Hard To Learn # 601

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Big Dick

Before I start the final chapter of my story, below is just one of the many e-mails I have received from black men about my story and me. I must have struck a nerve, be very close to the truth or close to home with my statements about blacks trying to fuck whites and then humiliating and blackmailing them and destroying their lives. Please read the comment.


Guess I made him mad with the truth about his kind taking advantage of white women.

Anyway, on with my story!

Bud finished listening to Lisa’s telling him about her life over the past 8 months. He also finished watching the video he had received in the mail. Without say anything he just sat there looking at an imaginary spot on the wall. He couldn’t deal with all the things he had seen and heard regarding his wife’s involvement with the Black organization called HTL.

The call came in just like Jerome told them it would. A voice which Lisa said was Jerome’s said, “I take it this is Bud?”

Bud told him, “Yes and I take it this is Jerome?”

The voice laughed a little. Then said, “OK! Good you answered the phone, shows guts. Now I am assuming you saw the tape by now. And are now waiting to hear what I want in order to hold off sending the same thing to the many people I intend to if you don’t cooperate.”

Bud said, “Well I’m listening but I have to tell you…..”

Jerome who yelled interrupted him, ” Look motherfucker, you don’t tell me anything. I’m only going to say this one time and one time only. You will have to do what I say, exactly as I say, or the motherfucking tape will be mailed. So shut your fucking ass up and just listen pussy.”

Bud didn’t say anything. And then after a few seconds Jerome said, “Good! Now that we understand each other! I plan to be Lisa’s man. I plan to come to your house with a few of my boys and fuck Lisa whenever I want. You will back the fuck off completely. You won’t have a say in this part of my demand. You will either sit and watch me fuck your wife like you never will be able to do or leave. If you try to stop us you will be beaten and restrained. If you call the cops the film goes out. You will agree in writing to release your wife to me in all aspects of her life. OH you’ll still stay married to the bitch but she will be my white slave. She will do my bidding and only fuck me and those I let her fuck. You will not be allowed to sleep in the same bed she does or touch her at any time unless you beg me for it. And then I might just kick your ass out of the room. Now we can talk about the next part but I want to ask you how you feel right now.”

Bud didn’t say anything for a few minutes and then said, “Well I want to talk with Lisa first before I give you my answer.”

Jerome said, “Put the bitch on the phone.”

Bud put Jerome on the speakerphone for the first time. Lisa said, “Yes Jerome I’m here.”

Jerome said, “Well how do you feel baby? I told you last night this would happen and since you didn’t do what I told you, your life and the life of your entire family is now in my hands. But that’s not what I want to ask you. I want you to look at your pussyass husband and tell him that you want me to come over tonight and fuck you so we won’t release the film you saw. Tell him baby!”

Lisa looked at her husband and didn’t know what to say, “Bud took the phone from her and said, “Why not come over tonight and we’ll talk!”

Jerome said, “OK! That sounds like a man who has already decided what he wants to do. I’ll be there at 7PM have dinner ready for me and 4 of my men. Lisa knows what we like. And have a lot of drinks too Lisa.”

Bud said, “Are you afraid to come here by yourself?”

Jerome said, “Afraid? No Bud I’m not afraid but I’m not crazy either. If I came alone you just might go crazy seeing me fucking your sweet wife with my 14-inch cock and try to kill me. That won’t do. Now if you want to meet one on one, how about a safe place. Someplace neither of us can or would be able to do anything to the other?”

Bud said, “OK asshole where?”

Jerome said, ‘Your church. Yes Bud, I know everything about you and your sweet whore of a wife. Your church on 7th street is open until 6:30PM every night. I’ll meet you there and we can chat. Oh and don’t bring the bitch with you or anyone else!”

Bud said, “Deal! And if you don’t want the cops all over you, you will be alone or I’ll know and won’t show. I’m not crazy either.”

Jerome said, “I’ll only have my driver and he’ll drive around the block until we’re done he won’t be with me.”

