Happy Birthday

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Group Sex

‘Happy birthday, baby!’ ‘Thanks,’ I replied. ‘Got you something. Close your eyes and hold out your hands.’ I was sitting cross-legged on our bed wrapped in a bath towel, and I closed my eyes, and held out my hands, palm up. A soft package, crinkled into my hands, and I opened one eye cautiously, ‘Can I look now?’ ‘Of course, open it!’

I loved birthdays. Daniel and I both worked, so we never did the birthday thing in the morning, we waited until we were both home in the evening, then we could spend some good time together. I looked lovingly at him, he looked more excited than I did, his blue eyes glittering like a little boy. That was where the resemblance finished though. He is very tall, well he has to be for me since I’m 5’11” myself. He has well muscled shoulders, strong arms and long legs. Something I couldn’t see was his cock, since he was still dressed, but that never failed to impress me either.

He flicked the sandy hair out of his eyes, and repeated himself ‘Kara, open it!’

‘Ok, ok’ I answered, and I looked for the sellotape to peel the parcel open. I opened the package onto the bed and out spilled some very sexy underwear. ‘Red, my favourite colour, oh these are beautiful Daniel.’ I held up the lacy bra to examine it. ‘Ah,’ said Daniel mysteriously, ‘The real present comes whilst you are wearing it.’ I giggled, thinking I knew just what he meant. ‘Go on, put them on.’

I clambered off the bed, and let my towel fall to the floor. I knew Daniel was watching, so as I stood, I provocatively wiggled my ass by his face. He lay along the bed, with his head resting on one hand, watching me ‘God Kara, you are so beautiful.’ ‘Of course,’ I replied with a half smile. As I bent to step into the little g-string, I felt a stinging slap to my ass. I jumped away, laughing, and pulled the g-string up. I clipped the suspender belt around me, and pulled the black stockings up to the clips. Lastly, I fastened the lacy bra around my ample breasts. I turned to look in the mirror, and was pleased. Red really was my favourite colour, with my long dark hair, green cats eyes, and tanned skin it suited me well.

‘Well,’ I spun round ‘How do I look?’

‘Fantastic as ever,’ Daniel breathed.

Sensuously I leaned onto all fours, and prowled towards Daniel. I reached out to unzip his pants, but he slapped my hand away playfully and caught me by the wrist. ‘Oh no, you’re not spoiling my birthday surprise!’ I was confused. What did he mean? He led me by the hand to the doorway of our spare room. There is no door on this room, and for a reason. We long ago discovered how much we liked to tie each other up, and Daniel, being the handyman he is, rigged up some hooks in the door frame. I happily let him stand me in the doorway and felt him fasten the soft leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles. I was already getting excited, knowing how much fun we can have together, and when Daniel pushed my legs apart I happily complied. They were fastened to either side of the doorframe at the bottom, and my wrists were fastened on either side at the top. Deliciously helpless, I stood anticipating his first touch.

It didn’t come though, and I tried to turn my head to see what was happening behind me. Daniel was busy in the cupboard, and I wondered if I had another surprise. Well, I did, but it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. He began to pull plates of food, and bottles of drink out, and lay them all out on top of the table. What on earth? Plates of sausage rolls, and sandwiches, this was starting look like a kids buffet. He was so busy that when the doorbell rang, he didn’t seem to hear it. ‘Daniel!’ I was getting worried ‘what is going on? There’s someone here! Let me out!’ ‘No way!’ He grinned, ‘The party is just beginning!’

‘What party?’ My voice was rising now, ‘Daniel?’

‘Your birthday party of course!’ He ducked under my restrained arm, went into the hall and turned on the stereo as he went.

Perhaps here, I should describe our house. We live in a bungalow, and the door to the spare bedroom, is directly opposite the front door. All other rooms go off the square hallway. So, I was in a predicament. As Daniel went to open the door, he turned round to look at me, and I saw his eyes move appreciatively over my new underwear. He winked, then turned and opened the door. ‘Daniel, No!’ I hissed, as the door opened, and Daniel ushered Steve, our friend, into the hall. Mortified now, I struggled with the restraints, but Daniel had done a good job, and I knew there was no way I would be able to get free. Steve stood looking at me; he looked me in the eye and said ‘Happy Birthday Kara!’ ‘Thank you!’ I replied with a sarcastic smile.

Daniel and Steve chatted in the hall for a moment and I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but as I waited, another thought overtook me. The drink! Steve wasn’t coming to a part with no drink, and it was all behind me, he would have to walk through my doorway to get to it. Again I frantically struggled with the bonds. No luck! Steve began to walk towards me ‘God I’m parched!’ He stuck his tongue out and licked his lips, and I don’t think it was entirely because he was thirsty. He reached the doorway, and said politely ‘Ahem. Excuse me Kara’ and ducked his bursa escort bayan head to walk past me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. He seemed to take an unnecessarily long time to pass me, and needed to place a hand on my hip to steady himself.

