He-wolf Ch. 04

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(Well my pups here’s is chapter 4 hope you enjoy Disclaimer: All characters involved in sexual relationships are over 18 years of age, and no minors are sexually exploited in this content. In no way are actual events or persons depicted. This is my own fictional story and my characters and my places are mine and my own. Also I thank Tia my new editor she is amazing!!. And Alex six for helping me spice up the chapter a bit.)

Alex-18 werewolf

Jagger-18 unknown

Luna-44 werewolf

Dean-48 werewolf

Alice, Felix, Sparrow-3 werewolf pups

Preston-19 werewolf

Hunter-19 werewolf

Bruce-18 unknown

Melyster-28 Chucial

Chucial chu-s-ial- ancient human half breed with animals that have the powers over one or more element such as fire, water, earth, air, or very rarely spirit.


With Jagger on my back, I walked downstairs and into the back yard gardens. Smiling as I heard a gasp escape. “Like what you see baby?” I felt him nod and kiss the side of my neck. I growled seductively in response. “Careful babes. Keep that up and we’ll go back inside where I’ll have my wicked way with you.” I waggled my eyebrows, then chuckled when Jagger squealed and squirmed off my back to run over to Bruce.

“Hey Bruce I’ve been wondering where you were.” I heard Jagger say as I walked over to him, wrapping my arms from behind in acknowledgment.

Bruce was in Hunters lap, snuggled tight. I smiled at Hunter and laid my chin on the top of Jagger’s head.

“So I see my friend finally found himself a boyfriend.” I said to Hunter with a smug smirk.

“Yea I saw him and had to have him.” Hunter replied.

I smiled and nodded. “Well I’m glad you found him Hunter and I hope he is your mate.”

“He is and I will be making him on the next full moon.” he said

Jagger smiled widely and squeaked a little making me laugh. I tickled his waist a little, making Jagger squeal louder and squirm wildly. “S-s-s-stooooooop I give I give!!! No more tickles!!!”

I laughed and hugged him tightly sitting on the grass and pulling him into my lap. “Sorry I couldn’t resist. I needed to hear that squeal again.”

“I’ll get you back don’t worry.” I saw him grin then run into the small forest in our back yard.

I quickly changed and ran after him. Growling gleefully at our game of chase..

“You can’t catch me!!” I heard him yell making me smile.

I growled and jumped in front of him smiling as he stopped quickly with a mischievous grin on his face. “watcha gunna do now puppy?” he said and I growled. He knew I hated being called puppy.

I stalked towards him and grinned as he backed into a tree. I licked his neck and turned back into a human kissing him hard and grunting in tune with his moans. Hearing his moans escalate I pulled away and ran.

Leaving him standing there with his cock hard and his mouth wide open.

“Asshole get back here!!” He yelled at me.

I ran faster as he chased me. I ran just fast enough that he couldn’t catch me, but could see me and not get lost. When I looked back he wasn’t there. I stopped, looked around and heard a rustling above me. I looked up to see Jagger jumping off a branch and onto my back. “Gotcha puppy!!”

I looked back at him. My tongue lolled out as he ran his fingers threw my fur and traced the red stripes along my back and forehead.

“You know I kind of like the red better than the blue and purple.” He said.

I snorted and lay my head down on the soft grass. Smiling as he came around to my face and sat down stroking my muzzle and kissing between my eyes.

“My sweet Alex, a big bad wolf to bad guys, but a sweet puppy for me.” He said and I growled at the word puppy, but he just laughed and kissed the top of my head.

He stood up and walked back to the house with me beside him.

“Let’s go back home and play with Alice and the boys.” I nodded and continued my walk beside him in my wolf form. Alice always loved me in my wolf form.


We got home and I smiled down at Alex. I loved when he was in his wolf form all big and beautiful.

I heard Alice squeal and came running over to me and Alex with her brothers in tow. “Ally!!!!” I smiled at Alex and he snorted at me making me chuckle. Alice hugged Alex’s leg and smiled up at him. “Ally can I have a piggy back ride? Please!!!” I smiled at Alice and picked her up as Alex lay on the floor and set her on Alex’s back.

“You like Alex’s new red streaks Alice?” I asked.

“Ya huh he looks more big and bad.” Alice giggled at me and held my hand tightly as I held Felix’s hand.

“Do you like his new hair Felix and Sparrow?” I asked and they smiled at me and nodded.

“Can I have a piggy back ride on you back jaggy?” Sparrow asked.

