Helping My Colleague After Hours

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I had been working at the garden centre for about two years and over that time had become friendly with a lot of my fellow colleagues. I was especially friendly with a number of my female co-workers and was friendly with Anna the garden centres secretary.

Recently on cigarette breaks Anna and I had been discussing her fish pond. Anna’s boyfriend is a really wealthy guy and they have a huge house apparently and a huge pond. Anna was telling me about her pond one fag break and was telling me she wasn’t sure about some of the fish being well. I offered to come over and have a look one evening after work if she wanted.

Anna lived about 20 minutes from my house and I offered to come round one evening after I had eaten dinner. We agreed on a time and I took down directions.

When I had eaten and changed I went around Anna’s. When I got there Anna answered the door and was wearing a long brown skirt and a white blouse which was open two or three buttons and gave me a good look at her small pert breasts.

I couldn’t tell if she was wearing a bra or not at that point. Anna has blonde shoulder length hair, which she wears down. She was about 5 foot four. She smelt lovely that evening.

I’d always found Anna attractive and often wondered what it would be like to shag her. I’d fantasized about shagging her in the store rooms at work.

I was wearing a pair of jeans, smart trainers and a black t-shirt. Anna showed me through her huge house.

“Do you fancy a drink Jon?”

“I’d love a coffee please Anna.”

We went to the kitchen where Anna prepared the drinks.

We chatted for a bit and Anna said

“Tony is away on business at the moment”

She had mentioned his conference calls the week before so I guessed he worked high up in a big multi national company. No wonder they had a huge house.

We continued to chat for a bit about work and about her house and that. She mentioned repeatedly about her boyfriend being away a lot and I felt she was a little annoyed with the whole situation.

I asked her

“Is he away for long at a time?”

“On this occasion it’s ten days.”

“Blimey” I told her, “that’s a long time; it must put a strain on your relationship.”

“Lots of parts of our relationship suffer but it does provide us with a good life, but…” she said “we try and speak on the phone a lot but certain things can’t happen when your partner is the other side of the world a lot. You know?”

I smiled at her and understood what she meant.

“Anyway” she said, breaking the silence. “Shall I show you the pond?”

I followed her through the big French doors and across the lawn to her huge pond. I watched her from behind as we walked and admired her ass. Now Anna is not a slim or fat woman but she does carry a little weight around the middle but her ass was nice I have to say.

She wore ankle boots that had a small heel and she tripped in the grass as I came up alongside her, she held out and I caught her arm to keep her upright.

“Thank goodness there is one man around when I need him”

We laughed and proceeded to the pond. I looked at the fish and decided on a treatment for parasites for her fish: who were showing obvious signs of external parasites.

We stayed at the side of the pond for a minute or two and Anna continued our chat from indoors.

“he has been away for a week so far, I’m glad he is coming home in a few days.”

“you must get lonely at night in such a big house.”

“Yes” she replied “and the bed is always cold when I go to bed with no-one to warm me up.”

“Yeah, you mentioned earlier certain things can’t be done with him so far away.”

“Don’t mention it” she said, “I’ll get all lonely when you go. Did you want another coffee Jon?”

“Sure that sounds nice, I’ll keep you from being lonely for a bit longer.”

“Thanks, it’s a Friday night after all.”

“Yeah I know. What are we doing without a date on a Friday night?”

“I have an excuse, what’s yours?”

“My girlfriends at university” I said.

“Oh, so we both get lonely then?”

“Something like that, my beds cold at night too.”

“That coffee will warm you up” she said and started to walk to the house. “Come on.” She said.

I followed her and caught up and walked alongside her.

“I’ll try not to fall onto you again” she said as we crossed the lawn.

“Its ok, I quite enjoyed it.”

“I wasn’t throwing myself at you, even though he has been away for a week.”

“That’s a shame Anna, I’d hoped you were” I said.

I was trying to joke with her of course but I realised I was dead serious really.

“Maybe I should then” she said. She held out her arm and I linked mine around hers as we walked back to the house and across the patio to the French doors.

Anna opened the door for me and I walked in.

I turned as she closed the door.

“Shall I take my shoes off Anna?”

She turned from the doors and looked at me, then walked across to lean against too hot to handle latino izle the breakfast bar.

