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He stood before her in his baggy, grey jogging bottoms, which hung loosely from his huge ass. There was no visible waist to help keep them up and folds of the material lay bunched around his hefty ankles. His feet were bare, revealing both the dry black skin that covered them and the dirty uncut toenails that were their end. The only other item of clothing he wore was a once white t-shirt, in desperate need of a clean. It covered his upper chest but failed to contain his obese stomach, which, covered in sweat, drooped flabbily over his elasticated waist band. A mass of wiry black and grey pubic hair was clearly visible below his navel, so too was the outline of something thick and pendulous behind the stained cotton covering his meaty legs. There was too, a rather unpleasant odour of stale piss and perspiration around him! He ordered us into the hallway and, stretching a broad arm out in front of him, pushed the door shut.

‘So this is Jarvis’ little play thing is it?’ he grunted.

His breathing was heavy and laboured, due without doubt to the 20 odd stone he carried around with him!

‘Yes, Sir!’ my wife answered, looking up at him hungrily. She was definitely going to enjoy giving her body and soul to this man mountain. I could see her gorgeous pale blue eyes taking him in. His smell, and the sheer anticipation of lying underneath him and being smothered by his flesh would, I knew, already be causing her pussy to lubricate itself.

‘And you’re the Hubby I presume? You got the video camera?’ he enquired.

‘Yes! Where will we be filming?’ I asked nervously.

‘In a minute, boy!’ he replied angrily, ‘I want a good look at the goods first. Right , Darlin’ Let’s see you!’ he demanded, putting on his glasses so that he could see what he was going to use for the next 2 or 3 hours. His tongue licked at his lips and his right hand disappeared into his pants as he took in the sight before him.

Jackie was wearing an incredibly short, white cotton skirt, flaring out at the bottom, underneath which were white fish net hold ups. The slight bulges created where the elastic gripped her creamy white thighs were just visible. She had on a pair of 6 inch heels as ordered by Jarvis, to elongate, he said, her slightly chunky calves. Her skimpy red top was fitted tightly, accentuating her curvaceous tits and lovely arched lower back. Her smooth, soft, 46 year old belly remained open to view. Her silky blonde hair was tied tightly back and around her neck was the black collar, with the word ‘Slut’ emblazoned on it, which I had been told to buy for her. Indeed that was exactly what she looked like –a slut!

‘Lift your skirt for me, Darlin’ — or should that be Slut?’ he then said.

You decide, Sir,’ she meekly replied.

She loved this role now, and when the urge overcame her, she would abandon herself totally to it, without reservations. Jarvis it was who was solely responsible for her new, almost split, personality. Most of the time she was my loving, flirty, but loyal wife, who always remained in control. But when Jarvis called, and this was happening more and more frequently, she would revel in complete subservience to him. She would obey without question every command -and enjoy it! Just as long as she was stretched by thick cock. She would do things with him that she would never even contemplate at home with me. And me? I loved every minute of it, though with Jarvis my role was reduced to observing and being humiliated rather than taking part. The thing was, I wanted it that way!

‘Slut it is then.’ he replied,’ Now as I said, lift your skirt so’s I can see your ass!’

With both hands she lifted the hem and Henry beamed lustfully at the white G – string that returned his hungry gaze with the message, written on the gusset in large black letters, ‘Slave to Black Cock’.

‘That’s just what I’ve heard Slut! And you’d better be good or I’ll never invite you again. Got that?’

‘Yes, Sir,’ she replied immediately,’ I won’t let you down,’ and she curtsied low to stress the subservience that I knew she felt and indeed craved at times like this.

‘Now turn around and show me this greedy white ass that Jarvis loves so much!’

She did so and then added, ‘Shall I bend over for you, Sir?’

‘Yeah do that!’ he demanded. ‘Hubby, go set the camera up in the lounge will ya. We’ll start on the armchair.’

As I turned to go I heard the first loud SLAP, as his hand made firm contact with my wife’s fleshy ass. I turned back to see him follow that up with 5 more in quick succession. Each one harder than the last. Her ass cheeks wobbled invitingly and the impression of his hand and each finger were clearly visible. Jackie remained bent at the waist, waiting for her next instruction.

‘D’you want more, Slut?’ Henry asked.

‘Whatever will make you happy, Sir!’

I wanna beat that ass real hard……but later ….and I think I’ll use my belt. Would you like that?’ As he said this I could see his erect cock pushing even more prominently Ataşehir Fetiş Escort at his trouser leg. It looked impressively large in both length and girth.

