He Went to Jared

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It’s Friday night and I’m bored. I didn’t feel like hitting the bars or hanging out with friends. I wanted sex. Plain and simple. That’s why I’m on my phone going from app to app. I scroll through each profile mentally sorting them. Each one has its own reason for dismissal. We all know them.

Too vague, too complicated, too creepy, a headless torso, no picture, too racist, too demanding in bed, too lazy in bed or too selfish in bed. Come on fellas, its sex with a stranger. There’s no need to be so extra. This is supposed to be an all you can fuck buffet not made to order. When did sex with a stranger become so complicated? We’re probably not even going to exchange real names.

The messages I send go to limbo. Not one response back. I’ve about given up when I get a notification. I smile when I see the name. It’s the one person on these apps I know I can count on. We’ve been fucking off and on for the past year. We tried dating. We worked better when we were naked and moaning than in a relationship

“Why are you on here instead of on my dick?” He sends. I laugh at the line. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t message him an hour ago. Maybe it was because I didn’t want him to think he was my back up plan, though he was. I’m his too. That’s why he messaged me. I saw he was online just as long as me. “Freshen up and come on over so we can have fun.”

“Be over in thirty.” I send back. It takes me forty to shower and brush my teeth before heading over. The door is open. We’ve been playing enough where we have that type of relationship. I lock the door behind me and head to the bedroom. He’ll be waiting naked and ready for me.

Jared isn’t your gym fit with a chiseled body, grasping at the reigns of youth using a million different products type of guy. He’s got thinning black hair that he keeps short and trimmed. There’s a slight graying to the temples and his beard, if he grows it out. I find that sex. He’s naturally smooth with a stray hair here or there on his pleasantly thick body.

He’s not fat, but he has a nice hard belly I love to run my hand over. His body is thicc, with two c’s. He’s meaty with strong muscles hidden under it all. He’s tossed me around the bedroom more than once. It was quite a surprise the first time, and quite the turn on. He’s very passionate and limber.

I’m not entirely sure how he gets his thick seven inches into me. It’s amazing considering some of the positions we get into. When he does, he has me going like a cat in heat. Afterwards I’ll be purring like a docile kitten. The smile he leaves on my face lasts for days. My friends will see that grin and immediately know. Then they teasing me with, “Oh, he went to Jared.”

We’re an odd pair, us two. I’m twenty five, living with two horrible roommates. I’ve got chestnut brown hair that falls around my head in wavy locks about my ears. I’m naturally thin from years of track in high school. I still run when I get a chance. I’ve got a nice forest of reddish brown chest hair that leads down to my eight inch dick that does nothing but disappoint guys when I say, “Sorry, I’m a bottom.”

I’m not overly hairy, I couldn’t grow a beard for my life, but my butt has hair on it. There, I said it. I have a hairy ass. Well, not hairy, per say. It’s got that peach fuzz going on. Jared loves running his hands through it before he pounds my ass like a base drum. He calls it his little Georgia peach. Then he sets about creaming it.

The door to the bedroom is cracked open letting me see that the only light is from a flickering television screen. I push the door open to reveal him on the bed, the sheets pulled back so I can take in his delicious nudity. His legs are spread letting his plump soft cock dangle over his bull balls. My own cock stirs from the sight, not the muted porn on the television.

“Hey Conner.” He’s voice exudes confidence. That’s part of his Şişli Escort charm, his allure. “Get naked and come join me.” He pats a spot on the bed for emphasis. “Come on, baby. Let’s have some fun.” I can see his cock jump to life. “It’s been a while. We’ve missed you.” He casually grabs his dick showing me how thick and hard it’s getting for me.

“I’ve missed both of you, too.” I slowly pull off my tank top for him, revealing my body for him. He likes a show. I like giving it to him. I kick my flip flops off and turn around to lower my shorts, letting him ogle my hairy butt outlined by the black straps of my jock. “I wore the one you like.” I straighten up and move to the bed, sliding beside him. “The one you stretched out.”

“Shut up and kiss me.” His hand is on my ass squeezing my plump cheeks. I reach over and pull him into a kiss, tasting the mouthwash he used only minutes before to hide the beer on his breath. He slips an arm around me and pulls me over, flipping me to the bed. He’s covering my body with his.

I feel the weight of his body on mine. He’s careful not to crush me. He kisses me with reckless abandon. My legs are wrapped around him while my fingers dig into his back. He’s like an old warm blanket, familiar and comforting. He already knows what I like, what spots to hit and more importantly how rough I like it.