Jerome had done this sort of thing many times. He always used the Ataşehir Türbanlı Escort church because he knew the husband would think it would be safe. It was except, while the husband was in church his men would be at the house waiting for him to come back. If his wife didn’t go with him, so much the better, Jerome said to himself. If she did then when they got home his men would take them both. Jerome had 10 or 20 men that would swear he was with them filming another ad for his fine organization. He always had an alibi. He already had it taken and waiting.

So Bud called Brad, Molly’s husband and told him everything he knew. Brad dropped the phone twice and finally he and Molly came over to the house and they all talked. Brad told Bud while the two women were making drinks what he had planned and Brad agreed he would help. Brad was going to call his brother too and ask him for some help.

Then Brad told Bud he was going to dump his wife if she have a black kid and if she wouldn’t give it up for adoption. He wanted no part of a black kid running around the house with his other three kids. Bud told him he didn’t know what to do yet. Brad told Bud he was almost sure Molly was having a black kid. Bud said he was sure too that Lisa would be having twins and that they too were most likely black. He hadn’t been able to decide what he wanted to do yet. Both women were 7 months pregnant and both had been drugged and bred as jerome put it. That was the only reason Bud was still there with Lisa.

With everything planned, Brad and Molly left Bud’s house. And Bud went to the church alone but armed. He was sure Jerome was setting him up or at least he would be armed too.

When Bud reached the church he parked his car under the light in the front of the small church and went in. About 20 minutes later Jerome came in alone. He smiled when he saw Bud alone too. Jerome said, “Say what you want man and hurry up. I can’t wait to get to your house and fuck some more of your old lady’s pussy! Umm! Man she was so tight when I first took her.”

He waited to see the reaction on Bud’s face and he wasn’t disappointed. Bud said, “OK! No more of that you cocksucker.”

Jerome said, ‘Don’t call me that again or this meeting is over and your ass will know all about sucking and fucking!”

Bud said, “Is it money you want? If you plan to blackmail me I have to tell you we’re not rich.”

Jerome laughed and said, “No man it’s not about money, well not only money. You just don’t get it do you? It’s about power man. Power, Bud, and the enjoyment of what I am doing to you and your white ass. However before I’m done I’ll own everything you have and guess what? Your wife will be happy to give it to me. She is my slave, my white whore of a slave. She will never be happy with you or your white sex again.

She may not want my cock and me now but eventually she will desire it again and then again and again. Face it man, your time with her is over. Your time as her man is over too. In fact, the time of the white man everywhere is over. We will take more and more of your women, fuck then and make lots of nigger babies for you to support and rise. While you is working we’ll be home, your home, fucking your wife and having more kids. And they will welcome us. More and more people will see it happening and over time the majority will accept it as a normal thing, black men and white women. They will eventually stop looking at us as we walk them around in malls and stores showing them off to the poor white man It will grow to be fully accepted and eventually we’ll be the majority and dominate your race like you have done to us for 100s of years. We’ll be fucking all the white women we can and your poor white ass will just stand there, pay for us to have fun with your women and watch us do it. There’s nothing you can do about it Bud. Nothing.

I mean more and more the young white girls are fucking blacks men every year. The word is spread that we have bigger and harder cock and we last longer. Even if it’s not really true, more white women are wondering about it and sooner or later many of them will try it. And as they do more and more will talk about the thrill of it, the taboo of it will make it much more exciting than fucking you white guys. They will talk with their girl friends and the word will grow and grow and grow. Hell Bud, we have more white pussy now than we can handle. The white bitch is so fucking dumb compared to our black bitches! They believe when we tell them we love them and they open them white thighs for us and we go wild fucking their small white pussy.

You do know it’s every black man’s dream to fuck a white woman? And the best ending of fucking her is to have her let us do it bareback and knock her up. It’s in our blood baby! We just love sinking our cocks into white pussy and making them do things with us that they would never do with their white boy friends or husbands. They turn into whores once the color taboo is broken. They just seem to become more evil and Ataşehir Otele Gelen Escort willing to fuck us like a whore to show us how sexy they are and how good a fuck they are. I know your wife went crazy on at last 16 black men when she was away from you for one week in New Orleans. Sixteen black men in one week Bud, have you ever fucked her 16 times in any week since you have been married? I don’t think so. And she did other things Bud, things she never done with you. And your wife was just one of the many.

