He Made Me Ch. 12

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Jeri is 18 and wants to become a famous porn star, she wants to be the erotic fantasy of thousands of people and she’s willing to do anything to achieve her goals. However, she soon realizes that she needs help and when it comes in the form of Michelangelo, “Mikey”, a much older, unattractive and yet well endowed man, who claims that he can mold her into a star, she accepts it against all reason, embarking herself on a quest to transform herself into a (erotic) dream version of herself, Jules Sperme, a girl whose passion for anal made her get a tattoo of a giant octopus spreading its tentacles from her asshole, where its mouth is depicted, to her buttocks, lower back and thighs.

Can dreams coexist with reality though?

In this final chapter:

Jules finally becomes famous… But not the way she envisioned it! Also, time for some romance…

Fetishes and WARNING:

Anal, ass-to-mouth, smoking fetish, drugs, piss drinking tattoos, piercings, fake boobs, exhibitionism, silly antics

This story is not meant to give a realistic or accurate portrait of the internal workings of the sex industry, it’s just a fantasy.


He made me

12. Knight of the dildo

“Ugh, I can’t believe I’m doing this… Action!” shouted Mikey, rolling his eyes as he framed me in his professional camera.

I was on a picnic blanket on his lawn complete with a wicker basket, lying utterly naked on my back with a big pillow to support my head and my legs pulled towards my shoulder. This way the screen would be filled by the huge octopus tattooed on my ass. Its mouth/asshole was gaping.

“Yummy… Want some, baby?” I started, as I slurped and licked my “icicle buttplug”, a long tapered semi-transparent yellow plug made of glass with a fake wooden stick for a handle, which, of course, resembled a lemony icicle. Lately my acting had gotten better, mostly thanks to what Lotus had learned in her improv classes and passed on to me. The big difference between a normal actress and me, however, was that my ass had to act on its own too, which was tricky. How do you make a butt show emotions? In this case I imagined a baby opening and closing their mouth to tell their mommy they wanted to suckle and so I made my asshole squeeze and gape a few times, a skill in which I was now proficient.

“Of course you do…” I continued, with the kind of sugary voice that people use with their pets. “You like lemony, don’t you? Here!”

Mikey did a closeup on my ass to better show how I pushed the plug in and then slowly pulled it out, making my anus bulge a little outwards in order for it to look more like lips sucking an icicle. And then back in and out, again and again, while I faintly moaned in pleasure.

“There you go!” I said after a few times, and then I distractedly pulled the plug out and resumed licking and sucking it. Whereas actresses usually stressed these lewd actions in porn with their facial expressions or forceful moans, I wanted my ass-to-mouth to look absolutely natural, habitual even. Now, that was truly lewd!

“Who would’ve guessed that octopi liked icicles? I should write to National Geographic or something.”

My asshole opened and closed a few times again.

“Want some more?” I replied sticking the icicle back in my ass. “Always so hungry… You better make do with it, ’cause I’m all out of cocks to feed you!”

At that the camera slowly shifted towards a nearby bush. Partly hidden by the foliage, Lotus’ face appeared, looking like she was spying on me. She was wearing a pink dildo sticking out from her forehead, to which it was fixed by the base with a complicated harness we had crafted from an old strap-on. Her makeup was just as striking: she was now sporting a big black unibrow. Also, and this was by far the most shocking part for those of us who knew her well, she had shaved the sides of her head into a mohawk, with her long blond hair lazily combed on one side. It’s been such a shock seeing her with this new bold haircut! Talk about being committed to your craft!

Back to the blanket, the camera showed me as I was fucking myself hard with the plug, pretending that I was trying to wrestle it from my monster’s grip.

“Come on, let go! I want some for my self!” I complained. Only after saying “You’ll get an ass-freeze!” I let it out with a loud plop. “Finally, geez… With all the dicks I feed you!”

Then I suddenly straightened up and turned towards the bush. In post-production we would add a loud noise of a branch breaking.

“What’s that?” I whispered, getting up and gingerly approaching the shrub. “I wonder why I keep finding myself sticking my nose in random bushes…”

Lotus pretended to look for an escape route in vain and then emerged from the foliage a little.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to spy on you, don’t hurt me!” she cried.

“Are you a unicorn?” I gasped, only to hastily add, “Don’t fear, I would never hurt such izmir seks hikayeleri a beautiful creature like you!”

