Hello Mr. Robinson Pt. 03

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All characters are 18 years old or older. I have been asked about discrepancies between different stories in the Shaw universe. Often when I write a new story with a new protagonist I play a game of what if. It’s these what if this happens that creates the flow of action and events in these parallel universes. In one world things might have ended one way and in another a small change creates a completely different outcome. I hope this helps. I am experimenting to see how I want to end the conflict between order and chaos. Please feel free to critique and tell me if you enjoy the story. Vote and let your voice be heard and as always thanks for reading!


The last days of summer were upon me. I hit the pool as much as I could before the inevitable change of seasons and I was forced to swim at the gym. It was a scant few weeks since my world was turned upside down and the Feds had been out front, wanting to seize the water I had hoarded. As I swam laps and the setting sun faded upon the horizon I received an email from Shannon. I had my other half read it to me as I performed a rather impressive flip turn in the deep end. Apparently she was inviting me to a private meeting. The strange thing was that she had given me the GPS coordinates to the location.

‘How far away is that from here,’ I asked silently to my A.I.

‘About half an hour, the way you drive,’ it responded.

‘What is there?’ I asked but my other half remained silent. ‘What is going on?’

‘Miss Shannon requested that I keep the building’s nature a secret. I already double checked and it was sent from her cell phone.’

‘Fine, when is this little rendezvous?’

‘Tonight, so you better make this your last lap if you want to have time to shower and make yourself presentable.’

I cut my exercise short for Shannon’s sake and headed in for a shower. Twenty minutes later I was getting dressed as Cindy came home. She hollered and warned me that she wasn’t alone. I finished dressing and headed downstairs. There was my daughter and in tow was a leggy redhead with eyes like flashing amethysts. Wow, who the hell are you? I asked myself. Cindy perked up when she saw how nice I was dressed.

“Dad this is Rhea,” Cindy said for introductions. “Rhea, my dad Greg Robinson…”

“Why so formal kitten,” I said as I shook Rhea’s cool hand. “Cold hand warm heart or so they say.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you,” she said and did that nervous tick some women do by pushing her hair behind one ear.

“Are those real,” I asked looking at the way her ear came to such a delicate but noticeable point.

“DAD,” Cindy cried out as she reached meltdown in seconds flat.

“I meant her ears sweetie,” I said recovering as quickly as I could.

“I am genuine from head to toe,” Rhea said smiling at Cindy’s expense.

“Good to know, well I gotta go I have a previous engagement… what?” I said halting my movement for the front door.

“Rhea is from the University I applied for… she has some good news for us,” Cindy growled. “Can you wait long enough to hear that?”

“Of course I can, I didn’t know,” I said smiling from ear to ear.

“Cindy has been accepted to Miskatonic University. I have already spoken with my sorority sisters and they have agreed to accept her without pledging. Her scores were just too good not to snatch her up right away. You must be very proud.”

“That goes without saying,” I said and caught that glint in Rhea’s eyes. “It’s a pity I have to run. I knew you could do it kitten. We will celebrate when I get home, I promise.”

“Go, I don’t want you getting in trouble.” Cindy said with a knowing smile.

I gave her a quick hug and headed out. I let the A.I. drive while I took in the replay of Rhea. She was something. I had seen quite a few beauties in my time but she beat them all hands down. Her kind of beauty belonged on a magazine cover or in the movies. Why was she working for the university?

‘She doesn’t work for Miskatonic,’ the A.I. chimed in. ‘She is employed at Numenor Technology. She is in security, to be more precise she is a bodyguard. I suspect Mr. Shaw sent her to keep you and Cindy safe.’

‘Why would she lie to Cindy?’ I asked. ‘Is she undercover or something?’

‘I think she is testing the waters so to speak. Many live in bodyguards often approach a client to see if they are compatible. I think she took quite a shine to you.’

‘I believe you are right. There is something different about her. I just can’t put my finger on it.’ I sent silently to my other half. ‘Do you see something I don’t?’

‘Physical beauty is based on balanced proportions. It denotes health and other mating signals. In her case… well that is interesting. Her facial features are nearly perfect. I detect less than a half percent margin of error. She is what you would call a rare beauty sir.’

