He Learns about Miriam’s Discipline Ch. 02

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Big Ass

[This story involves bodily functions so if that is not something you find compatible with your interests, please read no further. All characters are over 18.]


I had been pleased with how my husband Brad had behaved after I had sent him to my friend Miriam for disciplining. Miriam is older than I am, about 40, and she has long dominated her husband Tom, who is slightly younger than his wife. She is attractive but not a woman who would instantly attract your attention.

Brad had been uncaring in the way he left his things all over, and I was especially annoyed to find his soiled underwear on our bed or on the floor there or in the bathroom. What made this worse was his attitude when I raised the issue with him: he appeared to feel that he was behaving quite normally.

I told him in no uncertain terms that this was a deal-breaker and he would have to change his ways or else. He realized then that I was serious and pleaded for me to give him another chance. I knew this was not a wise step and told him, to his surprise, that I was going to send him to someone else to be disciplined.

He was taken aback and when he and I arrived at my friend Miriam’s, he began to understand what lay beneath my complaints about his behavior. She spanked and caned him, put him in panties, and had him render oral service to both her pussy and her bottom-hole. His humiliation was increased by his being dressed as a parochial schoolgirl and Miriam’s wearing her strict schoolteacher outfit.

I knew that Miriam enjoyed this particular roleplay because she was a teacher in real life. These kinds of scenes gave her the chance to impose discipline and punishment she could not use in her regular school life.

Brad improved his behavior for a while and our sex life was good. But he did have a tendency still to disregard my feelings and seemingly ignored my request that our bedroom be clean and neat so I would find it relaxing to lie down there.

After he had not improved after some warnings from me, I told him I was sending him back to Miriam “for another lesson.” My husband’s countenance clouded quickly, and he did plead with me to reconsider as he recalled how severe her discipline had been. I think he began to think about her figging him, for example, and his anus was already responding to the possibility of another ginger stick insertion.

This time, I decided not to accompany him, feeling that Miriam’s discipline would be that much more effective if he were there alone with her rather than seeing me as a possible source of clemency.

My sealed note to her read as follows:

Dear Miriam,

My husband who bears this note has lapsed in his conduct of late. He has continued to leave his soiled clothing, especially underwear, on the floor of our bedroom and bathroom. In general, he has displayed a lack of respect for my feelings.

I hope you will be willing to correct him with a view to rectifying this situation.



Brad took the envelope with him and walked uneasily down our block to Miriam and Tom’s house. He rang the bell and Miriam answered the door. She saw him and immediately asked for the note, which he quickly handed to her.

She opened it, read it, and look at him with a withering glance as she ordered him to take off his shirt, trousers, socks, and shoes. Once he had done that, and was now in his white boxer shorts and tee shirt, she led him to their basement, where, unbeknownst to me, she and Tom had installed a discipline room, which could be organized to provide a suitable backdrop for various fantasies and roleplays.

Miriam had it arranged as a schoolroom and she absented herself after telling him to sit behind a low school desk facing the front where there was a large desk for the teacher and a blackboard. She told him to take off his remaining clothing and put on several items that were laid out: a pair of small white panties, a training bra, and a white blouse and short plaid skirt, with little white socks and oxford shoes that would fit him.

Brad had so dressed himself, when Miriam returned in a severe teacher’s outfit, which featured a crisp white blouse, demure navy skirt, seamed hose, black pumps, and her auburn hair up in a bun. She said he would be addressed as Bradleigh.

“You have misbehaved repeatedly, Bradleigh,” she began. “I’m inclined to fail you in Conduct for this marking period, which will exclude you from all extracurricular activities at school including sports,” she added. “I will check every day with your teachers as to your behavior and you will be punished for any reports of unsatisfactory behavior.”

“We now enter grades by computer,” she advised, “so any teacher may enter a naughty mark which will be received by me as your homeroom teacher. I will not be pleased to receive any such reports.”

She now sat down on an armless chair in front of her desk.

“Come up here now,” she ordered, “and get across my lap.”

Brad, or Bradleigh, complied kuşadası escort and was now laying across Miriam’s skirted lap. Miriam ceremoniously lifted his little skirt and put on a leather spanking glove she had kept on her desk. Then she began to spank Brad’s pantied bottom slowly but soon increased both the tempo and the strength of the spanks until he was moaning and then crying out.

