He Gives It To Him Straight

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Big Dicks

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consentual or reluctant sex.


I hear a bang of the front door slamming shut and loud footsteps heading my direction. It must be Matt about my recent Facebook post of coming out. All the responses have been extremely positive and supportive and I find myself grinning from one to ear to another. I turn to look up at the door and welcome Matt with a smile but I freeze in position as a tall angry 6′ tall jock round the corner and leers at me.

“So, you little faggot,” He smirks as he walks up to me and grabs my chin. I find myself trembling in fright, not able to look him in the eye. He gives a short laugh and slaps me hard into the face sending me tumbling to the floor. He gives me a good kick while I’m down for the count with his Nike sneakers and full sport fit fresh and sweaty from the gym. He crouches down next to me, as I’m cradling my cheek and crying, and spits on me. He gives another short laugh and wipes it in my face and then proceeds to shove four fingers down my throat until I violently gag. All of this happens within seconds silivri escort and I have no time to get a word in. Just as I’m about to open my mouth and plead for mercy, he kicks of his trainers and shoves them in my face. “Breathe you motherfucker,” He barks in my ear as he presses it firmer to my face and rolls me onto my front, his whole body looming heavily on top of me.

The smell is overwhelming and I’m bucking wildly underneath him, but he locks me firmly in position and starts dry humping my ass. My eyes widen in panic, my whole body being squashed to pulp under his weighty thrusts and I sink slowly into a submissive arch and inhale the stench of 3 hours gym stink from his Nikes. I find myself rock hard and crying but now desperately sniffing the shoes and rocking my hips in rhythm to his. Disgusted he throws the shoe to the side and tears off my clothes, aggressively growling at me to shut my faggot mouth. Grinning he whips out his still flaccid cock which appears to be 8 inches to my fright and shoves it into my ass. Next, he whips off his bakırköy escort smelly tank top and wraps it around my whole head, depriving me of sight, adjusting his now hardening cock. “You whine like pussy,” he grins and starts pegging me for real into the hard floor. Pain takes over as his now erect 12 inch monster drills into my virgin asshole, tearing it apart. “Fuck your tight he groans,” thrusting harder each time until I’m soft whimpering putty beneath him. “You look beautiful like this,” he whispers a barely audible taunt and pulls out of me.

With a sudden rush of vertigo, I am spun onto my back, and he clambers up and lands on my chest and knocks the air out of my burning body. Laughing he jerks his cock as he moves his tank top off my mouth but still over my eyes and barks, “ready or not, here I cum!” Grunting in time with his dick, burning hot waves of sticky cum, saltily assaults the back of my throat as I fight not to retch at the taste. Laughing once more he sticks his dick further down my throat activating my gag reflex and cums directly halkalı escort down my pipe. The last vestiges of cum he generously pumps back into my warm cavern, the taste of dick overwhelming me. His cock softens but is still sizeable and enough to make me wary of any post blowjob assault. “Well you’re practically begging for it aren’t you faggot?” he cocks his head nastily and then begins to piss in my mouth. “Drink it all up faggot or I will shove both my fucking fists up your tiny asshole.” It’s enough to make start gulping the warm disgusting golden liquid down my throat. A burning trail of shame enters through me and I let out continuous whimpers, spilling some piss all over my face. He laughs again shoves his dick once again as far down my throat as possible, watching me dry heave underneath his crotch before lifting off and staring down at me. His pulls his pants up sneers again and spits in my face.

“…Matt…I…” I whisper but he glares at me and kicks me in the stomach, effectively shutting me up. He picks me up carelessly and drops me in his duffle gym bag along with his shoes and the rest of his smelly clothes, making sure to shove both his sock in my mouth and shove his sneakers back into my face. He looks down.

“I better find you still sniffing and worshipping my kicks when I come back to deal with you.” He glares and spits once more onto my stomach this time. Grinning he zips up the bag.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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