Hell No, We’re Not Cops

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Cara and I first met as class mate recruits at Police Training College, both married but not to each other, we just sort of teamed up together on the first day. From Cara’s point of view, being the only female on the course, having me around seemed to keep the other male recruits from hitting on her. There were always some suspicions that there was something going on between us, but there wasn’t. Unlike me, Cara was quite a scholar and she rewarded me by helping me with my studies, something I wasn’t good at. We would spend hours at night pouring over class work and studying for the ongoing and endless tests. Physically, Cara could hold her own against most of the other recruits. Before applying to become a cop, she had been a fitness junky. With years of running and gym work she was fitter than most of the other recruits right from the start. She had always deliberately dressed down while on the course, if not dressed in the recruit’s unflattering uniform, she could usually be found in baggy tee shirts and track pants.

The rest of the class and I got our first glimpse of Cara in a swimsuit on the day we started on the swimming module of our training. She was clearly uncomfortable as our eyes took her in. She was naturally wide shouldered and hipped with a narrow waist. Her thighs and calves were large, but muscled and toned and almost looked ungainly in contrast with her small shapely buttocks. Her breasts were smallish and her nipples stood proud against the thin material in the cool air. I have to admit I saw Cara in a new light after that. Previously, I had come to take her pretty looks for granted. She stood at around five foot seven inches tall; her light brown hair was cut short especially for the recruit’s course. In the time that I’d known her she had never worn any makeup, what you saw was what you got, and it would be fair to say that she didn’t really need it. Cara caught me looking at her that day but just smiled. Knowing that she had been happily married for the last five years, I knew that any thought of a sexual liaison was out of the question. As the weeks past, we got more and more comfortable with each other and became good friends. While some of the recruits dropped out for various reasons, the two of us worked hard to stay in the top half of the course.

After graduation we were posted to the same city but different stations, we simply lost contact after awhile. About eighteen months later, I answered a call for volunteers to assist with an undercover drug operation. A nightclub had been identified as a place where drugs such as ecstasy were freely available for sale. To combat this, the local law enforcement office had asked for young out of area officers to go undercover in the nightclub to ascertain what was going on. To my surprise, Cara had also volunteered and as we knew each other, we teamed up to infiltrate the nightclub as a couple. The object was to spend several nights at the club and to get as much intelligence as possible. We were not armed and under no circumstances were we to arrest anyone or jeopardise our cover. So, on the next Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, Cara and I would attend a briefing before heading for the nightclub.

She always looked good in tight jeans or short skirts with her pierced navel on display. There were other undercover officers in the club, but Cara and I were the only ones posing as a couple. Cara surprised me on the first night; it was like she had turned on a switch as we approached the club. All of a sudden she became the adoring and affectionate young wife, she would hold my hand, or hug me tight while we stood at the bar. On the dance floor she would dance like a woman processed, and then hold me tight cheek to cheek swaying the beat of the music. Just to act a little dangerously, I slipped my hands down and caressed her buttocks. She humorously whispered in my ear that I would later be arrested for assaulting a police officer. When I didn’t remove my hands, she then informed me that my wife would also duly be informed. We both laughed as I removed them in mock fear.

At the end of the night she would turn of the switch and become the confident married cop she was. The undercover operation eventually ran its course and the information that Cara and I obtained by observing, making contacts and making some buys assisted in several arrests. The way in which Cara and I interacted as a team didn’t go unnoticed by more senior officers, and we were called upon to assist in other operations as time went on.

A few weeks ago, Cara and I were again asked to team up. This time we were to help with an ongoing investigation into drug activity at a small beach town where there had been concern about the availability of marijuana and ecstasy. For the next week, we posed as a married couple enjoying the delights of the local entertainment. It was late summer and it was hot and humid but not an all together unpleasant assignment. We frequented bars and nightclubs and made a few casual acquaintances with locals and escort holiday makers. Eventually we made the right contacts and made a few small buys of ecstasy at bars and nightclubs which were handed over to the support team for processing. Again we just gathering information and all of the raids would be coordinated at a later date.

