Head Nurse Practitioner

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It was time for my annual physical, and like always, I had waited until the last minute. I was afraid this would happen, “I’m sorry, Mr. Mann, but your doctor doesn’t have any appointments for physicals available until February. I can try and set you up with someone else if you don’t want to wait that long.”

I figured that was better than nothing, so told her to go ahead. After a short pause, she said, “I can get you in on December 23rd, if that would work. I should tell you, it’s with a woman, if that’s okay?”

I was ready to deal with someone other than my regular doctor, but I wasn’t sure about a woman. Not that I don’t think women can make great doctors, I just wasn’t sure if I was comfortable with some of the things that happen in an exam with a woman doctor. But I really needed to go, and I figured it should be okay, so I told her to make the appointment.

“Great, you’ll be seeing our nurse-practitioner, everyone loves Audrey.”

Okay, nurse-practitioner, I’ve never quite understood the difference, but for a physical it should be fine. In fact, that sounded even better – my children had seen nurse-practitioners over the years, and it was always a dumpy middle-aged woman, which for some reason set me at ease. I made the appointment, and put it on my calendar.

So, on the day of my appointment, I showed up a little early as directed, was taken back by a nurse, Eboni, who got my weight and checked my blood pressure, and soon I was sitting in the exam room waiting for nurse-practitioner Audrey to show up. While waiting, I got a little nervous again – what if part of the exam was one of those uncomfortable things? What if I got aroused? That would be embarrassing. What if I DIDN’T get aroused? That could ALSO be embarrassing. I had just about gotten myself together – hey, dumpy middle-aged nurse, right, how bad could it be – when I heard a light knock and turned towards the door.

Coming in the door, wearing a long white lab coat, was just about exactly what I was afraid of – tall, shoulder length dirty blond hair, slim figure with less in the chest than I usually go for (but it looked good on her), an attractive woman in her 30s. Great. Well, maybe there won’t be any of those uncomfortable things.

“Hi, I’m Audrey. Nice to meet you.” Pleasant smile, she managed to put me at ease. I could see why the receptionist had said, “Everyone loves Audrey.”

“Hi, Tom. Nice to meet you.” I took her offered hand, and it was warm and strong.

Audrey sat down at the desk and started looking over my record. As she went through my medications and the things listed on my chart, I began to get more at ease. Sure, there was a brief moment when she mentioned a prescription I had forgotten about, for an ED medication (“Now she knows Ankara travesti you’ve had trouble getting it up!”, “Hey, when you’ve been married forever it sometimes takes a little help, besides, it’s not like she’s looking to sleep with you!”, “Oh, right. Time to stop talking to myself like this, even if it is just in my head.”), but that went by quickly. I had just about decided that this was going to be just fine when she said, “And testicular exams?”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Do you check your testicles on a regular basis?”

I fought the urge to say, “Does playing with them while I jerk off count?” and just said yes. Then she said, “Would you want to skip that part of this exam? Some people aren’t comfortable with it, so that would be okay.”

So there it was, the kind of thing I was afraid of. Before I could respond, she said, “I would have to get a nurse in here to chaperone for that part, if that makes a difference.”

“Don’t trust yourself alone with me?” I joked. Hey, I couldn’t help myself, I turn to humor when I’m nervous. I also tend to speak before I think.

Immediately, I said, “I’m sorry, that wasn’t appropriate, I apologize.”

She smiled at me, and said, “Don’t worry about it. It’s for my protection as well as yours. Either way is fine.” And with that, she began my exam.

Things went pretty well from that point, although she did note my high heart rate, and I had to tell her I was nervous about “the testicular thing.” Finally she was finished with everything else, and asked, “So, what do you think?”

I took a deep breath, and said, “I should probably do it, my wife would say stop being a baby. Okay.”

So, she left to get a nurse. Shortly the door opened, and she walked in with Eboni, the cute black nurse who had taken my blood pressure. Great, another attractive young woman. Audrey said, “Eboni will just stand over here in the corner while we do this, if you could just drop your pants” and she walked around to sit down in her chair in front of me.

As I dropped my pants to the floor, and Audrey started to feel my balls, the nervous jokester in me came back out – “Sorry to put you through this, Eboni, having to see my flabby butt.”

From behind me I heard a chuckle, and Eboni said, “Hey, I think it’s a very cute butt. You’re missing out Audrey.”

Audrey looked up with a stern look on her face, and said, “Eboni, stop that, you’re cheating!”

“Hey, we didn’t make any rules, here, so it can’t be cheating.”

At this point, I am completely confused, I can’t figure out what is going on. So I say, “Hey, what’s going on?”

Audrey quickly said, “No, Eboni!” but just as quickly Eboni said, “We have a bet – I thought you’d get hard during the exam, but Konya travesti Audrey thought you wouldn’t. Who’s winning so far, cutie?”