“I’m not beautiful…” she mumbled sadly. “I’m a unicorn with a unibrow! All the other unicorns make fun of me!”

“That’s so mean!” I commented sympathetically. “Besides, you are just a unicorn version of Frieda Kahlo and she’s awesome! Come on, get up, you have nothing to worry about.”

At that she got up, revealing that she was fully naked too except for a pair of heelless platform shoes, meant to look like hooves, and a huge strap-on horse dildo, as big as a forearm, emerging from between her legs.

“Oh damn!”

“Yeah, the other unicorns also make fun of me for my big cock and never play with me, which only makes the matter worse, because this way I’m always very unihorny…” she added dejectedly, absentmindedly stroking it.

The camera slowly turned around and zoomed on my ass, that I wiggled: the news of Lotus’ big cock had reached my excited monster.

“Oops, sorry, I never introduced myself!” I commented a little embarrassed by what was happening on my behind. With a twirl, I pointed at the back of my thighs, where I had recently gotten a tattoo saying “Jules” and “Sperme”, and said: “This is me!”. Then, twerking a little, I added: “And this guy over here is my pet octopus!”

“Cool! I’m Lotus, the unihorny unicorn with a unibrow!”

I turned around and, as she extended her hand, I mistakenly grabbed her cock, pretending to be mesmerized by it.

“Sorry, force of habit!”

“Don’t worry, it happens a lot.”

“Hey, would you like to join our picnic?”

Soon enough we were lying on the blanket, with Lotus licking the icicle buttplug staring at my big firm boobs, while I was gazing at her cock.

“So… What’s it like to have an octopus as a pet?”

“It’s fun, they are adorable and very cuddly!”

“What do they eat?”

“Well, mine likes to taste everything, but their diet should be exclusively penis-based, so I try to stick to that.”

Lotus licked her lips with a greedy smile and an awkward silence fell.

“So, uhm, about your horn… Do you, like, spar with it? What’s it for?” I shyly asked.


“Oh, I see, I see… And you eat grass?”

“Nope, I eat unicorn cocks or, more precisely, the milk that comes out of them after a thorough fuck.”

“Wait, but if you feed each other… I mean… Where does it all come from?”

“We are magical creatures,” Lotus shrugged. “See these hands? We evolved them from hooves, can you believe it?”

“Remarkable! What are they for?”

“Sex,” she replied with her trademark dead-pan.

“I’m starting to sense a pattern here…”

“We are very sexual creatures. Basically we spend our time fucking around in orgies. At least the others do.”

At that I squirmed, pretending it was my ass shaking on its own.

“Oh, but that’s so sad! Come here!” I replied, hugging her and caressing her hair.

“I love your mane… You are beautiful and don’t you let anyone say otherwise!”

Lotus then rested her head on my lap, as she licked the icicle and I combed her mohawk sideways.

“I’m not an expert on humans… What are these orbs for?” she asked referring to my boobs as she caressed them, apparently entranced, which made sense since hers were quite flat, at least in comparison with my big fake ones.

“For sex! Just like this!” I replied, giving a peck to the tip of her horn/forehead dildo, which was of the floppy kind and bent back.

Then I started to act as if I was suddenly getting high by closing my eyes and swaying a little

“What’s happening? I suddenly feel aroused… Does your horn have a magical power? Is it like a potent aphrodisiac?”

“Mostly it looks like a dick” she replied plainly.

“Oh, no, I shouldn’t have let it so close to my mouth then!” I gasped, pretending to be pulled towards the dildo by an irresistible attraction. First, I gave it a shy lick, then I started to kiss it, but my lips soon wrapped its head. In doing so, I bent forwards and Lotus had a better access to my nipples and mirrored my moves on them.

“I like these orbs of yours,” she commented. “And these shiny things,” she added, referring to the studs piercing my nipples.

“What sort of magic are you casting on me?” I moaned, leaning on the blanket and dragging her with me, to be more comfortable as I sucked her horn.

“Dude, seriously, it’s just a dick-shaped horn,” she replied flatly as she positioned herself astride me and adjusted her horse cock on my belly, while she fondled my boobs.

I grabbed and caressed it with a lustful smile.

“I can’t resist your spell, Lotus!”

At that she shrugged and started to move her head back and forth, licking and pulling my erect nipples with her teeth, as I sloppily tried to catch her horn in my mouth while it slid on my face and slapped my cheeks covering them with my saliva. My legs opened for her.

