Hannah and Julia’s Big Mistake Pt. 02

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John got out of his car in the driveway and stretched the stiffness out of his back. It had been a long day at the office and he was tired, sore, and in a more irritable state than he liked when coming home. His girls were sweet, sensitive little things, and it was hard on them when his mood was foul. He always made a great effort to keep his composure, so to that end, he took a deep breath as he shut the car door and attempted to soothe his stressed mindset with positive thoughts. He was a lucky man after all, and with a little luck he would walk inside to find everything in order, and his girls very happy to see him as they usually were. Then, he told himself as he walked up to the front door, the stress would melt away and he could relax.

He felt better as he opened the door and put his keys on the hook. He looked up and saw his girls were both kneeling in the living room about twenty feet from him. They held hands and their heads were lowered. They did not say anything or look up at him. His temper threatened to well up for an instant, but he held his composure. It was clear this would not be a light-hearted, R&R type of evening, but he resolved to be calm. At least until he knew what was going on.

He stayed where he was for a moment, thinking and letting himself enjoy the view he had. They were both fully exposed and he was always struck by their beauty, not to mention his good fortune.

Julia was slender and tall for a 20-year-old girl. her stomach was flat, and her breasts were full and firm C cups. He loved her perky little nipples with small, subtle areolas. Her rose-red hair flowed down to her mid-back, thin locks lay down her front on either side of those magnificent globes, accentuating them nicely.

Hannah was shorter by about eight inches and the youngest at just 18 years old. Her 4’9″ height combined with her tiny waist made her look fragile and so damn adorable that he could hardly stand it when she would pout at him. Her breasts were B cups, and just as cute as the rest of her. She wore her hair a little shorter too, and it stopped just above her breasts. She loved to experiment with her hair and this month she had achieved a gorgeous combination of red, blue, and purple highlights. He loved the way it accentuated her already beautifully silky blonde tresses.

John felt his need twitch in his pants as he gazed at them for a long moment, letting their nerves build as well as composing himself. It was clear something had happened today which he would not be happy about, but what? He walked up to where they knelt until he was mere inches from them. They knew what was expected of them and looked up at him to greet him, but he had his finger against his lips when they met eyes, and they knew to remain silent.

He again gave himself a moment to enjoy the beauty that was his. He gazed into Hannah’s eyes first because he knew she would be the most nervous. He found her pretty green eyes were full of trepidation as he had expected. But what told him the most was the moisture in her eyes. She had not shed a tear yet, but she was not far from doing so. His heart ached for her, and he lightly caressed her cheek. Whatever had happened, he would make sure she was properly cared for once the situation had been dealt with.

He then met Julia’s eyes, and again as he expected she was harder to read. He could see the worry in those bright blue eyes. She was older than Hannah and had more control of her emotions, though he knew her well enough to know that though she was stoic, she needed tender care just as much as Hannah. He ran his fingers through her smooth hair, petting her head as he did so.

After a few moments of studying their faces, he began to walk in a slow circle around them. He knew that they were worried, and had therefore been very naughty somehow, so he was worried they might have been hurt. Their well being was his biggest rule and they both knew from experience that any time they were reckless or unsafe, he would react severely. So as he walked around them, he carefully examined every inch of them, looking for bruises or cuts or band-aids. To his relief he found nothing. As he came back around to face them he finally spoke with a stern tone. “It’s clear you girls have some explaining to do this evening. So then, please tell me about your day. I’m eager to hear the story of how you two decided to greet me like this today.”

He resisted the urge to smile as the two girls glanced at each other nervously and kept the hard look on his face. Hannah ceded the lead to Julia with a reluctant nod and Hannah took a deep breath, “Sir, sissy and I were playing in the poolhouse today…but we had forgotten our towels before we went in.. so.. Şerifali Escort well… we had to run back to our bedrooms wet and naked…”, she trailed off knowing what was next.

At which point John said, “So, two rules so far and you have only just begun your story. Hannah, tell me the rules about the poolhouse.”

Hannah gulped and said in a shaky voice, “Swimming in the nude is not allowed unless you give us permission Sir. And no tracking pool water in the main house.”

John nodded and continued, “Right you are my dear girl. Now then, I hardly think that is the end of it. Continue ladies.” John folded his arms as he watched the girls exchange glances again. Those two rules were minor and he knew if that were the whole story they would not be nearly so nervous right now.

Julia continued reluctantly, “We were excited, Sir. We had a great time in the pool together and we were both full of energy, so we decided to race to the bedrooms. But when we were half-way there, we got tangled up with each other and slipped. My hip bumped into your office door Sir, and it flung open. The breeze from it flung several papers off your desk and onto the floor… I’m so sorry Sir, I never meant for that to happen.”

John stood very still. As Hannah cut in too. the tears in her eyes now very close to spilling over onto her cheeks. “It was my fault, Sir. I was trying to push past her. I made us fall. I’m so sorry!”

John was trying to think about what had been on his desk as he fought to remain calm. The financial analysis for next month’s meeting with the CEO. Those papers had been arranged in a very specific order. That was going to be one hell of a headache. He took a deep breath and resolved to focus on the task at hand. “Julia, I get the feeling there is more to the story. Please continue.”