‘What about the rest of her,’ I asked and the A.I. ran a quick analysis.

‘I cannot be certain but I suspect the rest gaziantep escortları of her is as attractive as her face. But her clothing leaves me in doubt of any certainty.’ It replied with a tone of resignation. ‘I will just have to wait for you to seduce her so I can see the rest of her.’

‘You think pretty well of my odds.’

‘I have faith in you sir,’ it said and actually laughed. ‘Ah, we are here.’

The car parked out front an old neighborhood theater. The marquee read Elemental Force. I got out of the car and walked to the ticket booth. A cute Japanese girl with the name tag Miho was standing there waiting for me. She smiled and handed me my ticket for the show. I took it and headed for the heavy glass door. It had a polished chrome handle and I pushed it open. Miho was waiting to take my ticket and I had to admit she was quick on her feet. I handed her the ticket and she tore it in half and handed me one half of it.

“Would you like any refreshments Greg?” Miho asked and I asked for a large soda.

She took my arm and pursed her lips and whistled. The ear piercing note hung in the air and a second girl appeared and at first glance I swore she was Miho’s sister. The other girl approached and she was indeed Miho’s twin sister Miko. She took my other arm and had a large soda in her other hand. I was lead into the theatre and it was in interesting shape. I say that since most of the seats were covered in dust as was the walkway that leads down to the stage. However, there was a clean path that had been created for just this night. The three of us walked down the vacuumed carpet to the seat prepared for us. There were three seats that had not only been cleaned but the upholstery had been repaired as well. They looked brand new.

We took our seats and we made small talk before the show started. I learned from the twins that they were dancers at the same strip club that Shannon worked. They had an act together and made quite a bit of money on both the stage and private dances. I told them they were a devastating duo. They giggled and offered to perform their own act if I was up for it later. The house lights dimmed and the curtain rose. I gasped when I saw the sophisticated holographic setup that Shannon had managed to arrange. I worked with that kind of equipment on a regular basis. How the hell did she manage to get ahold of that?

Shannon appeared on stage. She was wearing a white hooded gown and I didn’t miss the ballet slippers on her feet. I had no idea she had any classical dance training. She took her pose and the music started. She rose on point and cast off the hood. Her face was intricately painted as was the body hugging stocking she was wearing. The holo emitters woke up and painted her body with sapphire light. The paint reacted to the light and shone giving her an ethereal quality. She danced and the blend of music and motion was perfect. It was a haunting performance. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. While in the real world she was at the mercy of others here she was mistress. There wasn’t a single misstep, pause or flaw that I could see.

There was a shift in the music as a new theme filled the air. As the music changed so did the light and her makeup. Apparently, the pattern on her stockings and her makeup was layered so that different light made different patterns and glowed in different colors. The second color was crimson and the flame pattern on her suit accentuated it perfectly. The tempo of the music was stronger and louder as she became a living aspect of fire. Her leaps and spins were faster more frenetic as the music swelled. I found myself holding my breath when she built up for an epic leap. A series of spinning leaps reminded me of a leaping flame as it caught all on fire at its passing.

It reached its crescendo and she launched one last time into the air and the emitters went dead and she disappeared in midair. The music faded to silence and I was about to get up when the twins each touched a shoulder. They told me it was mid show and that Shannon was catching her breath for the second half. I asked what intermission going to be like. Miho and Miko looked at each other and made an offer I couldn’t resist. I took a sip of soda as they worked in perfect sync. They unzipped me and fished out my semi erect member. Miho being the older of the two got first licks. I gasped as her warm tongue snaked out and teased the sensitive head of my cock.

“Damn girl,” I whispered. “You are evil.”

“He has no clue,” Miko replied as her fist wrapped around the base of the shaft.

While one licked and sucked the other stroked me off. I was whimpering as they teased the hell out of me. I saw why they were so damn popular at the strip club. These two were linked in a way only twins could anticipate each other’s actions. Miho’s head came down and she took most of my erection between her lips. I gritted my teeth to keep from crying out and alerting Shannon to what was going on. Unless of course this was also part of her plan, I just didn’t know. I whispered a warning and the twins ramped things up another notch or two. One was stroking fast while the other licked and sucked with complete abandon. I gripped the arms of the chair and clenched my jaw tight as I fired my load down Miho’s throat. I sat there gasping as the sisters kissed and shared my load between them. That was so damn sexy! I wonder what fucking them must be like.