‘Very much, Sir. Will you beat my tits too? she pleaded.

‘We’ll see, Slut! Now, get down on your hands and knees!’

She dropped immediately. As she did so, I quickly made my way into the lounge and began to set up the video camera. I don’t know how much Jarvis had told him about my role or what he expected of me but I was ready, like Jackie, to obey him.

Within a minute Jackie appeared crawling on all fours, the knees of her white stockings and her palms already soiled by the dirt from the threadbare carpet that covered the floor. Henry’s massive bulk followed close behind, his eyes fixed on her ass and his right hand squeezing his ever growing cock through the material of his joggers. A wet patch, newly formed, was clearly visible close to where the head of his cock must have been — and it was spreading!

‘Stop there!’ he ordered, placing one foot firmly on the small of her back. ‘Hubby, make sure you can get the whole chair in shot and then fetch me a beer from the fridge!’

I checked the view –finder and, satisfied that no adjustments were necessary, stepped out into the kitchen. Whilst locating and opening the beer for Henry, I could hear some muted exchanges between the 2 of them, but couldn’t make out what was said.

As I returned, I was greeted with the awesome sight of my wife, still on hands and knees and with that luscious ass of hers, pointing directly at the camera. But that wasn’t the best part. Henry was seated in the armchair looking down contentedly as she flicked eagerly at the toes of his left foot with her tongue. She stole a glance at me and half-smiled but Henry berated her immediately, ‘My toes, Slut! Not him. Concentrate on my toes!’ He then stretched out the his big toe and demanded that she,

‘Clean it properly!’

Jackie redoubled her efforts taking the whole of the filthy digit into her mouth and slurping away, occasionally smacking her lips as if savouring the taste.

‘You getting this, Boy? Get in close and take some stills too!’

I zoomed in just in time to see him lift his right foot, revealing its unwashed sole, and to hear him say, ‘Now, Slut — lick it! Slowly… for the camera!’

I thought that I detected a slight hesitation on her part but it was only momentary, for the next moment her tongue was again out, and she took a first long lick from heel to to toe, groaning as she did so! While she continued to lick his foot, Henry leaned over and lifted the hem of her skirt. He then peeled down her G-string to just above her bent knees. She wiggled it in anticipation of his next move. Then, with one hand he spread her ass cheeks as wide as he could and slapped her asshole hard with the other. She flinched, but did not stop licking. He repeated this 7 or 8 times and then switched to her cheeks. Each received another 8 hard slaps, leaving them once again red.

Leaning back, he picked up his already empty beer bottle and smeared the neck with his saliva. ‘Hold still now, Slut! I’m gonna stretch your little asshole. You just keep lickin’. Try between my toes now, they’re filthy!’

She did this immediately.

‘Push your ass out!’ he barked.

It was fascinating then, to see the hole pout as the sphincter pushed outwards. Henry started to push hard and the neck slipped easily into my wife’s little asshole. Jackie stopped licking and moaned! He twisted the bottle as he pushed and attempted to get more of it in.

‘You like that, Bitch? Want more?’ he teased, and then pulled it out without waiting for her response. ‘No, I’m not a sadist! I don’t want to damage you!’

Though he had removed it, her asshole was still open, drips of beer dribbling out, down, and around to her shaven cunt, where they collected together before dripping onto the stained carpet beneath her. I wondered how much more it might have to stretch if he decided to fuck it later. And there was surely little doubt that he would!!

‘Fetch us another beer, Hubby!’ he then said. ‘And stop the camera for a bit!’

I returned quickly from my errand and found Jackie sitting back on her haunches watching avidly as Henry, now standing up with his back to her, started to pull down his trousers.

His ass was wide and his thighs were like tree trunks. His once white, but now greying pants, remained in place.

‘Right, Slut, sniff my ass through my pants!’ And to make it slightly easier for her, he bent a little at the waist. Jackie shuffled forward on her knees and pushed her face into the material where it spanned the cleft between his cheeks.

‘Breathe deeply, Slut. Can you smell my sweaty ass? Can you?’ he asked.

‘Hmmmm!’ was her muffled reply.

I hope you like it ‘cos in a minute you’re gonna lick it clean for me!’ With that he grabbed the back of her head and pressed it as hard as he could into the material.

‘Kiss Ataşehir Gecelik Escort those filthy pants, Slut!’ and he relaxed his grip to allow her to comply.

‘Lick them!’ he ordered, and she eagerly obeyed. With the tip of her tongue she made a series of little flicks over one of the bigger, darker stains that covered the material.