“You’re quite the crybaby, Bradleigh,” Miriam said with a deprecating tone to her voice, “so perhaps you will learn to behave properly when I send you home after your punishment.”

Now she put her thumbs in the waistband of his panties and slowly took them down to his knees. Brad whimpered from the spanking and this new humiliation, saying in a pleading way, “Oh Miss, I’ll be good. Please don’t take down my panties.”

Miriam laughed and replied, “It sounds like you have become acclimated to wearing panties. I’m please Susan has had you wearing hers after she has had them on for a day. Well, you need to remember that naughty little girls have their panties taken down for punishment.”

While Brad knew that I had kept Miriam informed of my having him wear my soiled panties, he was ashamed to be presented by that knowledge in this moment where his bare bottom was now exposed.

Miriam now ceremoniously inserted a thermometer into my husband’s anal opening. He shrieked both from the cold feeling of the vaselined tip entered his anus and the shame of having his temperature taken in this childish manner. At that moment, her husband Tom entered the schoolroom setting and said, “Oh, Miss, is this little girl having her temperature taken in her botty?”

Miriam smiled and told him that he knew that that was how naughty boys and girls had their temperatures taken. Tom was clad in short pants and a dress shirt as if he too were in school but had been permitted to retain male clothing.

“This is the second time I have had to discipline Bradleigh for not obeying her classroom teacher,” Miriam explained to Tom.

Signaled by Miriam, Tom then left the room, much to Brad’s relief, since even though he knew that Tom was in fact being disciplined by being put in schoolboy costume, it was still terribly embarrassing to Brad for him to see Brad dressed as a schoolgirl with panties down and the thermometer sticking out of his bottom-hole.

When Miriam finally extracted the thermometer, she put it aside, not bothering to inform Brad of the reading. She then told him she needed to “check his oil,” which meant she would don a plastic glove and insert her finger into his anal opening to reach in as far as she could to see if he would soon need to have a bowel movement.

Brad knew that this was what she was checking, and he also realized that he was likely to need to defecate soon.

Miriam felt the mass inside and announced, “So you do need to make a doody soon, don’t you, Bradleigh?”

“Yes, Miss, I will need to make a doody,” Brad answered, fearful of angering Miriam the schoolteacher with any resistance to this new humiliation.

“Can you go now, or do we need to insert a suppository or give you an enema?” she asked insultingly.

“I think I can go, Miss,” Brad said in a small voice.

Miriam now brought out a small wooden child’s potty and had Brad sit on it. He had to bend his penis, partly erect from the excitement of the disciplinary scene, so it would go under the seat and he soon began to pee. The pee stream made noise as it hit the bottom of the potty and some of the pee spattered back on Brad’s bottom. He then obviously strained now and soon felt relief as he passed a large, thick light brown turd into the potty with a plop.

“Are you finished?” Miriam asked bluntly.

When he answered affirmatively, she had him stand, bend over and spread his cheeks, and she took some toilet paper and wiped his not-very-dirty anal opening and surrounding area.

Brad was worried now about what would happen next, although slightly relieved that Tom had not been present to witness the humiliation of his being made to defecate into the potty and be wiped by Miriam as his teacher.

He was surprised when there was a knock on the door and a young woman who was also severely dressed as a schoolteacher entered.

“Miss Andrews,” she said to Miriam, “I’m sorry to interrupt you because I see you are having to deal with another naughty girl—or is she a she?”

“No, Andrea,” Miriam answered, “with his mother’s agreement, he is being treated now as a girl because of his naughtiness.”

“What did he do?” Andrea, who in real life, was Miriam’s niece, asked, knowing that Miriam would relate an account that would embarrass me greatly.

“His mother told me that he had been caught trying on and sniffing her worn panties,” Miriam said in a very deprecating way. “I have observed him trying to peek up the girls’ skirts in class and even look up mine.”

“That is quite terrible behavior,” Andrea responded censoriously. “Is she being punished?”

“I’ve kuşadası escort bayan spanked him,” Miriam recounted. “And after I took his temperature, I saw that he needed to use the potty, so I had him do that just now.”