I nodded and got onto my knees and chuckled as Sparrow jumped on my back. As I stood up, I took Felix’s hand, who was pouting.

“I want one too.” He said

I looked at Alex who got down again and grunted Antep Bayan Escort as Felix jumped onto his back. He got back up and grinned at me as he ran up the stairs and down the hall. I chuckled and told Sparrow to hold on as I ran after him chuckling.

“WOOHOO FASTER FASTER” Sparrow said and I laughed holding onto his legs so he wouldn’t fall.

I caught up to Alex and hid behind him as I heard his mom yelling at him.

“Alexander Loki Peterson! What in the world are you doing with those children on you back?!” She yelled I slowly tried to back away, but I saw her look at me and wave me over with her finger. I walked over and looked down.

“Hi Mama Luna. You look very beautiful today.” I said and smiled sweetly as she blushed.

“Oh sweetheart you definitely know how to flatter a woman, but it’s not going to work. Now turn around” she said.

I turned around and felt her take Sparrow off my back. “But mama I wanna play with Jaggy and Alex.” I heard him say.

“No Sparrow. You, your brother, and your sister need to take a bath and get ready for dinner. Just like Alex and Jagger have to. Now Alex let Felix and Alice down and shift back and take a bath,” Mama Luna said.

Alice and Felix were let down and were taken to the bath room by a maid while Alex and I walked to our room.

“She isn’t mad at me is she Alex?” I asked him.

He shook his head and licked my cheek making me smile.

We got to our room a few minutes later and I smiled at Alex as he shifted back. Grinning at me like he had plans for me, made me harden and blush as I imagined what they were.

“You’re so sexy when you blush.” Alex growled out as he walked over to me slowly. He pressed his chest to mine and I looked up at him and bit my bottom lip, noticing his eyes we’re filled with lust.

“Clothes off, now” he commanded. I took my clothes off slowly giving him a bit of a show and smirked as I heard him groan watching me.

“Gods I love your curves pup.” He said.

“Is that all you love mister?” I pulled a pouty face and squeaked as he picked me up and carried me into the bathroom. He sat me on the counter and turned on the water to fill the tub.

“No I love all of you, you know that.” He kissed me hard and I moaned. Opening my mouth for him as he used his tongue to explore my mouth, making me shiver and my cock rigid.

He picked me up off the counter and stepped into the tub his lips never leaving mine. I pressed my hard cock against his thigh, making him growl into my mouth. In turn he pressed his against my belly making me gasp sharply and shiver. He turned me around and pushed me gently against the wall making me curl against it for support.


I got on my knees, gently nipping and kissing both of his perfectly round butt cheeks. I loved hearing him moan from my touch. I spread the beautiful globs of his ass and slowly licked around his pink hole, making him moan loud and push against my tongue.

“A-Alex.” He said softly.

I grinned and pushed my tongue against his hole. As I gained access and heard him inhale sharply and shiver. I tongue fucked his hole for a few minutes to prepare him for the inevitable. I needed to make sure he was going to beg for every stroke I intended to give him. I caressed that tight wet hole as I reached over to the counter for the baby oil all the while kissing and tonguing his soft and sweet neck.

“Bend over the side of the tub baby.”

He does as I say and I kneel between his legs once more to pour some of the oil over my fingers and against his ass. I slide my index finger in making him hiss. Slowly work my finger until I feel him relax and start to thrust back against me.

“More baby please.” He begs.

I slide a second finger in and tongue the skin around his sack. Moving back up his ass and up his back, between his shoulder blades. Only to notice that there are large bumps on both of his shoulder blades. He pushes back against me, effectively distracting me from what I’m seeing. Deciding to come back to them later, I slid a third finger into his hole and scissor my fingers.

“Alex I need you now. Stop teasing me. I can’t take it. Fuck me please!!”

I know me pulling my fingers out is not what he expected nor wanted. His frustrated groan confirms my suspicions. Just as his irritated grumbling accompanies the bark of laughter I let loose in response to the groan lets me know my pup is ready and willing.

“You think you can handle it pup.” He turns his head and glares at me as I pour the oil on my cock and put my head against his hole. His expression quickly turns to pain then bliss as I take no time in burying my cock deep in his wielding ass.

I pause to calm myself as his ass rhythmically tightens and loosens around me. Thrusting slowly so I don’t release the pressure I feel churning just below the surface. I pull Jagger flush to my chest, bite his shoulder, and dig my nails into his waist.

