Happy New Years Ch. 03

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Big Mike came over later that night to watch sports and have drinks with Josh. Mia waited with anticipation for the toys and for what Mike would make her do, her imagination going wild as she envisioned what toys he had in mind for her.

As usual, Mia served drinks to the two men, wearing a tank top and yoga pants, accentuating the curves of her ass. She noticed several times both men watching her as she walked away and enjoyed the stares, only fueling the feeling in her body.

Mia was returning from the kitchen with another round of beers when Josh passed her in the hall on the way to the bathroom. He was definitely a little tipsy. Mia handed Mike a beer and then placed another on the end table for Josh when he returned. She sat down at her favorite spot on the couch, which also just happened to be the farthest seat from Mike.

“Its been a bit, how about you show me those lovely tits of yours slut”, Mike finally said after a few moments of silence between them. The suddenness of the demand surprised her at first and caused her to hesitate slightly, turning back to check the hallway and the bathroom door, still shut. Giving Mike a glare, she lifted the tank top up to expose her breasts to him. She enjoyed being seen by him, even more so being told what to do, and could maintain the look of anger on her face. “Mmmmm now that’s a good girl.” He got up, pulling a small baggie with a powdery substance inside and poured it into Josh’s beer.

“Wait. What are you doing?” Mia asked concerned.

“Don’t worry, its an over the counter sedative, to help him sleep. Nothing bad” Mike explained as he pocketed the baggie and returned to his seat. “You can cover yourself back up haha” as she noticed she had been holding up her tank top for a while waiting to be told otherwise. “You’re quite the obedient slut, aren’t you?”

Before Mia could respond to his rhetorical question, Josh returned from the bathroom. He grabbed his beer and took a heavily drink of it before he was yelling obscenities at the TV over a poor play of the Seattle Seahawks. Mia watched in silence as Josh became even more tipsy and less responsive as sleep slowly took over his body. By the end of the game, Josh was snoring, passed out on the couch.

The TV being turned off forced Mia’s gaze from Josh to Mike, he had a sly smile across his face and she knew his games were about to begin. “I’m going to go get your new toys from my car, you go up to the bedroom and undress” as he got up from the couch and walked towards the door.

Mia watched him walk from the couch to the door and stared at the door for a few moments trying to imagine what was about to happen, wondering if she should continue obeying him. But she couldn’t risk that video being made public and Josh finding out about her secret activities. She took one more look at Josh before disappearing behind the corner and up the stairs to the bedroom. Mia took a deep breath started to undress, lifting her tank top up and off, peeling away the skintight yoga pants. the sandman izle Hearing the door open and closed shocked her for a moment and then quickly stepped out of her pink and black thong, putting the clothes in the dirty clothes basket. She stood by the bed, completely exposed, not bothering to cover herself up since Mike had already seen all of her.

Mike opened the door and smiled seeing her naked body, seeing his lustful eyes made her spine shiver with excitement. She loved that look in men’s eyes as they saw her. Her own eyes drifted down and didn’t have to look long to see his cock bulging through his pants, threatening to break free from the fabric. He walked over to the bed and dumped the contents of the bag. A variety of items fell out, various sizes of stainless steel jewel anal plugs, a small ‘U’ shaped rubber toy that confused her, a couple bottles of lube, and a dildo with a suction cup, bigger than Josh but smaller than Big Mike.

Picking up the ‘U’ shaped toy, “This one has me quite excited, with this part inside of you and this part pressed against your clit, I can control the vibrations from an app on my phone from any distance, maybe while you’re at work, or shopping, or just home alone with Josh” giving her a wink. “And these will be useful for opening up and training that sweet ass of yours you love to tease men with” picking up the various sizes of plugs.

Mia stood there in silence, not wanting to give away her own excitement for the toys and ideas he was proposing. She had never inserted anything into her virgin backdoor but was definitely willing to try. Josh had never proposed the idea and she had never wanted to seem like a slut. Mia had always assumed only girls in porn and gay guys did anal sex.

After a moment of silence between them, Mike speaks up, “Come over here and undress me and I’ll give you this cock you love so much.”

“I do NOT love that cock” Mia proclaimed, knowing she was lying to herself and him. She took a few steps closer to him and reached out to lift his shirt up and threw it on the floor. Looking into Mikes eyes to avoid staring at his bulging cock, her hands went to the button and zipper of his pants but before she could open his pants, she felt a hand on her shoulder lightly pushing her down, “On your knees” he said softly.

Realizing she was holding her breath, she exhaled slowly and dropped to her knees, her face level now with the imprint of his huge cock. Unbuttoning and lowering the zipper of his pants with trembling fingers, she then pulled at his pants until they dropped to his ankles, his briefs leaving even less to the imagination now. She slid her fingers underneath the waistband of his briefs and tugged at them, his cock springing free with a surprising amount of force, inches from her face. She couldn’t help but stare at this cock, “are you going to stare at my cock forever or are you going to finish undressing me my little cock whore?”

