He Said, She Said: His

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An Erotic Collaboration by Vegas Neon and SpecialK

Note to the Reader: This story came about quite quickly. Vegas Neon expressed an interest in writing a story together and shared with me the idea he had come up with. Ironically, I had daydreamed a similar fantasy just the night before. We began to write, and voila, the story was born. Read on to see what he said and then what she said. Enjoy!

Part One: He Said

I wish we were back home right now. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I like being here with her and her family, but, at this particular moment, I’d rather be back in our apartment. No worries about her parents or her sister walking into the room at any given moment, and interrupting anything that might be going on.

I still can’t get what happened last night out of my mind. I was asleep in the guestroom, when I was abruptly woken by her lips pressed against mine and her hand in my briefs. Her fingers were wrapped around my cock, stroking me softly.

I broke the kiss and franticly asked her, “What the hell are you doing? Are you out of your mind? Your parents are just in the next room! They can wake up at any moment!”

She giggled mischievously and answered, “Well, I know we’re going to be here for a whole week and we probably won’t get much time alone…. I just wanted to give you a little something to hold you over until we get back home. Just lay back and enjoy. This is going to have to last.” So, I put my head back on the pillow as she lay against me, licking and sucking my earlobe. Her skin felt so good against mine. It didn’t take long for me to relax and become excited at the same time, as she stroked me off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning with a smile on my face. I was still grinning as I went down to the breakfast table and sat down next to her, watching her trying to hide the same smile I couldn’t quite stifle.

So here we are now. Sitting on the living room couch, watching tv, with her parents hopefully asleep in their room down the hall, and her sister out with God knows who, doing God knows what. Well, you know what? I’m going to pay her back for last night. What she did was so unselfish, she deserves to be rewarded.

I want to be sneaky, so I just put my hand on her thigh like I’m just resting it there. She either doesn’t mind, or she is so wrapped up in the program on the tube that she is oblivious to it. I don’t want to reveal my plan right away. I am having fun seeing how far I can get before she knows what is happening.

I start to gently squeeze her thigh a bit every couple of minutes. After that became routine, I slide my hand further up her leg, to where her thigh meets her torso. But, I don’t know who I’m trying to fool here. She knows exactly what I have in mind.

“What are you doing?” she asks, none too surprised.

“What? Uh…Nothing. I…I mean, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I answer her. Ok…so I’m not the best with the snappy answers under pressure. Sue me.

“You know exactly what you’re doing,” she responds as she lays her hand on top of mine. “And as soon as this show is over, and I’m sure everyone is asleep, we can play.”

She returns her attention back to the television, but she doesn’t remove my hand from its resting-place. I take this as a positive sign. I start rubbing the denim crease with a bit more pressure.

I hear her sigh lightly. It appears I’m starting to pull her attention away from her program. I take her sigh as a green light. I slowly pull her zipper down, and slide my fingers into the fly.

To my surprise, she’s wearing panties. She usually kartal escort doesn’t wear them at home. I wonder if being back home with her parents has something to do with it. I’d have to ask her about that when we get back home next week. I run my fingers up and down the soft cotton material. All over the deep inner thigh area, and slowly up and down her slit. Looking into her eyes, I see that she is still watching the tv, but I know her, and I know that’s not where her focus is now.

I nuzzle into her neck, then proceed to kiss her ear. I whisper into it, making sure she can feel my hot breath on it. “Do you want me to stop?” She closes her eyes momentarily, licks her lips, and then bites the bottom lip. She closes her hand on top of mine, but instead of pulling my hand out of her jeans, she pushes it a bit further in. Not only does she push my hand into her pants, she wraps her fingers around mine and helps me run them up and down her slit. I love it when she’s this aggressive. When she knows what she wants, and she’s not afraid to help me help her get it.

I can feel the material of her panties moisten with every passage of our fingers. Her breathing is louder now. It is heavier than it had been moments before.