Towards the end of the operation, we informed of an address where good quality marijuana was available; Cara and I decided to have a look. We parked half a block away from the address which turned out to be an old house one street back from the water front. It was around 5 p.m. and for the next hour or two, we watched the coming and goings of several people of various ages. From the activity, it fairly obvious to us that something was going on in there. We decided that we would case the operation while making a buy. We left the car and walked casually down the road while holding hands. I was casually dressed in jeans and an old Pink Floyd T shirt and Cara in shortish light blue skirt and a cream halter top showing off her tanned legs and stomach. With her hair bleached almost blonde, she looked the beach bitch she pretended to be.

We walked down the driveway where all of the other buyers had gone; at the back was a smoked glass door. After a couple of knocks it was opened by a bearded long haired male in his later thirties or early forties. His eyes glanced over me but lingered on Cara.

“Hi, can I help you guys?”

“Hope so.” I replied. “We were told that we might be able to get a bit of grass from here.”

His eyes drifted back to me, “Shit, who told you that?”

“A barman at the Mission down by the beach.” I lied.

He looked at us for a few seconds while pondering on our contact. “Okay, I can help you, how much do you want?”

“Not much, just enough to keep us going for a day or two.” Cara chipped in.

“Might as well come in.” he told us pushing the door wide open and stepping back.

This was a little strange as most deals would have been done at the door, but looking around there was little privacy from the neighbours. Before I could think any further, Cara stepped inside leaving me no option but to follow. It was darkish inside, the curtains had been pulled and the TV was tuned into a football game. Two comfortable chairs had been pulled close to the TV, behind it stood a low divan bed. An empty pizza box and beer cans lay between the chairs and the TV. Cara and I stood inside while the dealer walked through into another room returning a few seconds later with a brown paper bag. Reaching inside he pulled out several small clear plastic bags with grass inside.

“This is top stuff.” he told us. “Two or three bags be enough?”

“How much for three?” I asked.

“Make it an easy fifty.”

“Okay.” I replied, pulled out my wallet and began peeling off a few notes.

He looked at me for a short time as I offered the fifty, “Something’s not right.”

My alarm bells started to ring, I managed a smile. “What do you mean?”

“You’re not cops are you? I can smell cops a mile off.”

“Hell no.” Cara said. “We’re just down here on vacation for a few days. We just want a bit of grass to help us party.” Cara reached over, took my hand in hers and gave a cheeky little grin, “He likes it because it helps turn me on if you know what I mean.”

Just then a tall thin male walked into the room, “What’s up Bobby?”

“Hey Horse, these two wanna buy some grass to party, but I smell cops.”

Horse looked over and gave us a once over, he lifted his sweatshirt to show us the handle of a handgun tucked into his jeans. Now I started to worry, while we weren’t carrying any police ID, we weren’t armed either, we were completely at the mercy of these two.

“Hey, it’s cool.” Cara said. “We’re not cops, but if you don’t want to sell to us, its okay. We’ll leave and get some from somewhere else.”

Bobby grinned, “Hey now, I don’t wanna miss a sale. How about you prove that you’re married? Then it’d be okay.”

“How do we do that?” I asked.

“Well, I can think of one way. How about you describe your old lady’s pussy. Then we can have a look to see if you got it right. That should do it.”

“What do mean?”

“Well, you must have seen it this morning. She’s got blonde hair and dark eyebrows. What’s her pussy look like?”

“I’m not getting into this.” I said moving towards the door.

Horse stepped between me and the door, pulled out a Glock handgun from his belt and held pointing to the floor. “I don’t think you’ve got an option. Tell us about the pussy.”

I looked over at Cara; she just shrugged her shoulders as if to get on with it. I then tried to imagine what her pussy would look like. Her hair was naturally dark brown and I knew that she liked to sunbath a lot. All I could do was make a calculated guess.

“Dark brown hair and trimmed to a neat triangle.” I suggested.

Bobby turned to Cara, “Okay darling, show us the proof.”

She bursa eve gelen escort hesitated and I tried to intervene, Horse warned me off by slapping the Glock against his thigh.

“Come on darling, we haven’t got all day.” Bobby told her.

Cara looked over at me as she lifted her dress with one hand and pulled her blue panties down with the other. The three of us got a good look. I’d got it wrong; her pale pussy was completely shaven.