“What is that slit?”

“My pussy: it’s used for sex too!”

“Oh, maybe unicorns and humans are not so different after all! Here, let me show what our hands are for,” said Lotus nonchalantly.

At that she spat on one and began caressing my mound, following my labia, which were already moist on their own.

“Look for a button! It’s under the little stud! It’s magic!”

Lotus did find my pierced clit and begun doing round movements around it, making me moan loudly.

“Cool! It is magic!”

“Now go inside!”

Soon enough, she was finger-fucking me for the benefit of the camera as I titty-fucked her horn. However, after a while my hips started to buckle sideways.

“Am I doing something wrong?”

“No, it’s my pet: the monster is hungry! It wants your cock!”

“You sure? My cock is really thick!”

It really was: I’d had to train my asshole the whole morning in order to be able to fit it in.

“It won’t rest until it’s fed! Give it to my beast!”

Lotus got up and put my ankles on her shoulders. The real monster, her plastic dick, was now pressing on my rear entrance. Hiding it from the camera, she squirted a ton of lube on its head and length, and she started to push it in, guiding it with her hands. At the same I was masturbating furiously, propped against the pillow and looking at the huge pole trying to invade my guts. Slowly my asshole gave way, its gape wider and wider accommodating the head of the dildo. Powerful stabs of painful pleasure were emanating from it. In my mind it was like a hot sun made of tactile sensations instead of light and just like after staring at the sun one becomes temporarily blind and all one can see is phantom image of the sun, my anus became all I could sense for a moment, my whole, debauched world.


Steadily Lotus pushed and pushed, until it was in. It was magnificent, the sensation of fullness, the idea of being recorded my asshole being destroyed by an enormous cock… Lotus began to pound me hard and soon I found myself crying and cumming, but I was quickly muffled by her horn which she jabbed in my mouth. That was the scene that, as soon as I’d fantasized about it, I’d known I had to get on camera: me managing to get spit-roasted by just one person, with Lotus fucking my face while she fucked my ass.

“I’m cumming too!” Lotus shrieked, when her horn started to squirt fake cum all over my face, just before I managed to grab it and point it at my open mouth.

The last scene saw Lotus and I lying spent on the blanket.

“I like you and your squishy friend” Lotus panted as she caressed my ass

“It likes you too! Hey, I was thinking, let’s all become friends!”


“Alright, I’ll leave you two bond, while I have a nap!” I said, rolling on my belly.

“Hey, I’m not tired,” whispered Lotus to my asshole. “Let’s make out.”

The movie ended with her rimming my ass with passion.


This was the first of a series of increasingly weirder videos Lotus and I published on my website about “the unlikely friendship between a unihorny unicorn with a unibrow and a girl with a pet octopus living on her ass”. It was after them that I became quite famous in the porn industry. No, not because they were particularly successful. Perhaps fittingly, it all happened for a much weirder reason, but maybe it’s best if I start again from the beginning.


Come January I finally had the breasts I’d always wanted: big, perfectly and unnaturally round, impossibly firm, obviously fake and real eye-magnets. Porn star boobs. Getting them, however, took a toll on me. First of all, I had to stop working for two months and a half as stripper and even after, I avoided moving too much on the pole for some time, even though it was something I loved. All I was left with as source of income was camming, which took a while to figure out in my new situation. Since, as I said before, working had been the only way of coping with all the troubles with my family and friends, I got really depressed again.

Barbie helped a lot, both mentally and physically: she had done two boob-jobs and so, besides distracting me by dragging me in her crazy social life, she sometimes gave me advice that was more useful than my own physician’s about the daily aspects and the little practical details of my post-op. After all, she knew what it was like first-hand, not from books and talks with patients. My agent/fuckbuddy Michelangelo was sort of an expert too: he had “molded” a lot of girls before me.

Speaking of, money-wise, I had managed to repay Mikey’s previous investments on me, but the new one was too expensive for my finances and weighed on me, fueling my anxiety: what if I couldn’t repay him because I couldn’t get gigs after my forced hiatus? It sounds silly, I know, and Mikey never even talked about money, but it kept me up at night.