At this point, I was about where I had decided was the perfect level – aroused enough that it wasn’t hiding in the bushes, but not enough to poke her in the eye. I didn’t know what to say, so I just blurted out the first thing that came to mind, “What were the stakes?”

Suddenly I felt Eboni coming up close behind me, and heard in my ear, “If Audrey loses, she has to offer to help you out … with her mouth.”

Let me tell you, when you hear that the cute nurse practitioner who is currently holding your balls – she had stopped examining anything when Eboni started talking – would suck you off if you got hard, there is no need for ED pills at that point. Audrey found herself with a hard cock pointed right at her face, and I could see she had decided there was no going back now.

So, I heard Eboni chuckle again, as I felt her body press up behind me so she could see around to the front. Now it was Audrey’s turn to be nervous, as she said, “Mr. Mann, it’s up to you, whether you want to go forward from here.”

And for the first time since this exam had started, I was no longer nervous. I looked down at her there waiting for my response, and said, “Well, who wouldn’t want…” was all I got out, because suddenly I felt her warm, wet mouth close over the tip of my cock, and her tongue licking along the bottom of it.

“Damn, Audrey, suck that cock, girl!” said Eboni. As for me, I had no words. The situation was insane, but the feelings were incredible. She started out slowly, taking in just a little at a time, but her tongue was in constant motion. Down her head would bob, and then back up to the tip, licking around it before putting it back in her mouth to go down again, a little further each time. She had gotten about three quarters of the way to the base when she let my cock slip out of her mouth and she looked up at me.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I don’t want you to think I do this all the time – frankly, I didn’t think I was going to have to pay off, since I’ve never lost one of these bets. But Eboni doesn’t usually CHEAT!” I heard a chuckle behind me. “But, um, yeah, I do love sucking cock. It’s kinda my thing.”

With that, she slipped down onto her knees, her lips parted again, and she brought them to the tip of my cock. This time she looked up at me, and kept her eyes looking into mine as she slowly lowered her mouth onto my hard cock. Lower and lower she went, this time not stopping, and she slowly engulfed my entire length into her throat. With her lips pressed to my stomach, my cock completely encased, and her eyes locked on mine, her tongue snaked out below İzmir travesti to lick at my balls. It was the most incredible thing I’d seen outside of a porno, and it was happening in the middle of my doctor’s office. It was simply the most incredible thing to happen in my life.

She held me there, sucking gently on my shaft and licking at the base, for a moment or two, then started her rise back to the tip. Once again her head bobbed up and down, varying the length of her stroke, her speed, and how tightly she held me in her mouth. One thing that didn’t change was how incredible it felt – this woman clearly was talented outside of her medical field. In a way it WAS like medicine, I had never felt better or more alive than when I watched my lovely nurse practitioner kneeling in front of me, giving me one of the great blowjobs of my life. I would have never guessed when she walked in, so professional in her demeanor, that she would turn out to be a talented cocksucker like this.

And then she stopped sucking me, taking me out of her mouth. In a return to that professional side, her voice serious, she said, “Mr. Mann, at your age, it could be quite useful to collect a semen sample for analysis.” But then she smiled and said, “But fuck that, I want to swallow this load of cum!”

With that, she REALLY went to work, giving me all she had. In and out my cock went, and I could feel my orgasm rising fast. She looked up at me with hope in her eyes as she said, “Please, feed me your cum” and took me deep. That was it, I exploded in her mouth. I think it might have surprised her, as her eyes opened wide as I started shooting my cum into her throat, but she kept with me. She swallowed the first couple shots, but as she regained control she held my sperm in her mouth. A tiny bit made its way out the corner of her mouth as my orgasm was coming to an end, but she kept sucking until well after my spasms had ended, finally letting my cock slip from her lips. I could see her swirling the cum around inside her mouth, and she clearly enjoyed the taste. Finally she swallowed a couple times, and it was all gone. She gently took my cock back into her mouth, and cleaned it of any remaining cum, before she released me, and stood up.

“You can pull up your pants now, Mr. Mann, I believe the exam is finished. Everything seems fine.”

As I pulled my clothes back together, I said, “Thank you, nurse, this was the best physical I’ve had. Makes me feel silly to be worried about seeing a woman.”

She smiled and said, “Glad to have helped. If you will head down the hall, please stop at the lab and have them take a blood sample. And perhaps at a future date, if you would like to have a semen sample examined, I’m sure Eboni would help you with that.”

Eboni reached over and ran her finger along the corner of Audrey’s mouth, scooping up the bit of cum that had escaped, and then stuck the finger in her mouth. She pulled it out and said, “Yum, I think I could make that happen.”

I just hope my insurance will cover that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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