Heartbreak Doesn’t Have To Last

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Another Winter Holidays Contest Entry. Please vote!

This is a story using my characters from my Bored Fran and Fran’s Further Adventures series. It stands alone and you do not need to read the others to follow along but feel free to do so if you wish. There are elements of BDSM in the story but it is in no way a BDSM story.

Jim-43, Friend of Fran and John, Sandy’s brother, biker, tattooist, lonely, divorced, wife cheated and left

Sandy-37, Jim’s sister, friend and occasional sexual playmate with John and Fran, piercing and body artist at Jim’s tattoo studio

Fran- 40, formerly bored housewife, current sexpot, and occasional slave to her husband/Master. The M/s dynamic happens whenever Fran chooses to wear her slave collar.

John- 41, Fran’s husband/Master

Janet-45, Former workmate and friend of Fran


Jim was having trouble focusing on his work. He was working on the design of a custom tattoo for a customer. His tattoo shop was deserted. This was not really surprising considering that it was Thanksgiving. The bell on the shop door tinkled when his sister Sandy walked in.

“I figured you would show up,” Jim said. “I’m not coming for Thanksgiving dinner.”

“I didn’t come here for that,” Sandy replied.

At Jim’s unbelieving look she added sheepishly “Well, not just for that. You need to let it go. Let HER go.”

“I have,” he said. “That bitch left and I’m better off without her. I haven’t thought of her in ages.”

“Then why haven’t you had a date since she left? Why haven’t you moved on? She’s not coming back,” was her retort.

“I wouldn’t take her back if she crawled all the way here from California.”

“Is that where she ended up?”

“Yeah. She’s married now.”

Jim moved back to his design and picked up his sketch pencil before he spoke again.

“I really am over her. I am even ready to date again. The problem is with who?” he said with a rueful grin. “I want what John has.”

Sandy’s look of horror caused him to quickly add “Not Fran you dummy, that kind of love.”

Her relief was evident. Then with a grin she asked “Exactly THAT kind of love?”

Jim laughed. “Not exactly. I don’t want or need a wife who has sex with other people. I had that once even if I didn’t know at the time. And I don’t want a sexual slave. It works for them but it’s not my style.”

He paused for a moment and then continued.

“What I want is a woman who will love me as much as she loves him. A woman I can love back like that. You can see her love radiating from her like a beacon every time she looks at him. That’s what I want.”

“Why aren’t you looking?” Sandy said softly, feeling for her brother.

“I haven’t really figured out how just yet,” he said smiling. “But I’m gonna soon Sis. I promise.”

“Come over to John and Lisa’s with me. It’ll make their day. You know their kids aren’t coming home from college. They want us both there.”

“Fine.” Jim said shaking his head. “I’ll come.”


3hrs later.

“You came!” Fran plowed into Jim and gave him a hug.

“What am I? Chopped Liver?” laughed Sandy.

“Get in here and give me a kiss you bitch,” Fran said as Sandy and Jim walked in. John walked up and gave both of them a hug and a beer.

“You guys want to check out my new pipes?” John said eagerly.

“Sure!” Sandy said as Jim said laughing “Nah dude. I know what they sound like. I have the same ones remember?”

“He’s just excited. It’s the first modification he’s made on the Harley and he’s proud of himself for not having the dealership do it.” Fran said smiling. Giving her husband a kiss and a smack on the ass she said “My big strong mechanic.”

John and Sandy walked out to the garage and soon they could hear a motorcycle start.

“How are you holding up Jim?”

“Good Frannie cakes. Thanks for the invite.”

Before long all four of them pushed back from the table. Fran had outdone herself on the meal. Feeling fat and lazy after the feast they watched football for a while and then Jim and Sandy split up to head home.


Saturday evening 2 Days later.

John looked across the hotel bar at his beautiful wife. She was wearing a loose fitting shirt with no bra, a tight mini-skirt, stockings, strappy high heels, and her leather slave collar. His instructions to her had been clear.

“You will go up to the bar and order a drink. You will explain your slave status and offer oral sex to anyone who asks about your collar. You may return to me if two people decline, or after you service one person when they say yes.”

