Hardcore Holiday Ch. 11

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Talk I did, for the next three hours, desperately trying to convince Mikey and Jackson not to go and do something they would regret and eventually they calmed down enough for me to explain my idea to them.

“If we go about this the right way Franco will do whatever we ask,” I told the two of them.

“Do you think he is just going to rollover that easily?” Jackson asked.

“After seeing the state he was in when I left I do yes.”

“You better be right,” Mikey said. “That bastard put us through hell.”

“Trust me I think we will all do alright out of this,” I told the two of them.

“So when will he show his face?” Jackson asked.

“He won’t I’ve got to take you to him,” I replied.

Mikey and Jackson looked at each other, before turning back to face me.

“Are you sure we can trust you?” Mikey asked.

“Fucking hell Mikey of course you can.” I shouted.

“Okay we will but you better not double cross us.”

“I swear I won’t,” I said. “But when you see him no violence okay?”

“It’ll be hard but I’ll try,” Mikey said. “All I want to do is beat him to a pulp.”

“That’s understandable,” I replied. “Shall we go then?”

“What’s the rush?” Jackson asked reaching for my flaccid cock and wrapping his hand around it.

I opened my mouth to respond only for Mikey to clamp his mouth over mine, preventing me saying anything, as Jackson stroked my cock back to full hardness. Once I was as hard as I was going to get, and with Mikey’s tongue snaking around the inside of my mouth, Jackson lowered his head. At first all he did was flick his tongue over the opening in the end of my cock, and lick my whole shaft, before taking my full length into his mouth and begin sucking me slowly.

While Jackson was busy sucking my cock Mikey stopping kissing me, withdraw his mouth, and replaced it with his semi-hard shaft.

“Suck me Dan,” Mikey said. “Make me as hard as you.”

With his cock virtually brushing against my lips I had no choice but to open my mouth and, as soon as I did, Mikey slid his cock slowly into my waiting orifice. Closing my lips I closed my eyes and started to bob my head back and forth, along Mikey’s full shaft, until he virtually filled my mouth with his hardness, and as soon as he was Jackson removed his mouth from me.

Mikey did the same and removed his mouth, before turning around and he started to lower his tight ass onto my throbbing, wet cock while Jackson held me. Being as wet as my cock was, thanks to Jackson’s mouth, I slid easily into Mikey, and he began to slowly ride me, his hard cock standing fully erect.

Looking at Mikey grinding on my cock Jackson wrapped his hand around his own and began to stroke himself slowly before taking Mikey into his mouth, and covering him with saliva. Jackson only sucked Mikey a few times before he let his cock fall from his mouth, turned around, and also began to lower himself down. I reached around Mikey an gripped his cock tightly so Jackson could lower himself onto it, just like Mikey had to me and as he did, and his weight transferred onto Mikey my cock buried itself as deep into him as it could possibly go.

With the two of them bouncing and grinding on me it didn’t take me long to reach the point of no return and, after letting out a loud moan, my cock twitched inside Mikey’s ass before I started to fire stream after stream of cum into him. Mikey groaned as my juices began to fill him and Jackson started to wank his cock furiously expecting Mikey to cum quickly, which he did, shouting out mine and Jackson’s name as he did so.

With Mikey and me fully satisfied Jackson was the only one that had yet to cum so Mikey lifted his ass from my cock, keeping his in Jackson’s, and I got on the floor in front of Jackson and replaced his hand with mine and began to wank him furiously. As my arm began to ache, and I thought he was never going to cum, Jackson called out my name, his cock twitched once in my hand and a tick stream of cum erupted from his cock, hitting me on the cheek and lips. Licking his juice off my lips I quickly opened my mouth and held myself close the end of his cock, catching the rest of his white, milky liquid.

As soon as he had finished cumming Mikey eased himself out of his ass and knelt down in front of me and we proceeded to kiss each other passionately with me transferring some, not all, of Jackson’s cum into his mouth, Jackson still stroking his cock and milking the final drip from the end.

