Helping Mrs. Jackson Ch. 02

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The sun had begun to set in the western sky at the Jackson estate. The sweltering heat began to abate and a cooling breeze flowed in from the northwest. Off in the distance, the call of a bobwhite quail could be heard.

Erica Jackson sat quietly outside her bedroom on the balcony, looking down at the lights around her private pool which had begun to come on with the approach of dusk. She sat in a white rocking chair next to a small white oval table. She wore a scarlet red T-back baby doll nighty and nothing else. Her petite feet were bare. Her long chestnut hair was piled high upon her head. In her hand was a tumbler filled with gin and orange juice. She drank deeply from it.

Erica almost never drank alcohol in quantity, but the drink she held in her hand was her third. She was not pleased with her situation. Her life was seemed out of control. She wanted a child, and her husband had not planted one in her, even though she had quit her birth control pills some time ago. She envied her friends who popped out babies as easily; it seemed, as popping corn. It wasn’t fair.

Erica was mad at her husband. She had long been aware of the rumors of his infidelity, but recently she had noticed signs of his adultery. She had found lipstick stains on the collar of one of his carelessly discarded dress shirts. Then came the pack of matches she found with the words “Cherie 554 8795” inscribed in ink.

Her husband was a powerful man in the county. No doubt, many women would allow him into their beds just to get next to his money. They probably all thought to unseat Erica as mistress of the Jackson fortune. “Piss on them.” she thought. She contemplated how much of her husbands seed had been wasted on these whore’s, seed that could be growing in her this very moment.

Erica raised her legs and propped them up on the rail of the balcony, spreading her legs, allowing the cooler evening temperatures to caress her nether regions. The breeze raised the hem of her nighty and it flapped in the wind. The cooler air felt good to her. She drank deeply again from her drink.

Erica’s thoughts drifted to how ashamed she had been after her encounter with Josh Richards in the glen. She thought about what a fool she had been to go there. Surprised as she was, to find Josh masturbating, she should have retreated demurely. Instead, she confronted him. Then when he had put his instrument away, she had asked to see it again.

Erica blushed pale thinking of the incident, and her left hand covered her eyes for a moment, as if the blot out the wicked thoughts that stirred her mind, but her pussy responded to the memory. She thought about the magnificent organ she had encountered, and her brain became inflamed with lust. She allowed her left hand to softly stroke her pussy rubbing circles around her clit. A fire began to kindle.

Erica was unaware that her husband, Bob, had entered their bedroom. He took off his jacket and tie, deposited his watch on the dresser, and then went into the bathroom to pee. He had seen the French doors open to the balcony. He knew his wife must be out there. Bob stripped his clothing and entered the huge shower, soaping away the stress and sweat of the day. When he had finished, he briefly toweled the dampness from his torso, then proceeded to the balcony to find his wife.

Bob stood there naked and silent, observing his beautiful wife. Erica was unaware of his presence. He allowed his eyes to feast on the glorious upturned breasts tucked gently and barely into the sheer baby doll lingerie she wore. No man on earth could remain unaffected by such a display. Bob felt his cock begin to stir. Bob noticed the drink in her hand. He spoke to his wife, “A little late for a drink for you, isn’t it, Erica?”

“I don’t tell you how much Scotch to drink, do I?” she spat back.

“No you don’t, and it wouldn’t do you any good if you did. Put down the drink and come to bed with me.” Bob said.

Erica looked sideways at Bob and rolled her eyes. Bob waited a few moments, then walked up to her, grabbed the drink from her hands, and pitched it off the balcony. The glass shattered on rock below.

He took her by the arm and pulled her from the chair to crush her against his naked hairy body, his arms encircling her to grasp and claw at her firm athletic ass. His mouth covered hers in a passionate wet kiss. His hand came to her hair and he tilted her head to expose her delicate neck. He planted soft kisses on her throat.

Bob led his wife into the bedroom and to the huge bed. Once there he spun her around to face him. He moved toward her, she retreated as far as she could until she could retreat no more.

With one eye cocked, Bob asked “are you going to take off that little number, or do I need to rip it off?”

Erica weighted her options. While it was true, she was mad Ankara travesti at her husband, on the other hand, they both wanted the same thing. She wanted her husband to paint her womb with his seed. Bob wanted the same thing. Also, the desire that had started to burn in her loins from her private masturbation, inspired by the memory of Josh, had not been satisfied. She touched the hem of the baby doll and lifted it over her head. She threw it across the room to the floor. She stood naked before her husband.

