Haunted Tricks

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Katie’s Story.

I don’t know how I got drawn into it. Halloween excitement. Costume fun. Party atmosphere. The haunted house. I had been through many but hadn’t participated in one. Zach asked me to get involved. His enthusiasm was infectious. As usual I couldn’t resist his charm offensive. I loved him. Everyone loved him. He is so much fun to be around.

You may remember Zach. He’s the handsome graduate student who worked at same hotel with Michelle, Robin, Julie and me when we were in college. He was the one the four of us had in a ladies’ gangbang at his apartment on a Saturday night the winter before. He and I had fucked a few times and when I told Michelle, Robin and Julie about it they said they had been to bed with him, too. That’s the kind of guy he is. Women want him. Rumor had it that our regional manager—a tall elegant woman old enough to be his mother—had been to bed with him, too.

Drinking wine one night after work the four of us started giggling about fantasies of having FMF three ways with famous men. We blabbed the names of Hollywood hunks and rock stars and pro athletes we’d share. Then we got real and started talking about men we actually knew. The only one we could agree on was Zach. Then we started talking about which of us would really do a three way with him. After a while Michelle said why not all four of us at once? Right away Julie and I said we’d do it.

Robin was reluctant at first but admitted she liked the idea. It’s not like we were innocents. We all earned extra money at the hotel by sleeping with male guests after hours on a need-the-money basis. We had all been to bed with Zach once or twice. I understood Robin’s hesitation when she admitted she had been with him twelve times. She had a thing for him and didn’t want to cheapen it.

Michelle volunteered to asked him and we set it up. At first none of us wanted to share him at the same time so we took turns in his bed. The three not with him sipped wine and watched cable or played video games in his living room. We went at him all evening. Michelle went home when we stopped to nosh delivery pizza. When we started again Robin, Julie and I were in bed with him at the same time. Most of the time one of us rode him while another sat on his face. It was hot. We stayed all night.

Not long after that he approached us one by one and asked if we were interested in more than the occasional opportunity to earn more money in the company of male guests. We agreed. Working as concierge he made appointments and took his cut. Within a month all four of us quit our jobs at the hotel. Sometimes I made more money in one night than I used to make in an entire month at my old job. No longer was I a poor college student always stressed for money and time. My grades went up.

I had to say yes when he asked me to be a spook in the haunted house for Halloween. He needed four so Michelle, Robin and Julie agreed, too. We were to be four gruesome heads sitting on top of a wall like they had been beheaded, yelling, moaning and groaning—scaring people as they came through our room. Our venue was this huge old abandoned farmhouse out at the edge of the suburbs where houses ended and cornfields began. Big shade trees surrounded the place. It looked like the house from the Munster’s TV show. I don’t know anything about architecture but Zach said the style was Victorian. It was perfect for a haunted house.

We went to our room in the haunted house the day before it opened. It was upstairs in one of the bedrooms. Zach had build a wall high enough for us to hide behind. There was a top on it with holes large enough to stick our heads through. The four of us stood almost shoulder to shoulder in a line looking at each other with just our heads showing. A black curtain right behind our heads hid the space to the back of us. The rest of the room had been painted black with red paint splattered everywhere—even the floor. It looked like a bloodbath.

I fit perfectly in the wall but I’m tallest. Zach had to add planks to the floor so the other three could stand tall enough that our heads were at the same height. Michelle is so short he had to find a wooden box for her to stand on. Since we’d be standing there for hours we noticed there was no place to put our hands so Zach put up a wooden railing waist high in front of us we could hold onto. The whole thing had been built in front of a wall that had been knocked out. Behind it was a closet which opened onto the upstairs hallway which is how we would come and go behind the scenes when we needed bathroom breaks.

The next day Michelle, Robin, Julie and I spent the afternoon painting our faces white or green all the way down our necks. There we painted gruesome wounds that made it look like we had been beheaded. Purple or black lips and purple or black around our eyes added to the effect. Red paint ran from the corners of our mouths over our chins and down our necks. Then we pulled on crazy wigs and went over to the haunted house to rehearse for an hour before the doors opened. A mannikin in overalls wearing a hockey mask and raising and lowering a chainsaw bayan escort had been hung from the ceiling above us. Tech guys had wired up sound and lights and we practiced our routine.

