Heather’s Bucket List Ch. 03

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Heather drained the last of her tea and looked at her textbooks in weariness. It was getting towards finals week and she was not confident at all. Despite spending the last few hours studying, she barely remembered what she read.

Her thoughts constantly returned to her encounter with Don the week before. Role playing a student had been even more exciting that she thought it would be. Unfortunately, it meant that she had spent the week at school thinking of possible sexual rendezvous places instead of listening to the professors. She imagined herself spreadeagle on the teacher’s desk with Don fucking the shit out of her instead of taking notes.

The teenager stretched, debating whether to get yet another cup of tea. She had come to the Bourgeois Pig in hopes that getting out of the house would help focus her. So far it hadn’t helped but maybe another cup…

She weaved between the tables of the upstairs. She figured it must have been an apartment at some point as there were various though now all had various types of tables and chairs.

Heather made her way down the stairs and was jolted by an electric shock of surprise and desire. Don sat at a table! He was there with two other men in suits, both with graying hair. Their eyes met and the teen froze on the stairs. He gave her a small smile and nodded before returning to his conversation.

Heather felt her cheeks heat with nervous desire. She shook herself out of it and went to get a refill of water. She shot furtive glances over but Don didn’t appear to notice. Now it was going to be even harder to study!

With a sigh, she thanked the barista and headed back to the second floor. At least she was wearing a cute skirt! She figured he’d be watching her walk up the stairs and added a little sway to her step. If she couldn’t concentrate on her work, she’d give him a distraction as well.

Heather got back to her seat and pushed her books around… a small tingle was beginning to warm between her legs. Great, now she was going to get absolutely no work done! She started to gather her books to go home.

“Leaving so soon?”

She looked up to see Don standing over her. “What happened to your coworkers?”

“Should I have invited them up as well?” Don leered. “I didn’t realize that was one of your fantasies.”

“Ha, ha!” She looked at her books. “I haven’t been able to study all morning and then I see you…”

“You’re feeling horny.”

Blushing, Heather looked around, but there were only a few people up here. Thankfully, they weren’t very close and like her, studying their books.

Don surprised her by sitting down next to her. He leaned over to her and whispered. “Take off your panties.”

“What?!” Startled, Heather protested. “I can’t!”

Don glanced around. “You’re wearing a skirt… besides this floor is mostly empty. Better to do it now, before the lunch rush.”

Excitement fought with fear. Don’s gaze never wavered, he merely waited patiently. Suddenly, Heather flashed him a smile and hiked up her skirt. She kept glancing around as she wiggled out of her panties.

Don held out his hand and she handed them over. “Nice… cute blue thong.” Her blush deepened as he held them up to his face and inhaled deeply. “And you are definitely excited. You always smell so delicious.”

Heather watched him, almost mesmerized, and she felt her excitement growing. He tucked the panties into his pocket and moved his chair closer. She felt his fingers dancing along her bare thigh. “Were you going to go home to masturbate?”

Heather nodded and felt the fingers tickle higher up her leg.

“Do you play with your fingers or a toy?”

Heather felt heat radiating through her entire body. “Fingers. I’ve never ha -” His finger were now caressing her labia. “I’ve never had a toy.”

Goosebumps prickled her skin as his finger (fingers?!) slid into her.

Don leaned forward, his hot breath on her ear. “You are so wet.”

Heather gaziantep escortları looked around, but everyone seemed to still be studying.

He slowly pulled his finger out completely. Heather realized her hips had moved forward in the seat in a vain attempt to keep him in her.

Don smiled, knowing the effect he had on the young woman. He slid back in and said, “Tell me about the first time you masturbated…”

Heather didn’t believe she could become anymore embarrassed, but she her whole face was on fire. “Oh my, I hardly knew what I was doing…”


“I was home by myself for the night. I guess I was bored and I started touching myself and it felt good, just kind of rubbing. I had heard about jacking off for guys of course and knew women could do it too…”

Don’s finger’s curled up and pressed hard. Heather gasped. She felt like she had to pee, but also a deeper pleasure…a pressure that needed to be released. He pushed harder before returning to his sawing in and out of her. “What were you thinking of?”

“I had been watching something… some cheesy softcore movie. But towards the end of the movie, this woman was wrestled down by her man.” His fingers moved faster and deeper inside of her. “He held her down, even blindfolded her, before they had sex. It made me…” Heather moved her hips to the very edge of the seat to give him easy access.