“Hell now, look at that.” Bobby commented. “A good looking girl like this and her husband doesn’t even know what his wife’s pussy looks like.”

“Just shaved it this morning.” Cara commented hopefully as she lifted her panties and dropped her skirt.

Bobby laughed, “Don’t think so. My old lady shaves hers too, I know what a freshly shaven pussy looks like. Yours ain’t been done today. What do you reckon Horse?”

“Maybe we should give her the benefit of doubt. Let’s get her to tell us about his dick. That shouldn’t have changed since this morning.”

Bobby turned to Cara, “What a good idea. Okay Darling, lets have it.”

Cara hesitated for a second, “He’s average. A good six inches and that’s all.”

Bobby and Horse both laughed.

“We need a bit more than that. Is he cut or uncut, is it straight or does he have a banana?” Bobby asked.

“Cut and straight.” she suggested without hesitation.

She was half right; I’m cut but curve upwards when erect.

Bobby turned to me, “Your turn. Let’s see the goods.”

There was no way out of this, I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my jeans and pulled down my briefs to expose my limp cock.

Again Bobby and Horse laughed, “Jeez lady, you haven’t done much for your old man. I’d almost take that as an insult. We wanna see it ready for action. Let’s see you do your thing.”

Cara had just about had enough, “Stuff it; he can get it up himself. He doesn’t need me to do it for him.”

Horse sneered, “I just hate ladies who don’t support their man in the time of need. Stop mucking around, get on your knees and do the deed.”

Cara looked at Horse and Bobby looking for a reprieve, not seeing one she turned and looked me in the eye and then down to my cock. She sighed in resignation, took the three steps and knelt down in front of me. I felt her hand encircle my cock and begin to tease it back and forth. It didn’t take long before I began to respond, next I felt her tongue flicking across the head and then felt the velvet warmth of her mouth over the top of the shaft. Twenty seconds later I was rock hard, Cara kept going for a short time before withdrawing her mouth and standing up. She looked me in the eye as she wiped her mouth with her hand and then turned away leaving me in full splendour of a grinning Bobby and Horse.

“That’s the shortish six inches I’ve ever seen.” suggested Bobby.

Horse laughed loudly, “And it don’t look too straight. I’m still not convinced. I reckon the only way to prove they’re not cops is to watch them do it.”

Bobby pretended to consider it. “Yeah, that’d do it. You never hear of cops actually doing it with each other.”

Cara leered at them, “I’m not doing it front of you two. What married people do in the privacy of their own bedroom is private.”

“Yeah. C’mon guys.” I pleaded. “We’re not into that sort of thing.”

“You are if you wanna walk out of here.” Horse suggested.

It was hard to tell whether he was joking or actually threatening.

Cara turned to me; I could tell she was a little scared, “Let’s just do it and get out here.”

She turned away from Bobby and Horse, lifted the sides of her skirt, pushed her panties down and stepped out of them. Moving to the divan she lay down on her back with her legs closed and her skirt just covering her pussy. My fear was quickly turning to the anticipation of intimacy. I stepped out of my jeans and moved to the foot of the divan. Her thighs parted at the last moment in an attempt to spoil the view to Bobby and Horse. As I moved over her, she placed three fingers into her mouth and then moved them down to lubricate her pussy. Her hand then found my cock and guided it to her pussy. I slipped into her in short strokes to avoid hurting her, getting deeper each time until I was all in. I then began moving back and forth with long slow stokes. She pulled my head down close to her ear.

“It’s okay.” she whispered. “Just finish quickly and get us out of here. Its okay to cum inside. I’m on the pill.”

As I began to build up speed, Cara wrapped her legs and arms around me and urged me on. Her pussy was now slippery with her own juices. I looked down at her to find her eyes closed seemingly oblivious to Bobby and Horse moving around us watching. I had closed my eyes to concentrate when I felt someone move onto the divan beside us. I opened my eyes to find Horse kneeling on the divan near our shoulders; he was nude and stroking a large cock. Cara too bursa görükle escort had opened her eyes and was taking in the sight only a few inches away. While it was long, it was the thickness that made it look out of proportion. The veined shaft seemed to thicken at the glands and then taper down to the head

We heard Bobby chuckling behind us, “Now you know why he’s called Horse.”

