Heather – Office Receptionist Ch. 04

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I nestled down in one of the few comfortable chairs on the entire floor, and that was right across from the owner of the company. As he maneuvered around his large heavy desk I quickly made adjustments to the raging hard-on concealed under a thin layer of fabric in my lap. He sat in his chair and looked at his screen before bringing up the topic of some new projects the firm had in the works. I rested my right ankle on my knee; it was my futile effort at concealment. He started to propose I leading a team until there was a soft knock on the door. I turn and looked over my shoulder to see Heather through the window, hurriedly running her hands down the sides of her dress while holding a large envelope under her left armpit.

Harold waved her in and I turned back to face him, resting my hand on a knee and ankle respectfully. The door opened behind me followed by Heather walking mere feet from me. There was a powerful flood of aromas hitting me like a blast in the face. Her trademark perfume was futile in hiding her secreting pussy juice from filling the fresh conditioned air of the confined office. She entered my peripheral vision quickly, as she moved behind Harold’s chair. There the boss had a huge make-shift bin acting as an inbox on the floor. Heck, it was practically a mail cart from the post office.

With her back to me, Heather bent over at the waist, keeping her legs perfectly contracted and stout. The action caused the back of her dress to rise obscenely, revealing once again her fleshy pussy lips peeking from the hole in her shiny white pantyhose.

I giresun seks hikayeleri knew she still had her secret stash of pantyhose buried up between those lips too, and it almost killed me when I saw a peek of the black pair show itself in her folds as she shifted her weight moving one leg higher than the other. My gaze was fixed on her pussy as it breathed behind the torn gusset and sucked on her discarded hose like a fat cock invading her.

She lowered the envelope into the bottom of the bin and stood back up. Her hands repeating the familiar action of forcing her floral-stretchy-dress back down. I breathed deeply hoping to suck in the powerful aroma she was flooding the room with. My eyes closed slowly as my mind drifted off for a second. When I opened them again I saw Heather still standing behind Harold as she quickly took her palm and ran it through her partially concealed sex mound. She walked from behind her boss, slowly circling around his desk and near me as Harold attempted to deliver his proposal to me. His speech slowed as his eyes trained over her moving ass when Heather’s back was to him.

She stood at the edge of his desk waiting for an entry pause into the conversation.

‘Mr. Jones, I need to leave a bit early today and run an errand, is that okay?’

God the smell from her was literally of a pussy oven. Her pussy was busy cooking those pantyhose and who knows what else. Harold adjusted his tie, losing it from the noose it was. Clearing his throat and bursting an unsure stumbling presentation voice.

‘Uh, um, Yes, Sure Heather. Whatever you need.’

She rested her hands at the top of her thighs, hands pressing against the hem and sliding it down an inch before it scrunched back up. She smiled and thanked Harold then turned toward me, taking a step as she leaned down resting her wet palm on my shoulder. Her lips vibrated close to my ear and whispered.

‘Thanks, I owe you big time…” Referring to the save in the kitchen moments earlier.

I’m sure my eyebrows perked slightly as I turned to her. She was pushing off my shoulder, palm sweeping down my shirt. I closed my eyes like it was a dream and seconds later she was gone from the room.

I took a deep breath and noticed the aroma in the room hadn’t necessarily cleared with her absence. I looked down at my shoulder just to see a semi-white cream, soaking into my brown shirt. I shook my head to myself and Harold caught it.

‘That is one killer woman.’

‘Yeah, no kidding.’ …was all I could borrow from my intellect at the moment.

‘So yeah, I’ll let you pick your team on this one. I’m thinking at least two programmers, maybe someone from the admin side of things to help with logs and paperwork, Heather, get her up to speed with the network, and…’ Harold paused as he saw me attempt to sniff at the shoulder of my shirt. ‘and maybe an intern or two.’

His words trailed off as I attempted to hide what my mind had deciphered. ‘I’ll email you the contract and you can look it over. Let Martin know who you’ll be recruiting. I’m counting on you not to screw this up, Brad.’

I pushed my leg off my knee and bent over, hiding my rigid tent pole in the folds of my dress shirt.

‘Thanks for the opportunity Mr. Jones, I’ll get right on this.’

I quickly stood and turned my back. With my back to him, I walked a steady pace from his private office through the bank of cubicles that littered the main floor.

I could almost smell Heather’s scent, bread crumbs all the way back to my desk. I moved the mouse and the screen jolted back to life. Messenger was blinking in the corner.

H-‘Hey handsome. Thanks for the save back there!’

B-‘Thanks for the show. You are sooo going to get me in trouble here!’

H-‘Maybe that’s why you need to leave and give me some more of that pierced cock in about five minutes!’

B-‘A little direct are we?’

H-‘Same place as lunch okay? And pllllllllllllease don’t be late!’

Her avatar faded away before I even had a chance to reply. I queued up outlook and skimmed over the contract Harold sent me.

The default speaker chimed and a prompt displayed that another email came from Martin. I opened it. He ran through the list of people at my disposal but leaving that Heather was the only admin staff available for the work he thought I’d need help on. ‘No kidding’ I thought. If she wasn’t my obvious choice anyway.

I looked up to see Heather skirting across the office to the rear exit. Her black coat buttoned to the top concealing everything but her white hosed legs perched on light tan heels.

‘I shouldn’t even bother guessing.’

She stopped at the back door and gave me a soft smile across the office; her grey eyes sparkling before blindly passing through.

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