Helen at Work

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Helen is my partner, and she loves sex. Which makes me happy, as I do as well. She has had several boyfriends since getting divorced, and she was seeing one man when she first met me, or rather, him and his friend … more of that another day though

The other week she came home a bit flustered, and told me that she had had a phone call from Ben (boyfriend when she met me). He had rung her work on business, not knowing that she worked there (different company), and he recognised her voice, asked if it was her, and told her who he was. He started talking dirty she said, asking if she was getting enough cock these days, and asked her is she still liked to wear short denim skirts, because he missed fucking her doggy style with the skirt pushed up over her hips and feeling her tits in his hands as he fucked her. She said her boss came in then so she tried to talk normally to him, and he switched on to what she was doing. He ended the call by saying that he would pop by, now that he knew where she worked

By this time, she was on her back on our bed, and I was sucking her nipples whilst fingering her through her g-strings, feeling how wet she was getting, so I slid on top and we fucked each other

Last Friday, she got home a bit later than normal, and she took me by the hand, and pulled me onto the bed and told me to izmir escort strip her and fuck her. She was panting and just about stripped herself, and as her clothes came off, I could smell cum, in fact looking closely, her tits had dried cum on them, and her g-strings were covered in it. I wasted no time talking, and went down on her, she was still wet and swollen, and whilst I tongued her, pulling her clit with my teeth, she told me what had happened to her

Ben came by just after lunch, with Mike, his mate from a few years ago. They chose Friday, because most businesses slow down then, and with only having a small staff anyway, they took a chance that she would be alone. She was, her boss and the sales team were out at lunch, and Helen knew they wouldn’t be back. She was in the back when they rang the bell on the counter, and she said she nearly fainted when she came out and saw them both there. Helen only wears g-strings (sometimes high-cut teddies/body suits, which are see through) to work, under her tight-fitting trousers – no vpl she says, flattish shoes and a shirt with a normal bra (but she said, if she had known they were coming she would have worn something else)

When she got over the shock of seeing them, she said her pussy started to get wet, and her nipples got hard too, alsancak escort which they both noticed, Ben and Mike both commenting on them, saying that they hoped they still tasted as good as they remembered! After a few questions about the company product, they came around the counter, and asked if she was alone. Helen told them she was, and with that, Mike, who was standing to one side of her put his hands on her hips and turned her to face Ben, who leant forward and kissed her neck whilst starting to undo her blouse. Mike had already undone the zip on her trousers and was pulling them down off her hips, and then he stopped to pull his own trousers down, pressing his hard cock into her arse. Helen said he was bare, no jocks, and wet with pre-cum. Ben by now had her blouse undone and was tugging it off her arms, before undoing her bra and then bending down to suck her tits, fondling them at the same time, and squeezing them too

Helen said he stopped playing with her whilst he stripped, and sat back on her desk, then put his hand on her head pulling her forward. She said she didn’t hesitate, just went down on him, and he tasted as good as she remembered. She always liked giving him head, as she was a good size she told me, and tasted so good. Mike had stripped too, and was just coming buca escort from locking the door, he reached forward to play with her breasts, before pulling her trousers off over her shoes, and then her g-strings, and then he got under her and started to lick her pussy. She said that this was a bit awkward because of the desk, and her sucking Ben off, so he got up, and sat next to Ben, so could suck them both off, turn and turn about

They stayed like this for a few minutes before Ben got up, opened his backpack and took out a short, very short, denim mini-skirt, which he told her to put on, and a pair of high heels – Helen said he even got the size right too! They were black, patent spike heels, and as soon as she had the clothes on, she had her head pulled back onto Mikes cock, which was getting really wet and he was starting to moan, whilst Ben had put his cock into her pussy, pushing up her skirt and was pounding into her. Helen said she loved the feeling, of being used , and could feel herself cumming too. They all seemed to cum at the same time; Mike pulled out just after he came, so she only got to swallow a bit of his cum, the rest went on her tits; and she came over Ben’s cock, who also pulled out and came over her arse and pussy. He then turned her around and she licked the remaining cum off him, before doing the same to Mike.

They told her to keep the skirt and shoes in her car, as they would be coming back again in a few weeks, with another mate, and some more clothing, but nothing too substantial though, just enough

I can’t wait for them to cum back, and nor can she. Will let you know what happens

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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