“Did he make number 1 and number 2?” Andrea persisted in her questions.

“Yes,” Miriam said plainly, “and it’s still over there in the potty.”

“Oh, how awful for you to have to witness that!” Andrea exclaimed. “What a dirty little boy!”

“Do you like being dressed as a girl?” she asked me in a very insulting tone.

I answered that I didn’t but that I had to do what Miss Andrews told me to do.

“That’s right,” Andrea snapped, “and you will obey me as well since I’m also a teacher here, although Miss Andrews is in charge of you.”

Andrea was dressed like Miriam but her lithe frame, lovely figure, blonde hair and blue eyes made an especially embarrassing impact on Brad because despite her highly attractive features, he knew she liked to dominate just as her aunt did.

Miriam had obviously decided that it would be even more humiliating for Brad to be placed under Andrea’s supervision since she was younger and obviously somewhat sadistic. Brad was very fearful now with the two dominant teachers discussing his fate.

“Would you be good enough to take over dealing with him for me?” Miriam asked Andrea, although it was clear that they had arranged this, as if it were a script.

“Yes, Miss Andrews,” Andrea answered, as Miriam prepared to leave Bradleigh in her charge.

“Now Bradleigh,” she said sternly, “you will obey Miss Talbot in the same way you do what I tell you. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Miss,” Brad answered in a small compliant voice.

“Bradleigh,” Andrea now intoned, “your mother has informed Miss Andrews who has told me how badly you have been behaving. I think a nice dose of the cane is in order, do you agree, Miss Andrews?”

“Of course, Miss Talbot,” Miriam answered coolly. “You may impose whatever disciplinary measures you think appropriate.” And with that hand-off, she walked out of the room.

“So, you like to look up skirts?” Andrea said to me with a sneer. “Would you like to see what I have on under mine?”

“I know I shouldn’t, Miss,” Brad said, “but you are so beautiful, I would like to see what you are wearing.”

“You are very naughty,” Andrea said very loudly. “And naughty pupils like you need to be caned.”

She had me stand and walk to the desk. Then she told me to bend over it, as she pinned up my skirt and pulled the little panties down again to my knees.

“Keep your legs well apart,” she instructed, “because you will not let those panties fall any further down or you will be very sorry.”

She then took out her cane and tested it in the air with a few swings that whistled and made Brad very frightened because he knew she was athletic and could apply strong strokes.

Andrea now stood behind Brad and lay the cane across his bottom. She drew the cane back and flicked her wrist to impart a stinging stroke across the middle of his bottom. He shrieked and she waited about a half-minute before delivering the next stroke. The strokes were aimed at the top of his bottom and then at the crease at the base of his bottom, which hurt the most.

She watched approvingly as the red tramlines appeared on his white bottom. After she had given him eight strokes, she said, “You’re getting two extras for saying you wanted to look up my skirt.”

She poked the tip of the cane between his legs and tapped it very lightly on his scrotum. Then she moved it further and it tapped lightly on the shaft of his erect penis.

“You know that if you continue to be naughty, you might be punished there,” she said in a very threatening voice.

“Yes, Miss,” Brad answered, “I’ll be good. I promise.”

“You had better behave,” Andrea warned him. Then she proceeded to snap the cane twice in the crease between his bottom and thighs as he screamed from the pain.

Brad was now continuing to scream from the two awful strokes and the impact of the spanking and the first part of the caning.

Miriam returned and the two teachers conferred out of Brad’s hearing.

He now was escorted to the bathroom and told to strip. He had removed his clothes and was still erect when Andrea and Miriam told him to lie on his back in the bathtub.

When he had done that, they both took their shoes off and stepped into the tub. Miriam was standing over his face and Andrea over his groin.

They reached under their skirts to pull their panty crotches aside as they squatted down and simultaneously, released their pee streams on Brad’s face and groin. Brad felt the hot pee hit him and he could see the dark hair under Miriam’s panties, but the onrushing pee made it almost impossible to see her pussy from which the pee was emanating in a very strong stream.

Eventually they both finished emptying their bladders on Brad and escort kuşadası they stepped out of the tub. Brad was amazed at having been peed on by the two and felt embarrassed as well as frustrated that he did not get to see Miriam’s pussy, or even sorrier that he had not viewed any of what he imagined to be Andrea’s delectable private parts.

