Helen – Story 01

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Helen checked her makeup and got out of the car. She stood in front of the smart detached Georgian House, checked the time – 8:01, exactly right – and then checked the address before slipping the note back into her handbag.

“It is the right place. Have I ever got it wrong ?”

She looked over her shoulder at the huge black man-mountain standing behind her. Julius was six foot seven and, apart from what he called ‘a spot of bad luck’ with being found positive for steroids on a random drug test he would almost certainly have been the World Champion in weightlifting. He looked like he could, and would, tear a man’s limbs off with very little effort and although Helen knew him to be in reality a gentle giant, he played up that first impression of power and few men would ever argue with him. “No, Julius. It’s just my routine.” She smiled at him. A smile that enhanced her beauty to a point where she was easily the match of any artist’s impression of her Ancient Greek namesake.

Helen walked to the door and rang the bell. She was twenty-seven, elegant and beautiful, and she knew it, her confidence exuded from her with every gentle and quiet movement she made. She was, she also knew, undoubtedly the most expensive girl in London but then again her services were somewhat unique and different she mused to herself. She also reminded herself that she adored what she did, and perhaps as importantly, what was done to her but despite all that she still felt nervous before every appointment she performed.

The door opened and in front of Helen stood a smartly dressed middle-aged man in a dinner suit. She knew immediately simply from the way that he looked at her that she had made the right impression, he was impressed.

“Richard ?”

He nodded and stood back to fully open the door so that she could enter the large hallway, Julius followed carrying the small but expensive leather bag. The man handed Helen a padded envelope which seemed full to bursting, she in turn simply passed it to Julius. A moment later she saw Julius nod to confirm that all appeared in order as he tucked the envelope into the inside pocket of his dinner suit.

Helen followed Richard into a large comfortable room, a quick glance showed her that there were six other people there, besides herself and Richard. The six, three men, three women, seemed to be in couples and were all elegantly dressed, as if for dinner, and all were seated around a large rug in front of the fireplace, although with the heat of the July evening there was no fire.

Richard stepped aside and Helen walked to the centre of the group and knelt facing the fireplace, her head bowed looking at the floor. No one spoke and no one moved as Helen knelt quietly and removed the jacket of her suit and laid it beside her. For the first time even through the material of her blouse the company could appreciate her large firm breasts and see their softness as they hung free beneath the cloth.

Still no one moved or spoke. Helen laughed inwardly, she had seen this before, all of the men wanted her body, all of the women wanted to hurt her because of the lust she engendered in their partners but everyone was afraid to make the first move in case the rest thought they were odd. If only they knew that they were all thinking the same she thought. However, she had a fall back position when this happened; her reputation, and her fee, couldn’t allow for anyone to be less than completely happy. She gave a tiny discrete signal to Julius.

Julius walked from his place by the door to where Helen knelt, placed the bag he carried beside Richard, and without a word or a glance at anyone else grabbed a handful of Helen’s long black hair and pulled her to an upright kneeling position. She winced in pain as it felt like he was trying to rip her hair out by its roots. His other hand undid his zip and released his prick, it was in proportion to the rest of him and unceremoniously he pushed its rapidly hardening length into her mouth.

Helen accepted the assault without question but when Julius hardened to full length and then forced himself into her throat she gagged, he pulled back and she caught her breath. She ran her tongue over his red head, kept only that part in her mouth and caressed him softly while the feeling of sexual tension in the room reached a new high. Julius seized two handfuls of Helen’s hair and forced himself back into her throat. Helen choked again and again as, using the handfuls of hair as handles Julius proceeded to pound backwards and forwards in and out of her mouth. There was no pretence at allowing her to give him oral sex, he was fucking her mouth and throat as if it were any other hole. Tears came to Helen’s eyes and ran down her face, this was hurting and all Helen could hear was one woman who had found her voice encouraging Julius to “fuck the bitch’s throat” and “make her choke on it”. Helen was choking and crying and at times could hardly breathe as she took the oral fucking and then felt Julius growing yet harder. He came so much that he must have been saving it for weeks. She swallowed as much as she could but knew that some was leaking out of her mouth and running down her chin. Julius hadn’t spoken a word to her and when he finished he simply released her, zipped himself away, and walked back to his previous position by the door.