I heard him opening a bottle and pouring a drink. ‘Cheers everyone!’ He called, ‘Anyone would think it was my birthday!’ I could feel his eyes resting on my butt.

The doorbell rang again. Daniel almost ran to open it. I steeled myself, and watched as another friend of ours Paul came in, accompanied by a stunning girl. Daniel greeted them, and then the bell rang again. The party was really getting going. 10 minutes later, there were about 9 guys in my house, and 2 or three women. All in the hall chatting and generally either ignoring me or ogling me. Daniel cleared his throat, for attention, and addressed the group. ‘Hi everyone, thanks for coming, there’s loads of drink in the bedroom just in front of you, and food too. Help yourselves, make yourselves at home in our house, and have fun. BUT! One rule, you can do what you like with Kara, whom you will see looking beautiful over there, but you must not allow her to cum! Apart from that – enjoy!’ Oh my God! I was beginning to realise what Daniel had in mind for me. We often tied each other up, as I said, and enjoyed the exquisite teasing, bringing each other to a place where we would beg to be allowed release, unable to have any control over what was going on. Although I was still apprehensive, I could feel the weight of my pussy between my legs, knowing what torture this evening could be, being aroused by so many people, over the course of the evening, and not being able to do anything about it.

Everyone began chatting again, and Daniel turned the music up loud. Two or three people headed straight towards the bedroom. One girl, who I didn’t know – but appeared to be with John, a friend of ours, pushed under my arms. John and Paul didn’t pass; they stood looking me up and down. I stared back arrogantly. John reached out his hand and cupped my breast, his thumb gently brushing my nipple. I was determined not to give him the satisfaction of seeing a response, and I tried not to think about his touch. It worked, but it seemed that he wasn’t going to be outdone, and he pinched my nipple, hard, between thumb and forefinger, holding it for a second then rolling it round until I groaned with pleasure and my nipple stood erect. He leaned in close and whispered in my ear, ‘Seems you like to play a little rough Kara, I’ll have to remember that later.’ His tongue snaked along my neck, and I tried not to arch my neck in response. He passed under my arms and Paul followed him. Paul was behind me, and I felt his hand caress my ass cheek. ‘I’ll be back Kara!’ He quipped and was gone.

I felt more hands on my hips this time, and twisted to see Paul over my shoulder. I had always fancied Paul, and it was not unpleasant to feel his hard body pressed up against my back. His hands sneaked up to my breasts, and began to play with my nipples. I leaned back a little onto him, murmuring my appreciation. One hand stayed there, and the other began its oh, so slow, descent across my belly and down to the g string. I knew now that my shameless pussy was wet. I could feel the string between my lips was damp, and allowed myself to relax and enjoy his touch. As his hand slid under the flimsy material of my string, I could feel how hard he was, pressed into my back. I pushed my mound against his palm, and his fingers wound their way down, pulling my lips apart gently. I felt his hot breath against the back of my neck, and heard him breath hard when he felt how wet I was. ‘God, you are loving this aren’t you, you horny little slut.’ No dignity left now, I could only nod my head, and arch my pussy into his hand, hoping to graze my clit on his fingers. ‘Now, now, Kara,’ he said firmly, ‘I’m not one for breaking the rules!’ and as quickly as that his hand was gone leaving me breathing hard, and a trail of wetness down my slit.

Just then the doorbell rang again. I watched Daniel open it, and he let in my best friend, Samantha.

I was relieved to see a friendly face. I even thought there was a chance I could get her to release me if the night got too much for me. She came right over to me, ‘Happy birthday Kara, wow you look great!’ I smiled thanks Sam, ‘Sorry I can’t join you, but I’m a bit tied up at the moment’. Sam laughed, and Daniel came over to us ‘Well that’s it, everyone’s here now. The party can really get started.’ ‘I’ve bought you a pressie Kara,’ Sam said, ‘Sorry, but it looks like Daniel will have to open it for you!’ Daniel took the little pink package, and tore off the paper. A brown box inside, he opened that too. In front of my eyes, he produced a black butt plug, I knew what it was, and my eyes widened I had no desire for that! It looked huge! ‘Sam!’ I protested. She just laughed, Daniel, I think you will have to help me here. ‘Don’t you dare!’ I shouted, and several people turned to watch. My ass was a no go area! I had never let anyone touch me there. Shame flushed my face red, when I thought how many people were here watching. No way could I let anyone do that to me in front of all bursa anal yapan escort these eyes.