I keep looking into her eyes for some expression of wanting, yearning, or acceptance. And, even though they are glazed over, and half closed, she can’t keep her eyes from constantly staring down the hallway for signs of life. To watch for her parents’ door to suddenly open, and tear her away from the pleasure she is experiencing. But if I was looking for the wanting, the yearning, and the acceptance, I need to look no further than her now thoroughly soaked cotton panties, and her hand and fingers helping me along her path to orgasm.

We work the front of her undergarment into her now dripping vertical smile, but I know she needs more than that. I slowly run my hand to the left side of her lap. I run my fingers up and down the length of her panties, with one finger slipping under the material at the leg hole. Her skin is so soft, and in her present state, so warm, like a well-snuggled comforter on a cold winter night. I let my fingers slowly dance across her panties to the other side, and repeat my previous action with one finger under the material, feeling her smooth, creamy flesh.

But, I want to move on. The teasing is nice, and we both enjoy it; the wet patch on the front of her Hanes Her Way agrees with that fact. It is time to go to the next level. I know what’s under those soft cotton panties, and I want it. I want to hold it. I want to touch it. I want to caress it. Actually, the hardness in my jeans tells me I want to do more, but that’s not for now. I can take care of that myself, later, back in my room. This is all for her.

I pull my hand out of her pants, but not before one more, quick, playful rub on the way out, pushing the material a little deeper between her lips. Not wanting either of us to lose the intense feeling we are sharing, I quickly find my way into her panties via the waistband. No more over the top. No more through the leg hole. I’m going right down Main Street.

She slides her butt down the couch cushion, draping her leg over mine to give me better access to the treasure I’ve been digging for. Her eyes are ever vigilant on the hallway. Her ears like sonar, listening for any sounds of a doorknob being turned.

I run my hand down her waist getting closer and closer to my goal. The familiar feel of her pubic hair under my fingers lets me know that I am now in the home stretch. I can feel her heat radiating already, cumhuriyet mahallesi escort and I still haven’t made direct contact.

Gently parting her lips at the top, I slowly proceed to run my middle finger down her well-lubricated lips, releasing the panties from their clutches as I do. My first instinct is to just piston my fingers in and out of her as fast as I can. But I’m not going to do that. I have to remind myself this is for her. I’m going to be as soft and delicate as her folds are under my fingers.

I run my fingers up and down the length of her lips, dipping them in a bit deeper with each pass. I bend my finger a little each time I rub on the downward stroke. It’s like sliding my finger in and out of a wet, velvet glove, over and over.

Until, on one of the upstrokes, I brush against the nerve center of the entire area. As I do, she gasps. That is the sound I’ve been waiting for! It brings a smile to my lips. And with that one noise, I change my plan.

I start doing tight little circles around her joy button, touching every little bit of it. It starts to sit up and take notice. And I pay it all the attention it sorely deserves. I put a finger on either side of it, and slowly rub it up and down, then go back to the little circles she seems to enjoy so much.

At the bottom of one of the circles I let my finger slide back down between her lips. As it slides downward, it finds her warm, wet, inviting hole and bends inward. I push it in clear to the knuckle. She is so wet, had we been home, I’d have pulled her to the floor and started making love to her by now.

I look at her face again, and this time her eyes are closed. ‘That’s my girl,’ I think to myself. She has finally let herself relax and enjoy the moment. Not worrying anymore about interruptions, she just lets herself be taken over by the passion welling up inside of her. I know she wishes we were alone as much as I do now.

She groans as I add another finger, sliding it inside her wet lips. I add another so now I have three fingers deep inside her, working for me. She doesn’t show any resistance, so I keep pace with the three.

There are so many urges I’m fighting at this point. Like taking her hand and putting it in my own pants, or tearing her sweatshirt off, and wrapping my lips around and sucking her, I’m sure, hard pink nipples, but the one I’m fighting the most is the urge to drop to my knees and bury my face right between her legs. So to fight this urge, I do the most selfish thing I can think of at this moment. Something I just must do.

