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The blank screen screamed at him to be filled but no matter how he tried he could not begin his assignment. All of his notes had been done and yet he did not know how to start. Rubbing his head in frustration he closed the laptop and went to get himself a drink. Looking out of the kitchen window he watched the people walk by wishing he was with them instead of trying to do something that obviously wasn’t happening. He had a week to write a two thousand word assignment and he had no idea how he was going to do it. Sighing heavily he decided that fresh air might help his thinking so grabbing his car keys he left his laptop to its own devices.

The weather had been glorious all week but overhead the clouds had darkened. Rain threatened to dampen the day and Harrison cursed. It would have been nice to drive with the windows down but the chill in the air meant the windows were wound up and the heater was now on. Music blared as he made his way out of town and into the country. The need to let off some steam whirled through him his foot pressing slowly down harder on the accelerator. Deep inside something itched to get out a mood that was hard to explain but was easy to see.

Further out he drove until he was miles from anywhere. The car roared loudly and it mirrored his mood exactly. In front of him the road was clear flanked on either side with hedges that glistened from the rain that was now falling heavily. Wipers swished over the windscreen clearing it just enough to see. Frustrated with the weather and having to slow down Harrison decided to find somewhere too chill out. Corner after corner came and went and the weather showed no sign of letting up. Hedges gave way to trees and even greater darkness their branches meeting overhead to form a canopy above him.

In front of him he could see the lightness returning as the trees thinned out. At the back of his mind he knew he recognised where he was and somewhere ahead of him was a pub he could stop to have a drink and relax before heading back to the damned assignment that needed writing. Rounding a corner he grunted. Slamming on his breaks as he saw the car with its boot up at the side of the road. Who the hell was stupid enough to park so close to a bend, he thought cursing whoever it was.

Stacy kicked the car once more wishing she had paid attention when her ex had shown her how to change a tyre. Instead she was now cursing the piece of shit in front of her, although there was no way she was getting oil on her hands after spending a fortune on a manicure the day before. Pressing the hazard button she reached for her mobile intent on calling her ex to come and sort her car out. A bleep and the phone died in her hand. Damn could anything else go wrong today, she thought, first the tyre and now her mobile. Even the weather was against her as she felt the breeze through the trees making her shiver. Dressed for summer her dress wasn’t the best thing to wear in the rain. Leaning against the car she heard the squeal of breaks before she saw the car pull over in front of her. Staying where she was Stacy waited to see who got out before deciding if they were safe enough to approach or if she needed to lock herself in her car.

Harrison saw the woman standing by the car as he pulled over. Getting out and slamming his door in anger he stomped over to her.

“Why the hell have you parked so close to a corner? Don’t you know how dangerous that is?”

Stacy felt herself bristle as the boy walked over. He didn’t look old enough to drive although he wasn’t exactly small in height his face had the freshness of youth.

“Like I planned to break down here of all places. At least it’s in a layby and not on the road itself. My phones died and if you think I’m changing a tyre with these nails then think again.”

Harrison rolled his eyes. Oh my god she was one of those females, he thought, more interested in looking good than doing something substantial. Glancing at her car he saw that the rear tyre was flat. Rolling up the sleeves on his hoodie he sighed heavily.

“Oh for fuck sake you won’t hurt your fingers changing a tyre.”

“And I’m not spending a fortune on a manicure to break a nail changing a tyre.”

Was this woman for real? What was wrong in breaking a nail, he thought. Looking at her he realised she would struggle zeytin ağacı izle changing a tyre in what she was wearing. Her dress skimmed over her curves barely coming mid-thigh, her shoes matched her dress and her blonde hair was poker straight down her back. It was only the tiny lines around her eyes that showed she was older than he thought she was at first. Still she was worth a second look and maybe even more. As he thought that he realised she was talking to him again.

“Have you got a phone I can borrow so I can call my ex please?”

“You don’t need to call him, I can change a tyre for you.” He noted how she had said ex and not boyfriend or husband. She looked good for a woman her age, large breasts strained at the material of her dress and deep in his brain he wondered if she was wearing a bra under it or if they were real and not fake like most woman preferred these days. His cock twitched as he thought about how they might look free from her dress.

“I wouldn’t want you to put yourself out.”

Harrison ignored the sarcasm and walked over to her car.

“You have got everything in here to change a tyre?”

“I’m not that blonde you know. Of course I have everything to change a tyre” Harrison raised his eyebrow at her remark hiding a smirk behind his hand.

“Well that does surprise me.” he said more to himself than to her.

“What was that?”

“Oh nothing.” Grabbing the stuff he needed from the open boot he made his way to the flat tyre. Through the canopy of branches he could feel the rain start to get heavier and glancing upwards he cursed again. Jacking the car up he placed the spare wheel under it before finding the tool he needed to loosen the wheel nuts.