He had watched a businessman type ask her already and decline her invitation, flashing a wedding ring in answer. Another no and they could leave, or a yes, for that matter. It wouldn’t be the first the way home izle time she had been ordered to have sex with a stranger in a bar. Maybe he would fuck her in the parking lot over the hood of their car before they left. The thought of being caught or seen really turned her on. It was fun coming up with scenarios to keep his sexy wife excited.

Just then his attention was caught by a woman running past his table to the bathroom crying. Fran had noticed as well. She always, no matter who or what she was doing, kept as close an eye as possible on her Master. To her surprise Fran realized that she knew the woman.

“Key!” Fran yelled to John and hurried after the woman.

Key was their safe word, the word that stopped all the fun and games and turned them from a Master and slave to a loving couple. John got up and followed, standing outside the ladies room to wait. After about 10 minutes Fran came out leading the crying woman who seemed to have put herself together.

“This is Janet. We used to work together,” Fran explained.

“Hi Janet! Why don’t you join us at our table,” John said.

“I don’t want to bother you guys,” Janet said, looking at Fran. “You are obviously out on a…Why are you wearing a collar?”

Both Fran and John cracked up laughing as they led Janet to their table.

“I’m not…” Fran began.

“Doesn’t count,” John interrupted her. “It was after you said the safe word.”

“Safe word?” asked Janet.

Fran gave Janet a quick explanation of the collar and the sex game it represented. John handed her the key to remove the collar. It looked like the sexy fun was over for the evening.

“No. You had plans. Now I feel terrible.” Janet interjected.

“Don’t worry about it,” John answered. “We can play anytime.”

“So what had you crying?” Fran asked. “Can we help?”

“It’s nothing really. I was just being stupid.” Janet answered. “It was a first date with a guy from a dating site. I guess I wasn’t impressed enough that he was a lawyer. He got mad and said I looked a lot older than my profile picture.”

“Where is this asshole?” John said standing up and looking around the bar.

“He left already. I told him to go fuck himself,” Janet said laughing. Then more softly she added “I didn’t lose it and start crying till he was gone.”

Fran looked lost in thought. John waved the waitress over and ordered another drink for all of them.

“So are you looking for Mr. Right? Or Mr. Right now?” John asked.

“Mr. Right is who I want to meet but the way things are going, maybe Mr. Right Now is all I can…”

“What do you look for in a guy?” Fran interrupted. “Do you only like suit and tie guys? Tonight’s date was a lawyer.”

“No. I don’t like suits necessarily.” Janet said and opened her mouth to continue but then blushed and shut it.

“You have to tell us now!” John said laughing. “What an adorable blush.”

Looking around to make sure she wouldn’t be overheard Janet whispered “I like guys who seem powerful. It could be a C.E.O. or a mechanic, a soldier or a football coach. I don’t care what he DOES. I’m interested in what he IS.”

Fran and John smiled at each other.

“You’re coming with us.” John said.

“I’ve got just the guy for you to meet,” said Fran.

While Fran and Janet went back to the bathroom to freshen up John called Jim.

“Do you trust me brother?” John started.

“You know I do man. What do you need?”

“I need you to head over to The Hangout. Put on a clean shirt and clean up your fingernails.”

“I don’t want a blind date!” Jim almost yelled. “How could you?”

“It’s not a blind date asshole.” John answered laughing, “It’s an introduction. Her name is Janet and she has had a rough night. We are bringing her over to meet a better class of people. She had a date with a lawyer for crying out loud.”

“So you rescued her?” Jim said, his trust outweighing his irritation.

“Nah, she ditched him. Don’t dress up. Just be yourself. Get there or Fran will cut me off.”

“Can’t have that brother,” Jim said with a laugh. “Meet you there.”

The Hangout is a biker bar that caters to a somewhat rough looking crowd but looks can be deceiving. People who don’t play nice are persuaded to leave, emphatically. A person kicked out of the Hangout seldom ever gets invited back. John and Fran pulled into the parking lot followed closely by Janet. Heading inside Janet was surprised how many people seemed to know John and Fran. She was introduced to a whole bunch of people and promptly forgot their names. It was all a bit overwhelming for her. Finding an empty table they sat down and ordered some appetizers to snack on and a round of drinks from a passing waitress. As Fran and Janet caught up on everything they had missed in each other’s lives since they lost touch a few years ago, John kept an eye out for Jim.

“Oh my! That’s a big one,” Janet giggled to Fran as Jim walked in.