“He’s got that look,” Miko purred.

“Yes, we are going to get to play with the legendary Greg,” Miho added.

“Legendary, who the hell said I was legendary,” I asked and they said one name in twin speech, Shannon.

They tucked me in just in time for the beginning of the second half of the show. The music began but this time instead of traditional classical music it was Japanese Taiko drumming. The emitters cast emerald light and Shannon was now dressed in a loose fitting gown with flowing sleeves. Once again the light illuminated key parts of costume and makeup. Her style had also changed as she flicked open two elegant fans. The dance was traditional in some aspects and the way she wielded the fans reminded me of a Kung Fu movie. They were like weapons in her hands. The flourishes and spins of the fans became faster and more intricate as the dance progressed.

I also noticed that her makeup was designed to shift depending on what portion of her face she revealed. From profile she looked like a gorgeous maiden. At three quarters her face possessed an almost demonic cast to it. When she faced the audience it had a traditional kabuki design. Her steps altered depending on what character she was presenting. As a maiden she was demure and her movements small and precise. As the oni demon she stomped around and harried her unseen enemies with the fans. Lastly, as the kabuki player she staggered drunkenly around the stage whirling the fans precariously on her fingertips.

She reached mid stage and the transition was swift and flawless. The lights blazed amethyst and Shannon held out her arms and two black clad stage hands pulled the gown from her. The body paint was a tribal design that showed off every curve she possessed both artistically and erotically. The sensuous music throbbed in the air as she drew me in with her hands and movements. It was a seduction no one could resist. I bit my lower lip as I heard the soft whispers of the twins. I am guessing they hadn’t seen this before. I barely blinked during this last portion of her performance. She was the goddess of lust and I was her prey. As she danced she sought me out and I wanted to go to her. The twins kissed my neck and nibbled my ears as if on cue. They never touched me where I really wanted them to but I endured, somehow.

I was panting by the time the last dance ended. I was on my feet and clapping. The twins followed suit as the house lights came up. Shannon took a bow and disappeared backstage. When I asked where she was going Miho told me she was going to shower off the paint and make herself presentable. The girls went back stage and told me to wander around but just not too far. I walked up and climbed the steps to the stage. I examined the holo emitters and whistled. These were top of the line and made by Numenor. Since the introduction of holographic technology there were a handful of other companies that produced emitters besides Numenor. But if you wanted the best you bought from Shaw. I heard the footfalls from the front of the theater. I looked up and saw the young man with the lever action rifle.

‘That isn’t a prop,’ my other half announced.

‘I know just look at his face,’ I thought. ‘He is pissed beyond reason.’

“So you’re the guy she’s fucking eh?” The newcomer growled.

“Yep,” I said since there was no reason to lie. “Who are you?”

“I am the guy she dumped for you,” he said bringing the rifle up.

‘Text Shannon and tell her to get the hell out of here then try and access the emitters.’ I ordered the A.I.

‘Emitters online, Shannon and the twins are leaving out the back. We are alone.’

“You have control issues I take it,” I said aloud as I silently sent what I needed from my other half.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” He said his eyes narrowing.

“Did you meet her at the club or do you go to school with her?”

“School, but what the hell is this control thing. Why would you even bring that up?”

“There are men and women that have to be in control all the time. The problem is that people hate being controlled. It tells me you have serious confidence issues.” I said as the A.I. calibrated the emitters.

“You must have a goddamn death wish,” he snarled. “You talk to everybody like this?”

“Yeah, I figure since you plan on shooting me I might as well go out speaking the truth. Do you have mommy issues? Did she beat the crap out of you? Maybe it was your dad. Did he punch and kick your mom? Is that where you learned to treat women?”

“Mother Fucker,” he said taking aim. “I am going to kill you!”

“Yeah, but you will still be half the man I am. I still win.” I said watching his eyes widen in surprise. “Did you expect me to cower in fear? Fuck you asshole… I’d rather die on my feet than cower to a piece of shit like you.”