“Is that safe?”

“Is what safe?

“Doing what you’re doing?”

“What? Changing a tyre? Of course it’s bloody safe. Do you want me to change this tyre or don’t you?” glancing sideways he tried to stay cool and not focus on the legs standing next to him. The hem of her dress was barely mid- thigh and from where he was kneeling he could see further up than he could before.

“Of course I want you to change the tyre.”

“Well in that case let me get on with it will you.” For some reason she angered him. She was the opposite of everything he liked in a woman. Her appearance was immaculate but came across as fake, he hated fake. “And don’t lean against the car.”

Stacy was fuming. Walking away she bit her tongue not wanting to come across as either stupid or argumentative. Over head the rain was getting heavier and the sound of it hitting the leaves was louder than before. Shivering at the cold she hugged herself wishing she had remembered her jacket. The day had started off sunny and warm but now it felt like winter was coming back. Pacing up and down she tried to keep warm her arms wrapped tightly round herself.

“Here have this.” Turning round she saw he had taken off his hoodie and was offering it to her. His arms were toned and the tattoo down his right arm was striking. Mmm he looks good enough to eat, she thought.

“Thanks.” Slipping it on Stacy immediately felt warmer and his smell enveloped her. Deep inside she felt something stir and she wondered just how good he smelt up close and personal. It had been a while since she had been with any man certainly never one as young as he was. Studying him closely as he worked Stacy wished she was twenty years younger. Average looks but with something extra that she couldn’t place made her want to know him better, even though he annoyed her. His blue eyes were piecing and his short brown hair called to have her fingers run through it. Licking her lips she wondered what it would be like to kiss him.

As he worked Harrison could feel her eyes on him. Rain soaked his t shirt and the breeze made the water feel even colder. Struggling to get the wheel changed he wished he had just carried on driving and left her to deal with this herself. His hands were filthy from the tyre and rubbing them over his jeans he tried to get some of the dirt off. Soon he had the wheel off and before long he had swapped them over and was putting everything back into the boot of the car. Slamming it closed he watched as she walked towards him. He noticed how his hoodie was the same length as the terminal list izle the dress she was wearing making her appear naked underneath. He hadn’t noticed before how small she was realising her heels made her look taller. His cock twitched in his jeans as he watched her walk.

“Right the tyre is changed but you need to get another one to replace it.”

Stacy gulped as she looked up at him. There was only one word to describe him as he stood in front of her in his dirty jeans and wet t-shirt, she thought, and that was sexy. Shaking the thought from her head she realised he couldn’t be more than nineteen years old and she was thirty five and divorced. Slowly her eyes travelled over him and she felt her clit throb and her nipples harden in lust. Licking her lips as she fought the urge to kiss him.

“Thank you I will do.” Suddenly she decided to throw caution to the wind and taking that final step she stood on tip toe and kissed him on the cheek. Surprised by her own bold move she stepped back blushing furiously. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that.” She stammered. Stepping even further away from him she caught her heel on a stone and fell backwards. Reaching out to grab something, anything, to stop her fall Stacy heard the snap of the heel before her arse landed with a bump on the floor.

Harrison watched as the blonde fell backwards after kissing him landing on her arse her skirt and his hoodie rose up showing him what she was wearing under it. His cock instantly hardened and he wanted her suddenly. Concerned he reached forward offering her his hand.

“You okay?”

“Yes, I think so, my bum hurts but I will be fine.” He watched as she rubbed her arse with her hand checking it. Still holding her hand he pulled her forward leant forward and kissed her. At first she tried to pull away put soon her mouth softened and a tiny moan escaped her. Harrison wanted her and parting her lips with his tongue he took the kiss deeper. He didn’t care where he was all he knew was he wanted her here and now. It was primal and her mouth told him she wanted it as well. Wrapping his arms around her he bought her closer and he could feel her ample breasts against his chest. Pushing her against the car he grabbed her hair making her tip her head further back. Plundering her mouth with his he growled his need. He felt her hands reach under his top making him shudder as they dug in. They were tiny hands and the thought of them gripping his cock sent his head whirling.

Pulling his head away to look down at her he saw the lust in her green eyes. Her mouth looked swollen from their kiss and her cheeks were flushed.

“I want to fuck you.” Taking her head further back he kissed her neck trailing rough kisses towards her ear. “I want to fuck you hard.”

“Really!” her voice whispered.

“Yes really.”

“When you’re man enough.”

“Oh I am.” He growled once more biting her earlobe as he spoke.

“Prove it.”

It was all the invitation he needed. Quickly he undid the hoodie and reaching round he undid her dress letting them both fall to the floor. Overhead he registered the sound of thunder and the heavy beat of the rain in the trees but all he wanted was to feel his cock buried deep inside her. He wanted to prove her wrong and take her here and now. He wanted it raw and primal. He wanted to fuck her.