Mia shot him another glare the snow girl izle before sliding his briefs the rest of the way down his legs, removing his socks as well. Once he was naked completely, she stared up at him. She didn’t want to seem too eager by going for his cock even though that was all she could think about. She wanted it in her hand, wanted to feel it in her mouth and throat. More then anything, she had been craving it in her pussy, and she was dripping already with excitement, secretly hoping Big Mike would finally fuck her with that huge cock of his. She wanted to feel guilty about her thoughts and feelings but there was no room for guilt in her head now.

Mike rested a hand on her chin, caressing it before gently pulling her mouth closer to his cock. Mia knew what he wanted, she wanted it too. She opened her mouth slightly, allowing the feel of her lips to touch the head of his cock, enveloping it entirely as she slid it into her mouth, feeling the tip with her tongue. Mia closed her eyes, she missed the thickness, the taste. She could feel a vein on his member pulsing on her lips as she eased herself down to take more of it into her mouth. Only half down on his cock and she could already feel it in the back of her throat. Unable to restrain herself any longer, Mia let out a soft moan on the monster of a cock and let her hand wander to her throbbing wetness. She could feel him getting even larger and thicker as she continued to take him deeper into her mouth and throat.

“Mmmmm that’s right, get it nice and wet, its going into your tight pussy next.”

Mia shuddered with excitement, edging on an orgasm already at those words, craving it so badly. She increased her pace and took the entire cock down to the base, feeling his balls rest on her chin as she used her tongue along the length of his cock. She needed to feel this cock inside her pussy. It was no longer a want or a fantasy, it was something her body required. Mia looked up at Big Mike, pleading with her lustful eyes, for the cock deep in her throat to fill her other dripping hole.

She felt Mike grab a handful of her hair and thrust roughly into her mouth, feeling her face pressed heavily into his groin. With his cock fully inside of her, he then walked them both a few steps to the bed and grabbed the dildo, dropping it in front of her.

It wasn’t the cock she desired, but for now it would have to do and it was clear what he wanted. Mia lifted her ass up off the floor and stood the rubber cock up underneath her. The moment it touched her pussy lips, she could already feel it was thicker than anything she had taken before. Still paying attention to the cock in her mouth, she lowered herself down on the dildo, taking the head into her tight wet pussy. Once the head of the fake cock was inside of her, she knew she needed to feel all of it. Mia pushed herself the rest of the way down the cock, surprising herself that every inch disappeared into her needy cunt.

Feeling the spencer sisters izle fuller than she ever had with a cock down her throat and another in her pussy, she lightly brushed a finger across her clit, pushing her over the edge. Having to pull her mouth off Big Mike’s cock, she screamed loudly and came hard, soaking the fake cock and the floor below her with her juices.

Panting and trying to catch her breath, she looked up at Mike, his slippery cock still inches from her face. She knew he was still longer and thicker than the cock she currently had buried inside of her and that just made her crave it even more. Her lips formed the one word he had been waiting for, “please” she whispered.

Mike smirked, knowing he was in complete control. He owned her mind and body now and they both knew it. He lifted her up slowly and pushed her onto the bed, turning her over onto her hands and knees. Mia felt immediately empty and disappointed when she was lifted off the rubbery cock but knew something even better was to come so she didn’t complain. “Beg for my cock you little slut, tell me how badly you need it.”

Without any second thought or hesitation, she reached underneath her and passed her legs for his cock behind her and stroked it, trying to pull it closer to her, “I need your cock Sir. I desperately need it inside of me. I want to feel you pounding deep into me, stretching me wider and deeper than anything has before! Please FUCK ME!”

Apparently satisfied with her response, he thrusts into her soaked pussy. Filling her with his entire cock in one forceful stroke. She screamed out in a loud mix of pain and pleasure. She loved his cock, she loved how rough and forceful he was. Mia felt him grab both of her wrists and hold them behind her back with one hand, forcing her head into the mattress. Mike starting pounding into her with reckless abandon, reveling in the moans and screams of his cock craving whore. With his free hand, he brought it down hard on her ass, spanking her and leaving a palm sized mark on her ass, hearing her yelp as she squeezed his cock with her tight pussy.

Already feeling a powerful orgasm building inside of her, each thrust and spank pushing her closer and closer until she tightened around his cock like a vice and screaming loudly into the mattress. Her tight pussy milking his cock as he groans and thrusts one more time deep into her and fills her with his seed. Mike slowly starts to slide his cock out of her cunt, once he is free of her juicy grasp, her body collapses down onto the bed and his cum puddles out, soaking the comforter.

Feeling delirious and still riding waves of the strongest orgasm she’s felt so far, she hardly notices Mike getting dress and walking over to the other side of the bed to look her in the face. “Be sure to hide these somewhere safe and clean up after yourself slut, we’ll be in touch.”

Mike left without another word. Hearing the door open and close, she rested and recovered for a few more moments before slowly getting up and putting her new toys into a box and hiding it under the bed. Once the toys safely hidden, Mia noticed the puddle of cum that had accumulated on the bed from her pussy. Remembering the taste from before, she reached out, scooped a little bit with her fingers and sucked her fingers clean.

This is my life now, she thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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