Harem Ch. 02

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Jelena waddled back to her room, drunk on the high of the performance and the constant throbbing pleasure that her newly formed belly was bringing her. Isla was waiting up for her, and greeted her by examining her new bulge.

“Very impressive,” she said pushing her own soft belly against Jelena’s. “The only other time I’ve seen a virgin excel like this was with Jessica, and she was flat as a pancake until she hit month 5. I’m sure you noticed the black haired bitch, skulking around the stage like she owns it.”

“I did see her,” Jelena said. “She gave me the stink eye when I walked up on stage. What’s her deal?”

“Jessica is next in the running to be wifed. She has only lain with Gerig, she’s pregnant with twins, and the odds are that one is a son. Tradition states that the King must marry a woman before she gives birth, otherwise the son is a bastard. Gerig’s father, the previous King, he couldn’t make up his mind on who he wanted to wife, and they kept birthing before he had a chance. That’s why Gerig decided to start having a few wives on reserve, just in case one decides to pop out a boy one of these days. So Jessica is very protective of her new position. She’s about 8.5 months along, so she’s due to be married within the month. But you’ve got an an amazing excellerated pregnancy … so if you can attract his attention before the time you give birth, maybe you’ll be wed.”

“How do I do that?”

“Well,” she said looking at the drab clothing that Jelena had hanging in her closet. “You’re going to have to start with a better wardrobe.”

She sat Jelena down in front of her computer and flicked on the camera. “I’ve got you signed into your cam-account. You just need to sit here looking pretty until some John messages you. Everytime he asks you to do something he has to pay a certain amount for it. You can determine the rates.”

All of a sudden there was a ping, *Hey mama, I like them big ass tities. Why don’t you play with them for me baby?*

Jelena looked at Isla who leaned over and typed in “Breast play – $5” into the options menu, “That will make it easy for him to select and for you to charge.” The computer made a ‘$kaching!$’ noise. “Now give him what he paid for.” She backed away.

Jelena stared into the camera, she smiled and lifted her petite hands up to her breasts. They had only been B cups earlier that day … now they were swelling far past a D. She massaged her breasts together, leaning over to lick her erect nipples. Then she lay them softly back down on her belly.

*Who that wit you mama? Why don she play wit your tities too?*

Jelena typed, Co-breast play – $5 Jelena – $5 Isla = $10″


Isla came back to the camera and took Jelena’s nipple into her mouth. Sucking softly at first, and then harder … so hard Jelena was afraid she would get a hickey right on her nipple. The pressure built and built and built … then suddenly release! It was like a small orgasm through her breasts, milk burst from her tit into Isla’s surprised mouth, pouring down her neck.

Suddenly Anadolu Yakası Escort there were two, three, five more subscribers on the page. The number grew rapidly, two or three every 30 seconds. ‘$kaching!$’ ‘$kaching!$’ ‘$kaching!$’ ‘$kaching!$’ ‘$kaching!$’

** Get some baby oil on that baby belly ** ‘$kaching!$’

Jelena typed, Oil it up – $10

Isla stepped off screen and gave Jelena the bottle. She poured a bit on her belly. But when she saw that four others requested the same purchase she popped off the lid of the bottle and emptied the whole thing on her bare breasts and belly. Isla was biting her lip, unable to restrain herself. She knelt down beside Jelena and began rubbing the oil over her body, taking the excess and rubbing it on herself. She then stood up, turned on her own computer’s cam account, and let the money start rolling in.

Viewers had them play with each other, massage their breasts, rub bellies against one another, spank each other and even crack out the belt. Soon enough they were asking them to use dildos, penetrate with fingers and tongues. The final orgasm moment for Jelena came when Isla had her sitting on a strap on, tweaking her nipples, and sucking on one of her fingers.

Within an hour they collectively made over $12,000.


The next day Isla took Jelena shopping. They bought shoes, jewelry, make-up and clothes, so many clothes. It took Jelena a while to stop picking out cutesie XS dresses, and start to pick out XXL dresses that fit her better, massive bras and custom designed lingerie. Her body had already grown more overnight, she looked like she was carrying twins, and only two days into her pregnancy. She and Jelena picked up some pregnancy lubricants to bring home to keep their skin supple and soft.

When Jelena came back to the club she saw that Gerig was in his office. She came to the door and knocked.

“No Jelena,” he said, dismissing her with a wave of his hand. “I have an appointment with Jessica”

“Oh, it’s just that …” Jelena said coyly, opening her trench coat to reveal her glowing belly, and pulling out her new bottle of pregnancy lubricant. “I needed help oiling my growing belly, I don’t want to get any stretch marks!”

Gerig’s eyes widened like a pair of saucers. He flicked the “do not disturb” sign around on his door and led her to his desk. He cleared the desk with a single swoop and laid her down on it.

“Yesterday you were as flat as a gymnast” He popped the cap on the lube and poured the entire contents on her taught belly. Jelena moaned out with delight as Gerig rubbed her belly and breasts. “Today you look as if you’re about to pop out twins any minute”

“Gerig if you don’t fuck me again and give me your seed, I’ll have these babies within 24hrs”

“Wait … what do you mean?”

“This pill does a little more than get a girl pregnant on the first try.” she said, grabbing his thick cock inside his pants. “Every time you fuck me, I’ll grow a full term baby within a few hours, that’s how my Bostancı Escort cousin said it works. If I get fucked again, another baby will grow. But if you stop fucking me, my body will be forced to deliver them.”