‘Good, Girl!’ he said.’ Now lie down flat, hands at your sides. Hubby, get a cushion that she can rest her head on.’

I took a cushion from the chair and, lifting Jackie’s head, placed it beneath her neck.

‘Comfortable, Slut?’ he asked.

‘Yes, Sir!’ she replied, her eyes intent on his every move.

‘Hubby, set the camera rolling again, this will be good!’

I stepped over to the camera and re-focused it on Jackie’s prone body.

Henry stepped out of his joggers completely and straddled her body, his feet either side of her slim waist. He then peeled down his grey pants to just below his knees.

‘Look at my ass, Slut!’ he said and then with a hand on both cheeks he pulled them apart to reveal, to Jackie’s lustful gaze, his unwashed asshole. ‘Ever licked a fat, black, 60 year old ass before? Course you haven’t! Well enjoy! I haven’t washed it today so you’ll save me the job! Now stick out that little tongue of yours!’ he demanded.

I watched from behind the camera, my cock fully erect at the sight before me. I was about to see a huge, sweaty, black ass descend onto my beautiful wife’s face!

‘Come on, stick that tongue out further, Slut!’ he said. Jackie did, and opened her mouth a little too! Then, cradling his huge ball sack and rapidly growing thick cock, now revealed as the monster it truly was, in one big hand, and holding them out of the way, he began to lower his huge frame down over her face. He hovered for a second, inches above her nose, and let out a loud fart. The smell was awful, but Jackie showed nothing, just maintained her focus on the stale asshole inches from her face. Finally he lowered himself down fully and his black flesh smothered her.

‘Now eat, Bitch! Eat every bit. Lick my crack and push your tongue right inside!’ He laughed as he said it.

He remained there for about a minute before lifting off a touch, whereupon he told her to stretch his hole open with her fingers and push her tongue in deep. She eagerly obeyed, making little contented moans as she did so!

‘That’s it, Slut, clean my dirty black ass.’

Looking through the camera, I hadn’t yet seen a good view of what my wife was actually worshipping. I desperately wanted an image to hold for later. Thankfully Henry solved this little problem moments later.

Standing up, he removed his pants completely and knelt on the armchair, huge legs apart. He had his great ass pointing directly at the camera now. I could also see his thick, meaty, black cock hanging down and his heavy cum filled balls. He was hard but still hanging down. It looked so thick, with a foreskin still not fully retracted. God would Jackie love being fucked by such a massive cock!

‘Hey Hubby put the camera on auto and come here!’ he said.

I moved towards him quickly.

‘Now spread my ass cheeks for your little wife!’ he added.

As I did so, I could see how hairy his asshole was. It was slightly distended too, no doubt from where Jackie’s tongue had probed it. The hairs were similarly grey, black and very wiry. I could see Jackie’s saliva sitting both in the hole and clinging to his matted hairs. There was a stale smell emanating from it! My cock was rock hard now as I awaited his next request.

‘Spread it wide…..that’s it! Now, Slut, get your tongue back into my ass and eat!’ He pushed out as he said this, opening the hole a little more, and I could feel the sphincter push with my hands.

Jackie clambered to her knees and, after a momentary glance at me, bent her head to her task. Before she could get her tongue back in though, he stopped her and said,’ ‘Sniff deep!’

This she did! Then he added,’ Open your mouth wide and put it right over my hole. Make it air-tight, Bitch!’

Jackie opened wide and bent her neck down. She took a few seconds to settle and finally her lips fully enclosed his ass.

‘Right, Slut, I’m going to fart straight into your mouth. I don’t want to smell any of it. Got that?’

Jackie mumbled a response which was obviously a, ‘Yes!’ because she didn’t move!

Then Henry strained and let out a long fart straight into Jackie’s willing mouth. She coughed and choked, which allowed some to escape, but remained for the most part, suckered to his hole. I could smell little but what I could smell was pretty foul!

‘Good, Girl! Did you enjoy that?’ he taunted. ‘Now lick my ass some more. Hubby, keep it stretched wide for her!’

Jackie pushed her tongue through the rough hairs and started to flick around the opening. She stretched her tongue out as far as she could and I’m sure it was to enable me to get a clear view! Her mouth Ataşehir Genç Escort made constant appreciative moans as she lapped at his asshole.

‘Now, Slut push your tongue in as far as you can and suck with your mouth!’ he urged.

She obeyed immediately.