He pulls my hands down, pinning them to the bed. I know what’s next. No matter how I prepare, I’m not ready for the sexual sensory overload that’s about to happen. “I’m going to make you squeal, little piggy.” That’s the only warning I get before Jared latches on to one nipple, sending me bucking and twisting under him.

I feel the pressure of his teeth squeeze the overly sensitive nub while his tongue runs across the tip. I struggle to flail, my body is shot full of tactile pleasure. My mind is clouded over with sexual need and lust. I am a wild animal caged by Jared’s body and strength. He knows what he is doing to me. He’s unleashing the beast in me.

He pauses for a moment, chuckling softly against my skin. He lets me calm down from the peak of ecstasy. I’m panting, yearning to smash my mouth against his. I want to ravage his body before taking him into my mouth and sucking him down. He’ll continue to work me up and down that roller coaster before finally setting the sexually ravenous animal free.

“You are such an ass.” I growl, tugging at his grip. He runs his mouth along my side as punishment, sending me squirming. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” My cock has pushed its way out of my jock. I can feel the sticky fluid dripping on my stomach. “Jared, please.” I beg knowing he isn’t done yet.

He moves to my groin, letting his tongue brush against my dick head before moving to that spot where my leg meets the inside of my hip. “Oh, Jared, please, don’t. Let me catch my… Fuck!” My words are cut off as he tongues the spot. He knows how sensitive my body gets when I’m turned on.

Most men play my body like a classical guitar, soft and smooth. Not Jared. He’s a rock star, playing my body hard and fast with a few power ballads in between. He’ll have me thrashing about one minute then swaying softly. It’s something only he can do to me. This is why I go to Jared time and time again.

He releases my hands. I’m trying to catch my breath. He pulls the jock down under my balls, letting me flop out. He hooks my legs over my shoulders and begins the task of fondling my balls with his mouth. One then the other, he strokes them with his tongue. The beast in me is satiated for the moment.

His licks up to the tip of my cock. He takes me in his mouth, inhaling me into the back of his throat with ease. Then he backs off, leaving just the tip in his warm mouth. Jared is skilled in his work, running his tongue all over my shaft and head as he moves me back and forth through his lips. He watches Şişli Escort Bayan me the entire time, seeing how he’s making me feel, watching me react.

My hands move through my hair. I’m not allowed to take over yet. It’s an unspoken rule we have. He has his fun, then I show my gratitude. I bite the inside of my lip. I’m ready to take my turn, but Jared isn’t done yet. He keeps on with his slow steady blowjob. He knows I can’t cum like this, though he enjoys trying.

I look down. Our eyes meet. He must see the pathetic need in me to act, to move, to taste him on my lips. “How’s my Conner boy feeling?” He asks smugly when my cock slips from his lips. The question is rhetorical. He knows already knows the answer. It’s a good thing because I’ve lost all powers of speech.

My answer is a sexually hungry growl and pounce. My mouth smashes against his, thrusting my tongue into his mouth. He’s taken off guard, allowing me to roll him over onto his back and straddle him. My cock is rubbing against his body, my jock still hooked under my balls. He has a hand on the back of my head, keeping the kiss going till he feels I’ve exhausted enough sensual energy.

He’s the only one who can do this to me, read me like this. He releases my head and I move instantly to his big round red nipples. I work my tongue around it before chewing gently on it. “That’s it, baby, bite my nipple.” He likes it gentle rough. Enough pain to know I am there, soft enough not to hurt.

I work one then the other, moving my way down his hard round belly till I’m presented with my glorious treat. A six inch thick salami of a cock. My mouth waters with hunger and my hole twitches with anticipation. I kiss the tip. His sweet sticky fluid coats my lips. I center myself, trying to keep myself from going into a frenzy.

I have his cock in one hand, his hefty balls in the other. I run my mouth along his shaft to his balls, pausing for just a brief graze over his balls before I am back up again to the tip. He likes it when I play with his dick, coaxing more precum out of him. He’s a heavy precummer and it dribbles down over my hand like a melting ice cream cone.

I take his fat cock head into my mouth. My jaw stretches as far as it can, letting me take more of him into me. This is a practiced skill learned from my time with him. I time my breathing. I relax my jaw and throat. This can’t be rushed. He’s too big around. I have to carefully move along his cock for fear of scraping him.

My throat opens welcoming him in. My face is buried in his groin. “Damn, Conner.” He runs an appreciative hand through my hair. “You’re about the only one who can do that.” I’m filled with pride as well as his cock. I move up slowly, taking a deep breath of air before choking him back down. I’m getting my rhythm.