Jagger responds by meeting my thrusts. He urges me on faster and soon I’m pounding him relentlessly. His moans fill the room. I reach around Jagger and stroke his cock in tandem with my strokes. I feel myself in the grips of the strongest orgasm I’ve ever experienced.

“Oh God yes Alex. Don’t stop Alex. Don’t stop. I’m so close. It’s right there. Oh God.”

I feel his already tight ass tighten around my cock. The already strong orgasm is suddenly magnified as we both yell out our mutual release. Him in my hand and mine deep into the tight warmth of his ass. Ecstasy.

I pant hard, falling back, pulling Jagger in my lap and under the water, washing his come off my hand and his body.

“God that gets better every time.” Jagger pants out. I chuckle in agreement.

“It sure does pup.” I reply I feel him shift a bit and feel the bumps on his shoulder blades on my chest.

“Hey does your back hurt?” I ask and feel Jagger stiffen.

“Yea kind of, but its fine.” He says.

I pull out and slowly stand back up pulling Jagger with me. I focus on his back feeling my way up and down his back. I could only feel the 2 bumps but they’d grown into a large upside down v shape. “Come on we need to go see my parents. I think you are a Chucial.”


I blinked a few times then started laughing. “Are you kidding? I’m just a nobody! I can’t be one of those things. I was just kidding about even wanting to be one. I can’t be one of them.” Alex frowned at my rant and got out of the tub. I followed suit, getting out and wrapping a towel round my waist. I shook my head then started brushing my hair where my bangs would cover my right emerald green eye and looked at my fire orange one…..wait fire orange …..No that can’t be right. “My eyes…..they’re different colors.” I kept looking in the mirror and noticed my hair was turning a deeper red. I looked at Alex and he gasped, wrapped a towel around his waist, and pulled me out of the bathroom, up the basement stairs, and to his father’s study on the 2nd floor.

“DAAAD.” Alex yelled making me cringe. His father came out and gave us a weird look.

“Alex why hell are you yelling?” Dean asked looking back and forth between me and Alex. He looked more intently at me. Catching my eyes, he pulled my face up using my chin. “What the hell happened to your eye boy?” he turned me around and traced the bumps in my back and sighed heavily. “Chucial. He’s one of them. By the looks of it, it’ll be just a few hours before the wings come. Congratulations pup. You’re going to be one of the most powerful creatures on earth. Hope you like birds as you’ll soon be part one.”

He sighed heavily and pinched the bridge of his nose. Looking at him I realized that what Alex thought amazing wasn’t truly so. “The bruises on your face are gone and the one on your stomach is healing.”

He took my chin again after taking out a pair of scissors and cut my stiches, gently pulling them out. “It’s already scared over. It’s not too bad, but it’s noticeable. Alex, I need to talk to your mom. Get some cloths on pup. Only put on pants though. Leave your shirt off so we can watch how fast things are going to happen. Then go wait in the lounge on the third floor.” I nodded, looking down, then walked away with Alex in tow.

We got dressed and started making our way to the lounge when I heard Bruce squeal. “JAGGER MITCHEL ROADS!!!! WHERE IS YOUR SHIRT?!?!” I turned around and gave the best ‘is that what you’re fucking focused on look’ I could manage. I truly don’t feel like dealing with this right now.

“I’m hot. I don’t want to wear one.” Bruce came over to me while gripping hunter’s hand.

“Bullshit put on a shirt!!” he yelled.

“Why?” I asked tilting my head

He sighed and shook his head. “Just do it please.”

I hugged Alex and shook my head, “Na uh I don’t want to.”

We started walking to the lounge and my back started to ache and itch. When we got to the lounge I laid on the red couch with gold swirling stitching and started scratching my back. “Al can you please scratch my back? It’s driving me crazy.”

“Of course I can.” He walked over and straddled my waist scratching my back for me. I heard the door open and heard a loud groan.

“Alex if you’re gonna fuck a human, do it in your room so the rest of us don’t have to suffer.” oh yea that was Preston. I’d know that jackass’s voice anywhere.

“We aren’t doing anything Pres. He’s scratching my back until his dad gets here with Luna.” I replied

“Why what’s going on.” He walked over then went very quiet. “So….your growing wings huh.”

I nod and looked up at him. “Yup Alex fucks me and I get wings. His cum is like red bull.”

Pres starts to laugh and sits on the coffee table and takes out his phone. “Want to see how big they are?” he asks.

I nod and smile at the camera. He takes the picture and he looks at it then at me then at the picture once more. He gets right in my face and I hear Alex growl.