“What did it make you?”

“It made me think of the weekend before when I was at a birthday party.” His fingers slid up to press and then out to her clit. “We were doing the silly games like Ghost in the Graveyard and tage. At one point, this cute boy, Ryan, snuck up on me and started tickling me.” Heather felt her wetness run down her leg as the pleasure began to build. “He had me on the ground and put his leg between my legs. I was struggling to get out and my crotch ground against his leg. It was like… wow! I pressed against his leg three or four more times as I pretended to struggle against him. I am pretty sure I felt his hard cock through his jeans.” Don’s fingers continued to coax pleasure from her. She grabbed the edge of the table so she could literally hump his fingers. “He let me go then. I think he was embarrassed about his hard on, but… I had wanted him to hold me down. To touch me.” She was so close! The fingers flew in and out. “I thought about him holding me down and touching me.” An electric wave overwhelmed her! She closed her eyes. “I… I thought about… Fuck…”

She bit her lip as she climaxed. Pleasure flashed from his fingers throughout her body. Desperate to stay quiet, her body froze. Heather kept her eyes closed, savoring the feelings of euphoria. After a few more thrusts, Don’s fingers withdrew for good and Heather opened her eyes.

“So I’ll keep these panties until Saturday at my place.” Don licked his finger and padded his pocket. “One o’clock sound good?”

Heather nodded and watched him walk away. As her eyes trailed around the room, she noticed a young man staring at her intensely. She blushed as she realized he had his cock out and was stroking it. He must have been watching her and Don!

Reflexively, her legs snapped shut. His face fell with disappointment. Heather hardly knew what she was doing… she must have still been in the thrall of her climax… Because she opened her legs and lifted the hem of her skirt so that he’d have a good view.

A radiant smile rewarded her actions as he violently jerked himself off. She barely had time to consider what she was doing before he grabbed some napkins and cleaned himself.

Heather quickly gathered her books as the young man cleaned himself off. Heather swung the backpack onto her shoulders, quickly glancing around and seeing that the other people seemed obliviously studying with their music and books keeping their concentration.

The young man lifted a hand to stop Heather, but froze when she looked at him.

“D-d-d-d-do you come here often?” He finally stuttered out.

She smiled. “If you’re lucky. Have fun studying!” And then she turned and went down the stairs.

*** *** *** ***

Heather irrationally looked to the side when she heard Don’s footstep. Irrationally, because she was blindfolded and couldn’t see a thing. Her hands tugged at the handcuffs attached to the headboard. Only her legs were free. A tremble of fear tugged at her body and warred with excitement.

She had wanted this, had begged Don to tie her up, but now…

The teen flinched at a sliver of cold that trailed up her thigh. An ice cube?

Don chuckled at her reaction. She felt the bed shift and cold kissed her lips. She opened her mouth and an ice chip slipped in as another piece of ice was pressed against her left nipple. She gasped and the cold was replaced by a warm, wet tongue. God, she was already wet. Cold spiked against her right nipple and again replaced by that wonderful tongue.

“Ooohhhh.” Escaped her lips.

“You like it.” Don whispered. Cold trailed along one breast and then the other. She arched up to entice him to do her nipples again. But instead he moved down to her stomach before the ice cube melted away.

She heard ice cubes rattle in a glass to her right and then cold along her inner thigh, moving slowly, very slowly up… just before it reached her pussy, the cold disappeared and his warm tongue breezed against her clit. She sighed in contentment when the ice cube was shoved up her pussy!

“Too COLD!”

She twisted her hips trying to dislodge it, but his fingers stayed inside of her, keeping the ice inside.

Freezing warred with heat and she wiggled violently. It felt weird and unpleasant and the safe word ‘Santa’ hovered on her lips. Resolutely, she shut her mouth and quieted her hips. The ice cube was almost completely gone. The afterglow made her pussy, her womb even hotter. She relaxed, truly surrendering her body to Don.

Heather felt another ice cube trail up the inside of her left arm. As it moved past her elbow, she felt his body close to her. A soft kiss. Another ice cube slipped in her mouth.

Kisses rained upon her stomach.

Another ice slipped up her thigh. Even though she was prepared for it this time, she still violently flinched. Don chuckled and strong fingers rammed into her. The cold this time was less painful and the warm pleasure came sooner. The fingers slid out and up. A single finger moved slowly up and down against her clit.

“Oh, yeah.” She breathed.