They both gave him a shocked look because he had not pointed out the rules they had broken before asking them to continue. He was nothing if not consistent, and he saw that his breaking from the usual procedure only made them both much more nervous. Julia continued, “Well Sir…we uh…we sort of…panicked. We saw the papers flying and rushed in to save them.” John’s stomach tightened as she continued. “We started grabbing papers to put them back without thinking about the fact that we were still wet. An-“

John put up his hand and Julia quit speaking. “I want you both in position in the corner right now.” With that, he turned towards his office. He needed to assess the situation himself, and give himself time to calm down. He knew they would do as they were told. He got to his office and found small puddles of water on the floor, there was water on the desk, and several papers were wet. His neat stacks were shuffled and mismatched. He found that he would need to reprint all the wet data sheets, as well as do a good deal of reorganizing. It would set him back a week at least. He stayed in his office just thinking for thirty minutes.

He kicked himself for not locking his office door. That had been the real mistake here. Worse was the fact he knew the girls did not see it that way. They had been very naughty, yes, but he had not locked the door. The only upside was that it made it easier to control his temper, because he could not really be mad at them, or at least not as mad as they expected him to be. Still, if they had followed his rules this would not have happened and they are not children. It was a mistake to not lock the office, but he should not have to just to keep his work undisturbed. He may not be mad at them, but this needed to be dealt with, severely. It could not happen again.

Now it was time for their punishment, so he walked back to the living room and found his girls standing in the corner. Their legs were spread wide, and their hands rested on their heads. He spoke in a deep, assertive tone.

“Turn around girls,” he commanded. They both turned quickly but kept their pose. John said, “Is there anything else you girls wish to say before I deal with your blatant disregard for my rules?”

They looked at each other and Hannah said, “We’re so sorry Sir, and we know we deserve to be severely punished.”

John folded his arms and said, “Well I’m glad we agree. You can be sure you’re both going to get exactly what you have earned. Now, both of you come with me.” He led the girls through the house to his bedroom, then shut the door once they were inside and told them both in a stern voice. “Kneel girls.” They immediately dropped to their knees, both of them looking nervous. “You girls know my rules and you chose to break several of them today. You know how I deal with naughty girls in this house, so I expect both Göztepe Escort of you to give me no trouble during your punishment. Is that clear young ladies?”

As he was talking he was opening the closet door and pulling out a small cart with a sheet over the top. He pulled back the sheet to reveal the assortment of implements and other tools on the cart at about the same time as he finished speaking. The girls were looking at the collection nervously as they said in unison, “Yes Sir.”

He nodded and pulled his stool into the center of the room, just in front of the foot of the bed and sat. He then looked at Julia and said, “I want that naughty bottom over my lap young lady, now.” He watched with a stern gaze as she crawled to where he sat and draped herself over his lap, her torso resting on the foot of the bed. He adjusted her to his liking, with her bottom right in the center of his lap, exposed and ready to be dealt with. He then looked at Hannah and said, “Come here little girl, kneel right here by my side and watch what is about to happen to your bottom.”

She bit her bottom lip and crawled to his side where she had a close-up view of her sister’s bottom. They were not actually related, but they got along wonderfully and were sisters in submission. Satisfied his girls were both positioned properly, John placed his hand on Julia’s bottom and began to rub gently as he spoke. “You know what I expect from you young lady.”

John heard Julia take a deep breath and say, “I’m sorry I’ve disrespected your rules, Sir. Please spank my bottom very hard so I might improve my behavior.”

John felt his need twitch again in his pants. These girls had such a potent effect on him. He patted her bottom a couple more times, then raised his hand, pausing for a moment to let Julia stew in her anticipation before bringing it down hard on her exposed skin. He settled into a rhythm right away, bringing his hand down again and again in rapid succession to each cheek in turn. He glanced over to Hannah and saw the fear in her eyes as she watched her sister’s bottom steadily grow pink. John kept his eye on the time and after two minutes of spanking Julia’s bottom, he switched to focus on her thighs.

Over the next two minutes, John did not break his quick hard smacking cadence and made sure that Julia’s thighs, from where they met her bottom down to about halfway to her knees, were the same shade of red as her bottom. When he stopped, Julia was breathing heavier, but she had made an effort as she always did to stay quiet. That, he thought, would change before he was through with her tonight.

He patted her bottom and said, “Switch places with your sister, naughty girl.”

Julia got up quickly and knelt by his side, watching as her more timid sister nervously laid herself over John’s lap. She then took the spot Hannah had just been kneeling in and waited. John adjusted Hannah on his lap just as he had Julia, and said, “Hannah, what do you have to say for yourself, young lady?”

Hannah stiffened on his lap and said in a very small voice. “I’m sorry I disrespected your rules, Sir. And I deeply regret messing up your work. Please give me a good hard spanking to teach me a lesson.”