I watched as he closed the distance making sure he didn’t miss. My eyes were on the index finger poised on the rifle’s trigger. I waited for him to start pulling but he was in range before that happened. Now, I sent to my other half and my world went white and my brain fought to stay conscious. The blast of light was on the same frequency that a flash bang grenade emits. The young man cried out and the gun barked as he reflexively pulled the trigger. The bullet creased the top of my head. I crumpled to the stage as he tottered off his feet. I didn’t see this but more heard the clatter of the rifle and the bang of his body hitting the chairs.

I blinked away the stars and heard the young man crying out in pain. There was a definite snapping sound of breaking bone. I lie staring up at the theater’s ceiling. A second series of crunching bone and curses followed. One final snap of bone and silence fell. I tried to sit up and failed. Suddenly there was a figure above me but my eyes refused to focus.

“Greg,” a female voice called to me. “Are you alright?”

“I flash banged myself,” I said. “I tapped into the emitters. Did it work? Is he down?”

“He’s dead,” Rhea said as my vision slowly cleared.

“I didn’t mean to… wait… what are you doing here?” I asked.

“I followed you after Cindy and I finished talking. You bought me enough time. I have to get rid of this kid and then I will be back. Just stay here and take it slow.”

She disappeared and then I heard her gasp of exertion. A minute later she walked passed me with the corpse of the kid over her shoulder. She was heading for the back of the theater and the alley. I eventually was able to sit up and blink away being at ground zero of the effect. I should have closed my eyes but that might have warned him. How the hell could petite Rhea carry him like he weighed so little? She was a bodyguard but still something was off here. I managed to get to my feet when Rhea reappeared. She slipped her arm in mine as two men in coveralls appeared and began breaking down the holo emitters.

“Lean on me I am taking you home with the others. Someone will drive your car back for you. Relax you have great company in the back seat.”

There was a town car parked in front of my car. I was ushered into the back and saw that Shannon and the twins were already there. We were pulling away as Shannon asked me if I was okay. I nodded and they all let out a sigh of relief.

“When I heard the gunshot I thought the worse,” Shannon said blinking away the tears. “Today was difficult enough as it is.”

“I loved your performance. So why is this so difficult?” I asked.

“I am leaving. Somehow your boss learned about what I wanted to do for you and provided the equipment, the costumes and even the makeup. I danced for him and he got me one on one training with a retired prima ballerina. She’s Russian and she’s agreed to teach me. I have to take this opportunity. I talked to Miko and Miho to see if they could take my place. I hate leaving you in a lurch.”

“So you two are okay with being fuck buddies?” I asked the twins and they nodded eagerly. “I don’t know what to say. Does Cindy know what’s going on?”

“She is the one who suggested it since she hooked up with Henry. She’s told you about Henry right. Oh hell, I am so sorry. I always stick my foot in it.”

“So she has a boyfriend, thank god,” I said and the tension in the car evaporated. “I was worried about her.”

We pulled up in front of my house and Rhea came around and opened the backdoor as if she were a chauffeur. We piled out and headed inside. Rhea followed us in and I headed straight for the liquor cabinet. While I had held things together for the ride home it was time to let go. I took out my good bottle of tequila and drank straight from that. Cindy came down and saw me and cried out.

“Dad, what the hell happened to your head?” She said as she raced over to me.

“It’s a long and complicated story,” I replied. “I am going to wash up can you entertain our guests?”

“Sure,” she said and pulled out another bottle and began pouring shots.

I went upstairs and stripped out of my bloodied clothing. I had been too out of it to take stock in my appearance. I stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror. I bent down and saw the damage to hair and scalp. I ran some hot water and washed the area to see how bad it was. I parted my wet hair and looked at the angry wound. A fraction of an inch lower and it would have struck my skull and who knows what kind of damage it would have done. I winced as I lightly touched the area.

“Let me see,” Rhea said as she took my head in her hands. “Damn you are tall boss man! I may have to put on heels so I can climb you.”

“You’ve been drinking,” I said smelling alcohol on her breath and she giggled. “How bad is it?”

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