I take my finger from between her lips, slide them up out of her panties and over her belly. She looks at me with an almost painful look. It almost breaks my heart. The expression on her face looks like she is getting ready to tear into me verbally. She has to forgive me for this. I engulf all three fingers. Licking every drop of her honey from them and sucking the tips clean. It’s the closest I can get without actually tasting from the source.

I look back at her, and the look on her face is actually pleading with me to please finish what I had started. I take my fingers from my mouth apologetically and I say, “I know. I just had to have a taste.”

With my own selfishness out of the way, I return to the task at hand. So to speak. I slide my hand back into her panties and return my fingers to her quivering box, for just a bit. I feel her liquid silk coating each finger as it slides in and out, deeper and deeper, over and over. But like I said, I know her. And, I can tell by the way yunus escort she’s breathing, she’s close. Very close actually. It’s time to take her over the edge.

She reaches down and put her hand over mine again. Maybe she worries that I’m going to stop to suck my fingers again. She needn’t worry though. I got my fix of her sweetness, and my only goal now is her orgasm. Having her hand over mine while pleasuring her just adds that much more to my own excitement. I add a bit more pressure, and she begins to whimper and moan, which surprises me, knowing how afraid she was that someone besides me would hear. It doesn’t matter anymore though. She isn’t here mentally. I’ve seen her like this many times before. She is off in some faraway place, where only pleasure matters. And she won’t be back until her orgasm subsides.

Her clit is rock hard and my fingers dance on it like the Rockettes during a Saturday matinee at Radio City Music Hall. Her free hand reaches up and starts pinching and tweaking her nipple over her sweatshirt, unable to resist the sensations.

I’m lost watching her in bliss. It’s a beautiful sight. Her mouth opens slightly, as I expect to hear another quiet moan or whimper. But much to my surprise, I discover how far into her orgasm she is. “Ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” softly breezes from between her lips.

My baby’s hips start bucking in time with my hand as she slams herself on the cushions. She reaches over with her hand and clamps it on my thigh like a vice, squeezing every time a jolt of orgasmic bliss shoots through her. Her legs tense, and she starts shaking a bit, like she is having an epileptic fit. But this is no fit. I’ve seen this many times before, and I never tire of seeing it. I could watch it all day, every day. All night, every night.

She is cumming, and cumming hard too. Once again, I don’t know if it’s the fact that we could be caught at any moment, or if it’s just that it has been so long since we’ve been together, but I’m glad to see her in the depths of her orgasm.

I ease my finger to soft petting and slight strokes. After her release she becomes very sensitive and post-orgasmic touching is almost far too painful to take.

After a contented sigh she leans over and kisses me. Her tongue darts into my mouth and dances a slow sultry dance around my own. “Thank you so much,” she whispers in my ear.

I take her in my arms as we lay back on the couch, when suddenly the silence in the room is shattered by the sound of someone fumbling for keys. “Oh man, your sister’s home!” I quietly cry out.

Almost comically, my sweetness fumbles for the throw blanket draped across the back of the couch. You know the kind I mean, the kind on the back of almost every couch in the Western Hemisphere. It looks like it’s been made out of a billion scrap bits of wool.

She finally gets it unfolded and lays it across her lap, hiding the fact that her pants are semi-down, and there is a big wet spot on the front of her panties, just as her sister gets the deadbolt unlocked and walks through the door. She looks at us as she takes her shoes off, and hangs her jacket on the hook next to the door, and asks, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing, just watching some tv before we go to bed.” I manage to get out, hoping I don’t sound too guilty. I told you, I’m not good with the answers when I’m under pressure.

“Anything good on?” she queries, as she heads for the hallway to her room.

“No.” Her sister replies.

I watch her disappear down the hallway, and when I hear the bedroom door finally close, I lean over and whisper into my baby’s ear “As a matter of fact, I just saw the best show. It was an interactive program. Highly enjoyable.”

She giggles, and pretends to hit me. Next thing I know, she throws the blanket over my lap. I wonder where her hand is going?

Continued in “He Said, She Said: Hers”

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