Helen fell to the floor onto her side but quickly crawled up to her previous position, kneeling, seated on her heels, with her head down. The tension had been broken now and she had barely returned to her position when a couple walked in front of her. The woman grabbed Helen’s jaw and forced her mouth open. Helen briefly looked at the woman, she guessed her to be in her forties, still attractive but with a thin cruel mouth and a vicious look. Without a word she pushed Helen’s face onto the man’s prick. It was much smaller than Julius’ and when this new assault also decided to fuck her throat Helen managed with little effort. The woman knelt in front of Helen and gripped the lapels of her blouse. With one move she tore it open exposing Helen’s breasts to the company.

Helen had had her nipples pierced nearly three years ago and everyone just loved the view of the dark nipples pierced through with the large heavy gold rings. While Helen’s mouth was fucked the woman slipped her index fingers through the rings and pulled. Helen’s nipples were stretched beyond anything like their normal size and the woman kept pulling until Helen was forced to hold onto the man to prevent herself being pulled over. The pulling still didn’t stop, it was although this woman was trying to pull the rings free by pulling them through Helen’s tender flesh. Eventually she apparently achieved the result she had wanted as Helen released the cock on her mouth and screamed in agony. The result was electric and seemed to invigorate the room.

Helen felt herself pulled to her feet and the torn blouse was pulled off her. While one of the men bit her abused nipples to the point at which she cried out again, the woman gently sucked the other nipple, the combination of pain and pleasure confusing Helen’s senses. Behind her Helen felt her skirt unzipped and fall to the floor exposing the roundness of her ass and the small thong whose black lace exaggerated the long cleft between the twin cheeks. Helen stepped out of the skirt and kicked it aside as she felt a slap on her ass, it was almost soft, gentle, a man she guessed. She had learnt long ago that a man hurts a woman to excite himself before he fucks her, a woman hurts because she is envious or Sex hikayeleri jealous and wants simply to cause pain.

The next slap was almost certainly a woman, the hand was smaller but the force applied was much greater and Helen gave a yelp.

“Before you all get busy there is something that I want to do. If you would all just give me some space ?”

The man speaking was the one she had spoken to on the telephone, the host, the one who called himself ‘Richard’. Helen was pushed to her knees and then onto all fours, instinctively knowing what was next. She had long ago discovered that in such circumstances men were usually just so predictable. She was here because these people could do to her the things they had heard only ever about or seen in movies, heterosexual sodomy was one of these, and certainly the most popular with men.

Helen felt her ankles pulled apart and her thong pulled down. She heard Richard spit and felt other hands part her buttocks. He spat again but this time onto her and she felt the warm liquid pushed around her rosebud and a finger, and then two force their way inside. She was well used to this but it was over two weeks since anyone had used her in this way and she had tightened up. She also knew that none of that would make any difference, Richard was going to fuck her ass whether it hurt her or not.

Moments later she felt the insistent hardness against her ass and as it opened to him she involuntarily cried out. Helen felt his length pushing inside her bowels and bit her lip, she knew this pain would pass but for now it hurt like hell, although there was a part of her that enjoyed that pain, a price she deserved to pay for her body to give pleasure to others.

Richard was inexperienced in buggering a woman, she could tell that, his pounding of her ass was brutal, hard and frantic and that inexperience caused the pain to continue and caused Helen to whimper as he fucked her. Around her were whispered comments from the observers, most failed to come through Helen’s haze of pain and pleasure combined but odd snatches did. A man’s voice saying he “just had to have her there later as well”, a woman’s that “only a submissive whore allowed herself to be used in such a bestial way”, another woman’s that she wanted “see the bitch get it up her shitter and cunt at the same time”. Helen’s ass was accommodating the intruder nicely now and the pain was passing as she heard the tell-tale groan and felt Richard slam into her as hard as he could followed by the expected red-hot cum splashing along the inside of her canal. Helen let out a cry as he pulled out of her ass as he would a woman’s cunt, rapidly and without patience, she knelt in her position awaiting the next assault.