“Well” she said, “I guess that will do as a start.” She smiled at me and I smiled back understanding what I thought she meant.

I took off my shoes and saw her watch me as I done so. I finally stood up and thought well fuck it it’s now or never.

I walked up to her and she smiled as I reached for her face she grabbed my jeans around the waist and pulled me into her for our first kiss.

We kissed passionately; we both needed a bit of this and had both been thinking the same thing for a few minutes. I could taste the cigarette on her breath as her hands wrapped around my waist pulling me into her.

I put one hand around the back of her neck and the other rested on her arm.

We continued to kiss frantically as our mouths opened and exchanged saliva with one another.

Anna pulled me closer to her and stepped back so she leant against the breakfast bar. I pushed her against it and thrust at her so she knew my cock was growing fast in my jeans.

Anna’s hand went up under my shirt and it felt great to feel her warm hands on my skin. I could feel her pulling me into her harder with each thrust as we humped against her kitchen breakfast bar.

I continued to thrust at her as I playfully bit her lip. She soon responded to my urges as she began to lift my shirt up.

I hadn’t expected this at all and I was happy just to have kissed her but soon my penis had told me I wanted to fuck her and her actions were confirming she wanted to be fucked too.

We broke our kiss as she lifted my t-shirt over my head and tossed it onto the floor. She ran a hand up my chest and resumed pulling our groins together.

My hands then went to grab her breast, they had always looked small and pert but now when I was holding them in my hand they seemed bigger than I’d imagined, my luck was obviously going to be in tonight.

I fumbled to undo her blouse whilst still kissing her, she was insatiable. Eventually I had undone all four buttons and quickly pushed the blouse back off her shoulders and she helped me as it dropped to the floor to my right.

Anna was wearing a white lace bra and I could see her nipples poking through it as I cupped her tits again in my hands.

She let out a little moan as I squeezed her tits and this encouraged me to reach round and release those little beauties quicker than I would normally have.

She pulled the strap off her shoulder as I undone the back and quickly threw it off her. It hung on the arm of a nearby stool.

I squeezed her left breast again and broke a kiss to take one of her erect nipples into my warm mouth slick with our saliva.

“Ooh Jon” she moaned as I sucked her tit.

She reached for my waist and fiercely pulled me into her groin a few times before reaching for my belt. I went back and kissed her as my fingers tweaked her slippery nipple. She had my belt undone in no time and luckily soon realised my button fly jeans could pull open easily.

My cock sprang out against my Calvin Klein boxers as she pushed my jeans off my hips and down my thighs. She crouched to help get them over my knees as she bent down she kissed my chest and licked my nipple.

As she went lower she rubbed my cock through my boxers.

“Get these off” she frantically said as she helped me out of my jeans.

I kicked them across the room crashing into the huge refrigerator opposite us.

If only her fucking boyfriend had taken care of this sex starved 35 year old I might not be sliding open the zip to her skirt and forcing it down her toned legs. I thought.

She had my cock in her hand now as she was dragging my boxer shorts down. I had finally got her skirt to drop to the floor. Now I was left in my socks and she in a pair of silk knickers.

My next move was swift as I quickly pulled my socks off. I stood back up and cupped her pussy through her underwear as I kissed her again and grabbed another one of her luscious tits in my left hand.

I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy as I rubbed her. She held my cock and I felt her soft thighs rub against my swollen cock head. My finger teased under her knickers and I found her waiting snatch wet and begging to be fingered.

I slipped my middle finger into her and rubbed the front of her pussy. She moaned in my ear as she leant against my shoulder.

I continued to slip in and out of her slippery cunt as she bit my shoulder.

I was obviously hitting the right spot as she had forgotten my cock and was obviously just focussed on her g-spot being pressed by my firm fingering.

I thrust my cock against her leg as I smeared pre cum against her leg.

“God Jon, please don’t stop” she moaned in my ear.

I had no intention of doing that as I continued to finger her hard. I grabbed a breast and twisted her gorgeous nipples once more.

“Argh, yes, Jon treason izle that’s so good” she moaned as I pulled on her nipples.

“Please” she said, “fuck me now.”

I didn’t need to hear again and quickly removed my finger.