He was told to put his panties back on, and then Andrea put on plastic gloves, as Miriam had done for her anal insertion. She reached into a drawer on the side of the bathroom and took out some leaves in her gloved hand and carefully placed these into the crotch of the panties Brad was now wearing.

Then he was told to complete putting his clothes back on.

He realized when he began to feel a sting when he moved that the leaves were nettles and that Andrea had placed them in the panty crotch to irritate his scrotal sac and penis. Soon, by the time he had tied the laces of his oxford and stood, his lower parts were on fire from the stinging nettles.

They were back in the classroom now, but Miriam had again absented herself. Brad was seated at the student desk and Andrea at the teacher’s. She was writing a note to his mother, in actuality, to Susan.

After she finished, she sealed it in a small pink envelope. It read as follows:

My dear Susan,

Miss Andrews (Miriam) was kind enough to ask me to join her this afternoon in disciplining Bradleigh for his naughtiness. He has been spanked by her and caned by me. We have also made him use the potty both ways in front of us and then we relieved ourselves on him in the tub, with him bared and we remaining fully clothed. You will see that we have placed some nettles in his panties so that he continues to feel the effects of his disciplining. I hope this results in improved behavior on his part.

Both Miss Andrews and I will be available at your request for further disciplining should you find that to be desirable.


Andrea Talbot (Miss)

Brad arrived back at the house suitably chastened and still in sustained pain from the sting in his panty crotch of the awful nettles.

Susan greeted him and after reading Andrea’s note, which she did not show to him, said that she hoped he had learned his lesson.

“Darling,” he asked pleadingly, “will you allow me to remove those horrible nettles from my panties? I really promise to do everything you have asked me to do, really!!”

Susan smiled impishly as if she was enjoying playing the role of a spoiled darling, and said, “What if I decide that you need to feel them a little longer?”

Brad blanched and began to shed tears.

“This is really painful, dear,” he said through his crying, “I’ve really learned my lesson, really.”

Susan then decided she could be magnanimous since he clearly would not want to return for a third visit with Miriam, much less Andrea.

“You probably wanted to fuck Andrea, didn’t you, sweetie?” she asked insinuatingly.

“She’s beautiful, yes, darling,” Brad knew he had to admit so his wife would know he was being truthful, “but she is so horribly sadistic. She really does scare me.”

“I’m glad you were appropriately frightened, but you also need to know that she prefers girls,” Susan grinned, realizing that the note and hearing her husband so quiescent had turned her on. “Let’s go to the bedroom and you can show me how much you appreciate me.”

“Darling, I love and worship you,” Brad exulted.

When they reached their bedroom, Susan closed and locked the door, though no one else was present and she expected no visitors. Then she told Brad to take off all his clothes but the panties, which he did with alacrity.

Then Susan put on plastic gloves and carefully lowered Brad’s panties so she could take out the nettle leaves and place them into a plastic bag which she then zipped shut.

She then teasingly unbuttoned and slipped off her blouse, unzipped and took off her skirt, unhooked her bra and placed all the clothing on a chair. Now she invitingly pulled down her own lovely ocean blue-colored hicut panties, exposing her charming redhaired bush, and lay on her back on their bed, spreading her legs.

Brad knew he was expected to thank her for taking the nettles from his panties and he did that. She did not need to point to her split for him to get between her legs and lick her lovingly, twirling his tongue to enter her wet vaginal opening. He grazed the tip of her clit with his finger and then slipped a finger into her little bottom-hole, which he knew she enjoyed.

Susan now was feeling quite randy and excited. She held on to Brad’s head as he stimulated her to her core. Soon she felt herself give way to an overpowering orgasm and bucked and lifted her middle section in rhythm.

When she had come back to earth, she gave Brad a huge smile and made it clear she wanted him inside her now. Brad responded by pointing his erect member at the entrance, now wet and glistening, to her love tunnel. She reached down and pulled him inside her vagina. Once in, he thrusted but her inner muscles pressed on him as she felt herself again reaching an intense level of excitement. They remained conjoined for a long time and finally, exhausted, Brad’s cock gradually withdrew from Susan’s sex as it lost its firmness.

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