Having My Ass Creamed

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Recently, I’ve been in a dry spell as far as sex goes. I guess I haven’t been putting forth 100% effort in seducing strange dick, so I’ve had nothing to write about. All of that changed last night, though, and I had an insanely hot and slutty experience- the kind of chance encounter that you think about when you’re jerking off.

This guy has been sending me messages for about 2 months now, but he never sounded like he was all that serious about hooking up… I thought he was just another hornball who got off on talking about it without ever intending on going through- and I hate to have my time wasted.

Last night my hormones were raging and apparently he was in a similar mood. I was browsing my normal sex websites to see if there was any strange dick to be had- a medium butt plug stuffed in my hole and a greasy fist slowly pumping my aching boner. Out of the blue, the guy sends me an IM, which started like this:


==>BiCock65: You lookin tonite?

==>AnonPhuckHole: Yeah, what you have in mind?

==>BiCock65: I wanna fuck an ass.. need to get off.

==>AnonPhuckHole: Nice.. where and when? You going to unload inside me?

==>BiCock65: Married here.. can’t fuck at my house. Yeah you don’t want me to pull out?

==>AnonPhuckHole: Oh damn. no place here either. Fuck no I don’t want you to pull out. That’s what turns me on… you unloading in my ass and me going home dripping your semen.

==>BiCock65: Fuck that’s hot dude. I have big property. I can fuck you out behind my workshop.. an acre away from house.. if you’re cool with that.

==>AnonPhuckHole: Sounds good to me. Just tell me where to go and when to be there … I’ll be waiting on all fours or however you want me.

==>BiCock65: Perfect. Take [edit for privacy] to [edit] Rd. and turn right. Go about one mile until you see [edit] on your right. Turn there. That’s my house on the corner. If you sarıyer escort go past the main drive there is another left with no mailbox.. that goes to my workshop.

==>AnonPhuckHole: k

==>BiCock65: Dim your lights.. and pull in there. You can park behind my shop. On the backside there is a picnic table… take off your pants and bend over it and wait for me.

==>BiCock65: When I see you pull in I will head back there. Bring some lube unless you want to get fucked with spit. And don’t talk or make too much noise.

==>BiCock65: After I cum… wait for me to go back in before you get dressed and leave.

==>AnonPhuckHole: Gotcha… will do. I should be there in about 20 minutes. cool?

==>BiCock65: OK. Bye


10 minutes later I am in my car and on the way. I brought along a bottle of lube as well as a blindfold. I wasn’t sure, but it sounded like something he might be into. His place was pretty easy to find, although the road that led to his shop was pitch black and surrounded by a thicket of brush on both sides. It was all I could do to keep my car out of the trees, but soon enough I pulled into a clearing where the building stood and pulled quietly on the opposite side from the main house. Before I shut off my parking lights, I spotted the table and was glad I did… There was small, steep hill leading to it and I’d have surely fell and busted my ass trying to find it blindly. I got to the table and set the lube on the edge, then dropped trou and gave my pucker a nice coat of slippery lubricant. I tied the blindfold around my eyes and leaned forward so that my chest and stomach were laying on the table top. I spread my legs apart enough to give him easy access to my back door and then listened to see if I could hear him approaching.

The man must’ve moved like a ninja because I didn’t hear so much as a leaf crunch fındıkzade escort until he was 10-20 feet away from me. He wasted no time- unzipping his fly as he was still walking up to me. He grabbed the lube and it sounded like he poured some all over his cock and then he placed two fingers underneath my hole and squirted more than enough into my crack above his fingers… working it just inside my ass ring.

“Do I need to go slow or are you ready for my whole cock? I don’t want to hear you yelp,” he asked in a hushed voice.

It was then I realized that I had no idea how big his cock was (which was unusual for me not to ask.) Hell I actually had no idea what he looked like at all. Throwing caution to the wind, I told him to go for it… secretly praying I hadn’t just made a big mistake that my cunt would pay for.

He dove right in. I felt the head of his cock nuzzle around in my butt for only a second before it found it’s mark and pried my fuck tunnel open. He was definitely a nice size, but nothing so big I couldn’t handle. After plunging in what I would guess to be about 7 inches I felt his bush and skin come to rest against my ass, telling me that he was as far inside me as he could go. He bounced against my hot hole a few times like he was trying to get a feel for riding my butt. Then he readjusted himself and grabbed me around the front of my hips and lifted my ass up into a better position, leaving my feet barely touching the ground.

Easily holding my thin, athletic frame where he wanted, he started to give me a nice deep fucking. Not so fast and hard that it felt like a jackhammer, but not so slow that it felt like he was trying to make sweet love to some virgin bitch. Occasionally, he would get a little more into it and bring his manhood all the way out of me on the backstroke so that he could feel the resistance of my sphincter as he penetrated it again. istanbul escort Meanwhile, I just grabbed either side of the table and held on for dear life. This went on for maybe 5 minutes, before his mannerisms became a little agitated and he started saying those things that many guys do as their nuts start to boil over. My unseen top was now jabbing his swollen, rigid prick into my asshole with determination.

“You… uh… want… uh… that… uh… fuckin… uh… cum… uh… bitch… uh… Don’t… uh… you… uh?” He grunted, though I’m pretty sure it was more just to hear himself talk than to get a response from me.

Still, I responded, maybe just to hear myself, “Yeah… fuck… that… wad… deep… in… my… hole!” I felt his body start to quiver and he struggled to maintain his grip on my waist. Then he did something very hot. Holding me still, he withdrew his cock until the head was only half inside my hole so that when he started blowing his load I could feel the thick ropes of spunk gush against my insides. Some of the spooge even squeezed out of my loosened hole, but when the orgasm subsided he forced the jism back down into my guts with a few final thrusts. Then he slid out of my gooey twat and gave it a semi-light open handed smack- right on my gaping hole.

Remembering his instructions, I simply remained in position as he zipped up his pants and walked off with a satisfied sigh. I wasn’t sure how long he meant… so I just lay there on the table with my leaky ass exposed to the world until I heard him re enter his house.

I took off my blindfold and quickly scooped the extra cum on my ass up and fed it to myself before pulling up my pants, grabbing my lube and getting back into my car. I smiled as I tried to find my way back out to the road because I felt that wonderful anal-numbness that you get after a good hard pounding. What a great way to jump back into the game, I though to myself. I could have gone home with my insides coated with man cream and been satisfied. Could have, that is, except that the fuck gods were apparently smiling down on me and I was about to get some unexpected icing on my cake.. well, icing in my cum hungry butthole.

Stay tuned for the details of my drive home soon…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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