Pushing her knickers down she wiggled to let them drop to the floor. I kissed her and our hands intertwined for a few seconds before I spun her around to face the breakfast bar.

I spat on my hand and rubbed my saliva all over my bulbous cock head.

Anna bent right over the breakfast bar and I watched her nipple rub against the marble surface. I spread her legs with the slightest of touches. There was nothing needed to be said. We knew we had to do this.

I pushed my cock against her slippery pussy and it slipped between her velvety lips.

I pushed again and buried my cock in her as she let out a moan which filled the kitchen and the whole house no doubt.

“Oh yes” she whispered as I pushed in further. I was now as deep as I could go and she could feel my whole length inside her as I slowly withdrew a few inches before sliding back in to the hilt once more.

I continued to do this for a minute, slowly removing my cock a few inches and burying it back as deep as I could.

My hands gripped her waist and pulled her into me. Anna’s hands were flat against the marble surface and I watched her nails try in vain to get a grip as she was sliding back and forth across the kitchen worktop.

She was smiling with her eyes closed as I continued to pump into her.

Her mouth, slightly open all the time and it opened and closed repeatedly each time I thrust into her.

She moaned against the counter as her tits bounced off the cold surface.

“Harder” she said to me as I continued to fuck her from behind.

I began to fuck her harder as she asked me so nicely.

“Jon please FUCK me harder” she repeated,

“Faster eh? You like that?”

“Please. Oh fuck I love your cock”

I was in heaven; her tight middle aged pussy was sending me into ecstasy.

I gripped her hips harder as I began to screw her with renewed vigour. Faster and harder we fucked.

I could feel her pushing back at me with each thrust. My balls slapping against her pert ass.

Now Anna had began to make little yelps and the whole downstairs was filled with our moans of pleasure and the sounds of our slippery fucking, in and out.

My legs were slapping against the back of her legs. I was pumping into her so deeply now. Her knees were banging into the sides of the worktop.

My cock was feeling amazing. I couldn’t believe this sexy middle aged woman wanted me as much as I had always wanted her and we were finally fucking each other.

“Oh Jon yes” she screamed as her hands fumbled to grip the table top still. I had leant back with my eyes closed now as I felt close to my orgasm.

Anna’s hands brought me back to reality as she accidentally knocked the jar of coffee over on the counter. The granules scattered all over the table and spilled onto the floor opposite side of the desk.

Anna giggled and then moaned as I pulled her into me harder still. The scene in front of me was one of the horniest things I had seen and it was happening to me. I then remembered Anna was still wearing her boots. Being shorter than me they had helped keep her pussy at the perfect height for fucking.

I glanced down to see her standing in front of me with just a pair of brown boots on as she bent over the breakfast bar in front of me.

“Oh god Jon” she moaned, “fuck me harder” she screamed as I increased my speed even more.

The sight of her boots had pushed me over the edge. I was moments away from coming as I plunged into her still.

Anna’s face was now resting against the worktop as I brutally fucked her from behind.

Her hands struggling for grip she could feel the coffee granules against her skin. She reached down between her legs and began teasing her own clitoris as I banged her harder than ever.

My cock began to tingle and I knew I was about to blow.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum Anna, FUCK”

I gripped her tightly as I began to ejaculate into her dripping grasp.

Finally coming was amazing for me. It felt so good; it was one of the most powerful orgasms of my life. I guess the spasming cock inside her pushed Anna over the edge as she moaned a high pitched moan as she fingered her own clit to a powerful orgasm immediately after mine as I continued to bury my cock into her.

“Ar god, oh yes” she screamed. I’d never been with a woman who made so much noise as she came. “Oh Jon yes. Yes, oh god I’m cumming hard”

She screamed as she pushed back at me even more. After about a minute I realised she had come down and we began to slow our pace. She wriggled her as at me as I began to slowly fuck her once more.

My cock kept twitching with pleasure and I could feel her pussy muscles grip me, milking me of all my cum.

Finally we stopped and true detective izle I slipped out of her. She stood upright and I cuddled her from behind and nuzzled her neck.

“Jon that was amazing” she said. I was breathless but managed a reply.

“You are so sexy” I told her. “I’ve never been with a woman that turned me on like that.”