Helen heard a woman’s voice saying “bring her over here” and felt herself dragged, she still kept her head bowed, submissive, but quickly guessed what was next as she saw a woman’s expensive shoes and legs encased in black silk stockings. Helen was pulled between the legs of a woman who was sitting leaning back in an easy chair. The woman’s panties were around one ankle and Helen felt her face unceremoniously pushed into an unshaven cunt, unshaven and also unwashed since the woman has pissed earlier, her pubic hair still smelt of pee, probably deliberate was the thought that passed through Helen’s mind. She thought of her own delightfully smooth mons which no-one seemed to have discovered yet, just as they had yet to discover the heavy ring through her clitoris hood, they would find them soon she had no doubt.

The woman raised her legs and wrapped them around Helen’s back as she began to lick and use her tongue to find the clitoris in the woman’s cunt. Helen slipped her tongue deep inside and tasted the woman’s juices, watching Helen’s get butt fucked had obviously excited her from the evidence that Helen’s mouth was collecting. The woman moaned and uttered obscene compliments. Helen licked deeper, forcing her tongue inside and then tracing the path to the clitoris. Helen sucked gently, nibbled lightly, and then sucked the whole of the woman’s hidden button into her mouth. The woman moaned loudly and held Helen’s head to her so tightly that Helen could barely breathe and then Helen screamed as a burning blow hit her across the backside.

She lifted her head but found herself dragged back to the woman’s sex as the second blow hit and then a third. The effect of Helen’s pain was enough to bring the woman to her climax and as another blow hit her Helen could taste the flow coming from the cunt she was licking. The pain was intense, a pain Helen recognised as a cane or a riding crop, so different from the whip, so much more intense. As the woman’s moans eased Helen found her head pushed into the carpet and held, forcing her ass into the air, as blow after blow rained onto her upturned cheeks.

Helen wasn’t counting the blows, there was too much pain for that, but when her attacker finally stopped she thought she had taken twenty-four blows and she found she was sobbing from the intensity of the caning. She didn’t move as she felt a man penetrate her cunt so very easily, she knew that she was wet, knew that despite the abuse she was turned on. The man fucked her wetness for a few moments and then pulled out. ‘Why do all men want me that way’ she thought ‘what wrong with having me naturally ?’, she whimpered at the touch pulling her bruised cheeks apart and then gave just a slight sound as the prick forced its way into her narrow channel. It was easier now, greased with one man’s cum and the prick was liberally coated with her own juices. The assault was brief before she felt the hot stickiness spray deep into her bowels. Many men came so quickly when they used he for anal sex, the sheer forbidden pleasure of it worked on their minds.

Hands dragged her to her feet and she realised that she was still wearing her thong, albeit now around her thighs, her stockings and stilettos. As though someone had read hear mind a hand grabbed the thong and simply tugged until it snapped and was pulled off. Other hands ran across her ass cheeks causing her to make the sounds of discomfort they were looking for. She felt some of the cum oozing from her ass hole before it began to close and tighten again and one of the women ran a finger over it to scoop it up. When she offered it to Helen’s mouth, Helen accepted it, although, even for her, the taste of her own ass disgusted her and although she knew she was clean back there, there was still a muskiness to the salty taste of the cum.

Helen felt the woman’s hand run over her freshly shaven, smooth mons and she purred at the feeling of the soft flesh under her hands. Helen felt a finger slip inside her sex and feel excitement and wetness, it withdrew and traced the line between her lips until it touched her hardened clitoris causing Helen to let out a whimper of appreciation. Helen realised her eyes were closed and she had thrown back her head as the unknown finger gently excited her clitoris, and tugged at the golden ring piercing its hood. Helen suddenly felt a man either side of her dragging her arms firmly behind her, she opened her eyes to see that someone had discovered the bag that Julius had carried in and the other two women and Richard were delving into its contents like Children with a sack of Christmas presents. She saw the two whips pulled out, the weights and then the extendable leg spreader, this latter was what one of the women was looking for and she moved back. Helen spread her ankles apart without being asked and felt the cuffs fastened around her ankles, Sikiş hikayeleri the bar was extended to what she guessed was three feet and then locked.

