Hard Day’s Work Pays Off Ch. 01

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It had been a hard day at work. David had been through the ringer with his bosses. His Assistant Director had just quit and now his secretary wanted her week’s vacation. The only thing he wanted to do was sit down at a bar and drink. He’d completely forgotten about talking with Denise, his online sex goddess. She was supposed to meet him at this same bar, but he’d forgotten, kind of been there, done that type of deal. They had set other times to meet before, but nothing panned out.

So there he was sitting up at the bar, kind of at the corner of the bar, to give him a view of the TV and the rest of the bar. He’d already had two Jack and Cokes and was starting to feel a little better.

Out of the corner of his eye he catches a glimpse of a white dress and blonde hair. He looks over at the most sexy woman he’s ever seen. He thinks he recognizes her, but not sure from where. She comes up to the bar and orders a Mexican Martini and sits two stools away. She crosses her legs and sits a little sideways in his direction. David doesn’t think anything about this, but he does wish he could have her.

After the sexy girl gets her drink and takes a few sips, she asks David for a napkin. Then it hits him, it’s her, Denise, his online goddess. He asks, “Is your name Denise?” To which she answers, “It is if you’re David.” His cock went hard instantly. He moves closer to the seat right next to her, brushing up against her leg with his. They pick up talking just like old kartal escort times online. They begin catching up on work, family, and then both of their favorites, SEX. She likes to touch when she talks and is touching his arm and legs over and over. David returns the touches, lightly touching Denise’s hand, arm, and knee.

After carrying on for a while Denise excuses herself to the ladies room. When she’s getting off the stool she balances herself on the stool and David’s leg, moving her hand up his thigh until she touches his hardening cock. She then continues walking to the rest room, then looks back and winks at David. He can’t believe it. He is here with the sexiest woman alive.

He orders another drink for both of them, then calls his wife to tell her he’ll be home late tonight. When she answers she is pissed. She’s been with the kids all day and wanted to have a night of piece and quiet. After she’s done yelling at him he challenges her and says “Fine, get a sitter and come out to meet me.” He knows that on a Thursday night, at the last minute, there will be no way for that to happen. He tells her the bar he’s at and says he’ll talk to her later.

Denise then walks back and says is everything ok. David just says yes and that he’d just talked to his wife who’s at home. He then excuses himself now to go to the restroom. He looks back at Denise who winks at him as he walks away.

As he’s standing in front of the urinal, he once again notices how kartal otele gelen escort hard his cock is, so it takes a while for the peeing to begin. As he’s finishing up he hears the door open and then the clicking of thin heels across the floor. He thinks this is a little weird, but then he feels a hand come around to his front and grab his cock. As he’s about to jerk away, he notices that’s its Denise, who puts a finger to his mouth to be quiet. She then leads him to a stall and locks the door behind them.

She had him sit on the toilet backwards, facing the wall. She sits on him, kissing him deeply. They even have some extra room, as she picked the handicapped stall. She then puts her feet on the hand rails and pulls David’s face tightly into her pantyhosed pussy. He can smell how turned on she is and can feel the wetness as he cups her tight ass cheeks. She commands him to lick her wet hot pussy, which he doesn’t need a second command to do. He dives in…licking and sucking away. Slurping sounds filling the air he continues to attack this nasty sex goddess. He then starts to tear apart her pantyhose with his teeth. He’s got to get to that clit of hers.

She starts encouraging him with, “that’s it lover, eat the juicy pussy!!” She’s fucking his face, slapping her cunt into his mouth. The pussy juice is dripping off of her, landing on his still exposed hard cock. David’s fingers are wet also, he starts rubbing her tight kartal eve gelen escort little asshole with his index finger. She can’t take much more, as soon as he shoves a finger up inside her tight ass she convulses with her first orgasm.

David lowers her down slowly, on to his still hard cock. She needs to catch her breath, her chest is heaving up and down. David shoves the dress and bra to the side and starts to suck on her hard big nipples. They begin to kiss again; Denise loves the taste of pussy, including her own. She’s cleaning David’s face as a cat would her loving kittens. They then start a slow fuck, David lifting Denise at first, then Denise driving herself up and down on his rigid cock. She’s using his broad shoulders as support to lift her up.

They continue this fuck fest for what seems like hours, until his cell phone rings with his wife’s ring that he’s set up. He finds the phone in his pants pocket, telling Denise to be quiet. He says hello, then a look of shock comes over his face. He says “I’m still here, just in the bathroom.” Then shock runs down Denise’s face.

They both get dressed and put themselves back together. He tells her that he’ll go out first. He kisses Denise one quick peck…then proceeds to back to the bar. When he gets to the bar he doesn’t see his wife. Denise quickly is by his side again at the bar, while David looks around the bar for his wife. In Suzanne walks, as if in slow motion while she’s walking over he takes a deep breath and then smells it, the scent of his lover. Suz walks up and kisses him on his lips, fully inserting her tongue. She says, “What have you been eating, it tastes good.” He turns bright red as he notices Denise winking at him out of the corner of his eye.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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