Haunting of Palmer Mansion Pt. 21

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This will make more sense if you read the earlier parts. Don’t worry, they’re fun, action packed, and build the tension. Read them first! Also, all characters in sexual situations are 18 years or older. Enjoy.

Christmas morning arrived, and the whole family gathered in the main living room to open presents. Julie noticed that the twins seemed to be getting along swimmingly. Close, even for them.

Despite all the disparate strings pulling at Julie, she managed to have a lively, fun, and almost normal Christmas with the family.

Toward the end of the evening, as Daniel sat on the sofa, with Penelope pressed into him on one side, and Brittney pressed into him on the other, Julie felt the first tingling of motherly intuition. Julie had wanted Daniel to find someone his own age, but … he wouldn’t … she wouldn’t … would they? As she watched the twins laugh together, she realized that of course they would. Daniel and Brittney were both special and incredibly compelling in their own ways. Julie couldn’t say no to either one. Why would they say no to each other? It had just been a matter of time. And Julie had no idea what she was going to do about it. Well, the first thing she was going to do was go fetch herself a pantyliner. She was incredibly wet.


Even with a full house, Brittney and Daniel found many moments alone during their winter break. On Wednesday, Brittney rode Daniel on an armchair in the library.

“Have you … ugh … ugh … been with Mom since she … got back?” Brittney looked down as that enormous dick bulged her belly over and over. Not for the first time, she thought maybe they should use a condom, but then forgot about it.

“Only a little.” Daniel lightly smacked her bouncing boob. “You?”

“I’ve been … avoiding her.” Brittney’s body buzzed. Another orgasm was on the way. “She’ll notice my … body … when I’m … naked.” Her narrow shoulders pushed forward, her face contorted in ecstasy, and her hips went from bouncing to grinding. “Soooooooo ggooooooooodddddd.” An orgasm seized her nervous system. When she came back down to Earth, Daniel was smiling up at her.

“Who’s better at sex, me or Mom?” Daniel put his hands on her butt and squeezed. She had so much less back there than their mom, but it was still so wonderfully round.

Brittney wiped sweat off her forehead and screwed her eyes at him like he was a moron. “That’s a stupid question. Can you answer it? Who’s better, me, or Mom, or Pen, or … Mrs. Samatar?”

“There’s also the school principal.” Daniel’s smile broadened. He smacked her ass and got her hips moving again.

“Shit, Daniel. Mrs. Haskins?” She looked down at her brother with adoration. He could have any woman and he wanted her. What a wonderful feeling. “Really? How did that happen?”

“Long story.” He winked at her. “I’ll tell you sometime.”

“Have you done anything with Mrs. Samatar since she moved in?” Brittney put her hands on his shoulders, bouncing her hips high up off Daniel and then back down.


“Yeah.” Brittney smiled down at her dumb twin. “But I’m jealous of you. Not her.”

“Oh … you mean you like her?” Daniel let his sister ride him while he thought things over. Her tight pussy moved him closer and closer to the edge. “You … want to … have sex with her?”

Brittney nodded. Talking about such perverted things while that massive cock stretched her out was going to make her cum again.

“In that case …” Daniel leaned up and sucked on her boob while he mustered the courage to make the ask. He released her nipple and looked up into her light-blue gaze. “Would you like to … um … do her together?”

“Yes, Danny.” Brittney nodded, her body twitching. “That would … aggghhhh … be so … crazy. But life is … crazy now. Are you … going to cum?”

“Yes.” Daniel gripped her ass tighter. “Inside?”

“Yessssssss, plllleeeeeaaasseeee.” Brittney came on her brother, and then thirty seconds later came again as his heat filled her. It was turning out to be the best winter break ever.


“I’ve always known when you twins were hiding something.” Julie stood with her arms folded looking at the eighteen-year-old siblings as they sat on the living room sofa. The Christmas tree sparkled off to the side. “We need to have a talk.” Brittney wore one of Julie’s oversized sweaters, with a billowing dress underneath. Julie had noticed Brittney wearing lots of formless clothes recently. That didn’t help her suspicions. And Brittney hadn’t tried to spend any intimate time with Julie since Julie’s return. More suspicious still.

“What’s up, Mom?” Daniel tried to look innocent. He wanted to hold Brittney’s hand, but he kept his hands in his lap.

“If we’re in trouble, shouldn’t Dad be here?” Brittney brushed her brown hair out of her blue eyes and also went for an expression as pure as the driven snow.

“Your father is in the basement working on that valve again.” Julie frowned. Her poor George. The house was obviously toying with porno izle him. Maybe Daniel was right, maybe George was a big dummy. “If I’m right about what you two have been up to, I think it’s best your father was not here.”