Bob reached out and took a nipple in each hand, pulling gently and twisting. Bob admired his wife’s breasts. He had seen some fine breasts in his time, up close and personal, some on TV, some in magazines. Yet none compared to Erica’s. They were firm and full, not big and saggy, with upturned nipples set upon small areola that responded to the slightest touch.

Erica closed her eyes in response to her husband’s attention to her breasts. Her breasts were extremely sensitive and sexual. Bob’s right hand began to caress her left hip and thigh, heightening her arousal. His lips descended upon her right breast, licking and sucking like a man starved. Erica felt her knees begin to weaken. She wanted to recline on the bed, but he held her. His lips wandered from one breast to another and then back to her throat, kissing and licking, creating urgency in Erica’s loins.

Bob’s right hand stopped caressing her thighs and hips to insert his middle finger into her cunt. Erica shuddered at first contact. While his middle finger invaded her passage, his thumb manipulated her clit. Her arousal had become so intense that she was sure she would climax tonight. Her husband fucked her pussy with his finger until she herself became the aggressor. She kissed her husband with a fevered passion and reached for his manhood, grasping it and stroking it passionately. Her hands cupped his balls as if weighing them to determine the amount of sperm they might produce.

Bob Jackson, sufficiently aroused, instructed Erica to lie down on the bed. He told her to turn over as to get on all fours, presenting her ass to him. Erica complied, as she had done so many times before. Lust burned in both husband and wife.

Bob let his eyes feast upon the sight of Erica’s magnificent display. He grasped his cock with his right hand, his left hand grasping her right buttock. He nudged his cock against her cunt, rubbing up and down her crevice, creating and absorbing moisture, slowly stirring her desire.

“Don’t tease me, please.” She begged. Bob was delighted to hear her begging.

Erica’s pussy had begun to drip with her juices; Bobs cock had smeared them all over her ass. Her bells were beginning to ring. Desire began to overwhelm her.

“Please!” she whimpered. “I can’t take it.”

Bob continued his cock’s teasing massage. With his left hand, he began to tease her anal ring, drawing small circles around it. Erica had previously objected to anal stimulation, but at this time and moment, she did not. Her desire had reached such a heightened state that she was beyond objection to any form of sexual experience. She found that her husband’s attempt to stimulate her anus only increased her lust.

Bob’s own desire had also reached a peak. No longer was he content to toy with his wife’s pussy. He needed to sheath himself in her warm wet channel. Bracing his hips for the push, he slowly, slid his cock, all five and a half inches, into Erica’s sweet tunnel. Once nestled inside, he took a moment to savor her delicious warmth.

Bob began to fuck Erica’s steamy pussy with slow strokes, sheathing an unsheathing his rigid cock. Erica began to pant and moan, she thrust her ass back to meet her husband’s push.

“Fuck me harder, Bob, fuck me, oh yes, yes.” Erica cried.

Bob pursued his release vigorously, thrusting into his wife with abandon, his pace quickening. Erica also pursued her release. She guided her hand to her clit and began to finesse her body to heightened arousal. Bob reached forward to enjoy her breasts, cupping them in his hands, and stroking her abdomen and sides.

Bob felt his nuts begin to tingle. His seed began to churn. His pace quickened until his cock was driving into his wife in frenzy. Erica’s cunt was consumed by waves of burning fire. She climaxed in a fever of indescribable pleasure. Blue satin descended upon her body, followed by waves of shuddering delight. Her eyes rolled back and she clenched her muscles around her husband’s cock.

“Oh my god.” she screamed.

Bob continued his relentless pounding, the need to release beginning to become most urgent. His mind went blank with an intense burning orgasm. His cum boiled over the wall and sped forcefully through his rigid shaft. Hot seed quickly filled his wife’s cavern of molten lava.

Erica felt her husband release into her womb. She clenched the muscles of her tight pussy to milk him of every drop. The intense sexual gratification began to recede, as if smoke clearing from a breeze. Bob Konya travesti uncoupled from his wife, his strength had been robbed of him. He reclined upon the bed with Erica, both of them a sweaty mess. Bob cupped his wife’s breast. He planted soft kisses on her shoulder as they lay spoon fashion. Both husband and wife were spent from their exertions. Their eyelids became heavy, and they slipped into slumber.