Daniel and Sam went through the door, and I frantically twisted this was and that to see what they were up to. Daniel took a tube of KY from the drawer, and handed it to Sam. Holding it so I could see, she spread the lube over the plug. Still protesting, I struggled harder. ‘Ready Daniel?’ she questioned, ‘Oh yes’ he smiled. ‘Noooooooo…!’ I wailed. ‘Oh yes!’ Daniel repeated.

I absolutely could not believe that my best friend would do this to me. I writhed away from her hands as she moved towards my butt. This was Sam! We had known each other for years, and there had never been anything sexual between us, nor with any other women for that matter. I liked sex, but sex with MEN! I did not want her to touch my ass, let alone insert that horrible thing into me. ‘Daniel, you will have to open her cheeks for me’. Daniel obliged, and I felt his strong fingers worm between my cheeks, and spread them apart. My tight asshole exposed, I felt something wet poking at me. I tensed, and Daniel tried to push a finger into me, but with no success. Pleased with myself, I kept up the tension, and Daniel appeared to give up.

He leaned in behind me, and whispered into my ear, ‘Kara, my baby, I want to fuck that luscious ass of yours tonight, for the first time, and I will have what I want!’ His voice was honey in my ear, and I was turned on again by how much he wanted me, still I knew there was no way he was going to do this. ‘Steve?’ Daniel called, ‘Can you come over and help us?’


Steve came over, and Daniel went to him and they muttered together. A huge grin spread over Steve’s face, and they came back to me. Daniel went back behind me, and I felt him prise my cheeks apart again. Still I tensed. Steve’s hand slipped between my open legs, he grabbed a handful of my pussy and squeezed. ‘Oww!’ I yelped, what was that supposed to achieve, he released me, but I could still feel the pain of that grasp, as I was recovering I felt one finger slide very slowly between my lips, and along my wet slit. After the pain this was so good. He carefully avoided touching my clit, and ran back and forth. My clit was aching for something to touch it, and I arched towards him, I was rewarded by the tip of that finger circling my clit, then brushing across it. I groaned deeply, I needed more, and tried to move against it, but couldn’t move enough in my bonds. He pulled his finger slowly away and I tried to follow, grunting in frustration as he moved out of reach. My lips were now puffy and heavy with excitement, and I felt his finger back again, this time moving slowly into me. ‘God Kara, you are so wet! You dirty little girl, you want more don’t you?’ ‘Yes’ I pleaded with him, ‘Please Steve’

‘Hmmmm, maybe if you ask nicely,’ he replied

‘Please Steve,’ I begged huskily, ‘I need more; I need to feel your fingers buried inside me. Fuck me with them.’

In reply he jammed two fingers deep into my dripping twat. I moaned and ground against him. I could have cried when he pulled them back out, only to tease my swollen clit again. I was panting and gasping as he massaged my desperate clit, Daniel and Sam had been forgotten until I felt Daniel once again part my ass cheeks, and I felt Sam place that cold, wet plug to my hole. Tensing I tried again to prevent her, but instantly Steve stopped the pressure on my clit and I cried out in frustration. I arched towards him, and he started to touch me again. Of course Sam began to apply pressure with plug too. I wanted more from Steve, and this meant allowing Sam access to my asshole. I was torn between the sensations building in my clit and the pain I knew would come in my ass. I wanted nothing more than to cum right then, and Sam took advantage.

Steve buried his fingers inside me again, and I moved against him involuntarily. I felt my asshole start to stretch, but it seemed not to matter. Each time I tensed to stop Sam, Steve would cease the rubbing on my clit, and when I relaxed for Steve, Sam would inch that detestable plug in a little deeper. Wider and wider, that hateful plug stretched me. Opening me. But I just kept working on Steve’s expert fingers. It seemed that the widest part must be in me, yet I could feel myself still opening more. It hurt like hell, it was so big, but the pain was dulled by the orgasm that was definitely building now. There was plenty of lube and the plug slid easily deeper and deeper, I was ready to scream out to tell them that I couldn’t take anymore, that I must surely tear if they pushed me any more, when there was a pop and the plug was inside me. Still thinking I was about to cum, I arched towards Steve, ignoring the intruder in my ass for a moment, but Steve stepped back, and looked at me with a nasty grin. ‘Kara, surely you heard what Daniel said, no one is allowed to let you cum!’ ‘Bastard!’ I hissed at him through gritted teeth, and he backed away in mock terror.

All that was left now was that plug. I had never felt so awkwardly full up. I wriggled my ass half hoping it might pop out, but I didn’t really believe that. Instead I tried to relax more, and forget about bursa rus escort it. That was too hard to do, but I did feel a little more comfortable with it as I relaxed.