“Over here Jim!” John waved the witcher izle him over.

“That’s him?” Janet said disbelievingly. “He’s huge!”

Jim, at 6’5″ tall and having the build of a pro football player WAS huge. It was easy to follow his progress across the bar as the crowd parted for him. He grabbed a beer from the bar and headed to their table. After hugging Fran and John he stuck his hand out to Janet.

“I’m Jim,” he said. “Nice to meet you.”

“Janet,” she replied. “Likewise.”

Not even pretending that he hadn’t talked to John about her Jim said “What possessed you to go out with a lawyer?”

In a flirty tone she replied “Desperation? I’m not getting any younger.”

“Don’t ever settle for less than you deserve.” Jim said a little more harshly than he meant to, “Trust me.”

The rest of the evening went well. The four of them talked and laughed for hours. When they all split up to head home Jim pulled Janet aside.

“Can I see you again?” he asked.

“I’d like that,” she said.


Jim drove home on cloud nine. It had been a long time since he had felt anything like this. Friendships are great, meeting John and then later Fran had done wonders for bringing him out of the funk he was in, but they don’t compare to the thought of a warm girl snuggled up to you on a cold night. It was way too early to tell, but he began to wonder if maybe Janet could the woman he needed.

Jim had never been a man that took relationships casually. The discovery of his wife cheating had almost destroyed him. His close relationship with his sister helped him through the darkest times, the times when he wondered if he would ever get over his lost confidence. He hadn’t seen it coming. After 17 years together it turned out that his wife was bored with her life and ready to find someone new, someone who would excite her again. For Jim his marriage had been like a comfortable armchair, broken in and a perfect fit. For her the marriage had turned into a prison she couldn’t wait to escape. His heart broken and his self-worth destroyed he had thrown himself into work as a distraction but until tonight had resisted all of his friends well-meant attempts to introduce him to potential dates. Tonight felt different though, Fran wouldn’t have set him up. This had been a genuine attempt to salvage what had started out as a terrible evening for Janet. How Fran had been dressed was another clue. It had obviously been a “Play Night” and they had interrupted it to help a friend, maybe help him as well?


Janet was pleasantly surprised at the turn around her night had experienced. That jackass she had met earlier had known just what to say to cut her deep. She was feeling old. Her first husband had died in a car wreck after 11 years together. It was sudden and unexpected and she had spent the first few weeks after his death in a numb state, barely functioning. Over time it got easier to deal with his loss but it took several years before she was even interested in dating again. Then, of course, she made the sad discovery that most single men her age were single for a reason, sometimes several nasty reasons.

Tonight’s debacle was a last ditch attempt at online dating. She had tried singles cruises, church meet-ups, workmates and although she had made some friends and had a few enjoyable sexual encounters, what she really wanted was a man to be HER man. Jim was unlike any man she had ever dated. He was a giant of a man and covered in tattoos, rode a motorcycle, and ran his own tattoo business. He wasn’t the most attractive man, usually it was pretty boys she went after, and he looked a little scary at first glance, but one look into those green eyes had told her that this was a man who was gentle and kind. There was also pain in those eyes, a pain that made her hate Jim’s ex for causing that pain. A pain she wondered if she could take away from him.


The next day

Janet answered the phone to hear “What did you think? Are you gonna go out with him? Isn’t he just adorable?”

“Calm down Fran,” she said laughing. “I thought he was nice, maybe, and yes.”

“I’ve got so much to tell you about him…” Fran began.

“Don’t! I want to find out for myself.” Janet responded.

“Full disclosure time Janet,” Fran said.

“Do I really wanna know?”

“Probably not but I have to tell you anyway.”

“You’re making me nervous.” Janet complained.

“I gave Jim a blow job the night I gave control to John and became his sex slave. We weren’t friends yet but John knew him and he was part of the crew that was helping my transformation.” Fran said cautiously.

“He isn’t into those games is he? No offense, I’m glad that you are happy but it’s not something I want to get involved with.” Janet said.

“No he’s vanilla,” Fran replied with a giggle. “Believe it or not, the only reason he let me do it was to help John and to allow me the witcher blood origin izle to embrace my new sexuality. Otherwise I am sure he wouldn’t have done it.”