“Fuck, yeah, Conner, you’re such a talented cock sucker.” I’m working him. His cock coats precum over my throat, slicking its path so it easier and easier for me to take him. Soon I’m deep throating him with ease, my nose pounding into his groin. “Damn, I’ve missed that sweet mouth of yours. You’re going to need to come around more often.”

I keep it up, even past the point of my jaw aching. My spit is rolling down his cock, down to his balls. He doesn’t thrust up into me, though I feel his body tense, ready to do so. He knows he’s too big to do that, at least to my throat. It won’t be long now till he has this slicked up dick is buried deep into my ass.

He lets me continue a while longer, then his hand is under my chin. He pulls me off his dick. I know what’s next. It’s what I’ve been craving. “That mouth is sweet, but that ass is sweeter.” I grin at him then scurry to assume the position. Doggy, of course. I wiggle my butt playfully at him. “You’re such a little cock whore.” He laughs with a gentle swat on my ass.

“You know it.” I wink back Escort Şişli at him. I feel his hands on my cheeks spreading me open to show my hole. “Are you going to just look at it?” I get another playful slap for my sass. Then I feel his tongue pressing into me. “Damn, Jared.” I moan from his teasing tongue. “Eat that ass.” I arch back like a cat in heat.

He slaps my ass a few more times while he munches away at my rear. I enjoy the pleasurable pain he gives. “Jared.” I call back, rolling my head. “Fuck me, already.” I begin slowly rocking my body, showing him I’m ready. He slaps my ass again, this time to hold me still, but I disobey. “I need it Jared. Please.”

“You want this big dick in you?” His happy voice calls from behind me. “Tell me you want it, Conner.”

“I want your big dick in me.” I answer. “Fuck me senseless with that thick cock of yours.” I continue. “Give it to me, Jared. Stick it in me and pound me hard.” I feel his finger slide into me. It’s slick with lube. I rock back and forth on his finger. “Jared!” I half shout. “Quit teasing me.”

He removes his finger and I feel the press of his thick hard cock against my hole. I take several deep breaths in preparation. “Relax, baby.” Jared pushes slowly at me. “This is going to make you feel real good.” I gasp when I feel his head pop in. I grit my teeth against the feel of the stretch. It’s been too long since I’ve had him in me. “That’s it, baby, let your ass swallow my dick.”

He takes his time working his way into me. My body willing stretches for him, welcoming him in like an old friend. I mew in satisfaction when I feel his hips against my ass. “You on my dick, is a beautiful sight.” He loops the waistband of my jock in one hand, turning it into a reign to ride me with. “Ready?”

My answer is a slow rock on his cock. He puts the other hand on my hip and he goes full throttle. I clench my hands in fists. My body tenses as he bounces me back and forth. My cock is swinging below me, slapping my stomach with each movement. “I could ride this cute ass all night.” I know he really could if he wanted. He has that stamina.

I clench and release, trying to trap his cock deep in me. He slaps my ass again and again. I love the sting it leaves. The sound of our bodies slapping against one another are mixed with his ferocious bear growls. His hand leaves my hip to fist my hair, pulling me off my hands and on my knees, my back pressing into his chest.

“I’m going to breed your pretty boy ass.” His words are gruff and send my balls stirring. He releases my jock to move his hand to my aching dick. I’m slick with my own fluid. “Are you going to cum for me, baby?’ He sinks his teeth into my shoulder and I feel the explosion hit me. Ripples of orgasmic pleasure shoot through my body as my balls empty out.

My body tenses. I clench, squeezing him inside me. “Damn, damn, damn.” He mutters. My vice grip on him is sending him over. He pushes me back down so he can take both my hips in his hands. I’m pushing back as he slams into me. “Fuck!” I feel the warm liquid fill me. He keeps slamming hard into me, trying to ride the momentum of his climax.

Finally he pulls out and falls back onto the bed, exhausted and satisfied, his semi hard cock resting on his thigh. I move over to lay beside him. He takes me in welcoming arms and we share an afterglow kiss before I rest my head on his shoulder. It’s nice, this moment after that I rarely get to share with anyone else.

“Damn, boy.” He pats my back affectionately. “I think you drained a week’s worth from my balls.” He snuggles me close. “It’s a damn shame we don’t work out as a couple, but I’m glad we still work out sexually.” He kisses the top of my head. “You want to stick around for a round two or are you good?”

I move to look up at him, my eyes bright with happiness. “I think I could handle another round or two. The question is, can you? Old man?” I tease. I cover his mouth with mine before he can say anything. His hand finds my sore butt cheek to swat. Tomorrow, when I get home, my roommates will have that knowing look. Without any shame or remorse, I’ll say, “I went to Jared.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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