But Lisa is special Bud. She is extremely sexy, beautiful, built like a black woman and fucks like a dream I have to give her that! I couldn’t get enough of her and I know she felt the same way about me. And because it that Bud, we have a special place for her in our organization.

Now what was it you felt you had to say to me face to face that you couldn’t say over the phone?”

Bud was boiling but he stayed cool he said, “And if I won’t agree to let you destroy me and my life with Lisa? Then what?”

Jerome said, “Well I don’t see where you have any say in it. I have all I need in order to destroy your lives. And you’ll loose everything anyway.”

Bud said, “Well you are right Lisa does want to see you and since you are a man and did come alone. I’m going to allow it just this once.”

Jerome laughed and said, “Allow it!!! You are an arrogant bastard Bud I have to give you that! If I want, all I have to do is wait until you leave for work on any day and then call her. She will come to me if I tell her to Bud and you’re not there to stop her. Or, I might decide to fuck her again in your bed Bud. Did that upset you when you found out I fucked her along with a few of my closest friends in your own bed? Did you cry when she told you about all the black cock she took over these months? Were you ready to kill me when she told you about me shooting my load all over your side of the bed? Well Bud? Did she tell you I wouldn’t let her change those sheets and we had you slept on my dry cum more than once?”

He saw the look on Bud’s face and continued, “No, I can see it in your face, she didn’t tell you that part. Did she tell you how she met us at the door nude and ready to fuck three men at once? No! You didn’t know that until you saw it on the DVD. OK Bud I’ll play your game let’s go to your house.”

They left with Bud driving his car and Jerome’s driver picked him up. They met again at his house. When Bud stood by the door of Jerome’s limo he had his gun at the ready. Jerome’s driver was still in the car. Bud told him if he tried anything, anything at all Jerome would be the first to die. Jerome told his driver, “Stay in the car man, I’ll be OK.”

As Jerome walked inside he saw Lisa sitting on the sofa with her hands folded. He came in and said, “Hey baby! Come here and give me some sugar.”

He immediately felt a gun pressed to the back of his head. He was told by Brad to shut up and place his hands behind his back. Bud shut the door and Jerome did what Brad told him to do. But he said, “Well Bud. I guess you just can’t trust white folks.”

He laughed as Bud cuffed him. Jerome was then pushed into the living room and then down into a chair. It was then that he saw the other two black men gagged and bound in the corner by the fireplace. He smiled and said, “And I guess I underestimated you Bud. That’s one on me! So now what you gonna kill the three of us? Don’t forget my driver? He’s already on the phone with my other friends Bud. You gonna watch for us all the time and kill us all?”

Bud said, “As much as you need killing Jerome, and as much as I would love to be the one to do it, I want to tell you something. Then believe it or not, I’m going to let you go with the police as I press charges against you for rape, robbery and breaking and entering.”

Lisa is ready to testify against you and your organization and so are 7 other women. It’s your time that’s just about over asshole.”

Jerome laughed and said, “And how many times do you think I have had that threat before Bud? If you watched the DVD closely you would have seen and heard each black man asked the white women to put their cocks in their pussy, every time.

There’s no rape Bud, each woman actually put our black cocks in their white cunts. Ain’t that right Lisa? They were all asked and they all did it for us. Then the other bullshit of robbery and breaking and entering how you going to prove that?”

Bud said, “We’ll all testify. And…..”

Jerome almost laughed as he interrupted Bud saying, “And it will be your word against yours. We’ll counter sue for assault and battery. Look at those poor black men all tired up. I’m a very important person Bud, who are they going to believe?”

Bud didn’t answer him he knew Jerome didn’t want this publicity. He finally said, “As least we’ll get out time in court and with the press.”

Jerome stopped smiling and said, “OK look what do you want?”

Bud said, “Nothing except to expose you Ataşehir Ucuz Escort for what you are which is a big time fucking pimp and criminal, a little gangster!”