Josh Richards stood in line at the local convenience store waiting to pay for the beer and bag of pork skins he had selected. He heard a feminine voice behind him say, “Josh, where have you been?” He turned to see Susan Morgan, a girl he had known for many years. She was a year ahead of him back in high school. She had jet black hair which hung in bouncy waves. Susan was a very attractive woman. Her body was shaped like an hour glass, with a tiny waistline. She wore a pair of Levi’s which she filled out nicely, and a white cotton blouse with just enough buttons undone to give a little hint of her cleavage.

Susan had married young but the marriage had lasted only fourteen months. Her husband drank to excess and cheated on her. He did not like to work, so he had quit one job after another. Susan, realizing there was no future with him, had filed for divorce. She had been single for about eight months.

“Hello, Susan. It’s nice to see you. You look great” he greeted her.

“I haven’t seen you around in a coon’s age, Josh Richards!” she exclaimed. “What’s been keeping you so busy?” Susan had a thick southern drawl.

“Well, I’ve been working. I’m getting ready to go off to Texas A&M in the fall.” He told her. “I’m studying horticulture so I can come back and start my own company.”

Susan was impressed with the fact that Josh was ambitious. She was also impressed by how deliriously handsome he was. She had to restrain herself to keep her eyes from wandering over his physique.

“My, my, Texas bound, are you?” she said. “Well, you can’t go anywhere until I have a chance to have supper with you so we can get caught up on things.”

Josh felt like a trapped animal. Had Susan Morgan just invited herself on a date with him? His fine sense of southern chivalry would not allow him to offend the lady.

“Sure, we should have dinner together. What’s a good time for you?” he asked.

“How about Friday night?” she smiled.

“That’s good. How about we go to The Fish Camp? They have real good catfish.” he suggested.

“Oh no, how could we even hear ourselves talk in a crowded place like that. Besides, there’s too much smoke in that place for me.” she replied.

“You come to my place so I can fix you some good old fashioned home cookin’, Darlin’.” She winked at him.

“Well, ok. Where are you staying these days, with your Mama?” he asked.

“Oh no.” she said. “I have a little old place out on Marsh Road. My number is painted on the mail box, 488. A college man like you should be able to remember that. 488!” she smiled. Josh could not help but think how pretty she was when she smiled.

“When you see 488, pull in the drive way. I’m in a little ol’ single wide trailer. It ain’t much, but its ok, for now. I just couldn’t keep livin’ with Mama after my divorce.” she told him. “Seven o’clock ok with you?”

“Why, yes ma’am.” he said. “Seven o’clock, Friday night, for sure.”

“Ok Sugar. If you don’t show up I’m gonna come looking for you” she warned. Then she turned and walked out of the store. Josh watched her walk away. He could not help but think, “She walks away almost as well as Mrs. Jackson.”

Friday night came around soon enough. Josh went to the barber that morning for a fresh haircut. That evening he made sure to shave extra close. After a hot shower, he dressed his black hair with his usual gel, combing it back over his head sideways. He put on a faded pair of Levi’s and a clean white dress shirt. Swallowing his shyness, he got in his pickup and went in search of 488 Marsh Road.

He basically knew where to go. He had spent his entire life in this county and knew almost every road and cow path. Pretty soon, he was knocking on Susan’s door. He noticed how well kept the yard was. The grass was recently cut and there were flower beds all over the place.

The door soon opened. Susan stood before him, pretty as a picture with a huge smile for him.

“Josh, I’m so glad to see you. Come on in and let me make you comfortable. Would you like a glass of sweet tea? Everyone says I make real good tea. Its soooooo damn hot outside. Sweet tea just puts it back in you, doesn’t it?” she said.

Josh stepped inside and closed the door after him. A small window air conditioner kept the place on ice. He glanced around at the room, noticing that, although cheap, her furniture was clean and tidy. The room was connected to the kitchen, and from there he could smell something that made his belly growl.

Susan pressed a big fruit jar full of sweet tea into his hand and said, “Drink this and sit on the sofa while İzmir travesti I finish supper, ok, darlin’.

“Thanks, ma’am, I will.” he agreed. “You take your time. No need to hurry for me.”