“Thanks” She smiled and purred in my ear as I kissed her shoulder.

Anna turned and looked at me.

“you want a glass of water? I think that would be easier than coffee” she said laughing as she waved at the coffee granules scattered all over her kitchen worktop and floor.

Anna went to the cupboard and got a glass and filled it from bottle in the fridge. She opened the door and my jeans were pushed into the middle of the room.

We stood looking out across the garden out of the French doors as drank our glass of water. Anna stood naked in front of me as I wrapped my arms around her shoulders. We shared a cigarette and said nothing. Anna stubbed the fag out on an ash tray on a nearby table and turned to me.

“Jon that was fantastic. I’ve always been faithful in the past but just something about tonight made me want that so badly. I’ve never been fucked like that before” she said. “Tony never makes me come like that. I rarely come with him at all but then he normally just wants to jump on top of me and shag me until he comes before rolling off and going to bed. You fucked me so well and have just cuddled me like a man should do afterwards.”

I nodded at her

“The pleasure was all mine Anna. I haven’t come like that it ages. You are an incredible lover.”

She came over and kissed me.

“I know we can’t have an affair, we both have partners but just tonight, will you stay and make love to me?”

“Of course I will” I said. She cuddled me and I could feel her breast against my chest. She kissed my chest and grabbed my bum.

“God I’ve always admired your arse Jon.” I grabbed her hair behind her head and pulled her face round to kiss me.

Our hands wandered and before we knew it Anna was pushing me up against her fridge. My back slammed into the fridge and we kissed again, Anna’s hand grabbed my already hardening cock and began stroking me, pulling on my cock with expertise I’d not experienced before. She knew how to work a cock.

“Upstairs” she said and pulled me after her, she raced up stairs but at the top I pulled her back, spinning her around. It was her turn to be pushed against the wall.

My now rock hard cock pressed against her belly as we kissed passionately on the balcony. I lifted her leg up under the knee and she knew what I wanted, she grabbed my penis and worked it against her wet cunt before I inched into her once again.

Once inside her I lifted her other leg and with some difficulty we managed to lift her off her feet completely and I began to fuck her against the wall of her landing.

Anna moaned and closed her eyes as I continued to fuck her against her wall.

WE screwed like this for a good few minutes, her hands pulling ,y head inot hers as we kissed wildly.

I was beginning to show signs of being tired after a few minutes but tried to keep going.

I lowered my head and began to lick her tits but I couldn’t keep her up any more. Anna’s feet dropped to the floor and she soon lay on the floor before me.

Without hesitation I got on the floor and slipped in easily. This woman was wet and wanted me badly.

“Jon, I want you to fuck me until I come” she begged.

I went slowly again at first building up the tension until she finally had enough and buried her nails into my ass cheeks.

“Fuck me Jon, oh god fuck me.” I started pumping her again with earnest and was nailing her to the floor. She kissed and sucked at my face all the while we fucked and held my head in her hands.

Before long I knew she was getting close and I began to lick my way down to her tits again. Taking a nipple into my mouth and swirling it around with my tongue must have forced Anna over the edge again as she began thrusting in irregular rhythm once more.

Her pussy tightened around my cock as she simply shouted

“YES” at the top of her voice, before coming once more. I lasted another minute before I too felt my balls tighten. “Oh Anna” I said as another huge orgasm explode from my cock. We lay on the floor for a minute or two before Anna said she was going numb. I climbed off her and helped her to her feet.

She led me into her bedroom and I couldn’t believe the size of her bed, it was a huge king size bed. It was a four poster, naturally, her boyfriend obviously insisted on showering his money on their house.

Pity he couldn’t shag his girlfriend a bit more but then I was the beneficiary of that mistake. What did I care?

Anna went out to the en-suite bathroom as I climbed onto the satin sheets of her bed. I lay back and closed my eyes for a minute.

Before long Anna returned and climbed into the bed. I naturally followed suit and before long we were kissing under the satin sheets.

“It’s a pity Tony doesn’t do this for me!” We lay in each others arms and fell asleep.

I awoke in the middle of the night and tiptoed to the bathroom for a piss. When I returned Anna rolled over to me and kissed my neck. I kissed the top of her head and before too long we were kissing again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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