“I know you’ve always wanted to watch this Jack, so now’s your chance” muttered the woman and Helen felt a tongue just touch her clitoris, gently, oh so gently. The tongue traced around the area, just avoiding touching but when it did Helen couldn’t prevent the cry of joy that escaped her mouth. Her head was forced backwards and she would have fallen if she had been held up, lips, female lips closed on hers in a passionate kiss. More lips caressed her nipples and nipped at the gold rings. Helen guessed that it was the third woman, but whoever was between her legs was giving her such pleasure. Whatever she was pretending to her husband, she had certainly done this before. Helen felt a climax arising within her, the humiliation of the situation, the pain in her ass, the pleasuring she was getting on her body, and the lips kissing her, such soft feminine lips. Gods she loved kissing a woman, she was no lesbian, she could never live without the pleasure of being fucked and of serving men, but oh she loved a woman’s soft lips kissing her. The pleasure built and everyone knew what was happening, the women could feel it, the men could see it. Helen had always been what men called a screamer and when she hit that point everyone, but everyone, knew. Helen screamed a climax that seemed to just go on and on, she felt fingers gently exploring inside her and then touching her now delicate clit to replace the tongue. Then Helen screamed another type of scream as the gentle fingers were substituted for the edge of a fingernail forced straight into her hardened nub of her clit. The woman looked straight into Helen’s face as the others abandoned her. Helen knew that she was being studied, that her pain was being enjoyed and she screamed again as the sharp tip of a fingernail was pushed hard into the now rapidly softening button. Helen felt as though the woman was trying to cut her and could feel the hot tears streaming down her face as she wept in pain, then the woman stopped as suddenly as she began and stepped back, Helen relaxed although still held by firm hands.

As she recovered, and it took barely moments she reappraised the situation and realised that no-one had undressed, she was naked, everyone else fully clothed, even the woman that she had brought to a climax had done no more than hitch up her dress.

Someone found the handcuffs and Helen’s wrists were cuffed behind her. There was some hurried conversation from one of the men that he hadn’t fucked her yet and then the woman saying that she wanted “the favour returned”. Helen was pushed onto her back and felt the pressure in her arms as she lay on her cuffed wrists. She looked along the length of her body as one of the men grabbed the leg spreader and pushed her legs back towards her shoulders, a woman’s hand took the bar and Helen watched the man unbuckle his belt and push down his trousers to release one of the biggest pricks she had ever seen on anyone – black or white. She closed her eyes awaiting the assault and felt his size forcing open her cunt, it felt so wonderful to be this full, like being fisted with a prick. The man grunted as he pushed deeper, for the first time he would fuck a woman without having to worry, or care, if his size was hurting her.

Helen was part enjoying and part suffering but brought back by the feeling of a knee either side of her head, she opened her eyes to see a woman’s sex being lowered onto her face and almost smothering her. Helen tried, but in this position it was hard to get access to the woman’s clit. Helen licked inside her cunt instead and was surprised to realise that the woman must have taken off her skirt as she could now see along the crack of her ass and was not smothered in cloth.

Helen licked and nibbled and could feel some reaction as the woman’s wetness began to run down her face. The man was fucking her hard and Helen winced every time he slammed hard against her cervix. The woman must have realised because she lifted herself and turned around, pulling Helen’s face into her clit, someone else reached over and held the leg spreader keeping her open to her vaginal assault. Helen could now perform to her best abilities and was rewarded with the woman reaching her climax even before the man pummelling her cunt but while the woman was moaning her orgasm Helen felt the hardening in her and the force of a final push home as she was flooded in what little space was left in her cunt.

With no pause Helen was picked up by two men and turned over onto her knees, her hands were still cuffed and she couldn’t stop her head dropping and banging into the floor. Albeit that it was covered with a carpet and rug, she saw stars but was swiftly brought back to the here and now by the all too familiar thrusting into her ass and a mental computation reminded her that one man had yet to fuck her.