Horse moved closer to Cara and waved his cock in the air. To my surprise she removed her hand from my shoulder and reached over to Horse’s cock. He removed his own hand as Cara ran her fore-finger along its length and then wrapped her hand around its girth. When her hand couldn’t encompass the whole thing she began to stroke it close to the head. Horse grunted with pleasure as her hand slid back and forth.

Then Cara surprisingly laughed, “This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. How many women have you killed with this thing?”

Horse grinned, “Don’t worry about that, its how many women it’s satisfied that counts.”

Cara moved her hand along his cock to the head and tweaked the end playfully.

“Why don’t you ask your husband if you can try it out? He seems a good sport.” Bobby suggested.

Cara looked over at me and grinned, “Hey sweetie, do you mind it if I have a play with this?”

I was stunned, “Do you want to?” I asked.

“Mmmm. I think I do.” she replied and then eased out from under me.

Cara stood up and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor. Next she pulled her top over her head and then reached around unclipped her bra. Her nipples stood out on her pale white breasts, then jiggled as she sat down on the divan.

She looked up at Horse who was stroking his cock again in anticipation. “Kneel between my legs; I want to watch it go in.”

Horse quickly knelt on the floor between Cara’s spread thighs, I watched as she moved her buttocks closer to the edge to give his cock better access to her pussy. He guided his cock between her lips and moved it up and down before lining it up with her opening. Cara hissed as the head slipped inside her. Then she lay back onto her elbows as Horse tried to slide in the widest part of his cock. With her face distorted in concentration, she raised her buttocks from the divan and pushed back at him while rotating her pelvis. She moaned quietly as it inched slowly inwards. Once in all the way, Horse began sliding in and out with long and slow strokes. Cara’s face was now pointing towards the ceiling, eyes closed and mouth slightly open began to push back against him. She then lay back flat on the bed and brought her knees up to her chest. “Mmmm, that’s quite nice.” she informed us.

Horse encouraged by her comments, moved on top of her. She wrapped her legs around him but only put up with it for minute or so before trying to roll him onto his side.

“It’s too hot and you’re too heavy.” she told him.

Horse rolled over and guided Cara on top of him in a sitting position. His cock slid out noisily as she adjusted her position, reaching down between her thighs she guided his cock back inside and slid down on it.

“Fuck it’s big.” she commented. “But its nice.” she added promptly.

She turned to me, “Come closer.”

I moved to the side of the bed and stood beside it, Cara urged Horse closer to the edge and then she took me in her mouth. I watched as Horse played with her breasts as Cara bounced noisily up and down on him.

Cara then lifted her mouth from my cock and looked over at Bobby sitting on a chair watching, “Do you want to play too?”

He laughed, “Nah, my old lady emptied my bags this morning.”

She seemed almost disappointed, she lifted herself carefully off horse’s cock and swung around and knelt between his thighs. Taking his cock in her hand, she gave it a few strokes and then lowered her mouth onto it. Her lips were stretched wide and her cheeks bulged as the head slipped in and out of her mouth.

Horse looked up at me, “Boy, she sure sucks a good cock.”

I managed a grin before moving in behind Cara, guiding her buttocks upwards to the desired height, I pushed my cock into her. It was hot and sopping wet and I began to build up a rhythm, Cara reached back and pushed against my thigh.

“Take it easy or you’ll do us all some damage.” she said before returning her attention to Horse’s cock.

Things were brought back to reality when there was a loud knock on the door. Cara pulled away from me and rolled over to hide behind Horse as Bobby rose to answer the door. He opened it slightly, told the intruder to come back in half an hour and closed the door again.

Cara laughed as she lay on her back; her thighs slightly open revealing her red proud pussy lips, her body now shiny with perspiration.

“Could’ve invited him in too.” Horse suggested.

Cara chuckled, “I don’t think so, you’ve already just about ruined me.”

“Want some more?”

“Might as well, don’t get a chance like this every day.”

Horse rolled onto his hands and knees, Cara parted her thighs as he moved over her, reaching down she guided his cock into her. By now her desires had begun to over shadow her ability to continue for much longer.

“You’d better hurry up; I can’t go for too much longer.” she soon informed him

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