We weren’t open fifteen minutes before I felt Zach’s hands on my ass. He traced a Z on my butt to let me know it was him. I already knew he was the only one in there with us. His hands ran up into my sweater and squeezed my tits then unhooked my bra and pulled it away. I let go of the railing and held my hands over his as they cupped and moved my boobs, my nipples hard under his fingers. I arched my back a little bit and rubbed my butt against him in a tease. I knew his big bone had to be seething in his shorts. His hands slid from my tits down into my leggings. I opened my stance a little when his fingers started rubbing me. Then he pulled my pants and panties down. He must have knelt because the next thing I felt was his hands on my ass and his lips and tongue on my pussy from behind.

He’s really good-looking. Tall, dark and handsome with deep blue eyes. Athletic and charming. And hung. Sometimes I get hot for him just being in the same room. Within a few minutes of his lips kissing my labia I was dripping wet. He pulled his tongue out of my pussy and I felt his head push into me. I let out a long low moan as his big hands held my hips in place while he slowly opened me with his big dick. I reached back and hooked both hands behind his butt and pulled hard wanting him all the way in. I couldn’t believe it. While I moaned and groaned at the crowd to come have their heads cut off Zach fucked me from behind. Julie was right next to me. I wondered if she knew.

“Zach’s inside me,” I said to her during a small break in the crowd.

“What? Really?” she said.

I let go of his butt, took her hand off the railing and put it on his butt as he thrust into me.

“Oh my God!” she said, her hand squeezing his perfect ass.

We turned to moan and taunt the next crowd coming through. I took Julie’s hand off Zach’s butt and held it to my tits. She squeezed them a little. Besides sleeping with Zach she and I had slept together and made lots of money doing three ways with clients at the hotel so it’s not like it was crazy or anything. Then she slid her hand down my belly. Her fingers began rubbing my clit while Zach pounded me. I felt like I was going to explode.

When I reached over to squeeze Julie’s butt I found Zach’s hand already in her leggings fingering her pussy from behind. She stopped fingering me long enough to push her pants down as far as she could then returned fingers to my sex. Zach pushed my fingers to Julie’s pussy, removed his hand, grabbed my hips with both hands and fucked me hard. He was getting close but so was I. I was torn—half wanting him to finish fast before someone caught us, half wishing he’d keep it in me a long time. I heard him gasp behind the curtain behind my head. He stopped pumping. I squeezed his rod tight inside me as he flooded me with cum. A few minutes later I yelled when I came, my hand clamping Julie’s over my cunt, my sex pulsing against Zach’s long thick cock.

He’s so considerate. When he pulled out he held tissues to my sex to catch his cum as it ran out of me so it wouldn’t drip on my pants. I took them from his hand and cleaned up. He pulled my leggings up to my ass but left it hanging out. I hoped that meant he’d be back for more. He shifted to Julie next to me. My thumb was still in her pussy from behind, my fingertips rubbing her wet little nub. Zach pulled my hand away, spread her butt cheeks in his hands and started eating her. I ran my hand through his hair and down over his neck and squeezed his shoulder. He reached up and bussed my ass again. I went, “Wooooo!” to the crowd gawking at us.

Zach ate Julie for a while—probably waiting for his erection to come back. I slid a hand inside her top and unhooked her bra. She pulled it off and slung it over the railing next to mine. I felt her tits which is kind of awkward to do from the side. Then I rested my hand on Zach’s butt feeling his muscled glutes tighten over and over while he fucked her. I found another hand there. It had to be Robin’s. No doubt Zach already had his fingers in her pussy getting her ready to take him after Julie.

I couldn’t believe it: he was going down the line fucking us while only our heads showed in public.

I took my hand off his ass, reached over and started fingering Julie’s nub while Zach drilled her. After she came he moved on to Robin. She wore a tiny skirt so all he had to do was lift it and pull her panties down. Knowing Robin it was probably a throng. I caught a glimpse of her ghoulish face. Her eyes rolled back in bliss but the effect was frightening.

Above us the animatronic mannikin in overalls and hockey mask raised and lowered his arms over and over while holding the dummy chainsaw, red lights beaming then flashing from his eye sockets. Lights blazed and lowered. Chainsaw sound effects roared out of the speakers in time with the mannikin’s arms, fading away each time he lifted the chainsaw. His evil voice growled that he wanted the heads of those entering the room. Moaning filled the background sound. It was loud enough to hide the sounds of sex from the public but I had no problem hearing Zach’s pelvis slapping all four of our asses while he drilled us. People snapped pics and shot video of us on their phones with no clue we were being fucked by the man who had been pimping us at the hotel for the last ten months.