Fran then launched into the full story of her sexual awakening and her life with John after they started playing their sex games. While supportive of her friend, it was difficult for Janet to understand the appeal. They ended the conversation with promises to get together sometime before Christmas.


Jim was nervous as he picked up the phone in his tattoo shop and dialed Janet’s number, after first checking to make sure his sister wasn’t close enough to hear him. Half of him was hoping for voicemail but she picked up on the third ring.


“Hi Janet, it’s Jim.”

“Oh Hi Jim! How are you?”

“I was wondering if you wanted to go out for dinner tonight. There is a nice steakhouse near my shop.”

“Dinner sounds nice,” she replied. “Pick me up around 6?”

“I’ll see you then.” He said and then hung up.

Just then Sandy came around the corner. Obviously he had miscalculated her proximity.

“You have a date tonight?” she screamed.

“Yes,” he replied calmly.

“OMG…Who is she? Where did you meet her? What is she like?” Sandy plowed on.

“She is friends with Fran. I met her last night. She and John introduced us. She is really nice.”

“You met her last night and you asked her out already? Awesome!”

“We’ll see how it goes. I like her but I don’t really know her yet.”

As Sandy danced around the shop, overjoyed at her brother’s good fortune, Jim got back to work. He wasn’t dancing around himself, but he was smiling a bit more than usual.

Jim Picked Janet up and drove to the steakhouse. When they parked he surprised her by racing around to her side of the truck to open her door for her. It was treatment she hadn’t experienced since her husband died and it really touched her heart. Once again she was struck by how kind this gruff looking giant was. Dinner was enjoyable. Both of them found themselves opening up and talking about things they usually reserved for the closest of friends. When he dropped her off Jim walked her to her door and kissed her cheek.

“Call me tomorrow?” Janet asked.

“You know it girl!” Jim said with a smile.


As December passed Jim and Janet spoke on the phone daily. Jim even learned to text for her, something he had been avoiding so far. Sandy teased him mercilessly but she was so happy for him.

“When am I gonna meet her Jim?” Sandy complained as they cleaned up the shop a few days before Christmas.

“After the holidays I guess,” he replied. “Our plans are kinda fluid because we both have family obligations. You are coming to my house Christmas morning right? Maybe I’ll invite her for lunch.”

“Good. I want to meet her. You seem so happy.”


Two days before Christmas Jim was at Janet’s apartment watching Christmas movies. She was leaning into his broad chest and slowly massaging his thigh and his arm was wrapped around her tightly. It was getting late and the credits to Scrooged were playing. She could feel his excitement but was a little disconcerted that he had not yet made a move to get her into bed. Most men she had dated couldn’t get through the first or second date without trying to get into her pants. She was finally dating a man she wanted to sleep with, he had been prominent in her masturbation fantasies lately, and he was being a gentleman. She had just decided to take matters into her own hands so to speak, it wasn’t that far from his thigh to the package she could see growing nicely, when he suddenly stood up.

“Is something wrong she asked?” her insecurities showing.

“We need to talk.” He said.

“That sounds ominous,” she said trying to make it sound like a joke.

Jim cleared his throat and began.

“Janet, I really like you. Spending time with you has been incredible. You are smart and funny, way too classy for a bum like me, but I’m glad you don’t seem to think so. I think I am starting to develop real feelings for you.”

“That’s great Jim! I’m feeling the same way.” she said relieved.

“I want to take the next step with you Janet,” he continued. “But I have something to say first. I’ve been hurt and it makes me gun shy. I’m old fashioned. When I make love to you, and believe me I really want to, it can only be if we are exclusive. I know we haven’t known each other long and I don’t want to pressure you into any kind of commitment. I realize how early it is in our time together. I am prepared to wait as long as it takes until we are on the same page.”

“Jim,” she began. “I care about you a lot. We haven’t known each other long but I feel like we have a really strong connection. I want to be with you too, but isn’t it early to be talking about commitment?”

“I’m not asking you to marry me,” he replied with a smile. “I’ll just say that if we get intimate, neither of us will sleep with anyone else. Or at least, if one of us does so, we will discuss it before we get physical again.”

“That seems fair,” she replied.

“I am a one woman man. That’s just who I am. I know it’s old fashioned but…”

“I get it,” Janet interrupted him. “You don’t have to explain. It’s actually very sweet.”

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