“What are we up to?” Daniel shrugged.

“Give it up, Danny.” Brittney pressed her lips together. She didn’t know what her mom was going to do, but she knew there was no chance Brittney would give up what she was doing with her brother. “Mom knows. She totally knows.” Brittney reached with her left hand and grabbed Daniel’s right hand. She held it tightly and brought it into her lap. “It was my idea, Mom. I wanted to touch his … thing. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before.”

“Oh, dear.” Julie shook her head slowly.

“But I didn’t want you to freak out.” Brittney’s shoulders tensed. “We’re both technically adults.”

“You are brother and sister,” Julie said.

“And you’re my mom. That hasn’t stopped us.” Brittney stuck out her chin.

“Brittney …” Julie hissed. She looked at Daniel in a panic.

“He already knows.” Brittney squeezed Daniel’s hand tighter. She hoped she wasn’t hurting him. “Don’t look at me like that, Mom. I didn’t tell him.”

Julie’s stomach dropped. Everything seemed to be coming to a head. At least George was still in the dark. “Are … are …” As she thought of the twins doing unspeakable things to each other, her pussy drenched itself.

“You sound like a pirate, Mom.” Daniel’s smile was weak.

“Shut up, doofus.” Brittney hit Daniel on the shoulder. They were in a precarious spot. She didn’t want their mom freaking out.

“Are … are you … at least using the condoms I got you?” Julie looked shell-shocked.

“Yes,” Daniel said.

“No,” Brittney said at the same time. She looked over at her brother. “There’s no reason to lie at this point, Danny.”

“I guess not,” he agreed.

“Gosh. Why didn’t I …” Julie turned, walked over to the hearth, and sat by the dead fire. “I mean. You two can’t do that. You’ll get pregnant.” Julie looked over at her daughter.

“Okay. We’ll use condoms from now on.” Brittney looked over at her brother. He nodded.

“From now on?” Julie twisted her dress in her hands.

“Don’t be a hypocrite, Mom.” Brittney pointed to Julie’s growing belly.

“I didn’t mean to do it with your brother. I mean, I tried to keep it safe … but …” Julie felt so lost. “I don’t want you to make my mistakes, Brit.” She looked down to the oversized sweater Brittney wore. “You must have taken that deal. I mean, otherwise, he wouldn’t fit. I just … can’t believe we ended up here.” She looked up, beyond the sofa. Eloise Palmer stood in the far corner of the room, holding her pregnant belly. A wide, maternal smile spread on the phantom’s face. She nodded encouragingly at Julie.

“So, that really is my baby inside you, Mom?” Daniel ran his hand through his blond hair. “I guess I should have known.”

“I’m sorry, sweetie.” Julie sighed. “I’m a bad mother. And your father … he … he should have known. He should have put a stop to this.”

“That’s crazy. You’re the best mom in the world.” Daniel looked up to see Eloise walk around the sofa and stand next to them, smiling. “Oh, hello, Mrs. Palmer.”

“We don’t like rules, do we Andersons?” Eloise perched herself on the edge of the sofa, her bustled dress sticking out behind her. “Many a mother has given in to her true desires in this house. But rarely have we been blessed with one as perfect for the cause as you, Daniel. And now that you are joined by sweet Brittney …” Eloise nodded like she was appraising a mighty thoroughbred horse. “Maybe we needed twins all along. You two are a force together.”

“What cause? A force? She can’t get pregnant.” Julie looked over at the apparition. “What’s happening to my family?”

“Freedom, Julie.” Eloise turned her gaze to the dead hearth. “We have emancipated you from God’s petty, tyrannical rule.”

“I’m so confused.” Julie rose and rushed for the door. “I have to think things over.”

“Mom?” The twins said together.

“We’ll talk later.” Julie’s dress trailed after her as she disappeared from view.

“We were trying not to freak her out, Mrs. Palmer.” Brittney frowned up at the pregnant woman. “That wasn’t helpful.”

“Should we go after her?” Daniel stood up, pulling Brittney up with him.

“No, dearie.” Eloise shook her head with confidence. “She’ll be fine. She just needs to collect her thoughts.”

“Brit?” Daniel looked to his sister.

“Yeah, the ghost just told her that she’d parted ways with God. She’s gonna need a minute.” Brittney nodded at Eloise.

“Besides, you two are needed elsewhere,” Eloise said. “Such a handsome couple.” She smiled. “You’ll find Mrs. Samatar outside the locked room. Best to fetch her before she finds a way in. That would not be good for anyone.”

Daniel and Brittney looked at each other.

“Go on, now.” Eloise patted them both on their butts. “Run along. I’ll be watching.”