Penetration was easy even for someone as obviously experienced as this man as well. Her bud opened and he pushed straight in as deep as he could go with a single thrust, Helen grunted in pleasure as the new man sodomised her. She could feel as much as see the company standing around watching, hands pulled her cheeks apart so that everyone could get a better view of her defilement, her body being used as a pleasure toy. There was no technique she was fucked hard and fast, and could this man fuck fast. Helen could feel the friction of her ass dragging against him but he was like a steam train, or one of those mechanical fucking machines that someone had once had her use while they had watched. The whole thing lasted only a couple of minutes, if that, before Helen gasped to receive a third cum load up her ass. She remembered a certain Stag Night she had serviced when she probably took a dozen or more in each hole, she smiled remembering that she had fucked the groom, both his brothers and his father.

She had no time for reverie however as there was still no let up, the others had rested somewhat now and Helen was dragged to her feet by her hair. Uneasily she tried to stand on her own but the leg spreader prevented it and she was almost lifted by her hair. Her hands were unlocked and swiftly fastened again in front of her, she saw a chain attached to the cuffs and then felt it pulling her arms upwards as she heard the ‘clank’ ‘clank’ of its links running through an eyebolt ring. She looked up to see that the ring was fastened into the ceiling and the chain shortening as she was pulled until her feet only just touched the floor. The chain was then fastened and Helen hung. She imagined what a sight she now looked. Her makeup was smeared, mascara streaked down her face from the tears. She was naked apart from her now disarranged stockings and her shoes. With her firmly in place she saw all seven of the Company stand back and simply look at her. One woman pulled Helen’s mouth open and spat at it, she missed and Helen felt the saliva running down her face. She remembered her mantra – “men hurt a woman to excite themselves, women just to cause pain.”

Again she couldn’t help but notice that everyone except her was still dressed, jackets had been removed, ties loosened and shirts undone it is true but nothing more. All of the women were dressed, even the last one she had performed on had replaced her skirt.

Helen wondered what would come next but was pretty certain she could guess.

She was right. Someone behind her swung a whip and it impacted hard against her back. This was Erotik hikaye no gentle lover’s teasing, this was hard and this was vicious and the whip itself had hard thick leather thongs. She knew that whip well, she had chosen it to bring along deliberately. A second blow struck her back and Helen grunted again. A third and Helen breathed out the breath she was unknowingly holding.

She had closed her eyes and the next blow thus came as a surprise as it lashed across her stomach. The two then alternated, a blow from behind, then one in front, then both hitting together. The second whip was slightly softer than the first but stung even more and marked even more, another of Helen’s toys from the bag. The whips would mark but not cut, which is why Helen had chosen these two, and they whipped her for ten, perhaps fifteen minutes. Towards the end of the whipping one of the women took the whip and Helen’s grunts at each blow turned to genuine screams as attention was focused by this particular sadist on Helen’s nipples, then the inside of her thighs and finally on her sex. Eventually the whipping eased and then stopped and Helen knew that somewhere during that ordeal she had climaxed at least twice, no one had noticed, no one had cared.

When they had finished Helen simply hung limp and was again aware that everyone was standing back from her. Just looking… She knew from experience with mirrored rooms what her body looked like now; she had seen herself after an experience like that. From shoulders to knees she was covered in dark red welts, some will have bruised, especially those on her thigh and breasts, her buttocks were already badly bruised and now almost certainly had one or two lines of thin blood just below the surface. Her sex was red and burning, the lips puffy from and unaccustomed abuse and torture.

Helen heard the conspiratorial whispering again and then a woman’s voice “and then we must be off.” She heard a match strike in the quietness of the room and smelt a cigar as Richard came around in front of her; he looked straight at her with cold, icy eyes. She saw he give some sort of signal with his right hand and felt the chain lengthening and let herself relax until she was kneeling on the floor, hands on her knees, sitting on her ankles. A man stepped in front of her and pulled her head back. He forced himself into her mouth and simply fucked her throat. Helen was almost too exhausted to help and it lasted longer than it would otherwise have done but when he came it was directly into her throat and down into her stomach. Then he pulled back slightly and stayed just inside her mouth as he began to soften. He started to pee and Helen was forced to swallow the bitter, vile liquid; they had all been drinking alcohol and pee from alcohol always tasted worse. She swallowed all she could but knew that a lot was spilling from her mouth. The flow eased off and finally stopped as the man came from her mouth and shook the last drops onto her face. Before Helen could relax however he was almost immediately replaced by the woman who stood with her legs either side of Helen’s forced back head, and hitched up her dress.