“Now torbalı escort I am ready to go and see what Franco has to say,” Jackson said as he stood up and put his cock back inside his trousers.

“Come on then let’s go,” I said as Mikey and I stood up and dressed ourselves.

Making sure the room was locked up the three of us headed out of the hotel complex, after first getting a couple of bottles of beer each from the bar, and began the walk to where I had left Franco thinking.

As the three of us walked Mikey and Jackson explained to me how they had been blindfolded virtually all the time, even when they had been brought out of the rooms they had been held in for Franco’s escapades into film-making. Once I told them that he had promised to destroy all evidence of the filming they asked whether I had seen any of them.

“No not one,” I replied. “Wouldn’t have wanted to either.”

“Why not?” Mikey asked.

“Because if I had I think it would ruin everything that we had done together.” I said. “Besides let’s not talk about that let’s just get to Franco.”

Mikey and Jackson agreed and we opened the first of our beers, drinking them as we walked, and sooner than expected the place where Franco was appeared before us.

“Is he in there?” Jackson said stopping and pointing.

“Yes but don’t worry there’s no-one else around,” I said “At least no-one that will stop us going in.”

“But will they let us out once we are in?” Mikey asked slightly nervously.

“Franco knows not to do anything,” I said. “Besides he knows he has a lot more to lose than us.”

“Not if we are dead he doesn’t,” Jackson added.

As Jackson said it I realized that I hadn’t thought about that, but he was right. What if he had managed to get a load of his thugs there hiding in wait for the three of us to return, still it was too late to worry about that now.

“No he wouldn’t do anything,” I said trying to reassure the two of them, and myself. “Besides what choice do we have other than to trust him?”

“You could show me which room he is in a leave me with him for five minutes,” Jackson suggested.

“And apart from getting you locked up,” I said. “What would that achieve?”

“Dan’s right Jackson let’s see what the bastard has to offer us first,” Mikey said.

Jackson shrugged his shoulders and we walked up to the front door, throwing our empty bottles away as we did.

There was nobody on the door, or in the reception, as we walked in and I led Jackson and Mikey towards the door Franco was behind.

“Remember no violence,” I said.

“Just open it,” Jackson said his temper rising.

I don’t know why but before opening the door I knocked on it gently.

“Who the fuck is it,” Franco called from within.

“It’s me Franco,” I called back. “And I’m here with Mikey and Jackson.”

“They aren’t going to start are they?” Franco asked.

“They will if you don’t open this door quickly,” I said trying the handle and finding the door to be locked.

I heard the lock click, but the door stayed shut, so I pushed it open slowly myself. As soon as I had Jackson stormed into the room but as soon as he saw Franco cowering in the corner, terrified, he burst out laughing.

“Not so fucking tough without your thugs are you?” Jackson said taunting him.

“Please I’m sorry,” Franco whimpered back.

“NOT SURE IF SORRY IS GOOD ENOUGH!!!”Jackson screamed.

Mikey and I stood back while Jackson vented his spleen at Franco, unsure what to do if he did attack him, but after five minutes Jackson stopped shouting.

“Franco explain everything to these two quickly,” I said. “Before I can’t stop Jackson any longer.”

Franco did as I explained and told them everything that I had, just filling in the blanks that I had deliberately missed out, as fast as he could, never taking his eyes of Jackson. When he had finally finished Mikey and Jackson looked at me, then each other, before sitting down.

“So where do we go from here Franco?” I asked him. “And for your sake you better make it good.”

“What do you want money?” Franco said. “Okay I’ve got money. How much do you want?”

“I doubt you have enough to keep Jackson quiet,” Mikey said.

“Believe me he has got quite a bit,” I said.

“£100,000 cash to start,” Jackson said trying to test Franco.

“No problem,” he replied. “Then you’ll just go and forget about everything that has happened?”

“Are urla escort you fucking serious?” Jackson said. “I should have said £250,000.”