Still amatör porno holding hands, the twins went to find Khadra.


“What are you doing, Mrs. Samatar?” Daniel walked with Brittney up to the locked room.

“This door has a darkness the rest of the house does not possess.” Khadra looked up from the partial image of a salamander she drew in salt on the floor in front of the locked door. “I tried to get in there to root out the darkness, but I could not. At least I can seal the evil in.”

“What’s so special about this room?” Brittney crossed her arms over her chest. Her pulse beat in her ears. Would she and Daniel really go through with seducing this pretty woman? What twisted thoughts she had these days.

“Ask your brother, he knows.” Khadra pulled the long sleeves of her dress down farther over her wrists. She finished carefully pouring the salt into a crude picture of an amphibian.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Brittney looked at Daniel.

“We … um …” Daniel looked around the wide entryway for his parents, but they weren’t around. “We were inside one time. There was a scary dead bear, and I was tied down.”

“Jesus, Danny.” Brittney squeezed his hand. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I don’t like to think about it much.” Daniel shivered. “Anyway, we need to talk to you, Mrs. Samatar.”

“What is it?” Khadra stood and straightened her hijab. She eyed the twins. Since she’d known them, they’d always seemed close, but now they seemed closer still. They reminded her of teammates on a soccer team, passing the ball back and forth down the field, making their way to the goal.

“Maybe we should talk in private.” Brittney smiled.

“Yeah, let’s talk in the library.” Daniel led the way, still holding his twin’s hand. He cast one look over his shoulder at the locked room. He closed and locked the library door after them.

“Is this about Frederick Palmer?” Khadra turned toward the eighteen-year-olds. “I think that locked room was where he did …”

“Don’t worry, it’s not about him. We have friends that keep him away.” Daniel set his jaw, hoping he was right.

“We have what now?” Brittney was maybe a little out of the loop, it seemed. But that was for another time. “Anyway, we wanted to tell you, Mrs. Samatar, that you look very pretty today. Didn’t we, Daniel?” Brittney’s pussy gushed. They were really about to do it.

“Beautiful.” Daniel nodded, his dick hardening in his pants. The twins stepped closer to Khadra.

“Um … thank you?” Khadra felt like she should be backing away. Was Daniel planning to take her again? Did she want him to? Certainly not in front of his sister. Confusion reigned. Khadra’s feet didn’t move. “What’s going on?”

“Kiss her, Daniel.” Brittney removed her hand from his grasp and gave him a gentle push on the back.

“Allah, help mmmmmppphhhh.” Khadra went rigid as the boy’s tongue entered her mouth. Her muscles loosened as he encircled her with his skinny arms. She let him kiss her, even with his perky sister looking on. It seemed like the weight of the world lifted from her shoulders. She hadn’t realized how much stress she’d been under since Maxamed left her. After a few minutes, Daniel broke the kiss and stepped back. “What?” Khadra blinked. Was that it? And then Daniel’s sister swooped in, took her in her arms, and planted several soft kisses on Khadra’s dark lips. “Wait … what … are you … doing?” Khadra said between kisses. Khadra’s mind was in complete disorder.

“So … pretty …” Brittney purred. She pushed her bust up against the older woman’s breasts. The women were about the same height, and maybe the same cup size. “May I?” Brittney lifted the hijab off Khadra’s head and flung it over the back of a chair. “Wow. You’re a knockout, Mrs. Samatar.” Brittney took in the woman’s beauty, with her wavy hair, and soft, feminine features. Brittney kissed her again more deeply, rolling Khadra’s tongue with her own.

“Um …” Daniel thought about saying something, but he didn’t want to interrupt the flow. Instead, he undressed, tossing his clothes around the room. He then stood, both hands stroking his dick as he watched Brittney make out with the demon hunter. When Khadra had first walked into their house, did any part of her know this was what awaited her? Probably not.

After a while, Brittney broke their long kiss. She reached down and pulled Khadra’s dress over her head. “Wow, you’re stacked.” She reached behind the woman and unclasped her bra. Large boobs fell out, with black nipples on brown skin. “Gorgeous.”

“I don’t know …” Khadra half-heartedly covered her boobs.

“No, I mean it.” Brittney gently pushed her arms away and stared at those hanging boobs. She looked back at Daniel to smile at him, and saw that he was jerking himself. “Oh, sorry, Danny. I sorta forgot about you for a sec. Want a turn?” They were passing her back and forth like a joint. The thought sent a shiver down Brittney’s spine.

“Yes.” anal porno Daniel had almost forgotten how pretty Khadra was. How lucky they were to have her living in the house. “Come on over, Mrs. Samatar.” But was it luck? Probably not.