They also didn’t know what our hands were doing in the dark behind the wall. I kept feeling Julie’s tits next to me and fingering her clit. She returned the favor, squeezing my tits, her thumb in my pussy from behind rubbing my hot spot while her fingers moved my clit side to side or made tiny fingertip movements. Michelle was last in line. While Zach fucked her I moved my bare butt a little until it touched Julie’s next to me. My arms were long enough to reach past Julie and feel Robin’s bare butt. It rested against Julie’s, too. I squeezed what I could reach of Robin’s tushie. Julie felt both our butts at will and fingered our pussies. Though I couldn’t see it I loved the thought of all four of us in a line with our asses hanging out in the dark. I only hoped Zach had enough left to do me again.

He did. First he gave us sips of water through a straw he pushed up under the black curtain behind our heads which hid him. When a few patrons heckled us for drinking water we shrieked at them to come closer so we could drink their blood. As soon as he put the water bottle away I felt him grab my hips and push into me again. This time it came with a twist: he had a fingertip vibrator on his index finger. When it began circling my clit paroxysms of passion shot through my body. As he synched finger with thrusts of his long fat cock my legs started trembling uncontrollably. I yelled my orgasm to the crowd again. He went right down the line and did the same to Julie, Robin and Michelle.

I didn’t hear the knock at the door behind us but I did feel Zach’s hands pull up my leggings and Julie’s next to me. No doubt he pulled up Robin’s thong and dropped her skirt over it and pulled up Michelle’s leggings. I hope he remembered to pull his own shorts back on. I heard the door open behind us. A man’s voice hissed, “You guys are doing great! Do you need anything?”

Zach replied but I couldn’t make out the rest of their conversation over the noise. It didn’t last long, the man left and Zach locked the door behind him. It was my turn again but I didn’t know if Zach had more in him until is hands caressed my butt. I pushed my leggings down right away. He tugged them down past my knees and handed me something in the dark: a tube of lube. He took my other hand and held it to his semi hard dick. I popped the lid, squirted a bunch in my hand and began stroking his cock next to me. When he was fully hard I guided him into my pussy but he pulled out and squirted lube directly into me before pushing in again.

I pushed away his fingertip vibrator to use my own fingers the way I like best. He moved very little. I started pumping slowly at first. I had to learn how to do it while keeping my head and shoulders as still as I could. I got the hang of it. Soon I was thrusting back at him hard and fast. My hips had a mind of their own and began rocking circles. I screwed and screwed and screwed on him loving his hard rod reaming out my pussy. I tried to keep my head still but it began bobbing with my most energetic thrusts just before I came. I made gruesome faces at the crowd while my sex pulsed happily against his hard cock. He stayed inside me a long time after I came, his hands caressing and moving my tits. I gasped when he pulled out. He moved down the line. Everyone got one more turn.

Julie’s Story

I couldn’t believe it when Katie turned to me and said Zach was fucking her. Then again I don’t know why I was surprised. It was classic Zach to pull something like that. I didn’t want to get caught, but I loved the thrill that we might. When Katie held my hand to his bare butt behind her I left it there feeling his thrusts. My pussy tingled with anticipation that he’d do me next. I had to stifle a giggle when Katie moved my hand to her tits. I gave them little squeezes then slid my hand down her tummy and fingered her. I forked my fingers and felt Zach’s thick cock sliding in and out of her then returned to rubbing her clit in little circles and side to side. Soon I felt his hand down the the small of my back. He squeezed my butt, pushed his hand into my leggings and began fingering me from behind while he pumped into Katie.

People were filing through the room just eight feet away, stopping to look at us, taking pics and vid on their phones and tablets, some coming closer to take selfies or group selfies in front of our ghoulish blood-soaked-wall-with-four-heads-on-it. Katie moaned in passion to Zach’s thrusts and my fingers. I could hear his pelvis slapping against her butt. I could hear him grunting and gasping. The public had to hear them fucking didn’t they?

