She took his semi-erect cock in her hands and immediately started licking and sucking. Mabel watched Mary take Hank’s entire seven inch dick without gagging and look up at him and smile around his erection.

“That’s hot” Mabel said as she was leaving the room “I’ll be right back with the toys, Hank you enjoy that incredible mouth while I’m gone.”

Mary liked to give head to her clients, she could suck most guys off in less than ten minutes, get her money and go, but she was hired to satisfy Mable’s desires tonight and she was looking forward to a lesbian experience.

Mabel returned wearing a strap-on that was much more substantial than Hank’s cock. She knelt down behind Mary and started fondling Mary’s tits and ass. Mary could feel the big dildo nudging her, she reached back to feel it and panicked.

“I said not too much pain!”

“This is for Hank not you. This is for you.” Mabel gave Mary a remote controlled strap on tiny dildo and butterfly that covered her clit and a pair of tight fitting sexy briefs to hold every thing in place.

“Put this on, you’re gonna love it.” Mabel helped Mary into her favorite sex toy.

Hank and Mabel loved to go out dancing and play pool while Mabel wore the toy under her clothing, Hank would give a buzz to her clit or turn on the little vibrator that was hidden just inside her pussy. He forgot to turn her off once while she was dancing with a very young stranger. Some hot little honey had distracted him and before Mabel could finish her dance she had climaxed and had to grab onto her dance partner and whimper uncontrollably in his ear. Hank had wandered off to dance and Mable almost pissed herself before she could get in the crowded lady’s room and disrobe to remove the sex toy.

Mary jumped when Mabel activated the butterfly; she wasn’t expecting such a strong vibration. When the miniature vibrator was turned on she jumped from the couch and grabbed at her pussy.

“O’ FUCK that’s just too fucking much!” Mary squealed.

Mabel turned off Mary as she positioned herself in front of Hank. She shoved the massive strap-on dildo to the back of Hank’s throat; he saturated it with his own saliva. Hank stood and positioned Mable on the couch so he could sit on the dildo. Mary was watching as the enormous thing disappeared up Hank’s ass.

Mary was instructed to continue sucking Hank’s dick, as she was getting in position Mable turned on the vibrators.

“Oh shit that feels fucking great; I got to get me one of these!” Mary stated.

Mary was sucking Hank while he was moving up and down on the dildo Mabel was wielding underneath him. When Mary started climaxing uncontrollably she had to stop sucking Hank for fear of biting him.

“Shit, what happened!” Mary asked when the vibrator suddenly stopped.

“If you like the vibes, you got to keep sucking!” Mable exclaimed.

Mary started sucking Hank again and was rewarded with the intense pleasure of his wonderful invention.

“We’re going to have to change positions or I’m gonna cum!” Hank exclaimed.

Mary started cuming again. She was begging for relief from the vibrators. Mabel gave her little Nubian honey a short break until she had removed the strap on and tossed it in the corner.

Hank left the room to freshen up as Mary started eating Mable’s pussy. Mable was wet and ready for Mary’s talented tongue Mable was a big woman full figured but in excellent shape and she loved sex and always had, she pulled Mary’s head to her pussy and turned on the vibes; Mary started fucking air trying to get away from the vibes and trying to get closer all at the same time.

“Don’t wear her out Mable I want some too,” Hank said as he sat on the couch “let’s take a break before Mary faints.”

“Please, yes I’m Cumming again,” Mary said through clenched teeth.

“I have to have one of those vibrators. I have never cum so much,” Mary said as she examined the device.

Hank and Mabel were sitting across the room admiring Mary, she looked like an African princess golden brown and athletic, all stretched out in their Lazy-boy her legs apart slightly with a very satisfied look on her face. Hank’s approval was showing in his erection. If only he could bottle Mary up he could sell her for an alternative to Viagra.

“If you like that toy maybe you would like our power tools,” Mabel said as she was leaving the room. “I’ll be right back,” she said with a grin.

Mary started to panic. “What does she mean POWER TOOLS?”

“Take it easy Mary you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, besides I’ll demonstrate on Mabel.”