Brittney led Khadra over to Daniel. With a light touch on the woman’s shoulders, Brittney got her to kneel. “Go on. Suck it.”

“It’s so big, purple, and … so many veins.” Khadra moved her head to take in the monstrosity from all angles. She leaned forward, stuck out her tongue, and tasted his salty precum.

“You’re a good girl, Mrs. Samatar.” Brittney undressed as she watched the panty-clad woman take her brother into her mouth.

“Wow, Brit. This feels amazing.” Daniel reached out for his naked sister, and put his arm around her waist. He brought her in close to him and together, the twins looked down at the wife and mother slobbering on his dick.

“That’s so lovely. Isn’t it? Has she done this for you before?” Brittney squirmed a little as some of her wetness ran down the inside of her thigh.

“Yeah.” Daniel watched Khadra as she moved both hands up to his dick, pumping him. Her eyes were closed tightly, and she had a look of deep concentration on her face. “But it’s better with you here.”

“Thanks, Danny.” Brittney kissed him on the cheek. “So, how do we do this? The only other girl I’ve been with was Mom, and we certainly weren’t doing three-ways.”

“Mmmpppphhhhhh?” Khadra opened her eyes and looked up at them. Had she heard that right? A great fog had settled over her brain, she couldn’t process anything clearly. She kept bobbing her head on Daniel’s penis, his wide head stretching her mouth.

“I’ve got some ideas.” Daniel reached behind Brittney and smacked her ass. A nice slap resounded around the room.

Fifteen minutes later, Khadra found herself on all fours, her face buried in teenage vagina. “Ggggghhhhhhhhh.” Behind her, Daniel pounded away. His hands gripping her butt, fingers digging into her ample flesh.

“This … is … aaaahhhhh … better than I thought … it’d be.” Brittney held Khadra’s hair close to the scalp, keeping her lapping tongue on her pussy. Brittney stared down at the woman’s arched back and wobbling ass. The flare from Khadra’s waist out to her hips mesmerized Brittney. “You’re going to make me … ugggghhhhhh … cum again.”

“Mmmmmpppphhhhhh.” Khadra was going to orgasm again, too. These teenagers were incredible. She wanted to give them anything they asked for. Before Brittney had kissed her, Khadra had never considered other women that way. But now, she was lost in a sea of lust and bodily fluids.

“Hey Brit … while … she’s staying … with us …” Daniel panted. He was getting close to cumming in Khadra. “… do you think … uh … uh … uh … we should make Mrs. Samatar … our girlfriend? We could … do this … all the time.”

“Oh … God … yes.” Brittney loved her brother so much. They were always on the same page. “You … want to be … our … girlfriend … Mrs. Samatar?”

“Yyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssssss.” Khadra couldn’t help but agree. As she felt the heat of the first spray inside her, her orgasm took over. “Ooooooopppppphhhhhhhhh.” But she never stopped licking Brittney, even as shivers racked her body.

The library filled with grunts and moans as the three of them came together.

Later, Brittney mounted her brother, watching Khadra’s jiggling boobs as the expert in the occult rode Daniel’s face. There was nothing the twins couldn’t do when they worked together. Daniel came three more times, and the women climaxed countless times. Brittney felt bad that they’d so quickly broken their promise to their mother about condoms, but the impulse to share everything with Daniel was too great.

On shaky legs, the trio left the library several hours after entering it. The twins went up to Daniel’s shower, and Khadra went up to shower in what had been Brittney’s bathroom. All of them drunk on sex.


That night, Julie snuck out of bed and made the familiar midnight walk to her daughter’s room. Brittney was asleep when Julie sat at the edge of the bed. “Brit? Wake up, pumpkin.” She shook her daughter on the shoulder, feeling a bit guilty robbing her of sleep.

“Mom?” Brittney stretched and sat up in bed. “I had the craziest day. You want to cuddle?” Of course, they both knew that was code.

“Not right now, sweetie.” Julie leaned forward and swept Brittney’s brown hair out of her face. “I want to talk a little. I had to get my thoughts together, and I think I’ve wrapped my mind around it.”

“Around what?” Brittney yawned and leaned back on her pillow.

“This all seems like a genie we can’t put back in the bottle.” Julie pulled at her husband’s large t-shirt, aware that her nipples poked through the thin fabric. “I can’t ask you to stop … seeing Danny in that … special way. But you have to promise to be careful. Both with your own body, and with discretion. You can’t let anyone else find out.”

“Sorry, Mom.” Brittney looked down at the flower pattern on her blanket. “Daniel and I … did stuff today with Mrs. Samatar. She knows. And …” Brittney didn’t want to tell her mother the truth, but best to rip that Band-Aid off quickly. “We didn’t use condoms.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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