“Ok, Suga’. It won’t take but just a minute.” she said.

Susan was wearing a pair of cutoff jeans which left very little of her legs covered. Her blouse was a plain red plaid shirt tied across her midriff under her breasts, leaving her abdomen exposed. Her belly button was pierced with a tiny chain which bore a crucifix. Her feet were bare. The skin he saw was all tanned and brown from exposure to the intense Alabama sun. Josh nursed his sweet tea as he took inventory of Susan’s charms.

Susan said, “Ok honey, if you’re hungry come to the table.”

Josh brought his tea and sat down at the small two person table that was all the tiny room had space for.

Susan had prepared a meal that Josh considered to be good old home cooking. Country fried cube steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh purple hull peas with okra and fried corn bread. Josh ate like it was his last meal, and every time his tea glass got low, Susan refilled it, squeezing fresh lemon juice into the brew.

When Josh thought he’d had enough, Susan bent over to retrieve a blackberry cobbler from the oven. Her tiny cutoffs rose up to reveal the bottom of a very enticing ass. Josh burped quietly, and prepared himself to meet the cobbler.

“I picked those blackberries from a little patch down the road. I hope you like ’em’.”

Josh was soon so full it hurt. After he had been fed, Susan fixed a small plate for herself. Josh watched her eat. She took small dainty bites, and soon pushed back her plate.

Josh offered to help with the dishes and she accepted his help. Soon all was clean and put away. Susan suggested they go outside, the sun having set, the darkness had arrived. Outside, they sat in a small swing in the yard. Crickets chirped, and a full moon began to rise.

They talked about old times in school, about various people and things. Josh kept starring at her delicious legs which met at the little patch of denim that covered her. Josh could not help his response. He began to get an erection. Josh tried to think of things to keep the conversation going.

“What caused your divorce? I always thought you two were happy together.” he asked.

“He just turned out to be not enough man for me.” she stated.

The conversation stood still in the air. Lightening bugs flashed off in the distance. No more was said. There was a heavy silence. Only the sound of crickets and a dog barking far off could be heard. Susan’s fingers were in her hair, twisting her tresses into curls.

Susan left for a moment to check something in the house. When she returned she had a bottle of Jack Daniels and two small glasses. She poured two fingers of whiskey into a glass, and then offered it to Josh. She then poured two fingers of whiskey into her own glass. Josh poured his whiskey down in one gulp. Susan drank a modest amount which made her cough. It took her several moments to compose herself.

Then Susan rose from the swing to stand before Josh. Without a word, she untied her blouse and let the loose ends dangle. Her eyes stared into his as she began to unbutton the few buttons that held her blouse closed.

Susan had restrained herself after her divorce as tradition demanded. But she could not resist the charms of Josh Richards. Josh had a body and face like a Greek God. More than that, he was humble and polite, not at all like her asshole ex-husband. Too many nights had passed masturbating with a toy. Tonight she meant to share her body with this man she had so long admired.

When the buttons were all undone, she shed her blouse allowing it to fall to the ground. She reached for the clasp on her bra, it too fell to the ground.

Josh salivated upon the sight of her naked breasts. They were full and heavy, but they stood out proudly. Her areolas were large and her nipples were erect. His cock strained against its confinement.

Susan saw the lust in Josh’s eyes and she knew she owned him this night. She unbuttoned her Levi’ cutoffs and pushed them to her knees. They dropped to her bare feet. She kicked them off and at Josh. He caught them and tossed them to the ground. The last remaining garment was her hip cut panties. She removed them and tossed them aside.

Susan took Josh by the hand and led him inside her small trailer to a bedroom in the back. Josh followed meekly. Once inside the bedroom, Susan unbuttoned Josh’s Levi’s, then pulled down his zipper. She pulled the jeans and his boxers down in one motion. His cock popped out like a jack in the box, almost slapping his belly button.

Susan was completely surprised. She had known a few cocks in high school, also her ex, but nothing had prepared her for the monster that sprang forth from Josh’s loins. She guessed its length at least eight inches and almost as big around as a flash light. She began to get wet.

Susan pushed Josh down to recline on her bed. She removed his shoes, then his jeans and briefs. She got on the bed and straddled him, his giant cock rested in the folds of her ass. She unbuttoned his shirt. He raised his upper torso to allow her to relieve him of this garment.

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