Hank had converted a reciprocating saw into a high powered sex toy. He had a seven inch soft dildo attached to it, with the variable speed trigger Mabel and he had given each other some wild rides.

Mabel returned with an ominous looking contraption that had a rubber dick sticking out, she pulled the trigger and the dick started to move in and out ever so slowly, it continued to speed up until the dildo became a blur.

Mabel sat on the couch as she gave Hank the toy. He knelt in front of her; she put her feet on the coffee table and her legs around Hank as he inserted the dildo in Mabel’s pussy and slid it back and forth to lube it up. She was still wet from the night’s activities.

Hank invited Mary to get a closer look, as he slowly pressed the trigger, the dildo started to move on its own, in and out about three inches, Hank started to move the saw in and out in a sawing motion sometimes stopping at different depths and allowing the saw to do all the work. He continued to press the trigger and sped up the saw with just the head inside Mabel’s pussy.

“Mable loves that;” Hank told Mary, as Mable started fucking back at the fake cock. “Watch this,” and Hank squeezed the trigger; the dildo went into a blur Hank started to move the whole thing back forth real slow at first then he would pull it out and quickly push it back in. Mable started to moan and convulse she pushed Hank away and threw her arms back and slumped down on the couch totally spent and relaxed.

“Ok Mary, you ready for this,” Mabel asked after regaining some of her composure.

“Ya’ll are crazy, I thought I was going to be the toy tonight!”

“We kind of wanted to know if it was just us or if everybody might like our inventions” Hank stated

“I’ve always wanted to experiment on a woman so Hank could see what I like, he always gets me off before I’m ready,” Mabel said.

Mabel knelt in front of Mary and gently started caressing her pussy; she spread her lips apart and stroked her clit with the tip of her finger careful not to touch Mary anywhere except her clit. She massaged until Mary started getting wet, and then she slid her finger deep inside Mary’s cunt.

“I’ve never done this before,” Mabel said in an uneven voice. “I didn’t expect to get this turned on.”

“I’m gonna lick her pussy Hank, I can’t help myself, I’ve got to do it,” Mabel said.

Hank saw a strand of Mabel’s excitement drip to the floor. He had never seen her “dripping” wet in their entire marriage. Mabel tentatively touched Mary’s slit with her tongue, she slowly began exploring every fold as she licked her way to Mary’s clit.

Mary needed to fuck something soon. She had been teased and fondaled all evening and Mabel’s lips and tongue had her on the verge of yet another climax.

“Ok I think I’m ready for the power tool,” Mary said as she wiggled from Mabel’s lashing tongue.

“I need some more of that deep throat of yours,” Hank said.

Mary on her knees started giving Hank the best head he had ever had, she could take all he had and lick his balls too.

Mabel moved behind Mary with the dildo saw. Mary moaned as she was penetrated. The dildo started to move in and out slowly at first, and then Mabel pushed it deep and increased the speed, Mary was moaning louder.

Hank was getting the benefit of Mary’s moans every time she swallowed him. The dildo was at half speed; Mabel started to fuck Mary in steady motion and increased the speed of the contraption until the fake dick was a blur.

“O FUCK I’m cumming!” Hank declared, as he pulled away from Mary’s beautiful face he wanted to see his white cum on her luscious brown skin He shot his load over her shoulder and watched it splatter on her back. One squirt landed on the small of her back in reach of Mable’s tongue. She licked it from Mary while she continued to fuck her with the speeding silicone dick.

“Can it go faster, that’s it, right there, don’t stop.”

Mabel maxed out the saw. The dildo was moving so fast in Mary’s pussy, her wetness started to splatter back on Mabel.

I’m cumming please don’t stop Mary begged.

A moment later found the trio sprawled out on the couch and lazy boy, all in a state of bliss.

“How can I charge ya’ll for such an incredible evening, I thought I was going to teach ya’ll how to be naughty but instead I learned about multiple orgasms.”

“How does five hundred sound, if you stay until morning?” Hank asked.

“More sex too?” asked Mary as she moved to sit on the floor between Hank and Mable.


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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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