Again he lifted his hand and brought it down hard on the small bottom in front of him. He set out to give Hannah the same warmup that Julia had just received, laying the smacks in hard and fast. This time, it took only one minute for Hannah to start whimpering with each smack, her breathing was heavy and he could hear the sniffles starting as he switched to her thighs. Hannah was not as experienced with spankings as Julia. And when the punishing smacks began to pepper her tender thighs, she began to squeal and squeak. But John was not about to go easy on her. He continued to land smack after smack up and down her legs as he said, “You two are in for a very long night. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior in this house, do I make myself clear?”

The last two minutes were up just as he finished speaking, and he rubbed Hannah’s bottom gently as they both said, “Yes sir, we’re sorry sir.”

John patted Hannah’s bottom lightly and said, “Alright Hannah, you may get up and kneel where you were. Julia, bring me the hairbrush and get back across my lap.”

Julia started crawling towards the cart of implements as Hannah slowly eased herself off of his lap. John let his gaze linger over the girls as they diligently obeyed him. Julia’s bottom was a dark pink and the sight of it jiggling slightly as she crawled made him ache with need. Hannah was biting her lip and sniffling softly as she knelt at his side. Her cheeks were flushed with embarrassment, and the total Ümraniye Escort effect was completely adorable. Julia came back with a large wooden hairbrush in her mouth and John took it and smacked it against his palm with a loud SLAP! And then patted his thigh with his eyes locked on Julia. She promptly draped herself over his lap once again.

John held the brush in front of Hannah’s face and said, “Open girl.”

Hannah obediently opened her mouth, but her eyes were wide. John would have bet Julia’s eyes were pretty wide too. They had been expecting him to move right on to the brush, but now it was clear there was more to come before they moved on. John patted Julia’s bottom, satisfied that they were both starting to get how serious their misbehavior was. He began rubbing Julia’s bottom gently, taking note of the warmth in her skin. Julia was beginning to lose her composure, her muscles tensing, and her breathing grew less controlled. He knew that was one of the worst parts of a punishment for her, she hated losing her cool. But the humiliation was an important part of the process, and she’d made her bed, and now she was going to lie in it.

John lifted his hand and aimed for her tender pink thighs, then brought it down on her nearest leg. The force and sting got a small yelp out of her this time, and when the next landed on her other leg an instant later, she yelped again. Her cries became steadily more frantic as he brought his hand down over and over on her reddening skin. His pace was quick and relentless, his pattern started with the lowest part of her thighs, then worked slowly up to the top of her bottom, and back down. Her legs started to kick and her hips began to wiggle as the time ticked past a minute of nonstop spanks.

Her chest was starting to heave as her sobs started. John glanced at Hannah without missing a beat and she was biting down hard on the hairbrush in her mouth, staring at her sister’s very red bottom with wide eyes. Another quick glance at the clock told him Julia’s poor bottom was now at three minutes of continuous punishment, so he switched tactics. He stopped alternating cheeks and started spanking only her right cheek and thigh. He kept like this going for thirty seconds and noted with some satisfaction that he’d managed to fit 62 smacks into that time. Then he switched to the other side for the last thirty seconds.

By the time he was done, Julia’s yelps were loud and frantic. Her legs kicked wildly and she was gripping the sheets on the bed for all she was worth to keep from putting her hand over her burning tushy. He began gently caressing her red hot skin, taking his time to offer some comfort as she softly sobbed over his lap. He would glance at Hannah every few moments and see her breathing in deep, nervous breaths as she knew her turn was so close. Julia calmed down a little and John patted her thigh, “Spread your legs girl, nice and wide.”

Julia whispered a soft, “Ye-yes Sir,” and opened her legs almost to a full split. He let his fingers drift over her inner thigh, and found her warm opening was dripping sweet juices.

He grinned and turned to Hannah who was watching his fingers stroke and caress her sister, “Your partner in crime is dripping down her legs, honey. Am I going to find the same thing when I put you over my lap naughty girl?”

Hannah gulped and squirmed in her spot, she whimpered and tried to answer through the brush in her mouth and it was just so cute. He reached out and took the brush out of her mouth. She said in a quivery voice, “Yes Sir, this naughty girl is dripping wet too.”

John found Julia’s hooded pearl and began circling it slowly with his fingertip. Hannah had not taken her eyes off of her sister’s wet opening, and now had a hungry look in her eyes. But after a few teasing twirls, John quickly drew his hand back and landed a hard slap on the inner thigh just an inch from Julia’s pussy. Hannah jumped, and Julia shrieked, whimpering as the sting lingered.

“This is a punishment, girls. I think it’s time you girls grasp the seriousness of your actions. Hannah, get me the plugs and the bottle from the cart.”

Julia stiffened over his lap, and Hannah turned beet red as she turned and crawled to the cart. He again let himself enjoy the view he had of her wiggling, shapely pink bottom as she crawled away from him. She came back, shuffling on her knees since her hands were full, and he was aching for her as he watched her full breasts sway. She handed him the plugs and the bottle with shaky hands, and he set the bottle and one plug on Julia’s back. She knew full well to hold still and not let them fall. He lifted his hand and brought it down hard on her bottom once to test her resolve and she held perfectly still. He looked at Hannah and said, “You girls know I don’t use my punishment ointment very often, I’ve told you my rules about the office are extremely important. Now you’re going to feel some extreme consequences.”

to be continued.

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