Hello Cunt…

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You sent me to the adult video store and told me to wait for you in the last booth at the very back.

I was wearing a straight black skirt, high heels, thigh highs, a silk t-shirt, lace bra, and a jacket.

As I walked to the back, several men turned to look at me, and I felt a little afraid that they might follow me.

You had given me rather strange instructions to follow. I was to go inside the booth, leave the door open, and put the blindfold on, and to remain standing until I received further instructions. You also said to only act when I heard the words “Hello, Cunt” whispered in my ear, and to do exactly as I was told.

I entered the booth, put on the blindfold, and faced the open doorway. I waited for what seemed like 15 minutes then I sensed that someone had entered the room.

I felt someone close to me then I heard a male voice whisper “Hello Cunt. Slide your panties down to your knees.”

I reached underneath my skirt and slide my panties down to just above my knees. When I rose back up, the man had left the room.

A few moments later I heard someone enter the room again, then a male voice whispered “Hello Cunt. Put your right hand on my shoulder and raise each foot when I tell you to.” I reached out and found the man’s shoulder and held onto it. Then I felt his fingers brush against my leg as he slowly slide my panties down to my ankles. “Right.” I raised my right foot off the floor and he slid the panties over my shoe. görükle escort “Left.” I raised my left foot l and he removed them, stood up, and left the room.

“Hello, Cunt.” Another voice whispered. “Open your mouth.” As I slowly opened my mouth, I felt him stuffing something inside and I tried to spit it out. “Wider.” I forced myself to relax and breath through my nose. I opened my mouth wider and he finished pushing what I now knew were my panties into my mouth.

I was struggling not to panic as I was not accustomed to being gagged, when another man stepped into the room. “Hello Cunt. Clasp your hands behind your back.” I did as I was told then he slid his hands under my jacket, reached around behind me and unhooked my bra. He reached up and pulled my jacket off my shoulders and halfway down pining my upper arms against my sides. He reached up, grabbed the front of my shirt and bra with one hand and pulled down while the other hand lifted my breasts out until they were completely exposed.

This continued as another man bound my wrists together, then another turned me around and had me bend over at the waist, then another came in, slid my skirt up exposing my bare bottom, and told me to spread my legs. Each time someone entered the booth, I heard the words “Hello, Cunt.”

After the last man left and I was trying my best to maintain the position I had been left in. I heard someone else enter the booth. I felt warm air caressing görükle escort bayan the side of my neck as the person exhaled softly. Strong fingers slid up the back of my head until he had established a nice firm grip. Then he pulled me up and back until I was leaning against his chest. “Hello…Cunt.” The words came out in a slow, southern drawl that reminded me of wrap around porches, lemonade, Cuban cigars, humid afternoons, and the gentle breeze that dries the perspiration from your skin. This voice was different than the others and instinctively I knew it was you.

As your breath continued to caress my skin, and your hand grip my hair, I felt your other hand wrap around my throat. You applied light pressure to the sides and I began to feel slightly euphoric.

After a few moments you released your grip, and moved around in front of me. You put your hands on my arms and slowly lowered me down into a kneeling position. I heard you unzip your pants, then a felt something soft caress my cheek. You reached down and slowly pulled my saliva soaked panties out of my mouth, and quickly replaced them with the head of your cock.

You gripped the back of my head again and pushed your cock deep into my mouth. I had no control over what was happening and once again I had to force myself to relax and accept the newest violation of my mouth.

You tightened your grip on my hair and began slowly fucking my mouth. As you picked up the bursa escort pace, your thrusts went deeper until I could feel the head of your cock pressing against the back of my throat.

I struggled to take all of you and to control my urge to gag. Somehow I managed to relax and began to enjoy the feeling of your cock violating my mouth. I lost track of time but at some point I felt your cock stiffen, you moaned, and your hot cum began spilling into the back of my throat. You finished by pulling out and letting some of your cum fall onto my tits.

You lifted me up from the floor, straightened up my clothes, and sat me down on the bench. Then You leaned down and whispered in my ear “Goodbye, Cunt.” Then I heard the door close behind you. I sat there for several minutes before I removed the blindfold. I stood up, straightened myself up as best I could, then I opened the door to the booth and stepped out.

As I walked towards the front, men turned to look at me, some of them smiled, and I could feel myself blushing. I had no idea which of these men had participated in this activity nor would I ever know. The thought of this made me extremely wet.

When I reached my car, I found a single red poppy on the hood of my car lying on a small bed of green grass.

I knew that the flower and the grass were significant in some way. The last thing I remember was picking up the poppy and sweeping the grass into my hand, because Something told me that it held just as much meaning as the poppy.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the poppy and the grass on my way home.

Finally I pulled over, picked up my phone and Goggled “list the meanings of flowers”. The Red Poppy symbolizes Pleasure, the Grass symbolizes Submission.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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