Happy Birthday

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Susan and Steph had planned this out for weeks. It was Ken’s birthday, they had thrown him a surprise party, after he had told them not to. They were aware he would be a little rough tonight because of that. He was due home any second, they had left before him. “We are going to be in so much trouble.” Steph said as they both undressed.

Susan laughed, “Fun trouble.” They knew not to touch “Ken’s pussy” without permission, but they were about to play with fire. “I will take the blame, it was my idea, I enjoy being Daddy’s bad girl.” Susan had called Ken Daddy throughout their relationship. Steph, had called him Sir. It had added such a wonderful dynamic to their time together.

“Just remember that when his belt comes off.” Steph said, as she and Susan shared a kiss. Susan sighed and leaned into her. They had grown close over the past few months, bonding over pleasing Ken, and tormenting him. They equally enjoyed each. They fell to the bed, in each other’s arms. Steph moved her kiss lower, pulling Susan’s erect nipple between her teeth.

Susan arched into her, threading her hands into Steph’s long blond hair, holding her tighter. It had never been just the two of them. It was incredible, and knowing Ken would be walking in on them shortly, made Susan’s pulse race. Steph pushed Susan on to her back, and looked down at her. “I hear him, ready?”

“I’m ready.” Susan said, watching as Steph turned, swinging her leg over Susan, lowering herself, till Susan could kiss her already wet pussy. Steph moaned at the pleasure of Susan’s touch, She then lowered her mouth to Susan, nibbling her clit as she did. Susan heard the door open. The woman continued to pleasure each other, both aware of Ken’s eyes watching them. Susan could feel him in the room. She had always had that ability, she knew where he was always, without seeing him. He was circling the bed, taking the two in from all angles.

She knew the second he sat down in the chair in the corner, he would watch, she knew he would. He would let them dig their own grave. The punishment would be severe. They görükle escort both knew that. All they would have had to do was ask permission, he would have granted it. But they wanted to surprise him. To show him their acceptance of each other.

Susan rocked against Steph’s mouth, as she continued to lick the length of her. She loved the taste of Steph, sweet, hot, She had realized she could not get enough of the taste. She loved making Steph cum, feeling her body spasm at her touch. She knew she was close, she rocked harder, felt Steph stiffen, knew she was about to let go. They came together. They often did, they had gotten so used to each other’s rhythms.

Susan softened her kiss, bringing Steph down slowly, the adrenalin was high, she knew for Steph too. She stroked her hands down Steph’s ass, down her thighs, sending her a silent form of support.. “Did you two whore’s enjoy yourselves?” Ken said from the corner. Susan was not sure how to answer. She had planned so carefully for this, and never anticipated him asking that question. Steph moved to the side, looking down at Susan. She was just as stumped.

She turned her head to look at Ken, who just raised his eyebrows at her. “Surprise Daddy?” she said, more as a question than an answer. She thought she saw the corners of his mouth curve up. She wasn’t sure.

“Get over here bitch.” he said looking into her eyes. She knew to crawl, she knew she had pushed him too far today, best not to make it worse. She crawled across the room, and knelt in front of him. “Something tells me, you were the mastermind behind this?”

She lowered her eyes, “Yes Daddy.” He grabbed her hair, and yanked her head back. forcing her to look at him. His blue eyes, now gray with passion. “Yes, Daddy.” she said again, just calling him Daddy made her drip, his hand in her hair, drove her mad.

“That’s a good girl for telling the truth.” he released her hair. “You too, get your ass over here slut.” he said, Susan lowered her head again, and waited for Steph to join her, kneeling in front of him. “You görükle escort bayan thought it was a good idea to go along with her?”

“Yes Sir.” Steph said, looking him in the eye. Always the more defiant of the two, always trying to push him.

He stood, and moved behind them. He grabbed Steph by the hair raising her to her feet. “Assume the position bitch”

“Yes Sir.” she said, and bent at the waist her hands braced on the arms of the chair. Susan looked up into his eyes. So dark, as he removed his belt, she felt the wetness grow between her legs.

“She gets 3.” he said, then knelt his arms braced on his thighs. “You get 6 cunt. Understand, no one touches my pussy, either of them, without my permission. You will both learn to obey me.”

“Yes Daddy.” Susan watched as he moved behind Steph, and brought his belt down across her ass 3 times. She cried out in pain, with each hit. Susan knew she was close to cumming, Susan was afraid she would when he hit her. That would be frowned upon

When he finished the third swing, he reached out and gently stroked Steph’s ass, soothing slightly the sting he had caused. He pulled Steph up, and against his body, kissing her neck. “Go lay on the bed, on the far side, spread your legs.” he said, with a slight gentleness to his voice

“Yes Sir.” Steph said moving across the room.

“Let’s go cunt, assume the position.” The angry tone returned to his voice. When Susan heard that tone, she could not help but obey him. Her legs shook as she stood, she bent, and grabbed the arms of the chair in a death grip. He leaned in close to her. “I dare you to cum bitch. I dare you.” his voice alone almost did her in, she was screwed, she would cum. She knew it, he knew it, the laugh he gave her was proof of that.

The first strike of the belt was deeply painful, it always was, The second, sent her somewhere, only Daddy had ever taken her. It was a place of euphoria, a place of inner peace, a place she had longed to be all her life, and never realized it before Daddy found her. The bursa escort third hit the orgasm came, and she had no ability to stop it, no care to stop it. She was lost in Daddy’s hands.

She lost track of the hits, she knew she came again. He caught her just seconds before her legs gave out. He held her against him. “Look at me bitch.”

Susan fought to focus, knowing he wanted her to come back to him. She was so lost, she was fighting to come back to the present. “Babygirl, look at me.” he said again, his tone pulled her to him, it was like a moth to a flame, her eyes focused on him, he held her gaze. “There you are.” he said, as his hands moved to caress her very sore ass, she flinched slightly. “Someone is going to be sore for a few days. Maybe she will learn her place. Go lay down next to Steph, legs open.”

“Yes Daddy.” she was exhausted, weak, shaking, but she obeyed. When he moved over her, he drove hard and deep into her very wet pussy. He pushed her legs back, her knees almost touching her shoulders, and drove hard.

“Look at me.” he said, Susan opened her eyes, and looked into his. “Cum bitch, and don’t you dare close your eyes. You do not look away from me. ” Her orgasm was hard, she had to fight to stay with him, he was so deep, driving so hard. It was so hard she thought she might pass out. Just as quickly he left her, he moved to Steph, and drove into her, his hand going around her throat. “You two will learn to behave, you two will learn who is in control. Cum whore.” he yelled.

Susan tried to focus, as he leaned over grabbing her jaw to make her look back at him. “you want to taste my cum bitch? Do you?”

“Yes Please Daddy.” Susan answered, licking her lips.

“NO! This was all your idea, and you came when I clearly told you not to. Steph gets my cum slut, and you will watch her get it.” He grabbed Susan’s hair, and pulled her into a kneeling position on the bed. He then stood, taking Steph with him, pushing her to the floor in front of him. Susan watched as Steph opened her mouth to take his cock, he fucked her mouth so hard, Susan almost cried with want, wishing it were her. When he growled his release, she looked up into his eyes. They were locked on her’s. But she saw the love in his eyes, she knew the punishments were a part of that. She knew she would try harder to always obey her Daddy.

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