“And the rest of your holiday if you decide to stay,” Franco continued. “Won’t cost you anything.”

“How do you mean?” Mikey asked, just for clarification.

“Just what I said you won’t have to buy your drinks, food or anything you need for the rest of your stay.”

“That sounds okay I suppose,” Mikey said.

For the next half an hour Mikey and Jackson tried to bleed Franco dry financially, ending up with a free holiday every year for five years, free run of the hotel every year and pick of the best rooms. By the time the two of them had finished I almost felt sorry for Franco but knew he was getting away lightly, they could have reported him and had him locked away or a very long time, or done something even worse.

“Just one other thing that is bothering me though,” Jackson said.

“What’s that?” Franco asked.

“Why do it to us no-one else?”

“You had something I wanted that’s why,” Franco said.

“Oh yeah you mean Dan,” Mikey said. “I’m sure we could all have shared we don’t own him you know.”

“Hey hang on,” I said.

“What?” Jackson said with a sly smile. “I’ve never had a foursome before.”

“What are you saying?” I asked shocked.

“Surely it’s the least he owes us,” Jackson said. “After all he’s been fucking us for long enough.”

Mikey, Franco and I looked at each other, then at Jackson, wondering whether he was being serious or whether he was testing Mikey and me. We soon found out he was being serious when, without saying another word he stripped off and stood before the three of us naked, and stroking his cock to hardness.

“Well come on then strip everyone,” Jackson said.

The three of us looked at each other before slowly removing our clothes, all the time watching Jackson stroke his thick, hard shaft, until the three of us were as naked as Jackson.

“Good job the beds a big one,” Jackson said before jumping on to it. “Come on join me.”

Mikey and I slid onto the bed with Jackson, all three of our cocks rock hard, and looked over at Franco, naked and looking terrified at the foot of the bed.

“You as well Franco,” Jackson said.

Slowly Franco inched is way onto the end of the bed, stopping at the end as far away from Jackson as he could, his cock only semi-hard.

“That’s not good enough,” Jackson said looking directly at Franco’s cock. “Get it hard for fucks sake.”

“Looking slightly embarrassed Franco wrapped his hand around his shaft and start to jerk his cock furiously, desperately trying to get it hard, but nothing happened.

“Come here Franco,” I said and slid over next to him.

As Mikey and Jackson watched I wrapped my hand gently around Franco’s shaft and started to slowly stroke him, his cock finally coming to life in my hand and soon he was as hard as the rest of us.

“Much better,” Jackson said smiling. “Now get over here and start sucking my cock.”

Franco looked at me and, after I nodded to him, slowly moved over to Jackson and took hold of his cock. Slowly he lowered his head until Jackson grabbed him around the back of the neck and pulled him forcefully down, ramming his cock into his open mouth.

“Jackson for fuck sake not so rough,” I said as Franco began to choke due to the force of Jackson’s thrusting.

“Why not he didn’t give a fuck when he was having us filmed?”

“Because I don’t want any part of it if you don’t be like you are with Mikey and me,” I said. “And I’ll just get up, get dressed and fuck off.”

Jackson stared at me, saw that I was serious, and let the back of Franco’s head go. As soon as he did Franco, whether through fear or because he was actually enjoying it, began to bob his head up and down vigorously along the full length of Jackson’s cock. I looked at Mikey and moved over to him, up between his legs, took hold of his cock and lowered my head around his shaft and began to suck his cock as well.

As Franco and I sucked Jackson and Mikey’s cocks I began to stroke Franco’s slowly, the feel of his hard cock in my hand turning me on more than ever. Glancing up the bed I noticed that Mikey and Jackson had moved as close to each other as they could, and were kissing each other as aggressively as they could, and seeing them like that turned me on even more.

Not being able to take buca escort it anymore I stopped sucking Mikey’s cock and looked at Franco.

“How about we move away from sucking,” I said. “Get on your knees Mikey let me fill your ass.”