The police showed up and arrested all three of the black men. They put them in jail, including Jerome. He and his men were all out one hour later on bail. He called Bud and told him he was out of jail and would see him real soon. The trail was scheduled for 3 months from now. So Bud had to guard his house and family for three months, which was impossible since he went to work. Lisa was on her own a lot of the time. She drove the kids to school and back. She was scared to death but nothing happened for another month. She was now in her 9th month and very heavy with the babies.

One day she got a phone call from work telling her that her position had been eliminated because of budget cuts. And, that once she was off of her 10 weeks of maternity leave she would not be hired back and should look for another job. It was as shock that one of the 4th grade leading teaching jobs was removed but the referendum was defeated and she knew there was going to be cut backs if that happened. Then Molly called a day later and told her she to wasn’t going to be hired back either. Lisa knew it was Jerome. She couldn’t prove it but she knew. The union was told that if a job opened back up both women would be hired back based on seniority.

Then a week later, Lisa got a call from her sisters in New York and Philadelphia and her mother in Virginia. All had received a copy of the sex DVD and played it as per the letter. The letter was unsigned but the women watched the video and were coming to see her over the weekend. Lisa was so embarrassed and humiliated but she couldn’t talk them out of visiting them. She told Bud she would have to tell her sisters and mom why she did what she had done. Bud reminded her that she was drugged and they both knew this could and most likely would happen. But Lisa was about to have a nervous breakdown. She was bed ridden now for the most part. The doctor only allowed her to go out with her husband once a week for an hour or so. She was to rest and given a small dose of a mild sedative.

Then later on she got calls from neighbors calling her a whore and a black cum slut, etc. etc. She and Molly should “Fucking move to the slums or the projects and fuck all the blacks they wanted there.”

They all hoped she and Molly had AIDs and worst etc. They didn’t want her, Molly or them in the neighborhood.”

Then about a week after the neighbors stopped calling there were new phone calls from some church members who told her she was a disgraced to her race and an embarrassed to decent black people as well. They suggest she not come back to the church. One actually told her she should kill herself before she had those damn black kids. Molly received the same messages from the so-called church going folks.

Then one day about a week later while she was shopping with Bud for food, she passed a news stand. As she walked pass she just happened to glance at the paper. She saw her best and only remaining friend Molly’s face on the front page. They quickly purchased a paper to find that Molly died a horrible death by taking an overdose of some drug while being pregnant. They hadn’t recognized the drug yet, but Lisa knew what it was!

Molly was found in the back alley of a black bar and dance hall well noted for drugs and prostitution. Her body was nude and she was beaten to death. There were definite signs of rape too. Her unborn child, who was black by the way, was dead too. There were no clues at this time as to who did it.

Lisa then had her nervous break down. Bud had to stay home the last two weeks taking vacation and sick time before the babies were born. All the time he and Lisa stayed together they both wondered about the babies, but neither of them was brave enough to talk about what would happen if they were black.

Lisa was one of the lucky ones. The other husbands divorced their cheating wives within weeks of them having found out they were due to have a baby. And, that baby was most likley a mixed color baby. Jerome wasn’t kidding, one of his men were there almost minutes after the husband left. These men then made slaves of the white wife and lived off the husband’s support checks. They took and took and took until the poor woman had nothing left to give.

Lisa knew from what Jerome told her that these women would have more mixed children and were breaded and whored out for all to see that they had been fucked by a black man. Black men would now begin to share them and eventually she would have to move in with one of them permentally to survive. Their lives were as good as over. In a few years most acquired some venereal disease or AIDS. The rest when reaching an age that wasn’t appealing, where left to fend for themselves, or were put out on the street to fuck and suck for a living. Jerome’s people control that end of the system as well.

When Lisa’s babies were born, they were in fact black, not light but dark color. Bud was sick and Lisa told him she wanted to die. When she told the authorities she was raped and drugged, they finally decide to work with an adoption agency. The children were awarded to a black family in LA who couldn’t have any children. It was the best thing for the children.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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