“Open up now little slut.” It was almost the first words anyone had spoken directly to her since she had entered the room. Helen was crying in abject humiliation as the woman released a long hard spray of urine into Helen’s mouth and over her face and hair. Unavoidably, knowing her own sexual preferences, Helen could feel the wetness of excitement rising between her legs. When the woman eventually finished Helen’s face and hair was soaked and she was forced to lick the last drops from her cunt. The woman then simply dropped her dress hem and stepped away.

Helen watched as the couple hugged and said goodnight to their host. No-one else seemed to want Helen as a urinal so she was hoisted back to her hanging position and whipped between her legs by Richard for a few minutes, but it was half-hearted, he was getting tired of the toy as was everyone else. The others had returned to their chairs. One man buggered her again while she was suspended and when he had finished he forced a butt plug up her, he had chosen the largest but Helen’s sphincter was quite open and relaxed enough now to accept it with ease. There was little interest in her from anyone else though.

Helen looked up to see Julius give Richard a nod as he walked back towards Helen. He had lit another cigar and blew the smoke into Helen’s face; without warning and unexpectedly, even to a professional like Helen who thought she had seen and experienced everything, he stubbed the cigar but against the delicate flesh of Helen’s cleavage. The result was electric and Helen screamed like she hadn’t in a long time, and the tears burst force as Helen sobbed uncontrollably. She was aware rather than saw that he blew gently on the cigar to heat it up again and then he touched it to the underside of one breast and then finished by stubbing it out on the underside of the other. Helen’s screams were animal, guttural and for the first time tonight she shouted the word “No”, Richard’s answer was to light another cigar and almost immediately stub it out just above her mons. Helen thought she would pass out.

The evening was effectively over and through her tears Helen watched Richard turn away and join the rest of the Company to spend perhaps another fifteen minutes finishing their wine and scotch before saying the pleasantries of their goodnights, as Helen simply hung limply as a broken and abused toy. Richard escorted his guests from the room, and all said goodnight to Julius, none to her.

When Richard returned he gathered up the toys which had got scattered even though most had not been used, and handed the bag to Julius. He lowered Helen and then released her before finally fucking her throat and shooting his cum onto her face. He pushed the weak and exhausted woman to Julius before handing him Helen’s skirt jacket and the remains of her blouse. He guided the still naked Helen to the door and waited why she slipped on her skirt and jacket before seeing them both out; as she turned he gave her an almost chaste kiss on the cheek and a whispered, sincere, “Thankyou”. She knew she had fulfilled her task and he was happy and, more to the point, satisfied.

During the drive to her home Helen slept from sheer exhaustion on the back seat and assured Julius she was okay as he parked the car in her garage. He returned the envelope he has been looking after and Helen removed some notes and handed him his fee for the evening. HE gave her a friend’s kiss on the cheek and walked back to his own, less luxurious car, to go home.

Once inside Helen took off her skirt and jacket and then just fell onto the bed, her body she had seen in the mirror, it was every bit as marked as she had expected although many of the stripes were already fading into an overall red glow. Touching her bruised and battered pussy lips she brought herself almost instantly to an incredible climax through the pain and pleasure combined. She lay recovering for a moment before removing the butt plug, it caused her to wince a little, and she then pushed out the large amount of white cum still inside her into a glass. Kneeling in the submissive position she drank down the liquid with relish, tasting the cocktail of different men’s cum and her own anal juices.

She slept soundly and was unaware until morning that she was holding the wad of notes of the evening’s fee. She had left the two answerphone messages until she awoke, both were enquiries about her services, strangely one was for a stag night but the other for a hen night – now that would be a novelty she thought, so there are new things in life although for the next couple of weeks she just needed to recover.

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