He Gets to Fuck His Friends GF

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The party was just winding up. I had “crashed out” quite early and been offered the spare bed in my friends room. My friend (Pete) and his stunning girlfriend (Sandra) were not exactly quiet as they staggered into the room. Sandra shushed him telling him not to wake me.

“The amount of vodka he drunk tonight I would be surprised if we hear a peep out of him before lunchtime. When he drinks like that a herd of elephants wouldn’t wake him.”

It was a cunning plan but it had worked perfectly so far. Now I was hopeful that nature would take its course. Pete had told me that when Sandra had had a few drinks she was unbelievable in bed. Sandra had had a few drinks unlike me who had been drinking water from a vodka bottle all evening. Neither of them knew that though.

My view of Pete’s bed was good, as they had not turned the light off. The view of Sandra as she, rather too quickly, stripped was perfect. I had hoped to see a prolonged passionate lovemaking session but instead she threw him onto his back, produced a condom from somewhere and mounted him in less than a minute. I knew now why he always complimented me on my size. Even erect he was still quite small and he must of thought my well proportioned cock was huge.

This theory was confirmed as a clearly very excited Sandra started referring to me and saying that if Pete was right she would love to feel my huge cock fucking her. By saying this she seemed to be trying to spur Pete on and spice things up. It worked rather too well as she wailed at Pete as he lost control and thrust upward into her welcoming pussy emptying himself into her.

“You fucking bastard. I have been looking forward to that all evening and you have left me high if not particularly dry. Go and wash yourself and I will see if I can resurrect you with my mouth.”

A sheepish Pete disappeared to the bathroom. Sandra was over to where I was lying in a second. Obviously confident that I was out cold she stripped the bedclothes back and gasped before finding my hard cock with her mouth. I don’t know if it was the circumstances, the fact she is gorgeous or her skills with her mouth but it felt wonderful. I thought I had been erect Anadolu Yakası Escort before she started but by the time the toilet flushed I was rock hard.

She was back on the other bed as Pete entered the room, with me covered up again. Pete was soon on his back again and she was bent over him. I could not see her take him in her mouth as her back was to me blocking the view. Well I say blocking the view actually it was creating a view that is etched into my brain to this day. Her knees were on the side of the bed, her bottom was high in the air and her legs were further apart than looked comfortable. I had never and have never since seen a pussy so ready to be fucked. It looked engorged, swollen, very wet and red.

She proceeded to give the silent Pete a running commentary between the times she was making slurping noises around his dick. She was constantly telling him how she needed “a really good seeing to” and that he was still not hard enough. She now started to refer to me again asking him if I really was as big as he said. When he confirmed it she said.

“If he wasn’t out cold would you let him take me right now? Would you like him to fuck me while you watch? Oh Pete I would love a big cock right now. It feels like the idea is actually bringing some much needed life into your cock. Tell me what you would like to happen.”

“It would be a dream seeing him fuck you right now with his big cock. Would you really do it?’

I hoped that they both meant what they were saying as I could not wait any longer. Neither of them was conscious of me before I was rubbing the head of my cock around her stunning gaping pussy.

“Sandra would you really ‘love a big cock right now’?”

She jumped as if electrocuted but hesitated before surprisingly quietly replied.

“Fuck me with that lovely big cock, just fuck me.”

The fact that Pete didn’t know that she had not only seen my cock but had sucked it didn’t seem to occur to her. It was clear that Pete was not foremost in her thoughts at all. She even reached back and spread her already very open pussy even further. It was a final permission given to my prick that didn’t Avrupa Yakası Escort require one. Despite the fact that her pussy was wide open and very wet she felt very tight as I sunk into her. The tightness and amazing warm felt wonderful as I stroked in and out of her until I was fully buried.

Sandra gave both Pete and I a running commentary stroke by stroke. She was praising me and saying how beautiful it felt to be filled so full. Within a minute or so she was pushing herself back against me as if desperate. I held still and loved the feel as she fucked me. Her bottom opened and closed as she thrust giving me the view of her near black crinkled skin at it’s heart. Her breathing was labored and she was making mewing noises that were pure pleasure and arousal. She seemed to be racing towards orgasm at an alarming rate. It was wonderful but I was not in a hurry for things to end.

As she pulled away from me I carried on the withdrawal by moving away myself. My prick was covered in thick lubrication but her pussy was still so tight that it seemed to try and hold onto me as the head finally reappeared. Her protest was loud and desperate.

“No, no don’t stop I am so close, so fucking close. Get that fucking wonderful prick of yours back in there and fuck me.”

“It is so nice fucking you when you are so desperate. If I let you cum all that appreciation and desperation will disappear in a flash.”

“No, no it won’t. Tell him Pete. I don’t often orgasm but when I do one just triggers another and another until I cannot take any more excitement. Don’t let me loss the excitement I was so close. You can fuck me all night but don’t deny me right now.”

How could I disappoint her? How could I not come to the rescue of this damsel in distress? How could I resist putting my prick into her hot pussy again? The answer was I couldn’t. I took control and fucked her varying my speed and depth trying to read her building arousal level. As she seemed to be nearly there I ran my thumb over the dark center of her anus. This very small thing took her instantly over the top. She sounded more like a porn star than the girl next door as screamed, İstanbul Escort moaned and swore through a spectacular orgasm.

Hearing what she had said about her orgasms I did not miss a beat even when she seemed to finish shaking uncontrollably. For the first time since coming into the room she was reasonably quiet. Feeling a little guilty about Pete, who at least had been receiving a blowjob, I moved and laid down on the bed on my back. I gestured to Sandra to once again get on her knees but now mounting me from above.

She seemed as enthusiastic as ever, if a little less desperate. She slid me into her pussy with the greatest of ease. It was then that I said to Pete that I thought her bottom was in need of some attention. I did not know them well enough to know what he would choose; spanking, rimming, finger fucking or fucking her but I was sure they would be happy with one of them.

I thought that he had chosen the finger fucking as he lubricated his fingers and found his target. She was very quickly regaining a level of arousal I had never seen in a woman who had had such a dramatic orgasm a couple of minutes earlier. I had barely seen her small firm boobs and her large nipples until this time but my hands on them seemed to meet with her approval. She was now fucking me and did everything in her powers to make it as exciting for me as possible.

Everything changed when Pete knelt behind her and entered her bottom that he had lubricated carefully. She had felt tight before but now felt vice like as she tensed up. I was able for the first time to find her clit with my hand and she was instantly gone again. Not the violence of her first orgasm but her moaning was music to my ears. When Pete announced he was going to cum she had been either enjoying the longest orgasm in history or a sting of one after the other.

She collapsed forward onto my chest apologizing and thanking us both in equal proportions. I was delighted to have enjoyed a wonderful fucking and when Sandra found my lips with hers and kissed me passionately I was delighted to explode deep inside her with a force I have rarely experienced.

I thought that this would certainly be the end of proceedings for the night. It was nearly the last significant action except Sandra asked me almost nervously whether I would go down on her. I was amazed at her stamina but even more amazed as she came hard within a couple of minutes of me finding her swollen clit with my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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