Daniel was in front of me now, and he was grinning. ‘Kara, you don’t know how beautiful your ass looks!’ ‘You shit!’ I exclaimed. ‘Hmmmm… I can’t wait for later,’ he teased. ‘Gonna fill that lovely ass with my cum.’ ‘Not in a million years honey,’ I warned him.

‘We’ll see,’ he winked and turned away.

It felt like I was tied there for hours. People would climb past me, touching my pussy, my tits, stroking my back, my ass, my legs. I gave in to the sensations, enjoying each touch and knowing that with each minute my pussy got wetter and wetter.

‘Kara,’ Sam’s voice in my ear, ‘You really are beautiful’ and she came round to the front of me. ‘Sam? What are you doing?’ I asked as she leaned towards me and caressed my breast. ‘Relax Kara, you are getting too uptight tonight. I have always thought you were beautiful’. Her fingers toyed with my already over sensitive nipples, then she leaned her head in and sucked one into her mouth. Flicking her tongue over then end, I gave in to the pleasure. This was a bizarre evening, and I thought I might just as well try to go with it.

Several guys had come over to watch, and were egging Sam on. ‘Lick her pussy babe,’ Sam looked round wickedly, ‘Shall I?’ she asked. Slowly she sank to her knees in front of me, and I felt her finger hook under my string and pull it to the side. I gasped as her hot little tongue flicked out and caught my aroused clit. I looked down at her soft blond hair, wishing I had my hands free, so I could touch her. Sam is stunning. A voluptuous blonde haired, blue eyed, vixen and she knew it! Kind hearted and generous, she was always on the look out for a new guy, being too easily hurt and then looking again. All curves and warm sweet scent, I couldn’t believe she wanted to do this to me. I knew every guy in that room mush have a hard on for her.

As she was down there, licking up my juices, and I was moaning yet again, Steve came over to her, and pulled her to her feet. She began to strip for him seductively. She dropped her blouse, and short skirt and stood in front of me, naked, since she wore no underwear. Steve fondled her soft breasts, and flicked her huge pink nipples until Sam was breathing hard. Still right in front of me, he slid his hand down to her blonde bush and dipped his fingers into her twat. I could hear that she was wet, the slurping noise his fingers made inside her. She released his cock from his pants, and began to stroke it. He was very hard, and the sight of him made me even more excited if that were possible. He told Sam to get on all fours, right in front of me, and knelt behind her. She hissed with pleasure as he plunged his cock into her pussy, and I saw her fingers matted in her pussy rubbing her clit as he fucked her.

I was literally drooling. God I wanted that so badly, I knew they were doing all this for my benefit. I thought he would cum soon, his pace quickened, but then he stopped. I stared in fascination as he pulled his cock out, and re positioned it at her anus. Sure she would scream out in pain, I waited, but no she wiggled into place, and as he slid into her with one strong thrust, she arched her back and groaned in delight. Her fingers were still working on her clit, and I could tell by the flush on her skin that this was no show, she was loving it. Someone was behind me, I didn’t even bother to look who, but as I watched Steve’s cock pumping in and out of Sam’s ass whoever it was tweaked the butt plug sending shockwaves through my body. I heard a zipper, and felt a cock nudging at my pussy, and slippery as I was, it easily slid into me.

‘OH’ I gasped, ‘Oh yessss!’ This was what I needed, it felt so good, my ass and my pussy so full up, I only wished that like Sam, I could rub my clit. It was teasing in the extreme to see her getting what I so desperately needed. I could see Daniel to my right, his eyes glazed over with lust. Watching me get fucked, knowing I would still be begging him for it later.

Steve tensed, quickened and this time he did cum, banging into Sam, grunting harshly and Sam crying out as she joined him and shuddered in orgasm on his cock. Whoever was behind me was still banging away, and God it was good! Sam, looking like a total slut, crawled on all fours towards me. I watched, helpless, as she kneeled in front of me, and watched the cock that was pounding in and out of me. She leaned towards me, and her little pink tongue poked out and started to lap at my clit again. ‘Shit!’ I groaned, ‘Sam, no!’ But she just grinned. I was in no position to complain, and neither was whoever was fucking me. My hips began to move of their own accord, I tried not to think about cumming, I knew I was close, but I also knew that Daniel wouldn’t let me get there. Steve was by me too, playing with my nipples, pinching them and rolling them. I finally looked behind to see John; he smiled, gripped my hips, and fucked me harder. Leaning in close to me I felt his teeth on the back of my neck, biting as I felt his cum released into my cunt. And that was it, they all stopped, I was so tense now, that as the cock withdrew from my pussy I cried out, in total frustration. ‘Noooo…oh no, please…’ Daniel was by me immediately, holding me, kissing me, he told me how beautiful I was and how much he loved me, I hardly heard him. I begged in a hoarse whisper ‘Daniel, please, I have never needed you this badly, please just let me down now?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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