Mikey did as I said and I was surprised when I heard Franco say the same thing to Jackson, and even more surprised when Jackson copied Mikey and knelt on the bed, his ass in the air. As Franco and I moved in position behind Mikey and Jackson we looked at each other, smiled and then placed one hand on them holding our own cocks with the other and guiding ourselves into their eager, waiting asses.

Mikey and Jackson both moaned loudly as Franco and I rammed our cocks quickly as far into their asses as we could and began to fuck them hard and fast, Mikey begging me to go even harder. The two of us knew we wouldn’t last long and it was Franco that let out a low grunt first, and gripping Jackson’s ass as tight as he could rammed into him one last time.

“FUCK I’M CUMMING,” Franco called out.

“Yes Franco that’s it fill my ass.” Jackson moaned as he pushed back onto Franco’s cock taking all of him as deep as he could.

Seeing the two of them like that was more than I could take and, without saying a word, I buried my cock in Mikey and felt the first stream off cum erupt into him. Pounding away at his ass I felt my cock twitch five or six times before I had nothing left to give, and looked across to see Franco slowly removing his cock from Jackson’s ass.

“Our turn now,” Jackson said. “On your backs.”

Franco looked at me with a worried look on his face.

“It’s okay Franco trust me,” I said and laid down ready for Mikey.

Franco watched as Mikey scooped my legs onto his shoulders before he lay on his back as well, lifting his legs up for Jackson. Lying right next to each other we kissed as Mikey and Jackson pushed their cocks into our asses and I let my hand go across and wrap around Franco’s cock. As Mikey began to thrust slowly in and out of me I stroked Franco’s cock, bringing it back to full hardness again. Jackson was being a little less gentle than Mikey, his thrusting causing his balls to slap against Franco’s ass each time he went fully in, but Franco just moaned and groaned with pleasure, not pain, before reaching to me and starting to stroke my cock as well.

Mikey and Jackson didn’t last as long as Franco and I had and very quickly they were grunting and thrusting as fast as they could, sweat dripping from their foreheads, before they unloaded their cum into us. Letting my legs fall from Mikey’s shoulders I wrapped them tightly around his back and pulled him into me as far as he could go, making sure he gave me every drop that he had in his body.

Jackson pulled out of Franco before he had finished cumming, and I watched as his streams of cum splashed down on Franco’s chest and, before I could move, Mikey quickly began to licking Jackson’s thick, white, fluid from Franco’s body.

“Fuck that was hot,” Jackson finally said as he stroked his cock, milking the last drops from the end of it. “Why did you have to go your way about Franco?”

“Because nothing went the way I have ever wanted.”

“Maybe you should have trusted the three of us,” Mikey said. “I’m sure we could have become VERY good friends.”

“Can’t we start again?” Franco asked. “There is no evidence of anything ever happening and you have been generously compensated.”

“True,” Jackson said. “Maybe things could work guess Mikey, Dan and me need to talk.”

Jackson climbed off the bed and nodded at me and Mikey to follow him, which we did, leaving Franco naked on the bed still cleaning the remainder of Jackson’s cum that Mikey had missed off his chest.

The three of us left the room for a few minutes and discussed what we should do next, whether we called it quits, get what Franco had promised and left, never to go back again or see if the four of us could maintain what we had just had. Finally we made our decision and went back into Franco.

“We’ve talked about everything that’s happened and what you have offered us,” I said.

“And we have decided that we shall stay,” Jackson continued.

“At least until the date we were supposed to,” Mikey said.

“And we shall see how things are going then,” I added.

“But,” Jackson began to add. “If anyone ever finds out anything about what has happened the deal is off.”

“I promise no-one will ever know.” Franco said almost excitedly.

“No-one except Ant,” I said reminding him of the gorgeous black guy that had set me up.

“Don’t have to worry about him,” Franco said. “His holiday has, shall we say, ended.”

“Then I guess we are staying,” Mikey Jackson and I said together.

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