“Watch it Preston.” I hear him say.

“His pupils are cat like dude. Not bird like.” Preston says.

I take the phone and he’s right. My pupils are slits. My right eye is a darker green and my left eye is a dark orange, like a coal in a fire. On my back are the outlines of my wings with black feathers poking out of the skin making me reach back and feel one on my lower back.

“Is it going to hurt when they come out?” I ask and look back at Alex. I know he and everyone else could see the fear on my face.

He looked at me and nodded, rubbing my back “Yes it might, but you’re different. It’s like you’re gonna be more than one animal.”

I sighed and gripped the couch tightly. “Yea and knowing my luck I’m thousands of animals at once and they’ll all wanna attack each other too.” I felt something coming out of my nails and looked at my hands. I pressed my thumb against my finger and what do you know. My nail grew into a fucking claw. “Well what do you know? I’m getting claws now. Add that to the wings and my eyes and hair are changing color and I’m an official freak. I wonder what will happen next.”

“You’re growing fangs.” Preston said and I glare at him, running my tongue against my canines. They have grown.

“Fuck you Preston.” I said and to my annoyance he laugh.

My sense of smell was enhancing too. I could feel a headache from the fast change and huge difference of senses. I felt like I was going to be sick. “Fuck! How do you fuckers stand it? Every smell is so strong. I want this shit to be over!” I groaned and shocked myself as it sounded like a cat growl. “The fuck.” I heard Preston laugh and looked at him and decided to try and hiss at him. It worked and he instantly shut up.

I heard the door open and heard someone gasp. I looked back to see Luna with the weirdest expression on her beautiful face. “Your back. oh sweetheart your eyes.” I flexed my nails at her and saw her frown. “Oh sweetheart.” She walked over to me and stroked my hair coaxing a purr from me.

Alex got off my back and sat on the floor near my tummy, rubbing my back slowly. I smiled at him, even though this was his fault, and put my hand on his leg and flexed my hand instinctively softly digging my nails into his leg.

“So you’re 2 animals not just one. That’s never happened before.” Dean said.

I nodded and dug my claws deeply into Alex’s leg as I felt a deep pain blossom in my back. “Ah!!!!!!.” I reached back and felt more feathers and the bottom of the wings as they start to come out. I looked over at Alex and saw him staring at my back. “What do they look like?” I asked him.

He smiled warmly and looked deep in my eyes. “They’re black with orange strips. Your hair matches your wings.” He kissed my forehead. He moved back just in time, as my wings flew out made me scream bloody murder and its shrillness echoed loudly throughout house.

I saw blood drip onto the floor and felt extremely weak. I shuddered and felt my wings fold against my back. I couldn’t deny it was the most amazing feeling. I knew no one would ever understand the description of sensation because it was indescribable. I stood and flexed them out and away. Looking at them brought a childish giggle and deep smile out. Alex was right.

They were a deep jet black with dark orange stripes going up and down the wings. I ran my hand across them and grimaced when pulled my hand back and saw it was covered in blood, but when I reached back there where no wounds.

“I think I need to wash them” I squeaked and looked around at everyone who were in turn staring at my wings. I spread them wide and looked from one tip to another then to Alex and Preston. “How long do you think they are?”


I looked at Preston then back at Jagger who was smiling so wide I thought his face was going to split. “15 feet maybe 16 feet long from tip to tip.” Dean walked over and patted Jagger’s head. “Well I’m going to call Melyster and we’ll get the stuff started.”

I smiled at Jagger and led him back to my room for a shower and to clean off his wings. “So how do you feel?” I asked.

Jagger tilted his head and ruffled his new wings. “I feel okay I guess. My back is sore and I’m really thirsty.”

I nodded and led him into the bed room and into the bathroom for the second time today. I started the shower and started taking off my clothes then realized I didn’t hear the water running and looked over to see Jagger hand under the shower head and making the water form an upside down and into a ball. He grinned at me and slowly took his hand away taking the water ball with him and the water started hitting the shower floor.

“Don’t you dare pup.” I said backing away.

He grinned and threw it at my head, laughing all the while. I ran him down and picked him up and threw him over my shoulder. Walked into the shower and plopped him down under the shower head with his back to it so his wings could be rinsed off. The water ran red for half a minute then to pink.

“Mmm feels good.” He said. I smiled taking his hands in mine feeling the pin pricks of his nails into the top of my hands.

“Do you still think I’m pretty Alex?” he asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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