Guess not. All the spooky sounds blaring from the speakers covered it up. Even Katie’s orgasm when she screamed seemed like an act to the crowd. She held my hand tight against her sex when she came. I moved my fingers a little and felt Zach’s rod still inside her. I was already gasping by then, too, with his thumb in my pussy rubbing my g-spot while his fingers caressed my labia and clit. When he took his hand out I felt Katie’s push in and finger me from behind. Next thing I knew Zach was kneeling behind me eating me out while Katie and Robin caressed me from either side and felt my tits. But you know all this and that Zach fucked me next, then Robin and Michelle, then a second and third time going down the line. What I want to tell you is what happened the next night.

Zach took us out to eat after the haunted house closed for the night. Having missed supper we were all starving. While we munched burgers and fries he asked us if we wanted to earn a big paycheck the next night. When we asked how he said he had a list of twenty guys who would pay big to go down the line with us just like he had. Katie said yes right away. She’s always the first to jump in. Robin, Michelle and I wanted more detail. Zach filled us in.

The next night we four stripped naked behind the wall before sticking our ghoulish heads up through the top. Not five minutes after our performance began I heard the first four guys come in behind us. A pair of hands felt my butt and thighs then slid up my back and sides, cupped my breasts and pinched my nipples. His fingers felt my pussy wet. A few minutes later he pushed his hard dick all the way in me. At first he held my tits while he fucked me but soon grabbed my hips and pounded me hard. He busted nut inside me after just a few minutes and withdrew. His cum dripped out of me. When the first four finished the second four came in and started fucking us. Then the third group. A fourth. A fifth. I have no idea what Zach did with these guys while they reloaded. There was no room for twenty guys back there. Wherever they went I knew they’d be back for more.

I was fucked continuously for six hours, my body pawed at, my pussy licked and fingered, my ass bit, my tits squeezed and kneaded. Our pussies were cum dumpsters. Semen ran down the insides of my thighs and dried there. Some guys were wicked enough to pull out and lick up all their cum as it ran out of me. I wonder if they realized they were drinking the cum of other men as well. Guys take longer to come each time and by the third round I was being fucked for a long time by each before they shot their loads into me. At one point a guy took so long to cum that two other guys came and went on either side of me fucking Katie and Robin. I moaned and wailed my passion and orgasms to the crowd.

Twenty guys. Three times each? That’s sixty loads of cum inside me. For real I lost count. With all the men coming and going it became the blur of a massive gang fuck. I’m glad Zach had us bring our own lube because I needed it despite all the jizz being pumped inside me. Anal was not allowed because Zach wanted to avoid the smell of shit in the room. Several men cheated a little and stuck a thumb in my butt while fucking me. A few guys cheated outright, pounded my ass and left their baby batter inside. At some point I wondered if Zach brought some new guys in because they came so fast.

Robin’s Story

What Zach won’t tell you is that he’s a gigolo. He started at the hotel as a bellhop at eighteen, but he’s so good-looking that women guests began propositioning him. It’s against the rules for employees to have sex with each other or with customers while at work, but it’s easy to get away with after hours. You would not believe what goes on in hotels. People are away from home and want to play. Men and women alike. Zach started making a little extra money. Then lots.

The other thing he didn’t tell you is that Katie, Robin, Michelle and I aren’t the only girls he pimps at the hotel. Most are classmates he knows from college like us. They all slept with him like we did. His personality is so magnetic. When I look at him I want his babies. That’s how handsome he is. I want his genes. Anyway he knew the four of us were getting in on the action on our own. After bedding us, individually and collectively, he asked if we wanted to use his concierge services to earn even more. He’s not like a street pimp in a limo. He’s more like a manager who vettes clients and works around our school and work schedules. He keeps a low profile. It’s all very low key. Our fortunes soared and our only work schedule for the last year has been the one he manages.

By the way the regional manager he slept with—the tall elegant woman old enough to be his mother? Her husband watched. Zach’s their hired bull when they’re in town. I found that out when I slept with one of the vice presidents of our hotel chain. He had set up our rendezvous through Zach so there’s at least one person from corporate who knows what Zach’s doing there. As for the massive gang fuck at the haunted house that night it was pure Zach. The fact that it was anonymous made it so hot for me. When I do a guy at the hotel it’s about his pleasure, not mine. Since I wasn’t performing for anyone I just relaxed and enjoyed it. And the payday? OMG!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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