“Well we can’t have that,” He took his lubed had and slid it down to her pussy, slathering it up and sliding his fingers in … first one, then two … then three. “I haven’t even made any money off you yet, you little slut”

Jelena was screeching with delight, rattling his desk, begging him to fuck her. Gerig climbed on top, using her belly for balance and then plunging his huge hard dick inside. He pounded her harder than ever before, causing her taught belly to slide up and down her frame, pushing her swollen breasts into her face. When he came it was with a force that Jelena could feel from within. Her nipples widened, and her belly made a sound like finger being run along a tight balloon. It expanded once again, and settled.

Jelena was wiped from the energy it took to put another life into her. Gerig helped her off the desk and showed her the way out.


Gerig sat back down at his desk and began to put his clothes back on. He heard a noise by the door and looked up, the first thing he saw was the curve of a tanned belly, a moment later it was followed by the body of the voluptuous Jessica. She stood head to toe naked, filling up the entire doorframe. Her milky tits were the size of two pink party balloons, nested softly atop her globe like belly. It was a master piece that Gerig has created with his cock, but his cock lay silently in his pants, not aroused as it usually was around her.

“Gerig baby, what’s wrong?” Jessica said, leaning against the doorframe.

“Ah well,” he delayed. “I’m just a little tired. I don’t think I can fuck you tonight”

A frown grew across Jessica’s face, turning her double chins into triple chins. “You know our arrangement Gerig.”

“I’ve been busy …”

“Busy with that WHORE Jelena!!” Jessica screamed. “I swear to god I’ll fucking kill her!”

She stormed out and slammed the door.


Later that night, as showtime approached Isla pulled Jelena aside as she was preparing to perform.

“Babe, don’t go out there tonight”

“Why? I need to start making money for Gerig.”

“We’re expecting a rough crowd tonight and I don’t want you being shunned. If one of them purchases you for the evening you could lose what makes you special. If you fuck anyone else other than Gerig, he’ll never wife you.”

Jelena rubbed the top of her belly holding her Gerig-triplets. She didn’t want to get thrust to the streets when she gave birth. She walked to the side of the stage to prepare for her first dance.

Jessica sauntered up beside her. “I hear you’re going to be opening the show tonight, bitch.”

Jelena gave her a long hard look. “Jessica, I don’t know how we got off on the wrong foot. But I’m glad you’re here. I’m really nervous about tonight’s show”

“Why? You seem to be a natural at stealing the Erenköy Escort spotlight. Your seductive virgin act seemed to really work on Gerig.” she said with a sneer.

“Yes, but … that show was for him. I’m not sure I can dance for others”

“Oh my jesus fuck.” Jessica said, rolling her eyes. “You’re in the wrong industry dear. Why don’t you go cry to your mommy, and I’ll take this dance.” She tweaked her nipples to under her lacy pink gown to test that her milk was coming, and with that she strut on stage. Jelena melted back into the darkness to watch the show.

The lights went up, Jessica was standing on the stage. The room erupted with catcalls. Rough, loud voices called from the back, Jelena could see that the bar was packed with a biker gang. Jelena walked to the sound booth and stood behind Gerig as he introduced Jessica. “Boys … I hear you’re celebrating a special occasion, and we’re glad you chose our little bar to commemorate it. Ronnie, I hope you have the night of your life, and I hope you’ll enjoy the erotic musings of my special girl, Jele- … Jessica.”

Gerig turned around to face Jelena as the music on stage started. “I thought you were dancing tonight baby?”

Jelena pushed Gerig up against the sound board with her belly. The music raised up. Gerig’s back was to the stage, but Jelena had a full view. Jessica was twisting and whirling, gyrating her massive girth. She pulled her signature move, squirting a shot of milk into a man’s mouth and then pouring vodka down as a chase – she called it a Fresh White Russian. Jelena forced one of her massive tits into Gerig’s mouth to keep him busy. From over his shoulder she could see the crowd getting rowdy. A few men started to paw at Jessica from their seats. One grabbed her ankle and she kicked him in the jaw.

Jelena thrust her hand down Gerig’s pants and gripped his erection.

“I don’t have time to dance Gerig,” She said, thrusting her hand up and down his cock. “I’m working hard to become your wife.”

Two men jumped on stage, and as Jessica screamed.

“Babe, I love you. mmmm” Gerig said. “But I’ve already proposed to someone else. I only marry one girl a year.”

Jelena tightened her grip around Gerig’s dick and he moaned out loud … stifling Jessica’s scream. The men pinned her down and ripped off her underwear. They motioned toward the Groom and he climbed on stage and started taking off his pants. Jessica struggled, but the weight of her own monstrous belly pinned her to the dance floor.

Jenela hopped aboard Gerigs dick and rode it furiously, watching her nemesis defeated. Gerig flipped Jelena over so her massive tits rested on the light board. He thrust and thrust and thrust, and with each push her breasts knocked the house lights brighter and brighter. Finally they were at full brightness, and the change in mood caused Gerig to look up upon his final thrust. His eyes opened wide and he exploded inside of Jelena as he saw the Groom finish at the same time. Then one of the groomsmen who had been jacking off to the scene pushed the groom off Jessica and thrust himself inside to cum.

“I knew she was whoring around on me! That fucking cunt!!” Gerig pulled out of Jelena and left the room. Jelena’s belly rumbled and stretched and expanded another 6 inches around, she was now carrying his fourth child.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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