‘That’s it! Push harder!’ he egged her on.

What he said next almost made me cum. It also prompted Jackie to start fingering herself through her panties.

‘Can you taste my shit yet, Bitch? Do you want to taste my shit? Do you want me to shit in your compliant little mouth? Would you like that? What about you, Hubby? D’you want to watch me shit in her mouth?’

I was speechless! Jackie said nothing, just continued to eat his asshole. I don’t know if he meant it or what she would have done if he had decided to really do it, but the decision was soon taken out of her hands, because he said,’ No, Bitch…at least not yet. Maybe at the end of the night- if you’ve been good! It is tempting though. Has Jarvis ever made you do it?

‘No, Sir!’ she answered, sounding almost disappointed.

Did she really want to push herself that far? I knew already that I’d love it!

‘I’ll have to tell him then, ‘cos I know he’d be up for it if he knew that his little bitch was willing! What about you, Hubby? Perhaps I could make you kiss her with her lips smothered in my shit! Think you’d like that? Course you would!’ he taunted.

‘Eh don’t worry. Nothing’s gonna happen that you don’t want to happen. You’re here voluntarily after all. Now, Bitch you can stop licking now. I need a piss and you’re coming to the toilet with me!

Henry stood up, pendulous cock hanging down between his massive legs. Jackie stared, seeing it properly for the first time. It was covered in thick veins, and the wrinkled foreskin just covered the helmet. It was, like Jarvis’ very thick, but it was also very long and still, no doubt, had some way to go before reaching its full magnificence! It swung slightly as he bent to pick up his underpants and Jackie watched its every move, her hand still working away frantically inside her panties, anticipating no doubt both the pleasure it would soon be bringing her and the ordeal of taking its full girth up her tight little asshole!

‘Open your mouth, Slut and get that tongue out again!’ he demanded and Jackie duly obliged, whereupon he exposed the stained gusset of his pants by stretching them out in both hands, and offered it up to her mouth.

‘Now lick it with your whole tongue. Taste my piss from earlier. Treat it like an aperitif for the main event in about 5 minutes!’ he added laughing.

Jackie wasn’t averse to piss games and when the mood took her, she loved me to piss in her cunt after a fuck. It would always make her cum very quickly and she loved the way it ‘Filled her up’! However, though I was always keen to piss in her face, she wouldn’t let me and she would certainly never dream of taking it in her mouth.

What exactly was he intending to do? Piss on her? Piss in her mouth? What’s more what would she do?

‘Right, Hubby we’re going into the bathroom but you’ll have to stay down here. Don’t worry we won’t be long! Play with yourself or help yourself to a beer. Don’t think your wife will need one though!’ he laughed. ‘O.K, Slut – off you go. Get up those stairs.’

She started to stand up but he quickly corrected her. ‘No! On your hands and knees!’

She set off, and as she did, Henry grabbed the waist of her skirt saying, ‘You won’t need this on!’ and as she crawled away, it gradually removed itself. By the time she reached the door only her red top, collar, panties, shoes and fish net stockings remained — and what a sexy sight it was. Henry’s cock certainly thought so, as, by the time he too reached the door, it was sticking ominously out at right angles to his immense stomach!

About 10 minutes had passed, during which all I had heard, as I stood cock in hand at the bottom of the stairs, were some giggles, muffled comments and shuffling of feet, when Henry shouted, ‘Hubby, come and have a look — and bring the camera!’

As I entered the bathroom, which I could see immediately was not particularly clean, I saw Henry sitting on the toilet, slowly rubbing the shaft of his huge cock, now surely approaching full erection! I followed his gaze and eventually saw Jackie!

She was kneeling in his bath, now clad only in stockings and collar! Her sodden wet top was draped over the side and a steady drip of yellowish liquid was pooling on the floor beneath it. The bottom of the bath itself was covered, albeit only just, with a similar yellow liquid — Henry’s piss!

Scanning up from Jackie’s knees I could see that her thighs, cunt, belly and tits were soaking too and piss was steadily dripping from her nipples. I could hear Henry laughing behind me but I could also hear a sucking sound. As I finally took in Jackie’s face, I knew what that sound was! She was sucking hard at the gusset of her own panties which were themselves soaked in Henry’s piss!

‘Right, Hubby turn on that camera and close in on the slut’s face! We’re going to record this for Jarvis. Slut, tell the camera what we’ve been doing!’

I zoomed in on Jackie’s face and pressed ‘record’, then she removed her panties from her mouth and began to speak to the lens.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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