Stacy needed him. He was young and virile. He was everything her ex wasn’t and he wanted her. Naked in front of him she had never felt so alive. She didn’t care that she was cold and wet all she cared about was how she felt. Reaching forward Stacy tried to take his shirt off but he was taller than she was and she couldn’t do it. Watching as he took it over his head she ran her hands over his chest following the lines of his tattoo. Hidden from the road by the car she dropped to her knees ignoring the stones and dirt. Instead all she wanted was to take him into her mouth and taste whatever it was he had to offer her. Fumbling with the buckle on his jeans she hurried to undo them letting them drop to the floor. He was naked underneath and his cock was already hard. Taking it in her hand she looked up at him.

“Mmm we are a big boy aren’t we?” His grin said it all and she grinned back at him.

Closing the traitors izle her eyes Stacy licked the tip of his cock savouring his taste. He smelt of soap and heat and something that was altogether him. Again she licked it sighing with contentment and above her she heard his sharp intake of breath. A small smile played at the corner of her mouth, there was nothing like experience to make a man moan.

Harrison watched as the blonde knelt in front of him. Her tongue flicked from between her lips and he moaned at the first touch of it on his cock. With one hand on the car and the other on her head he tipped his head back and groaned loudly into the emptiness. Her pace was slow and steady and he bucked his hips as she teased him with her mouth.

“Oh god faster.” He felt rather then heard her chuckle, the sound reverberating around his shaft. He didn’t think the pace could get any slower but it did. Her tongue swirled and licked around his cock and the warmth of her mouth was heavenly. Each time she dipped her head she took him deeper before she released him from his slow torture. Her tongue was soft yet firm around his shaft and the gentle sucking on the tip was almost his undoing. Gripping her hair tighter he tried to push harder but her mouth slowed even more. Deep in the pit of his stomach he felt the orgasm building like a snake ready to strike.

Closing his eyes he tried to hold it back but the more he tried the more he knew it would never stop. Her mouth played him, each flick and swirl sending him higher and higher. Long deep strokes followed slow ones and the torture went on and on. The coil in the pit of his stomach got tighter threatening to unwind at any moment. Unable to stop he held on even harder and pushed deep into her mouth. Her moans got louder and her mouth sucked faster and behind his closed eyes a kaleidoscope of lights erupted. Fingers dug into his thighs as they held on to him and he thrust even harder, his cock exploding into her mouth.

Reaching down he pulled her up. Turning her round he pushed her against the car. Her long hair drenched by the rain hung to one side exposing her neck and back to him. Wrapping it in his fingers he pulled her head back forcing her head to one side.

“I said I was going to fuck you.” With his free hand he trailed his fingers down her back watching as a shudder wracked her body.


“Yes really.”

“Like I said before, when your man enough.” His cock twitched between his legs and leaning against her he let her feel his cock getting harder once more. In answer she parted her legs and he could feel the heat from her pussy against him.

Above him he heard the roll of thunder and in the distance he saw the flash of light. Kicking her legs even further apart he pushed her back down before plunging deep inside of her. She felt warm and tight and he grunted his need to fuck her.

Stacy mewled loudly pushing her arse into the air as she held onto the car.

“Fuck me harder.”

Behind her she heard him grunt. Overhead the thunder rolled and the rain got heavier. Both of them were soaked, next to her lay her dress abandoned on the floor along with his hoodie and t-shirt.

“Fuck me.” she hissed loudly. Reaching between her legs she felt for her clit and with each thrust she stroked it. Her hand touched his cock as it thrust into her and Stacy felt her clit throb loudly.

Hands gripped her hips holding her still and grunts filled the air. Oblivious to everything around them the sudden honking of a car horn as it drove past startled them. Over and over Harrison thrust into her pushing her further against the car. Cold metal rubbed against her breasts and her nipples puckered at the friction.

“Harder.” This wasn’t about coming any more this was raw, it was primal and all she wanted was to feel him deep inside her. Stroking her clit she could feel her orgasm building and she screamed her frustration, not knowing how much more she could take. Her head and her body warred as she fought off the inevitable. Behind her his moans carried her forward and the need for release suddenly took over.

“Oh fuck yes.” Her voice sounded alien as she tried to tell him how she felt instead all she could do was whimper. Mewling louder she let the orgasm wash over her. Wave after wave crashed through her as she screamed out her pleasure. Collapsing against the car she sank to her knees taking him with her. Lying on the ground their breathing heavy Stacy let the rain wash over them.

“I don’t even know your name.”

“Harrison and you are?”

“Stacy. Want to do that again, but this time in a bed?”

“Sure why not.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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