The finger placed harder. Waves of pleasure began to ripple through her body in stronger and stronger crests. The finger disappeared and she moaned in disappointment.

But then there was a tickle at the bottom of her labia. Slowly it moved up, prying open her lips. His tongue! His tongue licked up, almost reaching her clit before going back to the bottom. With each lick, she anticipated his attack on her clit. But each lick stopped short. Frustratingly short.

“Lick my clit!”

The licking stopped.


“Lick my clit! Please!”

“Tsk-tsk.” Heather felt him get off the bed. “I don’t think you are in a position to make demands…”

“I’m sorry… I just…” Heather trailed away helplessly.

“You just what?” Don prodded.

“I just need to cum.” She hated how needy her voice sounded but her body was now aflame with desire.

“Looks like someone needs a lesson in discipline.”

Strong hands gripped her hips and flipped her over onto her stomach. Her arms crossed over painfully as her hands remained handcuffed to the headboard.


“When you are tied up, do you really think it’s a good idea to make demands?”




“No, what?”


“No, sir.”

“Very good.”

Don’s hand began caressing her ass, moving from one cheek to the other. The pain of the spankings dissipated into pleasure that spread with his caresses. Heather bit her lip, losing herself in the sensations. With the lack of light, each touch, each spank was heightened. She could feel herself leaking from excitement. She had never done that before!

The hands left her but the sensations did not. Swirls of warmth continued to radiate out and goose bumps rippled across her body.

Don ordered. “On your knees.”

Awkwardly, Heather got up on her knees. Her arms were still crossed, but she was able to counter balance herself with her elbows. She rested her head in her arms, reveling in her ass waggling up, cool air whispered on her wet, exposed pussy.

She heard the hum a moment before something vibrating touched her pussy. It was rubbed up and down her labia. She had never used a vibrator before. Delightful vibrations of pleasure became her whole center. The teen bit her lip, afraid any sounds of pleasure would make Don stopped.

The tip of the toy dipped into her and she pushed out her ass in response.

“You should see how wet you are.” Don pushed the toy in a tiny bit deeper before withdrawing back to her lips. “Your cunt is so fucking beautiful right now. In fact, I bet you I can -“

Heather screamed as she felt herself ripped in two. She panted and wiggled her hips but the toy stayed jammed in her pussy.

“I was right… all the way in.” Don kept it deep inside of her and then the humming increased and the vibrations tripled.

“Oh!” Heather was overwhelmed by the sensations deep within her. The toy created ripples upon ripples of pleasure. She felt the pressure building. Then the toy withdrew and thrust in again. And again. Each time brought her closer to orgasm. She began to push back against each push… so close… so close…

She danced on the edge of the orgasm.

And then Don withdrew the toy entirely. Heather was about to scream in frustration when he pushed it back in her.

No, not the toy something warm… his cock! The realization blazed through her body, pushing her to climax! She shook and screamed in pleasure. He thrust roughly into her.

Heather reveled in the powerful climax, even now tiny peaks of pleasure continued to spark through her. Don had slowed his thrusting but did not stop. Gradually, she caught her breath and began meeting his thrusts.

“That’s my girl. I knew you weren’t done yet.”

“Yes sir.”

He moved in and out in a measured pace. She was about to push back harder when she felt something tickling her asshole. Was it an accident? Then the tickling began to vibrate, he had the toy against her asshole!

She tensed and Don chuckled. “Never had anything there?”

She shook her head.

The toy pressed deeper and then disappeared. “Not now, I think. Maybe something for later.”

Heather gave a sigh of relief until…SPANK!

The sharp pain caused her to gasp but she pushed her ass higher in the air..


“Do you like to get spanked?” His voice was full of confidence.

“Yes…” She breathed.


“Beg for it.” With each spank, he gave a violent thrust.



“Please, what?”


“Please spank me, sir.”


“Very good…”








Heather felt his cock swell and hot spurts within her.



Heather pushed back hard and he went in deep, still spurting. Another climax filled her. Her legs shook and she collapsed in a heap, twitching in pleasure.

Don got up and Heather felt her wrists being released from the handcuffs. When her blindfold was removed, she kept her eyes closed unwilling to end the sensations still coursing through her body.

Something was pressed against her arm and she reluctantly opened her eyes. Don’s face was smiling down at her. He waved a red vibrator in front of her face.

“Keep the toy. I want you to think about this when you play with it.”

Sheepishly, Heather grinned and grabbed the toy out of his hand. “Yes sir!”

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