So I tried to go back to work as soon as possible. Technically I didn’t have to do anything special: camming doesn’t in general require sex or showing my badly bruised boobs. Problem was, I had built my very own little following with a show that combined weirdness and a lot of extreme sexual acts. Sure, I could still do anal, but I had to be careful with how I moved and I had to hide the upper part of my body.

Wait, no, that’s not true, I’m doing it again! Truth is, after my boobjob I developed an obsession, which Lotus dubbed a “booby blues”, some sort of rejection of my new breasts. A gnawing sensation of having made a huge mistake, of having ruined my body, kept creeping in my thoughts, mixed with regret and guilt. It was as if my breasts were made of crystal, ready to break apart at the minimum stress. An ugly crystal for that matter: I kept obsessing over the bruises and the swelling, convinced that my tits would remain hideous forever, now that I’d messed with nature.

So, I focused my camming on fetishes that didn’t require me to show or jiggle my breasts, which even had to be encased in a special bra at first. I tried foot fetish and some BDSM as a leather-clad dominatrix, with the help of Lotus acting as a sub, but it wasn’t really my jam. We ended up giggling so much that some customers got actually annoyed.

My finances were saved by cigarettes. It turned out that a lot of people loved to watch me smoking, which was focused on my mouth and face, rather than the rest of the body. This allowed me to restart the flow of cash in my account: I did tons of custom videos where I would perform tricks as I dirty talked to my patron following his directions, sometimes having two cigs at once; I entertained viewers with smokey chats, burning cigarette after cigarette; gave smokey blowjobs to a dildo and so on. This gradually helped me regain my confidence, even though, in time, it turned me into a heavy smoker, sometimes burning through two packs a day, especially on weekends. It was obviously way too much, but I was surrounded by bad influences on that front, so it’s not my fault! When I voiced my concerns with Mikey, for example, he just laughed. Lotus decided to scold me about the dangers of smoking while she burned through two cigarettes in a row, which I guess was her humorous way of telling me that it didn’t make sense to talk about it with a fellow smoker who didn’t care about the health risks. When I expressed with Barbie my worry that I was lighting cigarettes up all the time, she seemed sympathetic at first, before I realized that she was completely missing the point:

“Yeah, I used to have the same problem! Always needing a smoking break, which of course was kinda annoying. Then it occurred to me that the solution is obvious: when you feel the need to smoke,” she had told me, as I expected some kind of remedy with patches or something like that, “remember to smoke two in a row. This way you’ll need half the breaks!”

So, predictably, I just resigned myself to doing as she said: every forty minutes or so, I would smoke a couple of cigs, until it became a deeply ingrained habit and single cigarettes remained a rarity confined to social smoking. Actually, and again perhaps predictably, Barbie’s advice made the problem even worse: if before I reached two packs in a day sporadically, now that I systematically chain-smoked, it happened almost every day.

Anyway, as the worry about repaying Mikey waned, my mood improved and ultimately I was also able to get out of my “booby blues”: my healing tits weren’t so hideous anymore, quite the contrary. Never had I felt so sexy and desirable. Depression was soon replaced by euphoria. Going back to doing my old stuff didn’t just put me back where I had started: my popularity was growing. Lotus appeared so often in my shows that Mikey had her sign a proper contract to split our earnings. Our clips, especially the silly shorts, started to make their way into a crowded market and were downloaded regularly. I even became a sponsor for a brand of dildos with unusual shapes (mostly tentacles, of course)!

It was then that I finally got “Jules” and “Sperme” tattooed on the back of my thighs. This way, even when my videos were stolen, people would know who had made them. I’d planned this tattoo ever since I’d chosen my stage name, after all, but now that everyone at home knew what I did for a living and that it was a good living indeed, I finally felt free to be proud of myself.

My new success and, let’s face it, my new tits boosted my confidence and helped me shed much of the social awkwardness that had plagued my life. At the parties in which Barbie invited me, I made real connections, on social media people actually liked to read or see what I posted, which wasn’t anything serious, of course, but it wasn’t the usual “Hey, I sold this video” or “More on my Onlyfans” bullshit either. For example, I often talked about my exploration of anal sex in videos that contained useful tips and tricks for couples and, as I found out, aspiring porn actresses. Also, sometimes I provided free fun content in short form. For example, once I posted “Jules’s beauty tips – facial treatment”, in which I had Mikey give me a facial and then described its “properties” as a skin cream as I rubbed it all over my face and put on a couple of cucumber slices on my eyes, like you do with beauty masks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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